Capella Mobile

2.9 (85)
46 MB
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Current version
Capella University
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Capella Mobile

2.88 out of 5
85 Ratings
5 years ago, justinopants
I don’t think the Capella app is intended to be a desktop replacement. It is useful for looking up quick information, and can even be used for discussion posts if you are desperate. My main complaint is the app isn’t updated for the iPhone X user interface so it only fills half of the screen. I think for an all online university, this is a little surprising. I have been impressed with recent updates, and I hope that Capella will update the user experience soon.
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5 years ago, Enigma30879
Much improved, could be great
Much improved over the past year. They’ve made a commitment to updating the app and it shows (initially left a 1 star rating). I like the blue dots that show discussion posts with unread replies-actually wish they had this feature from a desktop. Only issue is that the app crashes quite a bit. Will be in the middle of reading a post and it’ll crash. Wish you could see the text when you reply to posts rather than going into a new screen. Love being able to reply via phone and being able to see the text you’re replying to would be nice.
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5 years ago, CG guy
As Campus lite is great tool.
It has greatly enhanced the potential to maintain connectivity to the University. It is not an alternative to the full online classroom experience and should not be treated as such. It is campus “lite”. Check financial aide, check a grade, check campus email, check a discussion post maybe write a short discussion reply. Anything else best to utilize the main campus. The best way to provide feedback to the development team is through the discussion boards. The team desires feedback and the discussion board also has descriptions of workarounds and known issues.
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6 years ago, Adammoore2011
New User
I just started using this app and I avoid it at all cost. Everything I click on sends me to a browser...I may as well just use the browser, even email goes to a browser. The information doesn’t always match what the website says and I should be able to reorder the what information is important to me, or at least acknowledge notices on the main screen so i don’t keep seeing them. This app is not in any way a time saver for me. I just go to the browser. This is not my first time in school. I have used other blackboard apps that were great, all the info in one place, rarely sending me to the browser.
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6 years ago, Ssstuuuudenttttttt
Needs improvement!
Developers should focus on the user getting information with fewer clicks. Instead of having to click on each course to see notifications, this information should be listed right with the courses when you click in to “courses.” Or, even better, make the home page show the courses so that you don’t have to click the menu then “courses.” The app randomly crashes pretty often. It does not allow you to edit posts on the discussion board after creating them. When you have a notification about an unread reply to you on the discussion board, you should be able to click on that and have the app take you right to the discussion reply instead of having to scroll through and find the unread reply. Also, my grades on the app do not match what is listed on the website. Lastly, In the app, you cannot read comments left on graded assignments. This would be a great function to include.
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7 months ago, LadyYellowGoose
Great App
A lot of the poor reviews are from quite a few years ago. Allow me to say that I am a fan of the app and it seems to replace having to use your computer 24/7. I was able to access my financial aid, class lists, discussions boards, grades, and anything else I would normally get from using my computer. I am a fan of the app.
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2 years ago, TraeFittz
App is Limited but Useful
App is Limited but Useful. Only issue here it seems that ever since I downloaded this app, logging in from the website on my iPad does not work anymore.. This is Strange. I deleted the app preferring to login from safari as I’ve been doing but this no longer works.. so now I’m forced re-downloading this app.
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5 years ago, ndfmethehsttdyndynfb
Very grateful for the app!
Love the app and it has come a long way. I have been with Capella for going on 3 years and with the use of the app I can respond to discussion posts and replies when I am away from home! Keep up the good work! It does crash from time to time but overall it’s good app.
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8 months ago, WiccaJoe
Unable to Load, Please Try Again Later
Every time I receive a notification, I attempt to open it, but the error page I get says to try again later. 99% of the time I try to open any notification, it doesn’t/can’t load, defeating the purpose of the whole app since I can’t access my classes/assignments/discussions/etc. on my phone, I HAVE to get on a computer and it’s annoying because I don’t always have access to a computer.
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5 months ago, Emilieanagonz
Unable to login
I downloaded this app because supposedly I should be able to login and complete coursework on the go. I was super excited for this as my role requires me to be mobile pretty frequently due to travel. But I can’t log in. I attempted to set up my Capella mobile at the same time as my desktop account and the mobile app never even logs me in. After 3 attempts, you get locked out and that’s where my mobile account has stayed.
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5 years ago, JayHI05
Crazy Crashes
I love the access it gives to the university and courses. Since the last update, it keeps crashing. I cannot get it to load. If it does load, it crashes as soon as I tap anything. I hope it gets better.
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9 months ago, SaraN601
This app needs major updates, it notifies you days later of any activity or new posts that happened in your class. You are unable to access assignments details or grades, it does not properly show discussions, you can not access the library, or use any of the features it has listed for that matter as it shows a blank screen.
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1 month ago, MMA1970
In the four months that I’ve had this app, I’ve had to delete it and download it approximately 15 times. It works about 50% of the time and 50% of the time that it does work you still aren’t able to use certain functions it’s basically useless.
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2 years ago, taya517
Better Technology
The school website overall is confusing but the app doesn’t make it any better. When doing the daily extra credit it doesn’t allow you to submit it so I end up having to go on the web browser anyway
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6 months ago, A_wisch
Non functional
Neither iPhone or iPad version recognize or accept spaces in passwords, which is pretty common & simple. When pressing space, it does not register, when copy pasting it shows a space but still doesn’t recognize it. Worked in previous version so they must’ve broken it with an update in the last year.
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5 years ago, IAm4Rio
An Entire Online School But Not App Savvy 🙄
Seriously the worst experience! Only, and that’s barely, useful for checking grades cause it seems everything else is a redirect to the website. Even the redirects take you to the mobile-version. The App and mobile version are a complete waste of my time and energy! Let me know when you fix this garbage app and I’ll create a better review.
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4 years ago, Airro9
Does not support faceid. And whenever I click a link, I have to manually login again and am usually redirected to browser site. Very cumbersome and time consuming.
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5 years ago, Lilezkimo
Looking to do assignments?
If you’re a learner at Capella and looking to use this app to read your assignments or do homework, this is NOT the app for you. All of the links in my course give me an error message. I can’t even get redirected to the website so I can read articles. Don’t waste your time with this download.
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2 years ago, KrissyG2
Several days unable to load
Usually a very dependable app but this past week has not been good. It makes it difficult to manage academics on the move when this app doesn’t work!
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8 months ago, BethB21415
If you want to be able to do any course work on the go, this app will not be of much if any help. It is a shell designed to make it look like the school has a mobile app, but it has so few functions that it isn’t of any help to a learner, and just causes frustration.
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4 years ago, RedVictor61
When it’s working, it’s a perfect one stop shop. When it’s not working, none of you discussions will post and nothing will load. Needs some work.
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5 months ago, CoryJoe19
Needs a lot of work
This app is just absolutely horrendous. Half the time it doesn’t load. Try to access notifications and it tells me “Try Again”. It’s buggy, glitchy, and is impossible to accomplish anything in it as a learner.
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3 years ago, VirgoResse
What’s the point?
This is the most purposeless app I have. I can’t check anything in the app. If I have a message or a discussion it just sends me to the internet. This is very inconvenient and extremely outdated. I truly don’t like the format of any of this and it’s inconvenient because I mainly do my work on my phone.
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5 years ago, mikelaibe
Doesn’t scroll well
It doesn’t scroll well with my iPad. Most of the time, I can only view the screen I have in front of me in the discussion threads or the gradebook. It does not allow to scroll up and down or back and forth. If it does happen, its by accident.
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5 years ago, WolinskiBusDev
Using App
I primarily use the App to review the evaluations returned on my assessments. Much easier to quickly review the evaluation than getting to the full site. Have not used it for much else.
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11 years ago, 357diva
Could be soooo much more
1-3-13: I have to eat crow on this review. The app does all students to post/reply to discussions, submit assignments, etc. Once you open the app and if you click the tab called "view on the web", you will have the same functions as if you were on a desktop or laptop computer. However, the app still needs to be available for Nooks and Kindles. So I've changed from 2 stars to 3 stars. When the apps are available for nook and kindle readers then ill change my star rating to 5. 1st review back in Nov 2012: While I commend your efforts, this app does not assist the student on the go. Meaning if I'm out of tow but want to reply to a discussion, submit an assignment, etc - I CAN'T BECAUSE THE APP DOES NOT FUNCTION THIS WAY. I may not want to take a large bulky laptop with me on the go. This app really needs to be more functional for the student. This is just basic reading material that does not help one bit. So after upgrading, make the app available for tablets as well, ie Nooks, kindle fire's etc.
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2 months ago, kolakit2010
App performance is low.
The app does not open easily. It always kept rolling without opening to the page.
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2 years ago, Jags stun
App not loading
App has not been loading for over a month. Not sure what is wrong. Updated, deleted, and re-downloaded. Still not working.
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5 years ago, cbeaxh
Getting worse
Has not worked since most recent update.
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4 months ago, Tasia blu xx
App is glitching all the time
App still has bugs need some serious technical repairs
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5 years ago, RN1972
Blank screen now
All I get is a blank screen when I click on my course.
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7 months ago, Kelly K. Homebuyer
C’mon and Update this App Already!
I’m glad it exists so I can post my responses to daily activities, but this app is very minimal and outdated.
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13 years ago, boarsnest834
@ Another Confused Customer: can you tell us more about the problems you're having?
I'm on the development team for this application, and I'm also a Capella learner. I have not been able to recreate the problem you're describing for missing assignment due dates and posts at a glance. The current version v.1.2.3 correctly displays my assignments that are listed as due, submitted, graded or late. Would you be willing to contact Technical Support on iGuide to let us know more about your problem? We would love to hear more from you on the iGuide Community Mobile Forum, as well. We've also got another update to Capella Mobile coming up that will address some funky login issues, so keep your eyes open for another update to help address those problems very soon. If you haven't had a chance to update the app since v.1.2.1, you should give it another try. There are some good improvements since you last wrote your review.
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13 years ago, Chaseydog
Misses its potential
On first glance the app had some promise. But the fact that I'm in the 4th week of classes and the app is still not showing anything beyond the 1st weeks discussions sums up its overall usefulness. I was pretty excited by the potential of online education when I first started working on my degree but for the most part feel that the online schools I've attended, Capella and UoP, have yet to live up to the potential of interactivity that a web based education could offer. Where are the podcast based lectures, steaming audio or video. It's a bit disappointing that PDF's and PowerPoint presentations are considered state of the art. This app doesn't do much to sway me from that point of view.
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11 years ago, terpe111
Refresh button / function
The new version of the Capella App is huge step in the right direction compared to the older versions of the App. The new App allows you to view current courses, planned, and previous courses. The major flaw that I have found is that you have to close the App to update the data. If you leave the App open then it will only have the status of assignments when you originally launched the program. The App needs a refresh button instead of having to close the program completely.
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13 years ago, Capella Learner
This app seemed like a great idea but is a big disappointment. The app fails to show the announcements, and discussions that currently are visible in the courseroom through my desktop browser. Discussions are limited to most recent postings and the thread is not available. Only a few discussions are visible on the "courses" page. It does not show my degree plan or course history. In order to do any real interaction in the courseroom, I have to log in a second time. It is more productive to just go directly into Capella and iGuide through Safari (and skip this app). Nice idea and I wanted to like it. However, the app lacks the utility to accomplish real work and many "radio buttons" produce no results or error messages.
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7 years ago, Spartanlady32
I like the app because it's easy for me to log onto without having to always have a computer, but if it shuts down you have to literally remove it from your phone just to add it back on. I also don't like having to leave the app when I need to read the emails. I think the phone app should be set up just like using the computer. That would make things easier. Other than that it's been showing a notification since my last class and it won't go away. Overall no real complaints.
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12 years ago, Mom's Tinker Toy
It's okay
The app is ok. Yes you can view the discussions and posts, but you cannot reply or add any commentary. It would be awesome if you upgraded it where we can actually respond to posts or submit our assignments. Please catch up Capella and make this App beneficial to the students. I am typing on my iPad in the car traveling from one state to another and I would love to be able to post to the discussion area before I get home or submit my assignment. Can you please work on this. I know some other universities that have this capacity.
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13 years ago, Another confused customer
Changes took a step backwards....
This app needed improvement to begin with and the changes were nice, but I miss being able to see the due dates of assignments and posts at a glance and even see it say when I was late. I would rely on it as a calendar when I couldn't get to a computer. I also don't like how the app won't just put you in the course room without having to log on again. There is a lot of potential with this app, but we are not there yet. Come on guys...for an online university we are not cutting it here. Help us out. Thanks for being open to feedback. Hope you use it.
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11 years ago, Mayra Rodriguez
Not finding the use of this app
This app is good to read and look over stuff, but the main point of an app is to use it on the go and this is not one of those apps. You cant do nothing here. They should add an extra feature for students to able answer and post in the discussion board. I dont think it will work for writing assignments but at least we should be able to answer and post in the discussion board. It needs major improvement!!
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10 years ago, Robert H Patterson
Greatly Improved - Still need iPad version
The last upgrade added excellent functionality to the App to make it fully functional on the go. However, still need a dedicated version for iPad, as using the phone version on the iPad distorts to text. Also, still seeing text formatting issues that need to be addressed which make reading posts a bit frustrating. Overall, great app, but still a few minor issues to address.
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8 years ago, Gwynn77
It would be really convenient and time saving if there were alerts or indicators if discussion forums or threads contained new posts or responses. As it is right now, when I'm on the go, I have to read through every post (that I have already read) just to take a chance that there is one I haven't read making me give up and log into the regular site on my phone. So far, other than that, the app is nice and convenient.
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7 years ago, texasjrusa
Really good basic information at your fingertips!
This new app is much cleaner than before. Although it still only contains basic information, it is presented in a much more structured format. I like the fact that I can readily check the status of my assessments. When the app redirects me to the Capella website, it does so seamlessly. It obviously is not meant to replace the website, but provides enough basic functionality to be very helpful.
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7 years ago, FancyFaceinNY
Needs some fixes
when using the app on iPad it requires you to use it in portrait--landscape is not an option, yet most of our cases come standardized to set up in that mode. When reviewing and trying to respond to a discussion question one cannot b/c the save/submit bar is in the way and you cannot select REPLY TO POST. Otherwise, it's a good tool for on the go. Needs to be fixed though...these are standard expectations of a an app.
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10 years ago, Imakechaos
This app is so user friendly. Having the ability to do research in the library database is a great feature especially for us who are busy. Viewing our discussion questions and course material is a huge feature for me. I rather pull out my iPad than carry around a laptop. This app has helped me with time management as well, because my iPad is always with me.
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12 years ago, Mr. Useful
Waste of Time
The app doesn't let you do anything. I thought it would have the same capabilities as Blackboard - post discussions; view course content; send and receive emails - but in a different format. First off, the app has access to course discussions, but it only let's you view the posts for the current day. Also, you can't reply or post anything, so whats the point of having the app? Sounds like the school's funds are being put to good use. Good job Capella, the app creator robbed you or your technical director is an idiot. Good idea, horrible execution. Needs revision.
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7 years ago, marcout
Great Basic App
Great basic app for viewing. Needs more work with interacting with the app and less bugs. Perhaps a function to save discussion posts as you type so just in case the app does crash or closes, the work is saved on the app and via site. Other than that, good to view discussions and classwork.
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7 years ago, Ns2865
Much needed
Able to review my coursework, assignments due and class discussions. This is much better because it's mobile-friendly. I still use my laptop for research and submitting my assignments, but I no longer have to "zoom-in" to read my coursework when logged in from my mobile device.
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9 years ago, barnys
I wrote a long review but I don't see that it went through for some reason. Bottom line is that after years attending Capella and considering that all the school does is online learning, I cannot believe that we have a true and mature app that can allow us to do everything that we want. We are in 2014! the fact that there isn't even an iPad version is just an absolute disappointment. You are slowing down innovation Capella. You are constraining students by not having a much capable app. Get on with the times!
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7 years ago, ThatNige
Great app
It was already pretty great but they keep improving it. If you study with Capella it's a must have as it keeps you firmly and so easily connected with your courses, grades, everything on the move when you're not on or needing to be on the desktop site doing actual work. Great job!
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