California's Great America

2.6 (170)
67.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for California's Great America

2.55 out of 5
170 Ratings
2 years ago, 蛋小饼
Not worth it
The wait times are inaccurate. I wanted to ride RailBlazer and it said that the wait time was 0 minutes but I waited for an hour (I was in the Fast Pass line) before leaving the ride. I wish it showed the wait time for both lines. It would also be helpful if the app said which rides allowed Fast Lane. I looked for Fast Lane on White Water Falls but in fact it didn’t have it. Also, there were a lot of people who didn’t have Fast Lane but went in the Fast Lane line. The employees never actually check if you have the wristband. The map was kind of useful, but it kept leading me the wrong way and around the park, which confused me. It changes frequently. The status of the ride is inaccurate too. It said that Flight Deck was down while I watched people riding it. It would be nice if drink refills had a fast pass too. Every refill took me around 30 min. I don’t recommend the app until it fixed the problems.
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2 years ago, AnalyzedAncon
Good Idea, Lacks Development
The integrated park GPS is a smart idea, but it often pointed me in the wrong direction (literally!) and I was unable to locate attractions. It would be nice if new updates were made to change that and make the app faster at recognizing the direction the navigator is headed to reroute appropriately. The wait times were almost completely useless because they either did not list a wait time or said nothing. The only great thing about it was the list of attractions and shows that the app provided. Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone visiting Great America because of it’s convenience and accessibility.
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6 months ago, Zone_Blitz44
Ride times are insanely inaccurate
I came here, open up the app and it tells me that Star Tower is “open” which led me to believe that it was empty, which it was. I then go to Mass Effect which says the same thing but I get stuck waiting in a long line that hadn’t moved in 15 min so I ended up leaving. I then go on the drop tower which said a 60 minute wait and yet I only spent 10 minutes in line before I got to ride. Similarly, Flight Deck had a 45 minute wait in the app and I only spent like 20 minutes in line. Eventually to end the day I went on Gold Striker which had a 10 minute wait when in reality it was well over 30 minutes. With that being said the ride times are completely unreliable and I wouldn’t even trust the app to browse my tickets either because when I showed up they had disappeared from my app and I had to go online to retrieve them.
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1 year ago, WhyDoYouWantThis
Usable but not very reliable
This is not the worst app that I’ve installed, but I did observe a few bugs for just one night of use. The bring-a-friend tickets disappeared after I linked them in the app, and I never managed to add them back so I ended up presenting the web version at the entrance. The rides status were not accurate. Some rides only display “open” without estimate wait time. And there were rides that marked as open but actually already closed, which is kinda annoying.
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6 years ago, MissNick
Helpful App
I was able to download this app and use Great America's free wifi while in the park. The map was extremely helpful when trying to navigate throughout the park and I liked how it gave me information on the different restaurants. It would be nice if they included a full menu for each location, but the brief descriptions were good. Wait times and lines seemed to be accurate. I didn't use any of the other features but the ones that I did use worked great! Recommended.
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5 years ago, Deathridden
Wait Times Don’t Work
Been in line for about 30 minutes and still probably another 15 minutes to go. Wait time said 10 minutes and still says 10 minutes. Other parts of the app seem to work so the reason for my rating. Disneyland has wait times down. Ask them how they do it or just get rid of this feature.
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3 years ago, nihrova
You’re probably about to download this while in a long line, debating whether the ride is worth waiting around for. This app is handy if you need a map, I guess, but it hides the information you’re looking for behind creating an account - ie, adding you to a mailing list so Cedar Fair can spam you with offers later. I have gone ahead and done so only to find NOTHING behind that gate, no wait times given. Go ahead and download as long as you’re at the park, use the map, check which rides are down, but don’t fall for signing up with an account.
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6 years ago, FatherWarrior
Wait times are accurate.
We’ve been trying to ride RailBlazer all summer, but the lines have seemed just way too long. After downloading this app, we saw a window where the wait time was only 25 minutes. We got in line and it was about 25 minutes, when we got on the ride. App gets 5 Stars just for saving us time!
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6 years ago, Iloveappsandgamesandphones
Not a bad app
I don't know what all the fuss is about in the reviews section- it's very easy to find any places in the park including rides, restrooms, food venues, and more! You can mark your parking spot easily. Even if a feature like friend finder doesn't work, the app is most definitely worth the download.
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11 months ago, ACSJ81
Love the park, but the app needs work.
Was excited to update, but two major issues STILL remain: 1) You can’t access four “Pass Perk” promos. What good is it to tell me that I have some voucher or coupon to use but when I’m at the park I don’t know where the heck to go to find that coupon or deal to redeem it? Seems like a scam. 2) Since JANUARY 1ST, the season pass doesn’t function in the Apple Wallet. It shows that the pass is expired even though it’s not. I have reported it to multiple employees on multiple occasions, and no one cares to fix it or actually look into the problem. Really frustrating because I love the park and want to keep supporting it. These things need to get addressed though.
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2 years ago, Jen316
Doesn’t show rides that are down
The app would be great if the wait times were accurate. The grizzly and the patriot have been down for over an hour but the app says they are up and have 120 minute waits!
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5 years ago, McKees
Wait times are useless
The rest of the app is serviceable. Nav works, etc. The wait times are so off as to be useless. On our visit today Psycho Mouse said 5 minutes and wait was an hour. Mass effect said 10 minutes and wait was 30. Etc. unsure how they aggregate their data for that but it needs serious work. I’d give it 4 stars otherwise. To get 5 stars it would tie in payment info so I never had to get out a wallet or cc.
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6 years ago, gsbLA77
Great to have our season pass loaded into the app. Also nice to have wait times. Bummer that you can’t get wait times when not at the park. Disney app has that and it’s a nice feature. Overall for a local park, this is a great feature to it.
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3 years ago, jessn20
Don’t waste your time
This app is not worth the download. The wait times are totally inaccurate. I was there as soon as the park opened and it showed 90+ minute wait times when they were 30min. There were several rides not operating that was not reflected in the app. Also, several stores / restaurants were not open and that could have been reflected in the app as well. I uninstalled during my visit.
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3 months ago, vik red
Misleading map directions and inaccurate ride times
I ended up wasting 30 minutes of my time by following the app’s walking directions to the Patriot rollercoaster in winter 2023. It showed path where one didn’t exist. Ended up getting help from a park employee instead. Also, the estimated wait times (5 mins) were grossly inaccurate (30 mins actual)
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4 years ago, coopess
Ride Wait time feature is a complete joke
The app overall isn’t bad, but the part that’s crucial and important for me is the Ride Wait times and they don’t work at all. I’ve been in a line for 45 minutes and still expecting another ten minutes in line. The app however, says that there is a 0 minute wait. That’s right, 0 minutes. The feature is absolutely useless and absurd. Needs to be fixed immediately. DO NOT GET THIS APP
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2 years ago, user1123455
Wait times
The main reason I got the app was to see the wait times, and the day that I go, it doesn’t tell you. All it says is that the ride is open or down. It doesn’t say the wait time. It made everything really stressful. It made everything a guessing game and it sucked. Fix your wait times please <3
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1 year ago, amilesmile
Cannot Add Season Pass
I’ve tried to add my season pass to the app several times on different occasions. I’ve reached out to their customer support online and at the park and it has not been resolved. I got a new physical card and it still doesn’t connect. Won’t be using the app since this key feature does not even work
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3 years ago, ToriC1998
Wait Times aren’t accurate
App isn’t in terrible shape. The wait times are ride statuses as to if they’re open or not are way off. Please try to fix this so this app can be more useful
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3 years ago, lil'CHEZzitz
It worked and was helpful
It was actually good those reviews were just old but it is great app.
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3 years ago, Meat-ball
Colossal waste of time
Only reason to use the app is to see how long the wait is for each of the rides. This is pretty standard functionality at amusement parks at GA’s is the only one that’s consistently never worked. Great America has always been pretty low rent, why would this app be any different? Waste of space on your iPhone.
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8 months ago, GoogleFudge
Map has no name or picture
Map with some gray color shapes. It gives you no sense of direction.
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6 years ago, Silveroreos
Don’t bother with this app
This park is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, how can this app be so terrible when there are tons of tech people all over the Bay Area who should be helping to make this app just as good as the Disney wait time app. I’ve been standing in the Psycho Mouse line for 25 minutes already and am only 30% thru the line. The app currently says it’s a 5 minute wait. What a useless app!!
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2 years ago, hssgsuev
Times are not even close
Ride times are WAY off!!!
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5 years ago, ShishirJain
Not able to login.
Hi Team, I am not able to login in to my account using app. Whenver i try to login it says something went wrong. How to solve this problem.
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4 years ago, don keko
Good and Bad
This app is pretty useful if your new to the place. But the wait times are not usually accurate. Im still gonna keep this app because it stores your season passes.
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3 years ago, CrashhDummmy
Much needed improvement
The ride heights are all wrong and gives false informations the wait times are constantly off as well. Map work decently but could be improved as well. Hard to navigate.
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3 years ago, Tree1147
Wait times are a joke
The listed wait times did not change all day. It said that the rapids ride was a 20 minute wait and it was 110 minutes. All day long the times never changed. It’s worthless.
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4 years ago, MrNmi
Wait times are just wrong
They better remove the wait time feature, because it just does not work. Why would you even have such a feature if you can’t display accurate wait times?
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2 years ago, Pjisnogenius
Wait time feature is messed up!
The ride wait times don’t match reality! It gives you the wrong impression for the rides and doesn’t help you plan your day at the park as it is supposed to!
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7 months ago, 2 tired to move
Wait Time is Inaccurate
The wait time in the app for Rip Roaring Rapids said 10 minutes, I waited about an hour to get on the ride. This was an issue because I wanted to leave the park at a specific time and I ended up leaving late. Cedar Fair fix the app or do not offer it.
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6 years ago, Myklrl
Inaccurate wait times and a worthless map that doesn’t contain all the important information you need for a successful day in the park. They seriously need to spend some time and money making this app worthwhile. For now, your phone is better off with unused space.
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6 years ago, Drewvw11
Never correct data
Isn’t the point of a ride wait time app to actually show you wait times??? The app never shows the correct rides even open and I have yet to see one show and actual wait time!! This is Silicon Valley! Come on GA, you can do better then this!!!
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3 years ago, Chimera999
Wait times are “optimistic”
So when the app says that a ride’s wait time is 10 minutes, expect it to be more like 45 - so that makes this a garbage app.
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5 years ago, Beastjrker
Wait times are horribly inaccurate
The wait times on this app are worthless. They say waits around 50 minutes should take 15 minutes. This is an important park of parks these days and they should really invest into a better app and wait time estimate system.
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5 years ago, timdavis130
Wait times are wrong
If you are going to post wait times can they at least be accurate. I’m currently in a “5 minute” line that’s been going for over an hour. If wait times can’t be accurate, please just remove them.
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4 years ago, Jim n SJ
Wait times aren’t correct.
The estimated wait times listed are often half of the true wait time. You can’t trust the information about how long the wait will be.
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3 years ago, YOU MAKE ME LOL
Wait times are not even close to accurate
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5 years ago, Abaholic
Wait times are ridiculously incorrect. Basically useless.
This is the main reason why I downloaded this app. Why even bother having that feature if you can’t properly support it? Take a lesson from Disneyland.
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3 years ago, Csammons
Wait times never accurate
I don’t know how they track the wait times but they aren’t ever correct. Been in line for an hour and a half when wait time said 15 min.
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1 year ago, Janine Tomas Pham
Maps no longer shows restaurants
Used to be very helpful but stopped showing restaurants
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3 years ago, Actordan
Doesn’t work
Wait times are not accurate. And the app doesn’t even know which rides are closed or open that day.
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6 years ago, unhappy data tech
Not even worth a star
Garbage application Incorrect wait times and locations Don’t waste your time downloading. Better off sticking to the standard map and guessing wait times as you stand in line
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6 years ago, Urieldmngz123
I know what rides to go on first
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10 months ago, Gfrewnk
My tickets are deleted!
The app used to be good, until recently it started to delete my tickets! Fix The Bug!
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5 years ago, erikolson
Ride wait time
The ride wait time is always wrong in the for example 5 min. wait for Rip Roaring Rapids when it’s like an 1 hour.
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4 years ago, justinbeibeeluvr2001
Not worth the $0
Requires you to sign up and allow location for wait times and they are wildly inaccurate. Don’t waste your battery/data on this garbage
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2 years ago, DropMicDrip
Food voucher rip off
The info said wait 90 minutes between meals. The cashier said it’s a 4 hour wait between food.
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4 years ago, TomX2014
Don’t tell you closed rides
First of all it does not tell you which rides are open and closed. Second, the wait time is not accurate
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5 years ago, cshoz
Terrible wait times
If they aren’t somewhere close to accurate it would be better without them.
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