Cambly - English Teacher

4.5 (8.5K)
165.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cambly, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cambly - English Teacher

4.5 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Re50000
It’s amazing!!!
I love Cambly. I can use wherever and whenever I want. They have a lot of really good teachers. The app it’s so easy to use. The price is not too expensive, you can find the plan that fit your goals and budget. I love the recorded video that I can see many times and the chat during classes. It’s for sure an amazing way to learn languages. I highly recommend it! My sister subscribed because I told her, I told a lot of friends, I hope they understand how it’s so good!
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2 years ago, URT@
Things need to be corrected immediately
I love Cambly, however, there is a specific issue that has to be corrected by Cambly immediately. I purchased 30 min lessons 2 days a week for a year from Cambly couple of months ago. The problem I have experienced at least 5 6 times or more is the lost of internet connection on teacher’s end. OK, It can happen. However, when the teacher's internet connection is lost (on his/her end) 1 second after starting the lesson, the student completely loses the 30-minute lesson. And, the student has to do lots of online processes to regain this lost course before Sunday if the student is lucky;)). If this happens on Sunday, forget the in-completed class forever Cambly already has an online clock that shows the class time. When the lesson is interrupted/stopped by the teacher, this time should be automatically preserved/protected in favor of the student. It has to be corrected immediately. I don’t want to spend time to correct this error originating from your end/application.
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7 months ago, Rkanwar12
My Cambly experince
As a user for the past few weeks, I have found Cambly to be a helpful tool for improving my language skills. From signing up to scheduling sessions to showing up with tutors on time the process is seamless, allowing me as a user to focus on my learning. So far I have taken lessons with 3-4 tutors,they are friendly, patient, and eager to help me. The video chat feature enhances the overall learning experience, allowing for face-to-face interactions with tutors. This feature aids in language comprehension and helps build confidence in speaking. In conclusion, so far my personal experience with Cambly has been great. The platform's features, coupled with the professionalism and friendliness of the tutors, have created a positive and effective language-learning environment. I would recommend it to anyone looking for influence and specific accent to mastering a new language.
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4 years ago, j_eyliz
I love Cambly because I can talk many people from many countries. You can use whenever you want and wherever you want. Cambly led me to study english. Feel like amazing. You can do practice more and more... you can ask whatever you don’t know about english. For example about grammar topics or when you write an essay you can ask them to check your essay or you can speak just general life with them same like friends:)
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4 years ago, ashleyandjavi
We need an app for tutors!!
I give this app 5 stars because I’ve heard from students that it’s a great platform for them and they always talk very positively about the company. However, as a tutor we need to have our own app where we can manage our reservations and priority hours. Also, we need to be able to see our students profiles and access lessons that they have booked appointments for. Please Cambly listen to us!
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4 years ago, Sylvia.G.
Great app!
During days I am not in the states,cambly really helps me to keep speaking and practicing English as well as staying connected with New York City. I like freetalks and casual conversations where I can get some fresh ideas of the natives. I will definitely give a five-star evaluation of the app. Please invite more qualified tutors from different backgrounds to make the community a more interesting and diversified place for learning!
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5 years ago,
The best platform for practicing English!
An amazing platform to meet many English native speakers from different countries. Each one has its own method in teaching so that you have the ability to improve your skills with different ways. There are several choices there to learn and practice English regarding your goals. I am so grateful I am there and hope to enhance my language skills with Cambly’s tutors help :)
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6 years ago, holykyue86
Great way to improve English
I’ve used this on-demand English conversation platform since I was preparing my job interview with native speakers. One of the most attractive features of the Cambly is flexiblity in terms of out schedule, so I could practice English whever I am available to connect it. I still use this platform because now it is still powerful for me to advance my English skills further.
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3 years ago, iq.ny
Confidence is the key!
Cambly instructors have a magic wand! They are patient, understand what I’m trying to say and kindly correct me if I make any mistake. They are amazing! I had a little English background but when it comes to talking, I had issues. Thanks to Cambly I started talking in a very little time. Most importantly Cambly helped me to improve my confidence!! Thank you Cambly and thank you amazing instructors!
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4 weeks ago, YufGao
Tired of repeated class canceling
Right now if a student cancel a class within 12 hours before the class, the student can only get half minutes back. But when the teacher cancel within 12 hours, we students don’t get additional compensation. And some teachers are extremely annoying, they cancel the class within 1 hour before the class. We should get money refund in this extreme situation because sometimes it’s hard to find other time that works for me and I end up waste a lot class minutes.
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6 years ago, Randalbu
I have tried to improve my English language in so many different ways, and i thought I wouldn’t have the chance to talk fluently unless I moved to other countries for a long time, but with Cambly i really noticed improvements in my English language and I’ve become more confident while talking English. Amazing app, planning to update my subscription for more lessons.
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6 years ago, Sun&&Sue
It’s amazing
Cambly is readily accessible. I can use it wherever and whenever I want 24/7. There are hundreds of thousands Tutors in Cambly who have various teaching certificates. You just pick the tutor you want to practice with. And every lesson will be recorded automatically so that you can replay it to review. I definitely recommand Cambly who want to improve your English.
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5 years ago, S_maram
Don’t miss your chance!
It’s an amazing app, I already have my English language and I thought that I don’t need to talk with natives! BUT when I subscribe with CAMBLY and start talking with natives, I saw myself learn new things day after day! And being more confident when I speak. last thing that I would say is DON’T miss the chance to try cambly.
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6 years ago, Hoonie93
I've been using this app for 2 month. It's really helpful to study foregin language. I was able to learn not only speaking also reading and grammar. Even though it's been only 2 month, i got improved a lot through the Cambly. I highly recommend you guys who really wanna study foregin language.
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6 years ago, Em13184
Tutor app needed
Though it is nice to be able to check my messages from this app, I feel like we need a version of the app for tutors… It would be nice to be able to open priority hours, create reservations, accept reservations, etc. from my phone. Thanks for your consideration!
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5 years ago, Mahdi English
Cambly in a brief
I love their support! They solve every single issue in less than 24 hours! They add time to your subscription if anything happens! Lowest price for students among all apps! The best UI! I can definitely see my improvements in terms of speaking English! Thank you so much Cambly and well done Cambly team! ♥️♥️
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4 years ago, AliHish
Great service
I’ve been using this platform for more than three years now. It’s amazing, flexible, and affordable. Customer service team is perfect, and generous. They always compensate you with additional minutes for any misunderstanding that may occur. Highly recommended.
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8 months ago, Melosbho A
Lost ~$2k by the unscrupulous subscription practice
I used Cambly’s services and attempted to cancel my subscription in early 2022. I have never use any services from them. But I continued to be charged in total of about 2k dollars without authorization. The app is confusing especially for non-native English speaker. No notification of my subscription status. But tons of advertisement emails every day. No direct customer service if u got into trouble. Please be cautious when using the app.
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3 years ago, نايف سعد
This application deserves more than five stars, I learned English through it as quickly as possible after years of failed attempts and trying all the ways, Cambly was the perfect and fastest solution
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3 years ago, teena_beena
App needs work for Tutors
I do like the desktop website, but the app does not have any features for the tutors. It would be great if I could confirm reservations or priority hours with out having to log onto my desktop computer every single time. It'd also be nice to be able to confirm reservations in my phone as well.
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4 years ago, fatiiimai
The best way to improve your english!
I enjoyed the lessons very much. The Teachers were very kind and patient, they tried their best to explain everything. You should try and give it a chance you won’t regret it!!!
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4 years ago, gufipo
Real English
It is very useful , it is a real practice with native speakers. You can directly find someone if you didn’t have time to schedule because there are many tutors in the system. You can pick up the accent as well. Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, Lee Joanne 2020
Very flexible
I would highly recommend Cambly to my friends because I met a lot of wonderful teachers here and I can do it anytime, anywhere. One minor thing is that there are some technical issues with the platform for example when the class wasn't recorded at all or only a part of it.
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4 years ago, Shifa.Ahmed
Great experience
The best way to challenge you fears in acquiring English Language is to open cambly and talk to the amazing teachers. They can have plans that suit your demands and desires, and they are always ready to help you in having more confidence in your abilities as a speaker of the language.
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4 years ago, Khalil K.
Excellent app
I started using Cambly to improve communication skills. I am very happy as it was very useful in developing general conversation as well as interview skills. The selection of teachers are excellent. I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to improve in their conversational English skills.
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12 months ago, Supahao
Nice app
I used this app to practice my oral English because next week I‘m going to have an interview with two teachers. At first you will get 5 min to start with a random teacher for free, which is a good start.
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2 years ago, i_ezx7
Perfect Experince
I am student in the college and this is the first time i trying cambly , in fact it was amazing , after this i well subscribe with cambly , and you can try for 5 free minutes in the beginning 👍🏻
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3 years ago, Carol sdc
Great app
Cambly allows you to study anywhere and anytime. As much as you can study with books, audios… it's talking that you really learn, managing to put into practice everything that has been studied.
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6 years ago, ssbings
Excellent platform for speaking!
It is very useful application for improving language skills. Especially for speaking! there are many native speakers who have different accents, therefore you can make practise with them anytime you want. It is a successfull platform and they are good :)
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4 years ago, Rasha FB
Love this app🤩🤩
I’m really enjoying using this app, it does help you learn and practice Eng with bunch of good tutors from different countries. You can reserve sessions based on which goal you’d like to achieve. I strongly recommend you to try!!! Great app👏🏽
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6 years ago, Mag823
A really cute app
It’s been 3 months using this app, I’m impressed. First time users can actually start by using the phone app simply because it’s easier to talk over phone like how you video chat on WeChat or FaceTime with your friend.
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2 years ago, would not recommend111.
I have subscripted a one month plan which cost me more than 300 dollars. After took the first class, I feel like this learning style does not suit me. Then, I requested refund. However, I never got any reply from them in three days, and it seems like they don’t want give back your money. Please be careful when you decide to subscript a plan, maybe you can try the cheapest one first.
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5 years ago, zumaleee
Honestly its an Amazing app It made me feel more comfortable and confident when i speak in English . It made me sounds more like a native speaker (and this is the most important thing for me)😄, beside I’ve learnt a lot of vocabularies and grammatical tips kudos for Cambly , give it a shot guys
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6 years ago, jucinaldo
What I think
I have learned and developed a lot of my English. I gained more nimbleness and lost the fear of speaking. I just do not like it when some teacher answers and says he does not have much time because he scored with another student.
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3 years ago, Anssharif
The best application to be fluent in English
The teachers are very friendly, kind and focus on what you want to achieve. I would definitely recommend this application
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3 years ago, the prettest evere
I love this app
I love how this app work, its so easy to use and and make learning so much easier since it doesn’t feel like studying one of my favorite ways to learn.
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4 years ago, Hadeelkt
Very helpful program.
Very helpful program you would definitely improve your language English language. The customer service are responsive.
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1 year ago, 开温Kelvin
Wonderful App to improve your English
Cambly is amazing that you can chat online with different tutors who are very nice. It gives you opportunity to improve your oral English.
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4 years ago, rak elkhayat
Good app practice English
I enjoy my daily convesation with the friendly native english speaker teachers,they are aware about how to deal with the second language students
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5 years ago, basakasli
an opportunity to improve your language skills
There are many talented teachers .I think that they will be help toward you. You will have a chance to practice such as conversation practice , business english, TOEFL ibt , IELTS . Worth trying ..;)
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2 years ago, Alicia Fo
Thank you cambly
The teachers are very patient and well-experience. Many of them hold teaching certificate and does a good job in encouraging students to speak English and make mistakes.
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4 years ago, SerDun3202
Awesome app
This is a really great app for someone wants to improve English speaking skills. I used the app personally and saw the improvement on first hand. You can choose your teacher and go from there. Thank you Cambly...
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4 years ago, Belle liao
I truly love Cambly, because it offers me a good platform to practice speaking in a more affordable way. It contains abundant materials as well, whether you like a free talk or a structured course you’ll find something right up your alley.
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7 months ago, 白依
Good service!
Their customer service team is very supportive and always helpful for any questions that I have. That’s why I decided to renew the contract.
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5 years ago, gulacyid
So so
I have connection problem. Even though it’s my last day in this week, I couldn’t make practice. I can connect other things but only Cambly creates problem. Some tutors are really rude and racist. They make me angry and they don’t care. I think their purpose is making other people angry so I hate it. Good tutors are also here but it’s totally connected with your luck! Good luck!
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4 years ago, Reema21h
It's a very lovely app, I like it a lot, all the teachers are kind and cute, and I learn a lot. I told my friends to try it, and guess what they like it too And I hope you could give me some free minutes ☺️😍
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2 years ago, Vincent-Vick
Excellent Platform
I’ve completed my first day’s study on Cambly and I enjoyed it a lot and had really learned something from my tutor. I strongly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Zeeezay
Note for developers
You cannot pass by after sign in. Please fix this issue.
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3 years ago, misses fire report
Nice but there is a big or issue
Some people cant join the classesabd im one of them could you fix the problem?
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5 years ago, tmcmil17
Great company to work for!!
I’ve worked for Cambly for about 6 months now and I love it! The flexible schedule and the people you meet is amazing! Wish I would’ve found Cambly sooner!!
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