Call From Santa 2022

4.5 (2.2K)
122.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dusan Lilic
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Call From Santa 2022

4.5 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 years ago, bannah bread
I loveeeeeee calling santa
This is the game I play every Christmas Day and New Years!!!!!!!! I love this game I hope you to do hope you give 5 star and by the way my name is Natalie
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4 years ago, Dog lover!🐶🐶🐶
Ok first of all, I got this app yesterday, and when I first got it, it was rated, 2+ so it seemed like it was one of those funny baby apps. Then, I pushed on the texting button just to see what it does, and “santa clause” asks you your name, where you live, what time it is there, have you been a good kid, how are you feeling, and other weird questions that make me cringe.😬 It’s really creepy, and I suggest never letting any kid play this game. It’s made in like Africa, and the app looks really fake and cheesy. Also, when I was playing the app, I noticed that “Santa clause” HAD MY PHONE NUMBER!!!! If your kid, has this app, the people who made this app can call she/he text them, send them emails, and sometimes track them. I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone with this app, that’s why I wrote it...also, when I saw they had my phone number, I quickly deleted the app, and re-downloaded it to see if my phone number was still there. If you guys are really addicted to this app, and you REALLY want to play it, then PLEASE don’t answer Santa clause’s questions with REAL answers, when I got the app I said my name was “snowmangirl” and I lived on the moon...guys this app looks dangerous, so TRY to stay away from it. 😳🥵
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3 years ago, oooooioppppuffcbkuetgxvjkf
Creepy game
This game is so creepy it’s one of the creepiest games I think I have playedBut I’m one of those kids that cause like creepy phone numbers in real life and so like I think you should not get this phone number there’s one thing my number one it has actually I think a real phone number it’s a Africa. App and when you video call me I don’t even get the even point about this crap like bro what’s the point of it like how are you going to even text and it’s being like really creepy like asking what time it is and asking what your name is and all that jazz but bro creepy it has someone’s person‘s phone number and look at all the reviews on here and you see it’s someone’s phone number it’s the worst game in the world and one of the creepiest so do not download this and it’s a warning to parents parents if you’re out there do not get these apps you can get the normal ones like video call Santa Claus not this one I swear
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4 years ago, Lemon_&_Lime
If you are looking for a long, brief review on why you should NOT get this app. I’m the right person! I will tell you why you or your child should not get this app. First if all, there might actually be a valid phone number on THIS app. I have no clue why it’s from Africa and other countries who have this number, like Greenland is one of them. It has +2 for the beginning. So it’s one of those types of countries. Idk if it’s actually valid but that’s VERY weird. Second of all, it asks you all kinds of personal questions that you should NEVER answer with your real address. PLEASE DON’T ANSWER! Even though it’s some goofy app that might be harmless but the address MIGHT appear on the history and hackers might hack it and whatnot. (I’m not 100% sure about what I said but please don’t answer to “Santa”. I might be wrong though.) Third of all, when you call and/or video call, IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK! That’s useless. The only thing that works is the “texting”. I don’t know if it’s my phone or the calling was lazily made but please, just don’t waste your time and effort on this lazily made app. I don’t want bad things to happen to you guys. - Lemon_&_Lime
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4 years ago, FrigginPirate
Very miss-leading a Horrible app
This app is just a scam in order for the creator to get some ad views by forcing you to watch almost 10 advertisements just to figure out how to use the app. Tried to make a video call had to watch an advertisement as soon as the video call started but by the time I closed the advertisement the video call abruptly ended with a busy signal The phone calls are not actually phone calls they are random My first call was music followed by an advertisement which lasted longer than a phone call My 2nd call was some random dude wishing you a merry Christmas who honestly sounds like a Indian or Pakistani working at 7-Eleven
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3 years ago, sofie dawnson
Omg😱 Santa is creepy😳
Lemon and lim was right same if you wrought a review like lemon and limes and some other persons review and was talking about how Santa got his phone number Lilly I don’t have a phone number but Santa asked a lot of scared information and he wants personal information he did also ask what time it is and what is your name and where you were from and after I got it is scared me he was really scechey and the phone call ended with a scary busy sound he also was just satiating with a creep look on his face so he sounds like a kidnapper 😱😳😬😰😨😟😥
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4 years ago, addygrace777777😱😱😱
Don’t download
Please don’t get this for your kids the first question there is nothing wrong with it he is just simply asking your name but the next question is very weird it asked where are you located and that seems like a creep and if you don’t answer he asked what is the time there kids he is just trying to get your location and come to your house please don’t get this app.I warned you.
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3 years ago, Don'tdownloadthisapppppp
Fake and dangerous
I downloaded this app to see what it was about and the first paragraph from “Santa” is broken English which is a red flag in and of itself. The app kept asking to access photos and I’ve seen other reviews where it asks about your address. This is a dangerous app for anyone nevermind a child!
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4 years ago, Sants i love you
Love you
I love this app it’s like I’m talking to Santa Claus for real I really really really really want to see Santa Claus but sometimes I just feel like you gotta go with the flow
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3 years ago, cinimwttyui
So funny
I e this app so freaking awesome and I just freaking love it
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3 years ago, 55374784
Guys when I saw my kid playing this game it asked her where she lived her name and if you’ve been nice or naughty and the next week that number sent me an email saying it tracked me and knows my number and I also do not recommend this because I think your talking to a real person and a real number in Africa!?
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4 years ago, gan rei
Ahhh Not a goody
look this thing asks for stuff that they dont need to know so if you a kid pls pls pls dont get this app and I dont have data so I cant text text like the messages on the app messages thankfully and it dose show a real phone number so I say again kids and adults if you are listening pls pls pls dont get this app
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4 years ago, marmade lillian
Too creepy
I get this zero stars because when I ask you your name where you live the time it’s too creepy it could be a stat it could be a stocker so I think no one should buy this app it’s the worst I’ve seen it myself and if Santa☃️ doesn’t show his face that’s creepy
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3 years ago, soooooophieeee
I just installed this game. And when I chatted with “santa” it asked me for my address and the time and my NAME!!!! I don’t no why but Santa said bad words like the f word and the b word to me 🤨children stay away and every one stay away from this game. Ppl watch you through the screen 😶!!!!!!!!!no joke
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4 years ago, kitten world
Bad bad bad bad bad
So creepy I said my name but them me and my friend/sister we put both of our names it called so unknown don’t know why so if you have a kid don’t get this app read this before you get this app really don’t get this app or your not going to sleep well tominght
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2 years ago, macaroonibug
So I deleted the app a long time ago and redownloaded it and with the chat setting the questions are always the same. No offense if you believe in Santa but the whole app is wierd. I just don’t get the point in downloading this app.
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3 years ago, fh*ddr&d
How to text and call and video call
How do I do this I have clicked, tapped on everything!! Even Santa nothing happens but turn sound on/off pls respond and tell me how good game. Idk y people say it’s scary
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3 years ago, Zurich hdvdsvs
Hey I love how ever made this app They did a good job I love the way You mad it because you add a song When Love Leila
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3 years ago, Ann_Plays_amongus🥺
I downloaded the app unaware of the reviews it’s cool but why does Santa need my name and where I live if he knows? And I’m not comfortable showing my face can you make him say more in the chat and to many ads
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4 years ago, NEVER DOWNLOAD😳😳😳😳😳
This app is not safe for kids because it asks where you live what time it is and ect like have you been good and IT HAS MY NUMBER please don’t download this app I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone so please at your own safety do NOT download this app.
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4 years ago, ghygjklrudjenwb
Must read
I was disappointed when my three year old was ghosted by Santa
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1 year ago, pramanik
Merry Christmas and it dose not let me talk
When I called him he Did not let me talk
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3 years ago, Willow211
To many ads
Way to many ads that ruin the point of the call.
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4 years ago, i💜adoptme
Super weird
So I got this app and it asked me what my name was. I told it a rand name idk why and it said hi there unknown. It started asking we’re I was from and what time it was there and kept on calling me unknown
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4 years ago, ()()()($@7((;(&@
He asks you weird questions like ur name, where ur from and the time, as soon as he asked me... I deleted it. Don’t let your kid buy this. It’s weird.
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4 years ago, bfxfzfgdjb
How are we doing tonight 🦄🦄🦄
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4 years ago, ytjishy
😱😰 I warned you!
It is very creepy do not let your kid download this app Santa will ask you personal information that wil have you tracts
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3 years ago, lilymaiden
Ads galore
Not great. Nonstop video ads every three seconds that interrupt the video or call kinda ruins the magic. “Game “ is pretty much unplayable
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4 years ago, Santas nice list
Be good for Santa
This app is super Good I love this app so much I love it better than the other Christmas talking apps we are good I hope you have a good with this app to
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2 years ago, bullmaition
Where are the instructions
How do I play
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3 years ago, Eva Zebot
Facetimecall Santa
I think he is trying to look me up on google or something I hate this app
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4 years ago, P@33w0rd
All ads and for 5 seconds see a guy in suit handling gifts then back to ads Garbage app
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4 years ago, Lucasrtf
Very nice
Allison loves you
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4 years ago, Alejandro Debasa
Feliz navidad Mía
Feliz navidad Mía
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4 years ago, San Fran Mission
Very bad!!
Nothing but ads. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, 2ELLE's
The phone rang and when it picks up it’s jus a bust signal
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2 years ago, 👿👿👿👿👿butt🍑 shut up
You are bad
It won’t work 👺👹👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
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3 years ago, redickels
Wow horribale
So fake my kids hated it
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4 years ago, Abree lain silva
The best
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4 years ago, alpal super cool
Don’t download
It’s not real
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3 years ago, mayamsu
I hate it
That all
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2 years ago, bfnftchr
It is creepy
This game is creepy as heck
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2 years ago, Olivia Spinelli
Santa Claus
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3 years ago, @Leonardo
Santa call
Every thing is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, elmaelza1234
Love IT
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10 months ago, تلذتلي
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3 years ago, hellomallonskejsn
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4 years ago, bird🦜face
It is so bad
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1 year ago, bdndvhffmf
I de u
J n Hera me f
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3 years ago, bdncnf ofejdbjdbd in
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