Call Easter Bunny

4.6 (934)
345.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dualverse, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Call Easter Bunny

4.59 out of 5
934 Ratings
3 months ago, A.Ramos-Lavallee
Phone call
My son just turned 6 & was wondering what the Easter bunny was because he didn’t really remember from the year prior. He kept saying Easter bunny?! And what?! And No way! There’s no bunny! So, I showed him photos from years prior & he requested to speak to him.. so I found this app and did a simple phone call and he was very happy it was an easy phone call for my son who has a delay & doesn’t speak much to follow along & comprehend and respond. He is super happy and content right now. Will try the video on Easter Day!
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1 year ago, Cdodd9483
My kids love it
Well if you aren’t born soft or raising your kids to be soft “the creeping through the streets while your asleep bit” isn’t that bad. But again we live in a soft world. Needless to say my kids get excited talking to the Easter bunny and we’ve been doing it 4 yrs now. They don’t pay attention to how something is said. Don’t be a soft millennial!!
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3 months ago, Radlina14
Good for my brother.
So I have a brother and he is very excited for Easter this year so I was downloading Easter apps. I ask him “Do you wanna call the Easter bunny” to him. He says yes. All I was tryna do was make him excited for Easter. I have already seen a Easter bunny at Dutch Bros so I was happy to see him smile. Keep in mind my brother is five years younger than me so I could see him talking to everyone in my family saying “ Easter bunnies come at night” and other things he heard from that Easter bunny. I am quite happy to see him smile playing games with me the day before Easter.
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3 months ago, Child smiles
Loving child
Your child will absolutely love this, I recommend it to every parent.
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2 years ago, AL_D628
I recommend this app for the age group it’s set in but I think there could be a section where the parents can be the Easter bunny and write a script etc
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3 months ago, 48easter bunny
Call Easter bunny
Thank you for letting kids play this is awesome
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2 years ago, wolflover4evea
NOCK OFF!!! Don’t download it
This game is a knock off. You can’t actually call it. It’s so fake like if you wait too long it just leaves a blank and he just continues it’s just a recording it’s not real at all so fake so fake so fake read this before you even download it. Don’t download it it’s so fake!
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5 years ago, Ggxmxx
Weird and creepy 💀
I was super excited to show this to my little cousin because this is the first Easter that she really understands what the Easter bunny is I was scheduled the call and heard it say “ and while you are asleep We will be creeping on the street “ it also has a pretty freaky laugh at the end along with a deep voice I do not suggest ☹️😭💀🐣
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1 year ago, CAT 23 0109
It’s kind of creepy
Just change the sentence that says when you’re fast asleep I’ll be creeping in the street
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6 years ago, Tmdunbar
Pretty good
Good app, my kiddo loves it. My only concern about it is when the “Easter bunny” uses the phrase “while you are asleep we will be creeping on the street”...that’s strange to me. The wording could definitely be improved.
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6 years ago, Johnthebaseball
Pretty good
It’s a great app my little brother loves but we shouldn’t need to purchase the upgrade that allows us to schedule it
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3 months ago, Esterrabbit
Easter bunny call
Awesome - our little guy was very happy!
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5 years ago, eeyoreButtersPulsThreeMore
Creeping around the streets
AMAZING except they are talking about creeping around the streets. For my three old niece she can call it over and over ❤️
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5 years ago, savqueenbee
It’s a good app for kids
My sister was so happy talking to the bunny she was so happy but I would like to not pay for anything
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4 years ago, LiLMiSSAGeY
Super cute
Not daughter is still talking about it...she is 3.5
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3 months ago, pipandsyd
My son beloved it
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3 years ago, candi and sdcky
Needs fixed
At first I thought it was great and my son loved it. Upgraded it so he can call again and now the app doesn’t work and keeps crashing.
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3 years ago, matthewmclellan
Call Easter bunny
To thell him my Easter wish
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3 years ago, GBNYC
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4 years ago, ~Nora
Very creepy
When my little sister did the call she didn’t like what the Easter bunny said about creeping in the street. The Easter bunny sounded like a kidnapper. I would rate it a 3 star but it is so creepy
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4 years ago, Saracann02
I do like it but creeping in the street and his face is a little too appropriate
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3 months ago, danni holman💕💕💕
Not my type
This wasn’t the dating app I wanted
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4 years ago, france$$$😭
Super creepy
I tried calling him and he keeps saying hello it’s the Easter bunny I’ve been watching you😡😡😭😤🤬😡💀💀
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8 years ago, Just.e
Super cute! Not sure what the other reviews are talking about. It's perfect for my 5yo. Even tells them to share with a friend.
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9 years ago, Get it now people
Its okay💀
This app is fun because you get to call the Easter bunny and you can schedule your call and you can say you want him to call you weekly😉 However the voice recording is really weird like the part when it says "while your sleeping I will be creeping in the streets and when he laughs at the end it's really weird and I highly dislike this app😡 I don't recommend you getting it!
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8 years ago, Dreamer_789
I may be giving it an unfair rating right now. I gave it 3 stars because I didn't see much of it. The moment I was called and answered I deleted it because it scared me so much. It was weird even though I knew I'd be called. A little kid would definitely enjoy it though. But as a teen, I find it very very creepy.
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9 years ago, Poopnatalie
This was an amazing app my younger brother loves it and thinks it is so funny i recommend this app to anyone who has younger children!!!!!!👍👍
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8 years ago, Bunny lover 4 eve
Love it but.....
I love but it won't pick up when does he call
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9 years ago, I WOKE UP LIKE DIS
It's okay
it's okay I mean you could do better
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8 years ago, Sarcole530
Didn't work
The app wouldn't let me select a day to have the bunny call. I refreshed the app and it still said "reservation not set. Close the app." I deleted it altogether!
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8 years ago, Lu like Wilson
It doesn't work and just don't get the app I wish I could do no stars
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8 years ago, S.Mahoney™
No Bueno
App didn't work. Scheduled the calls like prompted, never came. Loaded with ads.
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8 years ago, Maygirl578
Doesn't work
It's free so that means they don't care if it works.
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8 years ago, JerryPV
It was horrible you didn't know when your call was DON'T GET THIS APP!!!!!!
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8 years ago, The Black Kraken
I wish I could do 0 stars!
The voice is sooooooooooooo creepy NEVA BUY
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8 years ago, Brian Proctor
Bad app
Fails to set time
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