Call Voice Changer - IntCall

4.3 (4.8K)
21.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Astra Communication LTD
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Call Voice Changer - IntCall

4.25 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
3 months ago, You pay money
Maybe if there was no having to spend money
Hello, my name is Adalina and I’m just an 11-year-old girl and I decided that I wanted to fool my friends and so I got the app and it was cool. I called my friend. She is really freaked out and then it hung up and said I needed more minutes ? And I thought well what does that mean so I looked into it and it said you have to buy minutes for using the VoiceChanger app so I wasn’t gonna do that because I’m not gonna spend all my lunch money on this and my money so I decided to get it, but I think it’s, five dollars for 10 minutes so good luck. I’d say get it if you want to spend money on it.
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3 years ago, ndsjdld dvdkedbdvidrnrbdhdk
love hate relationship
this game is extremely fun but I definitely think that there are some things that could be changed. like when you were prank calling someone you are usually to put *67 but with this app you cannot do that so they know who is calling them. which makes the phone call not necessarily a prank. but it definitely confuses people and gives me a good laugh
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4 years ago, phlarfbar
Honest review ⭐️⭐️
This app is pretty primitive in design but works nonetheless. When you call someone it says unknown caller which might make them not pick up. The worst thing is the limited minutes and paid minutes option. It’s $5 for 15 minutes and so on. The highest price is i think $30 for 80 minutes. For a voice changer app. 😐. And you can do a WEEKLY subscription for $6 or $7 a week! That’s crazy. The app has lots of voice sound affects and it lets you change the pitch but not worth that. You can get a Netflix subscription for much less than that. Until it’s 99 cents or 2-3$ for the whole app and unlimited minutes, I can’t say I’ll make a purchase.
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2 years ago, George/Nico
You have to pay for more minutes
At first I had thought that the game was fake. So then I called my mom and found out it was real. So then I started playing for a few more minutes and then it said I had to pay for it just to play for more minutes. The idea of paying for more time is stupid. That's exactly why i rated it one star. But other than that, I had a fun 6 minutes. But other than that this app is amazing 👍👍👍
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4 years ago, ham_and_lu
So if you wright a review you get 2 extra minute so here we go! Btw this is a great app! Hi I am on the call you want me back I can call him tomorrow morning and I wanna is your the name is it I have to do be my phone is gonna you wanna I love ya so I don’t have a good night to talk about it I don’t have to go back and get my phone and then I’m going on my phone call you and I’ll tell ya what what you doing I don’t have to go get it I’ll be home in a few hours I wanna is a way to go get some food I wanna is a way I wanna was a way I can see
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4 years ago, Rileysweetpea
I think you get extra minutes
So I heard that you get extra minutes from writing a review so here we go. This app is very helpful for me it’s very fun to use, very entertaining, and very hilarious. I Pranked one of my best friends today musing the height voice and it was so funny. She totally fell for it!! I highly recommend you getting this app and having some fun just like how me and my friends have fun.
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3 years ago, Rae05262020
Does what you need it to. Wish more call time was available without making a purchase or at a better rate if you do want to purchase extra time. But other than that I have no complaints. App runs smoothly and very easy to understand when it comes to options and set up.
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4 years ago, Kawai Potato🍩
I’m sorry but you have a good day I hope you have a a great time with you and I wanna is your day I love ya and you know what you mean and you have to be happy you don’t have a lot to say about it I just gonna is that you want me and you want me you want I just gonna was a day and you want to cry I just gonna I was like you wanna I wanna cry was the best night you had to go play and you watch I Clicked Random Words
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4 years ago, Julesunicorn
This app was awesome
This app was awesome because I didn’t know you could actually call people on your contacts. This is so cool. I wrote a review please can I have two extra minutes. I just had one question. How do you get more minutes that doesn’t require a purchase? I love this app so much. Thank you so so so so so so much for mal this app.
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2 years ago, how is this HAPENing
A really good game
I just love this game! My little brother always wants to play it. He said” sis can I play green bird on your phone?” 😂 I also love the effects and sounds these things make. I like how it echos your voice too! Everything in this thing is so cool that I would use it all the time! Lol if I had enough minutes!
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3 years ago, Mercy M.
It’s ok
The app works. And the calls if the person picks up is funny to change on them and add notices but unfortunately after a certain time it stops counting the minutes on the display so you don’t know how many you have left. Until you get a 30 second warning. I wish that wasn’t a issue. Yes you do have to pay if you want more than 2 mins.
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1 year ago, gigishinesbright11
good but could use some change
I love that you can call someone and prank them cause it really is funny. My only concern would be the fact that you only have a specific amount of minutes. You have to buy more and I feel like it would be better if the app was free with ads but I understand that apps like this need to get money some way.
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4 years ago, qwerjxjiduishxuhxixushisjowjp
Ok I’m going on the phone
Ok I’m going on the road right north of north bend and I will see if I could do it again if you guys wanna do it again I can get you a ride to the house I have a lot so I’m just gonna be there at the one that is ok I can get it done now I’m just gonna be there in a little while I will get there and get you guys to get the
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4 years ago, 1234Soph11
Great app
This is a great app!!!! It has sound effects along with being able to make your voice higher and lower. It is great for pranks. I did however not like the time limit for the calls. Overall great app. Definitely recommend
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3 years ago, Kdisisoss
I give it a 3/10 because it’s a little to expensive and why does it only gives us 2 free mins lol at least 10 or 15 and I hate the fact that it calls Nd says “ unknown” no body will pick up only 1 person picked up and declined right after so I think if we could pick the number that shows to the caller it would be so much better and I’ll gladly pay that 5 dollars for 15 mins it’s.
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2 years ago, ohgirl8732
No longer have earn free minutes
You should’ve never did away with the option to earn free minutes ... you lost hundreds of customers because of that
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2 years ago, gost busters
Two extra minutes
This app is pretty good I like the style and how easy to use it is but the only complaint I have is the limited time which is kinda dumb and I don’t think I will buy minutes to prank my friends. But I get two extra minutes by writes a review to yep.
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10 months ago, from kalani
Being honest!
I love this game bc it helps me prank ppl like one of my friends were like who is this why are you calling on ______ phone then they hung up the phone then I called them back and said it was a prank and they blocked me 🤣🤣🤣 but they unblocked me the next day at school
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4 months ago, Aryokarzan
This app is so good i wish i knew this app before but i hate that we only have 1 minute free i wish we had 10 minutes but its okay i heard u get minutes when u write a review hopefully i get some minutes
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4 years ago, riiiiiiiiiiiiichhhhhard
Wooow finally i found this app
You cant believe how long i have been waiting to find some app like this, you can have number which worths thousands dollars , you can shock your friends by calling them with their own number and many funny capabilities
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4 years ago, KAM_REN_08
It’s Fun play with ....
It’s fun to goof around and stuff but I don’t like how it has a limit and you need to either buy more minutes or wait . I haven’t seen all the features since I had only had it for a little bit but besides the minutes it’s enjoyable to pull “pranks” and to just laugh and joke around with ! :D
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6 months ago, GameRazor1
Very nice game
This is a very nice game, and it actually works too! For a second I thought it would be fake and you couldn’t call people, but I called my mom and it actually worked! So I had a great time just calling my friends and trolling them, but yeah it’s a good app.
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4 years ago, Sorany Lao
2 free minutes soooo
I used this and my mom said it worked really well but the sound was laggy so that’s something you guys should overall it’s awesome, but if a kid would use this to sound old to buy things this could become a problem
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6 years ago, posttowerkid
This app needs a great update, Fast!
Now, I’m trying to test how it works so I can talk with my iPad, And when I’m calling my number the phone pops up. But, when I answered it, It Just keep on buzzing and buzzing when the phone answered, THIS APP NEEDS A GREAT UPDATE FAST! P.S Your app is good for prank calling but this needs newest update to make calling or answering work! you could do this! for those guys who created this app company.
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4 years ago, zay is cool
Can you please
Can you please he or she make it so people can change the phone number on it because I put in the wrong number I deleted the app and got it back but the same Number was still there
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5 years ago, EPG_Shadow11
Love It
This app is so awesome it actually works, even the sound effects work and are so funny on the other end 🤣. Heads up when you change your voice pitch it also changes the sound effects pitch
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6 years ago, noahxslammer33
You know lots of people have different opinions of the game but my opinion it’s different the people who I call turns into a unknown number the things that I like about this pranks is that no one knows who you are and that’s one part or should I say that’s the fun part
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4 years ago, tippytop_barbie
I like this app and I just wish they gave you a little more time than 2 mins , I understand why they do that but I just wish I more time , also it says my number so it would be great if you could make it look like a random number / hide the number
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2 years ago, icon_ps_voso
4.5 stars
Love the app but there is one problem you have to buy minutes every time you dont get minutes after a day i think they should change that
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5 years ago, tommygunn510
Just please make it able to earn minutes without playing the game
I really wish you didint have to pay for more minutes I wish they could update it so you could have minutes.
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4 years ago, gswhitt14
You only get two minutes of talk time before you have to pay for more, In my opinion, not worth downloading.
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4 years ago, Finneycom
At first I thought it would 100% not work and when I tried to prank call my mom on it my mom said who is this and I ended the call cuz I was scared she will tell the police somebody hacked into her account but it works perfectly!
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7 years ago, Wneiwnshxik$2829:!,
Really cool app
I like this app a lot and that it allows you to change your number and earn more minutes but it can be a little wonky sometimes. I would rate it 5 stars if you could change your number for free anytime you'd like.
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3 years ago, Get disney+ instead
Best voice changer in the App Store
So I am making a Scream fan film, and I needed a good voice changer, none of the other voice changers worked, so then I tried this one and it actually worked! 5 stars!
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8 years ago, Snoopdog12
Best thing ever
This is the funniest thing I did all my friends and they were so confuse I called them after and they were dying saying this person just called me and it was the funniest thing ever get this app NOW!
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3 years ago, erqmi
I like it
It is very fun and I heard that you get minutes of writing a review so I hope I get minutes but it is a very fun game and I think you should add extra minutes
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3 years ago, The Famous Reviewer
I heard you get two more minutes
I actually like this app unlike other prank caller apps, if they removed the timer I would definitely give it five stars, and tell my friends to use it!
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1 year ago, chibca feeted bella 173838/8
This is very hilarious it does include payments but only if you would like extra minutes good for parking friends and family!
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2 years ago, games 2 review✨
It Could be better…
When I bought this game I tried to call somebody and it said I had to buy minutes, and I was like, “ok..” and I saw that you had to buy it with real money, and so I deleted it. I’d really appreciate if this game was more fun, and you didn’t have to buy it with real money. Or just no money at all. I also feel like you can do more voices to prank your friends.
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4 years ago, isbejrbr
This is great but just one problem
I don’t like that you only get two minutes to use the voice changer and then when it runs out you need to buy more minutes with money
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2 years ago, idklol_23
It’s really good just one problem!
I love this app it’s really fun and cool but u wish taht it wouldn’t show my number Bc then they know it’s me that’s the only update I want to happen but it’s really good!
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6 years ago, Sanjay jha
Excellent app
Excellent app but it doesn’t allow to change the number every time. We have to pay to change the number.
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7 months ago, Addison337
Change phone number
Change phone number
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4 years ago, cuen57
No title
Not showing the minutes bought on minutes balance
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4 years ago, too hotzzzz
How do I change my phone number
I’ve been trying to change my phone number on the app is that possible
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7 years ago, Metaldrummer213
Major Missing Feature !
One star until you make it so the calls can be anonymous. No point in pranking someone if they have a heads up you're calling. Been earning free minutes through the "free minutes section" for 2 years. Up to over 405 minutes and never use the app due to the lack of this feature. Please fix. All the other ones offer this feature.
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2 years ago, Jess1994:)
Amazing app!!
I love it u can use it on calls and prank your friends it’s hilarious 😅 we only get 2 free min but you can purchase minutes for $5 dollars :) amazing app(:
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3 years ago, BestRaterInThisWholeWorld
Fun app but…
App is super fun to use and works good but you get limited minutes and have the option to buy minutes if it was a game to purchase but you get unlimited minutes this app would get way more purchases
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3 years ago, Avery Gabriella Willard
My ideas on the app.
I like how you can do lots of funny voices and prank your friends. Although I do not like that you have to pay for more than two minutes a day. I hope that they take that feature off but although I had a lot of fun playing this game
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2 years ago, genesis hopson
You need more minutes for people to call because I was on a call for like 2 minutes with my sister and it just stopped cause you guys only gave me a few minutes with her, so you should add more time about 20 more minutes so you can talk to your family members with the funny voice by thank you exclamation, mark, exclamation, mark.
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