Caribbean Cinemas

2 (93)
43.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cinemas Management of Puerto Rico, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Caribbean Cinemas

1.98 out of 5
93 Ratings
1 year ago, Ubaldo Rosario
Impossible to buy tickets
Observing showtimes is easy, but it’s impossible for checking rewards program and buying tickets. Whenever I want to do any of those things the app crashes. I’ve used it for many years hoping the bug is fixed, but I have never been able to buy anything from the app. I always do it through the browser.
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5 years ago, Ayala13x
Access to account.
The app needs to upgrade period. I type my email account and password and it says that the user is not found. Then, I try “forgot my password” button and enter my email account amd it says that it was a succes sending the settings to change password but when I enter to my email, there is nothing. Not one email from the app and i have try like, thousand times and nothing. The app it’s just hreat for checking when the movies are gonna come out, just for that.
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11 months ago, Preciosa81
Imposible to buy food. The system requests all the time the credit card. The cart with food items and the system does not let you pat because it does not recognize that you have items in the cart. Other time, selected items and paid for them and then half of the items are not included in your paid items receipt. Horrible experience with the app.
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11 months ago, Guilly Ortiz
Movie merchandise combos at the food section
Please add a feature on the food section (movie merchandise combos) that when there’s merchandise from a movie like cups, bucket’s, etc we can buy it trough the app.
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10 months ago, melikesminecraft
Annoyingly tricky and unreliable
I’ve been trying to buy tickets and processing my payment has been almost impossible. It freezes every time and you have to wait 20 minutes for the seats to become available again. At this point, I am still trying to purchase tickets.
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11 months ago, skull19
Problem buying tickets
The application constantly crashes and does not allow you to buy the tickets.
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3 days ago, Connery Bradford
Always a problem to buy
Is a useless app. 80% of the time doesn’t work. Now the new issue for me it doesn’t stay logged in. It ask for my credentials to sign in, I sign in and then when I pass to buy tickets it logs me out so it doesn’t let me buy tickets. You guys need a better IT Team.
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12 months ago, Anibital
The app looks good but don’t ever try to buy tickets because you are never going to do it. I put my credit card, not a PayPal account, and said that I hace to put my PayPal account location. I try doing it in other cell phone and nothing. Horrible experience.
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11 months ago, 259Bella730
Does not work
This app is not able to do the basic things it is made to do like display showtimes. It glitches to the extent that it is completely useless.
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1 year ago, Hhsbeindf
Trash electronic resources
I tried to buy two tickets for a movie and it charged me over $0.20 for just trying to reserve the seats and it didn’t even work
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1 year ago, Kofikatto
A mistake of an application.
I am here to submit this form of feedback, seeing as the app has thousands of issues and concerns regarding its users and the conformation of anything done on it.
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1 year ago, IbelithLP
Needs lots of work.
It keeps having trouble communicating. So because of that, I can’t basically do anything.
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9 months ago, UrCrazyPsyco
This app seems like it was a failed mech tech assignment…it simply does not work…0 stars if that was possible
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1 year ago, Laurivette
Simply does not work
Nothing works here, don’t know how it passed the apple quality check to be in the App Store
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1 year ago, sikypr
Can’t buy the tickets really?
Can’t buy the tickets need a BIG Update, put some pay pal too
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10 months ago, vivibusti
Worst App
Such poor navigation and development. Avoid at all cost just visit website
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1 year ago, Zazo_12
The app is to slow and don’t let me to pick a seat.
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1 year ago, Tommy boy 1980
Useless App
Can buy tickets,doesn’t work for food Waste of time
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1 year ago, mserrano.chiro
It just does not work.
I ain’t wasting time describing my experience… Nothing works…
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1 year ago, silvergunkill
NO e mail confirmation
It doesn’t sent the e mail confirmation . 👎🏻
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11 months ago, MxH1018
It does not work
It just does not work at all.
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8 years ago, Maüi
Needs a complete overhaul
It is not been updated almost two years. Considering the various updates Caribbean Cinemas is doing on their infrastructure (CXC, IMAX, and 4DX), this apps need serious updating: -A more cleaner and simpler website and app. I feel that the app is just a mirror of its website. It looks and feels the same. Which is it not a bad thing, but the app should have a complete different experience compared to its website. -Ability to view and pay directly on the app. Right now if a want to pay for a specific showtime; the app redirects me to another website. This should not be the case. Everything should be in-house; native. This includes to view the availability of seats as well. -Faster. Since it feels like a web-based app (I don't have much knowledge on app construction), the speed feels really slow. -Updated to latest iOS version. This includes resolution for new iPhone 6s/6s plus -A "Home" Tab would be great. This would includes all the latest news and updates happening in the world on cinema and Caribbean Cinemas (CC) The options are endless. I would include even more suggestion but these are the most important. If CC is serious with the inclusion of IMAX and 4DX; their app should be a top priority as well. The app would be great in 2014. Now on mid-2016; its user experience is not up to date. Feels wonky and shallow. Hopefully CC tackles these shortcomings soon.
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11 years ago, jballe
Works good, needs some tweaking
The app works nicely, except for 2 minor things: 1. When pressing the back button, one needs to scroll down again. It becomes cumbersome when one has to scroll down over and over again, specially if browsing a theater with multiple showings. 2. The intro... Ugh. Completely unnecessary. Looks outdated. Perhaps make it run just the first time the app is launched or put an option to skip it. If the movie needs to be an absolute requirement, make it more like the USPS app, runs super smooth and it takes less than a second to display. Less is more. Besides that, the app is pretty good. Good work.
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6 years ago, Gabriel0316
Nice Upgrade!! Why 4 stars?
After a long while the app is updated and i can say its way better now! I would choose a 3.5 stars instead of 4 stars but with the new update it doesn't deserve a 3 star either. although needs some touches like if you guys would let me choose my favorite theater that i like to go often, let app remember my user or stay logged in, let me see where are the best theater format (4dx, cxc, Imax, ect). After that i think is doing fine keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, nichole716
New update is PERFECT!
Definitely this new update fulfills all of the needs. It’s way easier to navigate, looks more professional and up to date. The fact that you can order your food ahead with your ticket and pay directly from the app is a game changer too It’s a very simple app and contains all the information that one may need. I give it a 20/10 🙌🏽
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5 years ago, xaviero25
Very well designed but very buggy
The app is often non-responsive and will leave you waiting for a theater or tickets page to load for a couple of minutes. The app crashes regularly which is a problem and the navigation, while easy on the eyes is very frustrating.
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6 years ago, NCCanonymous
THE NEW UPDATE LOOKS AMAZING! In love with how it looks and love the new buying features! Great upgrade! Definitely worth the download! Also it’s very easy to use and absolutely love how it showed theaters in my location! AMAZING JOB with movie graphics! A little slow but the final product itself is great!
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6 years ago, Redpatchers
Catered only Puerto Rico.
This update only shows Puerto Rico locations when you click on theaters. You should not have to type another location to find it. It should be added to the locations with Puerto Rico so you can just scroll and click on it. No one wants to type different locations to find a theatre. Before you had find theaters by locations or by island. This is more user friendly for Puerto Rico only.
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5 years ago, Mejicano22
Nightmare of an app
Nice to see the movie showing but when you try to buy is a pain and almost all the time you try to buy a ticket it tells you that is not seats available but on the app the rooms is almost empty and when you go to the actual theater is almost empty they need to fix these mess.
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5 years ago,
Almost useless
I went through all the steps to get the account created (had lots of problems to get my email verified), connecting the PayPal account (only payment method) for nothing. Is not possible to purchase tickets from the app which makes it almost useless, I can look at the schedules in the site without having to go through all this. Disappointing.
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1 year ago, Estebomb063
Fix the app plz
The app is really slow and someone times certain buttons won’t work when pressed and it’s really annoying because I love to watch and pay for movies and seats
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5 years ago, vwheicbccwh
App freezes on home screen
I just downloaded it and the app freezes on the home screen. The black screen with the logo comes up, but there are no buttons to push and nothing ever appears. I’ve restarted the phone, deleted and re-downloaded the app, nothing seems to work. As soon as this review posts I’m gonna delete it for good.
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3 years ago, JulioSAng
Bad user design functionality
The user id (email) does not stay between switches of the different sections of the app. There’s no error messages when you click buy, it just doesn’t let you perform the transaction. Incorrect prices for different showings. The VIP in Downtown Center are in the normal section. A big mess of an App.
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11 years ago, Iriaca
Liked it
The app is good, needs some perfectioning but works fine. It gives alerts when new movies are coming. Overall, liked it.
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4 years ago, FilmFun#1
Totally useless
I have tried multiple times to use it to buy tickets but it never works. Also, it does not give you visibility if there are seats available to at least go to the theater to buy them there. Unfortunately, a terrible execution of a fundamental tool for better customer service.
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2 years ago, Ianthedude2004
Not working!
New update has many bugs does not allow to complete purchase of tickets.
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5 years ago, No name manny
App not functioning
The new app was great but the past few days it has not been working. None of the movies load and I cannot see the showing time - Guaynabo area user.
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6 years ago, emoranleon
Getting better!
Love the new design. But still got somethings to improve like having the rating of a movie, R, PG13 , etc... Another thing would be fixing the bug that doesn’t aloud the trailers to play.
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4 years ago, Speee1dy
Love this
I love that I can check the movies playing and the movies soon to be showing.
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5 years ago, Ad0124
The App needs a BIG UPDATE!!
I logged in on my account and tried to purchase a ticket using my PayPal account and it gives an error message that I need to confirm my e-mail address... but then I go to my email settings and I can’t confirm my email since there are no options to do so!! Frustrating!!
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11 years ago, Aps22
Good app
This app is really useful. I just wish you could purchase your tickets with it too. This would help avoiding long lines.
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5 years ago, dfgctxtc
Laggy but ok
For my experience on the IPhone 8 Plus it tends to be kinda laggy and one time was stuck frozen and had to reopen the app but AoK quality
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2 years ago, Jorgemelendezmatos14
Doesn’t work properly
It is impossible to buy tickets trough the app. When you select the tickets and press “buy tickets” the app glitches and does nothing. You are better off using the webpage.
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11 years ago, dvwiz
Worst design ever
Does the job, but one of the terrible designs you can find on an app. Why crop so much space with such bad taste bitmaps on top and bottom? Why show a horribly bad and slow splash animation every time? Are you making any money with the ads... movie profit not enough?
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6 years ago, Skecks
Waste of time / Pérdida de tiempo
Thought with the upgrade today the bugs would have been sorted out but it appears nothing is fixed. Movie times for theaters outside of Puerto Rico are not listed. Touch ID does not work. There is an error when trying to set up PayPal. IN CASE YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE SAID I HAVE TRIED TO TRANSLATE MY COMMENTS INTO SPANISH FOR YOU. En caso de que no entienda lo que he dicho he tratado de traducir mis comentarios en español para usted. Pensé que con la actualización hoy los bichos habría sido solucionado pero parece que nada está arreglado. Los tiempos de películas para teatros fuera de Puerto Rico no están en la lista. El identificador de tocar no funciona. Hay un error al intentar configurar PayPal.
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9 years ago, nightmare128
Good (Bueno)
Yeah the user interface could use some work, but it's not that difficult to navigate and gives me the information that I'm looking for. Si la interfaz de usuario podría ser mejor, pero no es tan difícil de navegar y me da la información que estoy buscando.
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8 years ago, Motty086
Needs update
Like 10 years with the same app, time for an update don't you think?
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6 years ago, Nici678
The New Update is Great!
Easy to find movie times!
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5 years ago, RonnBrowne3
Needs a lot of work
It shows me the movies at my location and the trailer but no showtime which is one of the biggest reasons I downloaded the app. So it app looks nicer than before but gives less information
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2 years ago, Chocolate-Thunder
Great graphics and new UI.
It just looks great.
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