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User Reviews for Carowinds

2.46 out of 5
307 Ratings
2 years ago, Rihanna Loud
Needs a 2021 season update
This app needs to be updated to include easy to make reservations for season pass holders. If my season pass is loaded in the app, I shouldn’t have to re-enter all my information and “check out” just to reserve my date. There should just be a tab where I can pick my date and then asked which season pass holders will be going. It’s far too complicated and long winded for a family of 5 that want to plan their visits ahead of time. Please update or you’re going to lose a lot of money from people not wanting to do this long process each time.
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1 year ago, MaddoxBradley123
Immaculate wait times
First let me start out by saying that I love Carowinds! The park is awesome and the fury 325 is on another level but the app could definitely use some work. It actually looks great visually, it’s not dated or confusing, but there’s a couple problems that I think would be pretty easy to fix. First, the navigation is ok but not amazing. It doesn’t seem to know exactly where you are or which way you’re facing. I was facing camp snoopy and it said I was looking at the intimidator which are obviously in opposite directions, so if anything it just needs to load faster. However, the biggest problem for me is the wait times. They literally might as well not even be there. It seems like they didn’t even try to make them accurate. Afterburn said 5 minutes, it was 50 minutes. Fury said 5 minutes which I didn’t even stop to consider that being correct, and yep, it was 1 hr 30 mins. That seems like such a simple thing to fix. Have someone whose already working at the coaster just take a look at the line every 10 minutes or so and update the app. It doesn’t have to be down to the minute accurate. Nobody expects that. Just accurate enough so I can know what coasters to hit when. So yeah, fantastic park, descent navigation, absolutely terrible wait time estimates.
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2 years ago, Dub 2020
Awesome park, poor communication
First, let me begin by saying that my family really enjoys visiting Carowinds! However, I am reviewing the app (and not the theme park) which I believe fails to deliver on basic information that are essential while visiting a theme park during a global pandemic. We are at the park today and there is a sign at the entrance that reads “limited attractions available today”. Yet the app does not accurately display which rides and attractions are closed! This is our 5th trip this summer and each time, many of the attractions are closed without accurate communication to the guests as to which ones are closed and which ones are open. So basically this results in walking extra and then enjoying the disappointment on my kids faces when they discover that the ride is closed. You can sense my sarcasm, but seems like a simple communication fix between Carowinds and their guests that will allow guests to better enjoy and plan out their day at the park during a worker shortage and a global pandemic. Wait times on the app seem to be off as well and not in accurate live time. We will continue to support Carowinds and enjoy the awesome memories that it helps facilitate, however, I expect better communication.
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1 year ago, abbisonsav
A nice idea but needs work
The app is helpful for pulling up tickets and dining passes and seeing where rides are located. Trying to navigate using the map is tricky- it showed that I was walking through grass or the middle of a ride when I was walking down the sidewalk. But if I just kept walking, I could at least get an idea if I was heading in the right direction. Ride times were a little off but it wasn’t a busy day so that wasn’t much of a concern. It would be really nice if we could pay for things using the app instead of having to use a debit card or load cash on the little cards at the kiosks. The less things I have to keep up with or worry about losing in the park, the better. That would also allow me to look back at spending, which I would appreciate. A few tweaks would make this a really convenient app and make for an easier day at the park.
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1 year ago, QueenOfGrepolis
Nothing but greedy
These people couldn’t care less for their customers. When they decided to use the pandemic to close and keep everyone’s money and make empty promises. I’ve spent close to $500 on tickets just to go no where. We had unique circumstances and they decided they couldn’t work with anyone. So you kept my money and took back what you promised but you’ll never get another dime. I hope your removed from our great state! “We’re in this together” 🤣 some joke you played keeping everyone’s money with no return. Now we’re ok but we’ll never return. I was told more lies by this company and it’s employees than truths. We will be sticking with the park that did all they could for their customers instead of their selves. They have a family that will come every year devoted like we used to do for you. Thanks for your appreciation or lack of. At least you showed where you stand.
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2 years ago, Skai D.
Very disappointed
My friend and I were ecstatic to go to Carowinds today. I downloaded the app to be able to see wait times for lines so we could optimize our time at the park. Regrettably, the app was no help at all. It said that multiple rides were closed and that lines were longer or shorter than they actually were. For example, it stated that the afterburn and nighthawk were closed yet my friend and I were waiting in line when it said that. This caused issues for not just myself and friend but I imagine it could cause problems for other people who are unable to walk very far and cause even more inconveniences. I understand that it is a busy time of year and longer wait times may be expected, but it’s very disappointing that the app does not work. Why even have it if it gives you false information?
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4 months ago, horsegirl3012
Good but needs a few things fixed (please read)
I absolutely love Carowinds and I go there all the time! And I like this app a lot! But a few things need to be fixed in this app. For example when I was at Carowinds with my friend we looked at the wait time for Nighthawk and it said 5 minutes but we had to wait 30 minutes to ride. The wait times are always wrong. I would also love this app so much more if I could see the ride wait times from anywhere like my house. So I know if it’s really busy or not. I can only see the ride wait times when I’m at Carowinds and no further. Please fix this it would be very helpful!
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2 years ago, HAXD1
Hot Garbage…
The wait times are consistently and significantly inaccurate. Half the time rides said they were closed when they were actually open… Use of the app for navigation around the park was almost useless, and you can’t lock the orientation of the map to your phone. Directions from point A to B are almost useless, and unclear. I consider my self a power user, and it was very irritating. As a point of reference, I use the Cedar Point and Kings Island apps frequently, and they aren’t much better, but at least they keep the ride open/close status up to date. This was my first trip to Carowinds, and probably my last. It was also stupid that they kicked everyone out of the park for an two hours for no reason.
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12 months ago, Stepgen6781
Mostly great
The app is an enormous help. At least it was for us as we were new to the park. Everything we interacted with on the app was great with the exception of the paths or destination route it plots for you when you want to go somewhere. I think the map itself is a bit outdated and the accuracy of the path is only about 50/50. It might be more helpful for Carowinds than it was for Carowinds as certain areas were blocked off and this was NOT reflected on the map or in the routes it plotted for you. Great concept. Could use some improvements.
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2 months ago, he fghgggddfhh
Borderline useless
The app needs several basic improvements. The app is the only way to have a map of the park and navigate around, and it is borderline useless for that function. The map is difficult to read as everything is various shades of blue and attractions are hard to find as they are all represented with just a dot. You have to click through the dots to find out what they are but that is not helpful when your not familiar with the attraction names. It was frustrating and insulting that this was the only way to navigate the park as no paper maps were available (so they can save a few bucks on printing cost). This genuinely ruined my enjoyment of the entire day.
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5 years ago, Robin the Rich
Needs work...
Somehow after buying passes my entire account was deleted? Having had an account for several months and previously ordering passes just fine as well as logging in via my laptop with that account I’m not sure what happened here... Made it impossible to retrieve my etickets from the app. Thankfully I got the invoice email and had screenshoted the qr codes for the tickets during the session I purchase them. Also the event and the park map features aren’t connecting well and some locations remain unclear, it’s a pain point and a detriment to the overall experience to be wondering around trying to navigate to something like the dinosaur experience which wasn’t labeled whatsoever on the app map for example.
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2 years ago, Bass__clarinet__
Needs lots of improvements
We enjoyed our trip to Carowinds but every time we tried to use the app it was wrong. The wait times were completely off. It told us that some rides were closed when they were clearly up and running. When trying to use the navigation feature it would tell us to go in really long and odd paths. It also wouldn’t update enough to know if you were continuing in the right direction. It would often tell us we were going to right way then suddenly tell us it was wrong and change path. It was much easier to just look at the maps and signs along the park to find our way around.
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2 years ago, RossClan79
Useful as a map, but not much else
My family loves going to Carowinds. But the app experience is terrible. Wait times are completely unreliable. Some attractions are listed as closed that are actually open, and vice versa. The map itself is helpful for using gps to locate yourself within the park. But there’s no display option that actually labels all the features in the park, so sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what building you’re next to. Carowinds is great, but the app needs major improvements.
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1 year ago, J-incredible
App isn’t accurate
There is no point of having “ride wait times” if they aren’t accurate. It says some rides are open and when we walk over, the sign says they are closed for the day. Others say 20 minute wait and there’s no wait at all. And then there’s some that say 20 minute wait and it takes an hour. It would be better not to even have the feature. As for the park, half of the rides are closed. This would have been nice to know before purchasing tickets online. We wouldn’t have come today and our the price for admission if we knew everything was going to be closed.
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5 years ago, CharleenH
No event & activity
They did an update last year 2017. Now in 2018 the activity and event tab doesn’t actually show dates and times for events! This pisses me off! I should be able to see events dates and times at all times so I can plan for what day I want to come and what I want to do. There special events like the characters breakfast that they don’t post in the app. You only find info and registration on there web site! The direction part in the map needs to be updated big time. It is very confusing and hard to fallow.
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2 years ago, Amarie926
Keep the Information Updated!
Our family enjoys our trips to Carowinds, but the app is essentially useless as anything other than a map! So many other theme parks are able to keep their wait times accurate! Twice we’ve gotten in lines that the app said were “10 mins,” and proceeded to wait 30-45 minutes. We could tell from looking at the line that it would be longer waits than stated, but it would be nice to have accurate information. So many people have commented on this. Please fix! And make our trip even more enjoyable!
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2 years ago, kassiespalr
Terrible app
Like others have said, it is completely inaccurate. Says rides are closed when they are not. Unsure how accurate wait times are and on most you can’t even see the wait times because it says closed. Doesn’t say if a restaurant is closed AND isn’t accurate about what is even in the restaurants. For example. We walked to burrito place… closed. Walked to Harmony Hall for quesadilla listed on the app… no more south of the border area or quesadillas. Also terrible gps, no reference points. I would rather use a paper map. Come on… do better please!
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1 year ago, 8matthew6
Great idea, but horrible execution.
The app has great features and could be a great tool and make the Carowinds Experience better and seamless. But the execution is horrible. The PayPal Payment integration doesn’t work. The checkout function resets you back at the MyCart page. The MyCart function duplicates your order. You can’t view your cart without “signing and consenting” which means through all of these resets, you sign and consent about 12 times just not come out with buying anything.
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4 years ago, drummer1$2
Map is good, but wait times are inaccurate
This app works with some restrictions. It is great to get specific directions to rides, and works to locate bathrooms. But the wait times are majorly off. For example, it said the Intimidator would be a 5 minute wait, but ended up being about 45 minutes. Overall the app is good in some ways but the wait times really needs to be monitored more to create a more accurate picture for people with limited time in the park.
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4 years ago, Samfano1976
Be forewarned
If you download this app expecting to see the wait times for rides — which would be an incredibly helpful service to customers — first you will have to sign up for an account, and then the wait times it provides are drastically incorrect. For example, it will show a ride as a 10-minute wait but the reality is a 2-hour wait. That literally affects the enjoyment of your day. If you’re going to offer this as a feature in the app, get it right. Otherwise remove it altogether so it doesn’t detract from the experience of your park visitors.
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2 years ago, arpierson
Ride info fully and completely UNRELIABLE
The rude wait times and open/closed status are so wholly inaccurate and unreliable that the only explanation is that they’re just generated by a computer script that just inserts random values. Was in line for the Copperhead coaster yesterday with five full rows of people in line behind the sign saying it was a 1-hour wait from that spot. I looked at the wait time on the app. It said a 15-minute wait. Why even try if that’s the best you can do? Just don’t offer wait times in the app.
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4 years ago, fire1113
Good start but lacking
The park map is good and having tickets and passes stored in the app is convenient. However the ride wait times are nowhere close to reality. Most say just a few minutes wait time when in reality waits can be over an hour. With some updates and accurate wait times this would be a great app.
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4 years ago, Nadams76
Mostly useless
We went for Winterfest and tried to use the app on a busy day to gauge which rides to go to. The ride wait times were almost always way off. One ride said a 15 minute wait time but when we walked all the way across the park to get to it, the wait was 90 minutes. Other rides would say wait times of nearly an hour that really had very short lines. This app was supposed to help make our experience better but actually caused us to waste a lot of time. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, about to move on
Party location?
Would be great if my party of 6 could see each other’s location n the park map. Carowinds experience in my opinion is best when partnered in twos. This gives more opportunities for all party members to ride their choice rides. By splitting it would be great to look and see who is where. Thanks!
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11 months ago, TLWhiskers24
Used it for Scarrowinds. The wait times didn’t change for any ride the whole time we were there. So completely inaccurate. Went to a ride because it said 15min. Got there and it was closed. App said 15 min whole tome. Copperhead said 45 the whole night. Took 1 hr 45min. The GPS is awful and laggy. When in map view, everything should be labeled so you can actually follow and tell where you are instead of just looking at shapes with no labels.
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5 years ago, Celestiela
I do use the app but it could use some work
While it was useful in telling us what rides were open, the ride times were highly inaccurate. Also, if you don’t turn on location services when you download the app, you can’t turn it on, instead you have to uninstall the app and then reinstall it.
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5 years ago, My-thoughts-as-stars
Requires all kinds of info for wait times only to not give them!
The app will demand Constant location services, creating an account and use of park WiFi to see wait times. After waiting in a line or two you’ll realise you went through all the hassle for nothing because the wait times aren’t even close to accurate and some rides are even listed as closed when you know they’re open. Overall- useless.
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2 years ago, DaveMac01
Good for directions - not so much for wait times
Used this app today for the first time. Good for orienting to the park, finding bathrooms, and checking out food options but wait times for rollercoasters were way off. Would say 40 min on app but wait was actually more like 2 hours.
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5 years ago, Scarfog H.
Not updated
Just installed the app end it shows e.g. 10 minutes wait time for the intimidator when it was actually 40 minutes It shows the Fury325 is closed when it is running What is the app then good for if you can't trust the information. Should not be so complicated to update open and close status in a timely fashion. Wait times might be a little bit more tricky to be accurate but by a factor of 400% is unacceptable.
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5 years ago, zig1022
Ok but needs a fix or two
Basic features (map, ride info, food, etc) work fine. I wish the ride wait time feature actually worked. Both times at Park this year wait times were always 0 min in the app. Unfortunately that was not accurate.
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4 years ago, bonjubuemos
Wait times
App said the wait time for Copperhead Strike was 10 mins. It took 1 hour for me to get to ride it. I checked the app midway through the line to see if there was just a sudden amount of people who got in line and the app didn’t update times in time. But, alas the line was even longer than when I got on it and the app said the wait time was 5 mins. This app is bs. Don’t download an app from this corrupt company.
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2 years ago, LKMEADO
This app is absolutely useless. An entire day in Carowinds and it was NEVER correct about which rides were open/closed/down or the supposed wait times. The map is frustrating to use and so slow to update your position that it was pointless as a navigation tool. I just want a paper map, even if i have to download it at home.
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2 years ago, Gman10101001110
What’s the point of this app?
The interactive map was awful. None of the information about the rides were correct. It claimed a ride was closed but it wasn’t. It claimed a 15 minute wait time when it was 1 hour or more. What’s the purpose of this app? It didn’t inform as it was supposed to! It was a place to access your tickets. And to see your funpix…. That’s it.
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2 months ago, Rtxdrex
Funny story
When i was with my cousin at the pool area on Saturday july22nd 2023 we went to get shaved ice but his card declined and we got them for free nice people wouldn’t see six flags doing that
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11 months ago, reinmayker
Ok but lots of room to improve
Pros: Map & navigation is decent as is park category layout. Cons: OMG! Wait times are pathetic!! App said no wait time for Nighthawk. Nope!! Actual 45 minutes! 😭Improve this one thing, which is most critical piece of all and app can be golden. Also, could be helpful to add detailed menus for all major food places in park.
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4 years ago, mike9429
Wait times are a joke
With so many bad reviews about the wait times, it’s clear the developers aren’t even bothering to consider feedback. Absolutely useless...rides showing a 5 minute wait are over an hour. Why not remove this feature until you can get it even somewhat accurate?
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1 year ago, Aug'22 Visitor
Ok for basics. Ride times are a joke.
Worked fine for holding tickets and such. Map was ok but not fantastic. The live wait time estimates are a joke. Waits were often double or triple the listed time. We waited 70 mins for something listed at 20. Several other examples. Info about ride closures was also quite stale.
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5 years ago, Kornchild82
Really need to fix this!!
I download this app every time me come and 90% of the time the wait times say 0 then you get there and boom hour and a half lines. I visit lots of parks and most have a decent app but this app is only good if you are trying to locate a ride. We have season passes so we are here every weekend it would be nice to be able to actually see how long ride times are!
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2 years ago, Ajm5072
Wait time is not even close
They should just removed the wait time feature from the app if they’re not going to make it accurate. The app does have some usefulness (such as park map which i use to find rides)
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1 year ago, HappyKidHideOut
Needs Improvements / Apple wallet transfer
I wish the app had a button for if you want to transfer your ticket/ season pass to your Apple wallet.
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5 years ago, ❤️⚾️SOFTBALLFOREVER⚾️❤️
Great app
I have season passes so I don't need to buy tix. I defs. prefer their map over the paper one (saves trees). It shows the their shows so I know when I need to get there (I loved Cirque Imagine, btw). And I love Carowinds!
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4 years ago, LindZ03
Park hours view 👎
Overall app is bad. It’s hard to find information. Park hours tab is terrible. What was wrong with the old color-coded view? At least give me the option to view the entire month and not by the day.
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5 years ago, Mark Off
Mark off where we have all already been
I wish that we could mark off where we have already been, but it is a great app to use when you are at Carowinds
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6 days ago, Remove the Ad!
Daily Schedule
Need to add a feature where we can add rides and stuff to a daily list schedule. Would like to be able to see all the rides I want to do in a day instead of having to scroll through everything. And be able to mark them off after riding.
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5 years ago, Only Honest_NC
Awful for wait times
It does a good job of getting you from point a to b. It is absolutely horrendous when it comes to wait times. Those are completely misleading; don’t believe them. To the developers: remove the wait times and I bet your ratings will improve.
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5 years ago, Callmefamos
Wait Times as Accurate as the ER
The wait times in this app are wildly inaccurate. We went to Afterburner with the app saying it was a twenty minute wait time, didn’t have any line at all. Later in the day, we waited an hour for Fury when the app said wait time was 35 minutes. Idk how you update the wait times, but I’d recommend updating or retooling that process.
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1 year ago, R ommie
Not accurate
Don’t trust the ride times because it’s not updated… Also the many of the rides were closed and the APP does not tell you! Bad if you have a young child that can only ride certain ones too.
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5 years ago, carriehilllock
I haven’t explored completely but the map could be way better. You can’t zoom in very far and the kid’s area isn’t even correct. Any plans to update the app per the changes they made to that section of the park?
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4 years ago, Commercial school bus driver
How Bad Can It Be?
I downloaded the app for the 2019 season. So far it’s only good for filtered maps and performance schedules. Ride times are very wrong—two rides it showed at a 20-30 minute wait that was actually 2-3 times that. Responsiveness is very slow. Much improvement needed as I ended up just taking a paper map instead of using this.
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5 years ago, Jessica363
Wait times doesn't work
I got this app to see the wait times, which works for exactly zero of the rides. Not only that but you have to be connected to the parks wifi, which asks for you first and last name, email and phone number. Why does it need all that info.? Also very laggy. Waste of phone space.
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