4.5 (5.2K)
27.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Novalsys, Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CampusGroups

4.46 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Megan Luedke
So much improvement!
This app has improved a lot since I first started to use it, it's now looking really good - kudos to the developers!
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2 years ago, purrspctiv
Borderline unusable
This app is terrible. I appreciate its concept but it’s execution is horrible. I wish I could give more specifics but I’m exhausted and my longer review glitched out and got deleted. It’s horribly unintuitive, bizarrely structured, and wildly overcomplicated. The functionality is not nearly deep enough to warrant such a convoluted structure. Loading different “apps” within it is way too confusing. There are way too many different pages that seemingly serve the same purpose while all being incredibly confusing. It’s load times are astoundingly awful and make it a chore to even navigate. They don’t speed up on faster internet or on simpler pages. Fifteen seconds to load your own profile, containing your name, profile picture, and email, and that’s it. A quarter of a minute. It makes the app feel more like a task than a tool. Also when loading your profile it just shows “()()” and an option to post a comment. Then, when it loads, it doesn’t have that option at all, and obviously the debug text is taking away. Like, come on, programmers. This is insane. There’s so much more, too. So much more. Hire a user experience manager. Come on.
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2 years ago, rosewiththorns1
Good concept, poor execution
As a university student whose campus requires the use of CampusGroups, I wanted to like this application. I like the functionality of being able to plan out my schedule in advance and see all upcoming events happening on my campus. However, both the mobile and web versions of this application have a convoluted, confusing and overly difficult UI (both for users and administrative functions), not to mention constant bugs and lagginess. If this app were made simpler, cleaner, and smoother, it would feel much more like a useful tool and less like a hassle.
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4 years ago, Stone804
Terrible app, buggy
Cannot read posts, notifies you for things you can’t read or can’t find the notification for to dismiss it, constantly have to log in when navigating, slow to load anything... why not just use a web browser it would be faster/easier ... worst app I’ve ever used honestly... totally useless. I also don’t understand how it can have 4.5 stars when you look at the complaints and it’s all 1 star ratings, and the tip 5 star review is very obviously a fake plug...
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10 months ago, With anything?
Slow and buggy
This app does work for what it is used for. I find it to be really slow and glitchy. I get the same notification for events for days after it has occurred. It can also just send me 5 notifications in a second. Had to turn off notifications even though I need them.
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3 years ago, Reignfairy
App crashes frequently
I have an iOS 15 iPhone 12 Pro. For some reason, every time I try to check my notifications or open the messages/chat tab, my app automatically shuts down/crashes. At first I thought oh, maybe it’s a glitch or something. I deleted and reinstalled the app and this issue continues. Help!
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3 years ago, Getonmylevels
Filters and search do not work
Terrible user ability. Filtering events by group does not work. Regardless of what combination of filters I select, the events that show are different and non correspond to the selected filtering criteria. The my groups and my events tab have similar issues. My groups should me ALL groups, not just groups I have signed up for and the my events tab shows ALL events, not just events I have signed up for. Terrible user ability.
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5 years ago, bell_nell05
Forever Long Loading Times
The one complaint I have about this app is that it take absolutely forever to load. I go in to check an event and it takes 5 days, go in to change the notification settings but I can’t because the page won’t load. Super annoying with pages taking so long.
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3 years ago, Cinderz95
The app crashes no matter what I do. Try to create a post, crash. Try to like a post, crash. Try to comment on a post, crash. Try to edit a post, crash. I had this issue while using ios14 and now still have it with iOS 15. It’s frustrating, I need to use the app to help with a journalism class by finding sources and I can’t. Do. Anything. In. It. Help please! (Have restarted phone, deleted/reinstalled app, cleared phone cache)
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3 years ago, Ian Knecht
Slow Loading Times and Breaks Often
This app is extremely slow to load. Like, it takes 20 seconds to load sometimes. Often it decides to break entirely too, so the app has to be restarted to see any events or groups at all. Extremely frustrating experience to try and see everything happening on campus. I wish my college would use a different app.
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4 years ago, The One with the Pen
Slow and Crashing
The app has always been slow to load (everything from loading notifications to loading the events page), now, whenever I try to go to the settings on the notifications page, the entire app crashes. Tried to use the help center to find out how to report the problem, but that was no “help” so I have to write a review instead.
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1 year ago, kaizersoze25
App crashing
App started crashing since last update 4 days ago. There is no clear ability to report the issue other than through leaving a review. I searched the help page for "app crash" and "not working" with no success, and the apply report and issue page says the developer doesn't allow reporting for this app.
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3 years ago, thisshtscks
This app is so hard to navigate it is not even funny. The only reason you don’t read more terrible reviews is bc the app is only used by college students who don’t care enough/ have the time to submit a real review. Please at least hold a focus group so one of you can see what its like for people who didn’t create the app to try to use it.
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4 years ago, jonathnnnnn
Not very compatible with iPad
Screen is stuck to an iPhone view port which makes it hard to use in iPad
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6 years ago, Justin 1993
This app keeps me in the loop if things and reminds me of what is coming up next. It also commissions awesome promotions, my favorite being $10 for a Cleveland Indians game!
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10 months ago, icyBulls
The worst functionality I’ve ever seen
This app sets a new low for functionality, it’s unusable. I’m scrolling down in the feed and it’s scrolling up, by itself. Everything about it is awful. This app is supposed to make it easier for campus communities to talk to each other but it’s so frustrating to use, that I’m sure it creates more divide.
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3 years ago, htarsia7
Buggy and so hard to use
I have tried to log onto this app so much and I have this little pop up that won’t let me click out of it but when I click on it, it takes me to a page that won’t load and I cant get out of it. Now I can’t access my orientation schedule and QR scanner and it’s making me really anxious.
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6 years ago, pendolino
Slow and buggy forever 😱
This app has been an absolute disaster from the first day I started using it! I really don’t know (as one other reviewer here has mentioned also) how it has so many five star ratings! I urge the App Store management to check and see if the developer is rigging the reviews because this certainly is not anywhere more than 2 stars!
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6 years ago, aidhakar
Slightly useful
Has all events but if u look at event and go back it goes all the way back to current date view rather than some future week you may have been looking at. Also the feature to add to iCal used to work. No longer adds to my calendar.
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3 years ago, Ansem717
Nothing loads
Orientation week at my college and there are a lot of events! But nothing is loading on the app. Even the text I'm typing right now isn't loading. Luckily my keyboard is showing me the last word I typed (autocorrect style). This is SO ANNOYING!
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3 years ago, Seraph Luffy
lack of orientaiton
My school issued the students iPads and keyboards, the app doesn’t change it’s orientation so currently I am literally typing this review horizontally while the app presents itself vertically. I am typing with 90 degree angle difference between what I see and what someone using their phone normally would see.
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5 years ago, thatpersonphil
A fine calendar tool, could be improved
Pros: - easy one stop shop to see events on campus - automatically adds events to outlook calendars Cons: - search function has no filters. will often show events that occurred in the past, or events you are not able to register for - app does not remember what day you were viewing once you click into a specific event. When you click back, it takes you to the current date.
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2 years ago, Mawalivo🇴🇲
Al Faisal
It's really a helpful and useful application, I really want to thank everyone who helped to came up with this nice App.
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6 years ago, Arpshriv
Keeps crashing
App keeps crashing on connecting with linkedin.
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3 years ago, Andres Murcia
It good but…
It takes a while to load anything. Also as I’m writing this review I can not see the text under the title.
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2 months ago, SUE_NGUYEN
A lot of lagging and buffering
Couldn’t see anything on the feed. The feed also doesn’t show up as the same on web browser version. Overall terrible. Laggy and buffering at 90% of the time
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10 months ago, Hoho0668899
App shut down
Quit every time when l try to use room reservation
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3 years ago, stupidboostsux
Very little functionality. Can’t filter members, can’t mark notifications read, can't change notifications, home screen is blank, etc. Essentially useless, deleted after a day.
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6 years ago, andrewosika
Profoundly bad app
Where are all the five stars coming from? Just an awful app that won’t stop crashing. When working, which is very rare, it has limited functionality compared with the also awful desktop version.
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2 years ago, JohnUF
App is very slow and borders on useless
It takes hours to get notifications from this app. When you get a notification, it takes hours to show what it was.
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3 years ago, we want old pinterest
App crashes
Though this app helps students view upcoming campus events and check in easily, it crashes constantly and d makes you sign in even when you are logged into the app defeating the purpose of efficiency especially during covid
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2 years ago, Kdktjskg
Crashes often
App crashes very often when trying to do basic things , please fix it!! Otherwise it’s a good app. :)
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3 months ago, Luke P. 1
Horrendously slow
It takes so long to load. There’s no loading indication that it’s actually loading either. It genuinely takes forever to get anything.
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3 months ago, Vartary
Every time I scroll to see events, at some point the feed just glitches up and down and I can’t move or see anything. Basically can’t use it.
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10 months ago, Megonz7
App is crashing
App is getting stuck on profile completion. My college is not listed and it won’t allow me to move forward and keeps freezing.
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6 years ago, Shfifndbduhxxhejsj
Nothing loads half the time.
I cannot access Chat, Schedule, Notifications, or any other tab reliably. I frequently have to restart the app.
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8 months ago, Ahags125
Broken app, can’t find school
University uses CampusGroups and it works alright on desktop; the app somehow can’t seem to find the same group that I log into regularly. Zero utility at this point.
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9 months ago, HBradoo
Repeated and redundant notifications for the same alert
I get the same push notification like 5 times. Every single time. Frustrating!
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11 months ago, Alexi_isa
I use this app frequently, but the latest update has left this app unusable. The screen remains gray no matter how often I delete, reset, and re-install the app. Ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Bob M00001
Annoying review pop up.
I would have rated this app higher but having the review pop up appear every single time I open the app eclipses any redeemable features.
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4 years ago, arcticsoccerfan
Absolutely Useless
Frustratingly uncooperative interface. Available calendar items will take forever to appear, or they simply won’t appear after minutes of buffering.
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4 years ago, MrGameBoy64
Well organize app, but very slow
I use the app to keep updated with clubs and events at my University, but the app runs very slow.
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3 months ago, aef129
Like many others, I find this app to be absolutely terrible…or at least I think I would if I could ever get it to load.
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3 years ago, Mech/Aero Engineer Jake
Hardly ever loads
Checking in and registering for events has never been harder using this application. I’d prefer a mobile browser to this.
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11 months ago, fucj using a nick name
Won’t load onboarding
Says I need to complete onboarding to use the app then won’t load anything for the onboarding making the app completely unusable
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3 years ago, DMatt12
Poor refresh
Events take forever to load over any connection- if they load at all.
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6 years ago, braden_live
Somehow have the iPhone version of the app on my iPad Pro??
I downloaded the app and it is an iphone screen, which would be fine except that the screen won’t even rotate to landscape. Unusable on an iPad.
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4 months ago, ShuffleZone
Pauses music when I open app
Every time I play music and then open this app, the music pauses. Why does this app need to pause music? So unnecessary and buggy.
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3 weeks ago, Lmg1797
Painfully slow
Yes that app does accomplish what it’s meant for but it is the slowest thing in the world. A baby could learn a new language before the app finally loads.
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5 years ago, iceal5854
No email confirmation
I resent the email confirmation MULTIPLE times (10+) over the course of days and never received access to my school. Very disappointing
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