Cartoon Network App

3.9 (20.9K)
110 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cartoon Network
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cartoon Network App

3.87 out of 5
20.9K Ratings
4 years ago, king redpanda
Please keep in touch with episodes
I lately have been googling new episodes from my favorite show, Unikitty, it said there was over 80 episodes. But from what I have seen, your app only includes: 5 episodes in season three, 6 episodes in season two, and 5 episodes in season one. I’m wondering where the episodes went... I truly miss some classics such as amazing raft adventure, or spoooooky game. I also beg you to save Unikitty, it’s a great show, pawsome characters, and you got yourself some amazing voice actors too.. so, why quit the show when you already spent so much time on it? I would love if you would bring back the missing episodes, and create new adventures for my cartoon crush, Hawkodile? Although, you got a decent app, I am more concerned with why you quit Unikitty. And also when I looked at my tv, 90% of the episodes where translated to Portuguese. I also have a request, could you make a episode where Hawkodile gets, well, a little overweight? Or add one with a vampire one? I’m curious to see what they looks like. I appreciate the app, it’s good, mainly no glitches, and news of what’s new on the app. I hope you understand that I miss the show, as I been watching it for about two years. I even ordered a custom plush of hawkodile, in fact two of them. They are Butterscotch and Scruffy. They must have the lost souls of the characters from the show because they constantly keep moving around my house!
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4 years ago, beatrixf.
(Chants)No more stupid subscription!
I mostly like This app. I use it on the TV and on my phone! There’s only one difference between the on my TV and on this phone! There’s no subscription on TV! Buuuuuuuut...there is a subscription on my phone! So I think you should either put a subscription on both or a subscription on neither... but not a subscription on One and not a subscription on the other. And I love Cartoon Network.(just saying) I love it so much! So I got this app on my phone because I thought I wanted it on my phone because I got another TV and I really like Cartoon Network soooo... guess what? IIIIII got it on my phone!yeah! Duh duh Duh duh Duh duh duh! Everybody dance now! Sorry it’s just really good that I got it on my phone. But then.. I was watching the new show thunderCats roar and then I already watch some of it on the TV and then the episode I was watching on the TV I needed to watch the rest of The episode I was on but then it’s like oh you need a stupid subscription so I think you should get rid of the subscription! So that’s my review and please respond to it! It would be Awesome if you did!
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1 month ago, Fandom Max
Almost got scammed out of my AT&T Account Because Of This App
When I downloaded the app, The first thing I did was try watch some episodes but after realizing most of the episodes would stay locked unless I logged in, I decided to click Log In and I chose on my TV provider. However, I forgot my password for the AT&T account and clicked on « Forgot ID | Forgot Password » and got sent to a website that vaguely resembles an AT&T website except a bit more old school and retro looking. I naively tried changing my password there and would constantly get errors, prompting me to look up the AT&T website so I could Try again, Which caused me yo find the ACTUAL website and also causing me to find out that the website the CN app brought me to was a scam website. I highly recommend that you do NOT click on the « Forgot ID | Forgot Password » button because you may very well be lead to scam website and possibly lose your account. Overall, The Security And Customer Safety Of This App Is Clearly Nonexistent As Shown By The Clear Lack Of Research Done On The Actual Official Websites And The Fact That They Put A Scam Site As The Account Password / ID Reset For DirectTV and AT&T Users. Please, If you download the app and try to log in but end up forgetting the ID/Password, Try to find out if the website the app sent you to is the OFFICIAL website so that you don’t end up getting scammed again out of your account like I almost did.
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5 years ago, Englishbean
Some glitches that need to be fixed in the app
Hello Cartoon Network I’m a kid that really loves the app and watches it all the time. I love to watch Steven universe. I heard they made a movie so I watched it and I was confused so I started from season 1 to season 5. I realized I had almost finished a episode that I didn’t remember so I tried to watch it. I went through a 3 minute ad and it started playing it from the end . I couldn’t rewind it so I watched the end. Then, it played the next episode and it then just froze and the screen turned black; and then the app crashed. I tried to turn off the app and go back on but what I did never worked. I tried it several times and it just kept on crashing and freezing. I then realized it was a glitch so I went to tell you this so you can try to fix it. Also, something about the adds, I started a episode, the add was 30 seconds long, and then it turned to 3 minutes long. I think the ads are too long and it makes everyone’s experience boring because they are waiting too long. I think the app should only be 30 seconds or 1 minute long. And, there is a glitch when I heard two ads playing at the same time and made me confused what the advertising was saying. Those are all the glitches that need to be fixed that I could find. I hope you can fix them.
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2 years ago, Maroon things
So unfair.
This “app” is unfair to its users. Unlike most other apps, where it’s free to watch episodes, the episodes are in ORDER. As in lets you watch free episodes every week- from start to finish. Most anyway. What I just experienced, was watching a few episodes of season two, but instead of watching the final batch of episodes the next week, NO, it restarts to season 1. I have been waiting for WEEKS. For the finale to air free on this app. And the finale had aired about a MONTH ago. I was so happy to watch it that week, but when I came for the new episodes, it was just SEASON ONE ALL OVER AGAIN. And I have a feeling that it’s just been doing that over over. As many reviews have mentioned, the episodes are outdated, and it doesn’t keep in touch with other episodes. It’s sad. I can’t watch many episodes of this series anywhere else, without a paid subscription. And I just DONT have the money to spend on this stuff every month. I expected better. I really did. But once again, I’m just going to ditch this app. Your just not doing it right. And when I do have the money one day, I’ll make sure the unique shows you have on that app, like We Bare Bears…(but that’s not the show Ik having trouble on) that im just going to watch that content somewhere else. Im sorry Cartoon Network- you really were my childhood. But you are falling apart.
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5 years ago, KollierWallace
Out of touch with today.
Let me start off by saying this isn’t an app made for adults (big shocker, huh). I, however, am a fan of several of the shows that are air on the network. The issue with the app, to me at least, boils down to episodes hidden behind what I’ll refer to as “The Cable Wall”. Basically, in order to access EVERYTHING, one has to already have some kind of Cable or Satellite TV provider. This is fine... except for the fact that people like myself don’t really use it have subscriptions to TV anymore: it’s just becoming obsolete compared to online platforms. This is an issue across MANY of these networks, not just this app. I’d be perfectly fine paying $9.99 a month like Netflix to watch whatever shows I wanted whenever and wherever I wanted, but because I don’t have cable the only method I have of watching my favorite shows is by going to creepy foreign websites where my adblocker stops 400+ ads. Of course that’s an exaggeration but you get the idea. I think I speak for a lot of people, both individuals and families. TVs are becoming a thing of the past, everybody’s got phones now: why not turn this into a Netflix ordeal and allow people access to ALL of their shows instead of punishing people who aren’t pumping huge amounts of money into the soon-to-be technology of yesterday?
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5 years ago, derri qween
Certain Episodes and Login
This app is fine, you get to watch all your favorite shows on your phone, and the app is laid out nicely. But a huge problem I have, is how you can only watch certain episodes, and sometimes there’s only one episode of a certain season. If you are looking for a certain episode, it may not be there. I had started watching an episode of Steven Universe and didn’t get to finish it, so when I went back to finish it, it was no longer there. I don’t want to watch it illegally, and a lot of the times your favorite shows aren’t even playing and it’s just TTG. I want to watch my favorite shows, my favorite episodes, without having to wait a few days just for that episode to be back. Another problem I have is the login feature. If you don’t log in, you can’t watch some episodes, and they especially do this with the important episodes. Although, I don’t see the reason to do this, as there is nothing you can buy using this login, it’s an utterly useless feature, unless there is a reason but it just seems pointless in my opinion. The login feature doesn’t have to go, but I certainly think that the ‘certain episode’ feature is a big problem.
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2 years ago, opiniononapps
My opinion only :)
Honestly… I can’t judge because I’ve only had this app for 20 mins but from what I have seen, I think I’ve had enough. I do t like this app for sorts of reasons 1- adds The adds are a loop(in my view) they keep going on forever. It says that the video will play after 50 seconds and it counts down. But when it gets to 30 seconds it goes back to 50. It does not end. 2- episodes are locked Most of the episodes are locked. I was trying to watch unikitty but only a sort amount of episodes were available. It’s says this app is free and I think you have to unlock the others with money or a subscription. 3- shows There are more shows in cartoon network on the tv. This app only provides 10 or 12 but not more than that. I was upset since one of my favorite shows was not In there. As I’ve said, please do not mark my words because I may be wrong. This is just my opinion. You can try it out but I personally don’t like it and it’s a waste of time trying to watch the shows( because of the adds). I do t even know why I rated it 1 star when it should be 0. I will try to discover more things on this app because I have high hopes. Maybe this is because I am screen mirroring:( idk. But please give this a try you never know, this might work for you.
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5 years ago, BindiPig
Good shows but terrible app
Cartoon Network has good shows like Gumball and Adventure Time at your fingertips, but the application itself is terrible. It automatically starts playing a show every time you login, most of the time something you don’t want to watch. Then you have to go find the series you want to watch, each time it opens up the latest episode to air. So then after closing yet another episode you want to watch you have to scroll to the episode in the list you do want to watch, this often times crashes the app or freezes it up. Not to mention the obnoxious ads. Every time you open an episode it plays two ads 30 seconds each. This isn’t too bad, except they play each time you start a new episode. So to get to the episode you want to watch you have to close those ads each time. Then after you finish an episode it plays 3 more minutes of ads. This is dumb on their part because the only part after this ad is the credits. So to recap, to watch one episode of a 10 minute show, I have to skip two separate ads, scroll through several screens, and withstand the terrible layout and crashes of the app. Cartoon Network is already killing itself with the new terrible shows they producing, they don’t need any help with a completely useless app.
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5 years ago, squashinater
Amazing! but one thing..
This app is amazing and I love how I can finally watch all my favorite shows like we bare bears and amazing of gumball and adventure time on the go but personally I love this app and I would recommend it to any one but the only thing is that one day when I was on direct tv and I was searching up Naruto shows I found 2 Naruto shows and Both of them were on Cartoon Network and one of them were Naruto shipdun and Naruto and the 6 ninjas or something like that but anyway my point is to add those 2 Naruto shows to the app and if you do that I well give this app a 5 star review make another review saying how great this is and recommend this app to my friends especially 3 of my friends named Eli, Jacob and Kelly because they love Naruto shows! So please add those 2 shows to the app and please respond to this message about this thing but anyway amazing app thanks for it, keep up the good work and add those 2 Naruto shows! THANKS FOR THE AMAZING APP!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, hdkshebcksj
I have a couple problems
I love using this app to watch my favorite shows, but I have two problems. One: The ads. The ads are so long! And even after I sit through nearly three minutes of ads, and the app shows that the ads are over, whenever I go to the next episode, it shows me 30 seconds more of ads! I’m not sure if this is a glitch or if it’s intentional, but either way it should really be fixed. And my second problem: The episodes. I’m trying to catch up on my favorite show, and the app says I’ve watched all videos available, but even after almost a week, it still hasn’t given me any new episodes. And the show were talking about is Steven Universe, so the app should have more episodes available. The only other show I have on the app is Steven Universe Future, and I’ve already watched the available episodes of that as well. I’m still waiting to get more episodes to watch. Every day I check the app to see if I FINALLY get more episodes, but… nope. Please also fix this problem, I need the other episodes!!!
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4 years ago, 💚❤️💜😭👍😍💙🧡☺️😁😡🤕😱🥰
The app is good but...
Hi people who made the app this app is amazing because now I don’t have to wait until 7:00 on the weekends but when I logged in today both on my phone and on the tv I did it on my phone just to see if it worked and it did but when I finished about 5-7 episodes it had a internet connection problems or had just had some problems with something so I tried it with my phone and it and it had the same problem as well and it wasn’t connected so I tried logging out and logging in because I think they had the same problem but when I tried it again it still had the same problem I try restarting the app on the tv and my phone and I even going to try deleting it and re downloading it when I’m done with this but I doubt it and the only thing that works was the first not episode (which that didn’t work either) so can you fix it soon I’m going to rush you either so yea
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5 years ago, Elly1741
The shows are wonderful but the app is AWFUL
We have the app on our iPads and tv, they crash CONSTANTLY. Sometimes the loading screen isn’t even over before it crashes. It’s also absolutely terrible to navigate, it plays a show while you navigate through to find what you want, but more often than not, it figures you didn’t click something so you must want to watch the current show...before other show options have loaded. Using the app to find a show is incredibly obnoxious and it will constantly time you out of your selection, AND you cannot pick a new show during commercials so if you pick up an episode that has maybe 2 seconds left to it, it does not restart and it will play those two seconds as you frantically try to change the episode or rewind it, before the app assumes you must want to watch 2 minutes of commercials for 2 seconds of video time. THEN, they will kindly play the credits for you before ANOTHER two minutes of commercials. I don’t know who thought it was good, but it’s probably the worst designed app I’ve ever used. Honestly, it’s not worth the frustration. Stream on any other app if you can.
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6 years ago, S_5092
I have a concern....
Hi Cartoon Network, I love your shows like Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, We Bare Bears, The Powerpuff Girls, and especially Steven universe. I got this app because it said full episodes and I thought that was guaranteed to be great. And it is, but i am having some concerns. I started watching Steven Universe, season one, and it’s amazing. I’ve finished it, and I want to move on to season two, and three, and four and all of them. So i thought I could find what I was looking for on this app. I went to the Steven Universe show, but I found that it does not provide all the episodes to season two, three, four, or five. I was disappointed because I really like this show, and I wanted to start at season two, episode one. Not episode seventeen.... so was I doing something wrong, or did i press something I wasn’t supposed to, because I was really hoping to get all the episodes to watch. Just wanted to confirm that this app is helpful but doesn’t give you all the episodes you can watch. Could you maybe provide all the episodes? Thanks, and have a good day.
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7 years ago, Justin.Reid
Good Content, Scummy Business Practices Don't Let Kids Use This App
The app works fine and does provide access to shows that aren't airing on the network. However this review has less to do with the app quality, but instead how ads are handled on this app. Now since I don't have cable I expect commercials, but when I was viewing them the ads literally include links to third party sites when ads play in between programs. One time the UI had a bug where when I tapped the screen while a commercial was playing it just shot me to a third party website. Now I would have normally just deleted this thing and wrote it off as just bad adware, but realize that this is specifically designed to be used by *children*. It even says "go grab an adult" when you plug in a cable subscription. CN this is absolutely disgusting and there's *no way* I would allow children to use this app, and be turned into your cash cow. Honestly these marketing practices should be illegal. Shame on you for soliciting kids in this way and to creators like Rebecca Sugar and Ian-Jones Quartey I would seriously question being associated with a company that does things like this.
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4 years ago, Xate1031
Too many bugs and UI problems
This app does seem pretty good upon first downloading it but it has some big issues. The UI of the app is a train wreck. Everything is in landscape mode and when you open the app it doesn’t let you choose what you want to watch it just starts playing a random episode of a show. That doesn’t seem like a problem except sometimes it plays an ad before that episode, when you see an ad on this app you’re completely helpless. You can’t choose what you want to watch next and then watch the ad on episode you actually want to watch or anything similar. With longer series, you have to scroll for so long to find the episode you’re looking for, this could be solved with a search function. The biggest issue is that the app constantly crashes for no reason and that needs to be fixed. While those are big problems, it is a good app in the sense that it lets you watch any episode of pretty much any show you want. If the UI and bugs are fixed, this would genuinely be a great app.
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6 years ago, ~<3~x
Good App, Functionality and Content
I’m really rather pleased with this app. Being away from home makes it hard for me to watch and catch up on episodes, so having an app like this is really useful. For one thing, the commercial time is less than that of a regular broadcast which is definitely a bonus. The shows, once you get past the first “playlist” generated for you, are easy to access and view. Not to mention that everything is really well designed and easy to manage. A few of the settings like the feedback portion of the app are like wonky, but I don’t think they really inhibit anything. I think the biggest drawback would be the fact the somethings are excluded. Shorts like Villainous aren’t on the app and a large sum of episodes for some cartoons are missing. I’m not really sure if the episodes get cycled every now and then, though if they are that would definitely help with the missing concern issue. Overall this app is really great and makes watching shows much easier to accomplish then if I had constant access to a television. Especially considering I get to pick which episodes I want to watch, instead of what is being aired. Not to mention it’s a lot easier to keep up with shows now as new episodes come out. The perk of not having to worry that teen titans go will probably come on next is also very very nice.
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4 years ago, Melküüü
I LOVE IT!! (Please read makers of this is app lol!)
This is about ninjago! I love Ninjago and I’m sure they’re people out there who also do! People that I know are super happy that ninjago season 10 and 11 are up there since it’s not on Netflix for us! I really hope you guys put season 12 up there!!!!! I love this app! If you want to watch a show and you can’t find it, just go on Cartoon Network! It’s a little glitchy for me but I don’t mind because I’m super glad to be able to watch stuff. Please add season 12 and etc. At first I thought this app was just annoying since it didn’t let me watch all the episodes but once I logged in, it was like a dream! Once again, I love this app, please add ninjago season 12, and if this app goes away, I’ll be so sad! Thank you for letting me able watch my favorite shows! It means a lot especially since we’re in quarantine! Have an wonderful day or night! 👍😃
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6 years ago, Aslasar
Never loads
Ok so the main reason I wanted to download the app is because I wanted to catch up on some Steven Universe, which is one of my favorite shows. I opened the app, and it asked me to choose my favorite shows. I clicked Steven universe and said ok. It switched to a screen of episodes, and a loading screen. I am okay with waiting a few minutes and I wait for about five. It doesn’t load. I quit out and try again. Still on the waiting screen. I delete the app after waiting for so long that my iPhone actually shut itself off. I try again, redownloading it and it tells me to pick my shows, I choose SU and TAWOG (the amazing world of gumball) I wait 10 minutes and nothing. Honestly I am so done with this app, it is so poorly designed. What should happen was, I open the app and then it goes to a menu, saying all the new episodes of shows and a search bar at the top. This could be the menu. If you could fix this it would be great. Right now I can’t even watch my favorite shows so I am reviewing this as a 1 star. If there was a 0 star I would rate it that. I am utterly disappointed with this application.
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6 years ago, the girl who loves pink
Some shows are not for kids
Hi, Cartoon Network I am a HUGE fan of your shows like teen titans go, unikitty (my fav 😍), etc. However, Their are some shows I think you sould take away. I know some people love them, but 4 year Olds are finding bad shows on your acc. Like the teen show Total Drama. My 7 year old brother ALMOST watched that show. Thank god I grabbed the remote. 😌 Let me give you a review what total drama is about. It shows men half naked, snotty girls, and swears. But I'm very greatful you made a new one were there kids and do kids stuff (the new kid show is total dramarama). Also, "the amazing world of gum ball?" More like the GROSS world of gum ball! One day I was at a hotel, and nothing was on but the amazing world of gum ball, I watched it, and it was showing this pink triangle licking his lips! GROSS 🤢!!! Nothing kids sould see. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!! 😊☀️
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5 years ago, OfficialTrentHesse
Would like to watch my shows in full screen!!!
As I do get on the app a lot to watch the regular show I still have no idea why there’s not an option to be able to watch your favorite show on this app in full screen, would love to watch my shows on this app in full screen, please make there an option for full screen. Also after watching all the episodes that are out for the show, that show should be updated immediately and there should be different episodes for that show so I don’t go back into the app and see the same episode that I previously just watched for that show. Also when I get into the app the show that I watch immediately plays and I miss some of the episode because of it and when ever I click the show that I want and all the episodes pull up an episode also starts playing immediately and I also miss some of that Episode as well it get frustrating when this happens. Please make the changes and update the app.
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5 years ago, kustuwa
I usually only use the app whenever I’m bored and want to watch Cartoon Network shows. However the layout is absolute garbage. If you don’t want an episode to play automatically don’t choose your “favorite shows”, it will play those “favorite shows” automatically. But when you want to choose shows, it doesn’t even show all of the shows. Many popular shows aren’t on there anymore just because they ended, making CN lose a lot of money because they don’t think people like the show enough. Of course, I must think of the children who use this app, the automated play feature is quite nice for them but the excessive ads and crashing is not. Before an episode there are one or two thirty second ads, then after the episode there is 2 minutes worth of ads that are mostly CN advertising toys or apps to the kids, which will cost the parents money because their kids will start to beg for the toys/apps. Overall, this app is okay as long as you are okay with a small selection of shows and excessive ads.
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3 years ago, FART SPRAY
Amazing world
In real life we have an amazing world and some harsh times are brought a upon us and some of those hard times are when a show you like are getting discontinued and then you get told or find out they are getting continued bu that leads me to my point I think you should start up adventure time and amazing world of gumball because I know most people will want it to be continued and it should be and even though you don’t want to continue it doesn’t mean we don’t want to see it so you might also start or you have been starting to lose profits and you said you would continue Gumball but then you release a hacky trife wich means something hung that COMPLETELY MAKES UP STUPID THINGS THAT DONT EVEN FOLLOW WHAT HAPPENED ON YHE CLIFF HANGER THAT DOES MAKE CENTS what would you do if you had stopped receiving money from your shows think about it
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4 years ago, raxtee
Please add more tv providers
When I realized that my favorite show, ninjago, was on this app I was so excited but when I went to sign in, it didn’t have my tv provider which means I can’t watch the beginning of the 11 season. What’s even more upsetting is that I have been trying to find season 11 for the longest time now and I was so excited that I had FINALLY found it, but instead of being able to watch it I now have to go back on the hunt to find it. Another thing is that ninjago has now made 13 seasons but only season 11 is on the app which can be annoying if you haven’t seen previous seasons or have already seen season 11 and were looking for seasons 12-13. Other than that it’s a pretty good app, it can be kind of glitchy some times but if you are lucky enough to have your tv provider on the list and be able to watch all of your shows I think it wouldn’t be too big of a deal.
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5 years ago, toastmonsta
Please read this , it’s by a loyal fan
This is not a review for the app it’s for the network , I couldn’t find any other way to contact you but I’ve been a loyal fan of CN since I was little , it’s all me and my brother watched after school and in the mornings but the only thing that would make it better is to bring back all the shows that got pulled off the channel , I remember when you had to adapt the channel for younger viewers and pulled samurai jack and all the OG shows off . I remember when you had that time where you had tons of new shows but they got shut down before the second season . I understand that it’s not as easy as it sounds but perhaps you could make a co channel that shows all the oldies of your channel . Thank you for listening and I just wanna thank u for all the years entertainment and nostalgia
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3 years ago, BladeStormBlue
Cartoon Not-Work
Why? That’s my one question: why? Let’s say you want to watch a show! Well, I mean, that seems pretty obvious. People go to sites like these all the time to binge their favorite show, and this one is made for the most impatient people of all: kids! So, you select a few favorite shows, and then- oh, look at that, immediately playing a random episode. Bad response time and small controls make it slightly difficult, but at least I can start watching this show I heard so many great things abou- oh, never mind, looks like I have 5 episodes from the later half of season 1, 4 from season 2, and 6 from season 3. Great! I love skipping the entire show, especially ones with continuity! So, children with extremely short attention spans have to deal with bad design, random playing, and waiting undefined periods of time to catch even the first episode of extremely long shows. Horrible choices, and honestly quite literally the worst company decision in the history of all of existence.
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4 years ago, NSAAAG
Ads and “login” feature
I like watching most of these shows, but it’s real annoying with the ads. A few times I wanted to exit but a ad was on screen and I couldn’t exit. It’s very annoying that you half to wait like 2 minutes just to watch a show. And almost every time it’s the same ad. Barely anytime there is no ads, and I don’t like it. It’s also very annoying to half to login to get the all the episodes. If you make a streaming service put all the episodes for EVERYONE to watch. My dad has cable but some people aren’t able to afford it. This is a very annoying streaming service, but it has good shows. The only reason why I don’t watch cable cause I live with my mom and we don’t use cable. I only go to my dad house once a month. Heck sometimes I don’t even go to his house monthly. I got this app for my tablet because I thought it would be good cause it’s free, but it’s ANNOYING that you half to watch 5 episodes and wait a WEEK for some other episodes to appear. Thanks, but it’s not really convenient at ALL.
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3 years ago, Zeezeegot
So I haven’t opened this app in forever, but decided to re-download it today. The same issues are still there. When you open the app, a random episode you watched like 5 months ago starts to play randomly, and it played like 3 minutes of commercials right after you try to scroll to find a good tv show to watch. In other words, the layout is horrible. I wanted to watch a show I used to watch with my dad, and as I was trying to navigate the app, I experienced a big issue. So when you pause for scrolling or pressing or whatever, and are waiting for it to load, the app seems to think you want to watch the random episode which is playing, and goes back to that screen, which I hate. When I finally figured out how to get to the tv show I wanted, there was no clear way on how to get to different seasons, so I just scrolled. I paused to read the name of the episode, when some random recent episode started playing. So I tried to close it, when some 30 second commercial came up. I got frustrated, and closed the app. Then opened it again. I was so confused on what season was which, so I got frustrated with the app and came here to see the reviews and see if anyone had the same problems. Turns out yes, and for over a year now. Whoever made this app I don’t want to hate on, but this it getting tiring. Please fix this. -zee
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5 years ago, Ruger686
Terrible for the user
The setup CN uses for this app is awful. The automatic playing of shows is a waste of time and data. That feature needs to have an on/off button. The same with the “new for you” feature. I can search for my own shows, please don’t put it up in my face every time I open the app. The organization of shows is terrible. Why does the most recent episode play first? If I’m starting a new series I’m going to start with episode 1, season 1. Why do I want the most recent episode play every time I watch the series? It’s basically spoiling the last episode. Smart move there CN. Once the most recent episode starts playing you have to scroll down to find the correct episode and start playing it. Most likely you will get more ads and even more likely the app will crash or freeze. Then you have to start the whole process over again, wasting more data and time. Lastly why isn’t there a vertical orientation? Having everything horizontal is tedious unless you’re watching a show.
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6 years ago, Tntreys
Bunch of missing episodes
Ok listen, if you’re gonna make an app, just have every episode from every show and every season. It’s annoying to see that some shows have about every episode, but Regular show has only 10 episodes from its recent season. Its also hard to navigate through the episodes as well since the numbering and the seasons on some shows make no sense when you’re scrolling down. The Amazing World of Gumball is also a good example: goes from season 4 episode 1 s4e3 s4e20 s4e22 thats the order and only has 12 episodes. That’s messed up! I mean it would be hard to fit EVERY episode of EVERY show in an app but come on! At least have a season rotation every week or something. You can’t even binge watch on this thing. Maybe they want us to watch their shows on shady websites that have ads every time you click on something. Though the app does the same thing when you start an episode... This app is for kids right?
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3 years ago, user3758572
Amazing app but I wished it worked in Europe
Hi I’m a kid who watches Cartoon Network and I live in France. I sometimes go to America for vacation and I am able to use this app. But I live in France and I rarely go to America so that means the app doesn’t work for me most of the time. I really think this app is amazing but I feel like they should make it so you can watch all the series without episodes missing or having to unlock them, and they should make it available for their European viewers. Or they could keep it as is and just make a premium subscription version where you have all the episodes unlock and all series have every single episode in them. But this is still an amazing app nonetheless and I feel as if they should implement these features.
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4 years ago, Lauren and such
App problems.
I love Cartoon Network and got the app so I can watch Steven Universe & Steven Universe: The Future (other great shoes, but these are my favorite!). The app used to be good, slow to start episodes cause of the annoying login every time, and auto play of other shows, but that’s fine. But I’m using it again now to watch the new episodes, and there are so many issues. While watching shows, it’ll crash and need me to log in again (every time I open the app). The ads don’t even load completely, so of course the episodes aren’t either. Trying to watch the third episode and after two minutes, crashed and both the show and ad are just black, won’t load. Then one videos audio was playing while I had another video starting. Had to restart my iPad, so thankfully I can watch it, but takes too long to get to this point. Would love to see improvements.
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4 years ago, RedSoul55
A little problem, and by little I mean big
Hi, I wanna know why there’s only 3 episodes for season 5, 1 episode for season 4, 2 episodes for season 3, 2 episodes for season 2, and 2 episodes for season 1 for Steven Universe. The Help page says that it adds more episodes once they air on Cartoon Network, but Steven Universe was released a while ago. I don’t know why they can’t add all the episodes since it’s already released and all the episodes already aired on TV. It’s just so stupid how now I’m just confined to a few episodes, it puts the entire show out of context and just ruins it. I don’t see how it’s logical to only put a FEW EPISODES in a show that ALREADY CAME OUT. I don’t see what the reason is. And if I just need to what a few days or weeks, then that’s better, but still illogical and stupid. Please fix this because at the moment, Cartoon Network is not a free app, it’s a free waste of time.
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5 years ago, The opinon god
Awesome way to watch CN
Ok, unlike other apps, there is only 1 complaint, ok 2 complaints. Now let’s start positive. So I love how they make the TTG episodes based on the season or holiday, and same for every other show that is not V and V or total dramarama. But then that shows a problem. There is some episodes that I have never seen or want to see, but I can’t. I still love the app, but why no total drama island or action or World tour or revenge of the island or all stars or picta whatever island or the redonklous race? It’s ridiculous! Total dramarama is out, so why not the original good stuff! Like Geoff and Bridgett, or all dat drama between Gwen and Trent, and so much more! But otherwise, app is great. And I love how the original PPG is available to watch along with the new PPG! That’s alll! The opinion god, signing out!
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6 months ago, beenmachine69
out of date
So, I am not surprised at the bugs and issues this app has, however it does make it difficult to navigate. A show will start playing as soon as you open the app, which I personally hate. The app also does not pick up where you left off in a show, so you have to hunt down the exact episode and time stamp, only for it to actually play correctly about 30% of the time. I’ve recently come to face a new and much larger issue with the app, that being that it won’t load at all. I’ve updated my phone, connected and disconnected from wifi, restarted my phone, and redownloaded the app. Nothing is working at all. The app works like it has never been developed any further than when it was first put out. It is slow, buggy and glitchy. If there weren’t so many ads, I might be able to over look these flaws, but here we are. Please do something to improve this app, it’s really a terrible experience.
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6 years ago, koolTbyrd
A bit of a fixer upper, but not bad
The app works fine and does provide shows not currently aired on the network. But it’s not perfect. For one, it would be nice if the organization on each show was a little nicer, like it was chopped into seasons. Second, I would like to see CN’s back catalogue be put on here (shows like Chowder, Powerpuff Girls Classic, Fosters, Dexter, etc.) Third, I would like the ability to pay a subscription ($5.99 a month or something) since I refuse to get an expensive cable service for only a few good channels. Fourth, I would like to see a live simulcast of their cable broadcast. But other than that, the app is great and I enjoy using it. Sorry if this review was mostly critical, but I think if they add to that the app would get that fifth star. But it’s good nonetheless.
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4 years ago, Chefinf
Designed for kids... by kids?
This app is so cumbersome, that even the children it’s clearly designed for must get frustrated using it. I get it, you want to plop Susie in front of the iPad and walk away... but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some way to change the User Interface to be less bouncy and slow. I also don’t need a cheery narration or the unskippable animation every time I start the application... especially if there’s a loading screen to sit through every time anyway. Logging into your cable provider is also a hassle- took me three tries to get to the final “step” after entering my credentials and waiting for something to happen... but that’s the only way to watch episodes on your device since they’re not available through the CN mobile website. I’m here for the final season of Steven Universe, and after that I’m deleting this app. If you have On Demand, just do that instead. Trust me.
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5 years ago, UnityFlare
Not Up To My Expectations.
When I downloaded the app and signed in with my TV provider I expected to see all the episodes of my favorite cartoons. I wanted to binge watch OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes as well as some other cartoons such as Steven Universe. Sadly it doesn’t have all the episodes. I wanted to watch them back to back all in order. Where and how else am I going to do that? I definitely don’t want to pirate the episodes! I want to help support the creators of my favorite cartoons. There was also some problems with the layouts. Constantly being in landscape mode bothered me when I was just searching for what Tv Shows to watch. It was hard to navigate. The entire app treated me like a child. I understand that the content they produce are for younger audiences but older audiences can enjoy cartoons as well. I wish there was an older audience mode for adults and teenagers alike that can help us watch our favorite cartoons comfortably, and navigate easily.
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4 years ago, Hot Anime Babe69
I haven’t watched any of the new Steven Universe episodes since season 4 and the app only includes 5 episodes maybe 6 from different seasons and I want to watch the ending of the show because I haven’t seen it. They don’t add any episodes that you’re really looking for at all. I just wanted to watch the episodes because I haven’t had cable so I haven’t been able to watch the episodes but the app doesn’t provide those episodes. They throw a lot of adds and sponsors in your face when you’re trying to look for something, and the app itself is just a mess to get around. When you open the app it automatically starts playing a episode from a show that you like without you even wanting it too and if you don’t stop playing the episode and play a different one both the episodes will overlap audio. Definitely not worth your time.
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4 years ago, ayla90
I hate this app so much.
(TL:DR This app is frustrating and not worth the time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT) The only reason I still use this horrible app is to watch the final episodes of Steven Universe Future but once those are out, i’m deleting this. First of all, once it opens it immediately throws you into an episode you didn’t pick out. Right off the bat. Same for when you pick out a show, it just throws you into something random from the series. Whenever i’m looking for specific episodes it always throws me into full screen and won’t let me out of it unless i go back into the home screen of the app and start all over. it also doesn’t even provide all the episodes as it was missing random episodes in SUF. It repeatedly logs you out and cuts out the audio with static. And the 1:30 second unskippable repeating ads are awful. Half the time the app doesn’t even work. For a large, well paid company, i am very disappointed with the quality of this app. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.
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5 years ago, Jackalope08
As addressed by others...
It has most of the shows but the app itself is kinda complicated. Once you enter the app, shows will immediately start playing in random order and combinations. Also there isn’t any “account” that you can make for yourself if you need to login on a different device. You’ll have to go through the entire process of logging in with your tv provider all over again, and if those aren’t written down somewhere this gets pretty tedious. All and all I wish the app was a little more organized. I think it should bring you to a home page where you can choose which show you’d like to watch and which episode you’d like to start on. I also think that you should be able to make a personal account that links the tv provider info to an account that you can use on different devices.
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2 years ago, magickitten55
All over the place
I got this app with the hopes that I could watch a few shows from the beginning. I was dead wrong. Ninjago has “Seasons 1 and 2”, but they aren’t even seasons 1 and 2. They’re episodes from completely different seasons mashed together, it’s as if the creators of the app didn’t even watch the show when organizing the episodes, and it shows clearly. Another long time favorite of mine is adventure time, which, in this app anyway, starts at season 6. Why? People want to watch shows from the beginning, and you have to give people that opportunity. It’s season 6 alright, but you don’t even get to watch the beginning. How about this: You give people episodes from the first season of the show, and they have to watch them to access season 2, and so on. Also, reorganize your seasons, especially Ninjago, because that is not season 1 or 2. At least give us the correct episodes.
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6 years ago, twinky.linky
Ok I guess
I say it’s a good app, and I just so happened to download it when it all episodes were unlocked. I don’t have cable, and I heard season 8 Ninjago was on here and I really wanted to watch a better quality version. Of course, I was expecting ads. That’s how they make money right? But I was mistaken, and I only saw ads put on there by Cartoon Network. I don’t understand how they would be making money, unless you had a cable provider. Less and less people are using cable and satellite because of more shows being available on Netflix, iTunes, and other online sources, so less and less people are going to be able to use this app to the full extent. I saw another review which suggested a monthly payment. I like that idea. Now the app worked perfectly fine, and I never encountered any bugs, which is why I give 3 stars.
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2 years ago, what is you nickame then?
Advertisement Coincidence
Hi! I watch Cartoon Network all the time I watch Mao Mao, Teen Titans, Unikitty, and sometimes powerpuff girls, and sometimes Gumball, but that’s not the problem the problem is that after one episode I watch from all my shows it’s like there is ads every single time and when I get done a episode. And then When the ads are finished and I go to the menu to pick a different show or episode more ads come up but after I watched a episode there were already ads it’s just ads after ads after ads. So I’m wondering if the developers can fix this ad problem the otherwise there is nothing wrong with the app I love it! But my only problem is the ads
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5 years ago, the boyz cookies
Fun but crashes...
It constantly crashes on me I have played three minutes of Gumball my favorite show and then it crashes on me then when I get it back I have to watch 3commercials sometimes it’s four minutes actually sorry three minutes I don’t even get one minute to watch a show before it crashes or makes me watch three minutes of a commercial not one commercial but three minutes of completely different commercials I really love this app but I would like if you canceled all commercials and all bugs and fixed it you haven’t even done any of this and I’m not trying to be rude but it’s starting to get irritated when I log onto the app and I have to watch different eps and I have stuff to attend to so I usually don’t have time to watch the shows but when I do it crashes I delete this app please fix soon love you Cartoon Network I want to be a cartoonist when I grow up
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6 years ago, Neiko Misturi
One step at a time
Look, I understand this app is meant for kids and whatnot, but even kids would get annoyed with the breakneck speed at which this app forces other shows on you. I came here for the shows I like, not a random playlist that starts playing without any input from me and that I don’t have an option to turn off. Yes, you can confirm whether or not you like what’s playing, but the fact that things start playing as soon as you open the app is the most annoying part of it. If I want to watch other shows, I will do so at my own pace. Immediately shoving other shows at the audience can have an adverse affect. Cartoon Network, I have loved you and your content since I was a child myself, so please do not give me a reason to dislike the channel now just because of this one very fixable problem.
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4 years ago, _☺️Everyone did great☺️_
It’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
The app is great yes you need WiFi but it still works you can watch everything Cartoon Network you can watch Ben 10,Steven universe and exc it’s awesome I just don’t like that it has locked things and you have to log in to unlock them and also on how you have to wait a whole week for new episodes of your favorite show but other than that I absolutely LOVE this app if I could I would have rated a ten outta five I love how the creator cared about other people who can’t afford a tv and might only have a phone to communicate well thanks for making this app please address the only issue but other than that one little thing we all good Pice out -Aiden
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5 years ago, Bradgal
Poor design that needs to be fixed
Finding and choosing between shows and episodes is fairly easy and efficient. However, as soon as you open the app it begins playing an episode, not even one you had been watching last. So if the app is being slow you have to wait for that to load before you can choose something else. It also automatically plays an episode when you choose a show, which is also annoying, because it’s never what I was going to choose. It constantly logs the account out, so while an episode is playing it logs out and then starts playing a completely different episode from the current show. Usually also making you watch another ad. Closing and reopening the app is usually the quickest fix. I can deal with the ads, but the constant, unwanted video play and logging out makes using the app almost unbearable.
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5 years ago, Lucario:)
Great shows, bad app
I love the shows that you can watch on this app, but getting to these shows is a bit of a challenge. When you launch the app it automatically starts playing a random episode from a series on your liked shows list. Usually the episode that automatically plays is not what I am wanting to watch. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if it wasn’t for the app repeatedly closing the episode menu as I try to find the show I want. It is like they don’t want you to be able to pick what you actually want to watch and instead watch some random episode. This problem is the worst on the Apple TV app. The app also crashes way more than it should. Please fix this menu problem, maybe have the app open to the show menu instead of playing a random episode right away.
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3 years ago, Saki x Kokona
Keeps getting worse and worse
This app used to be okay. While it was hard to navigate, at least I could watch what I wanted. Now, I can’t even do that. They limit the amount of episodes available which is an incredibly stupid decision. If I wanted to watch a few random episodes, I’d watch it on cable. Streaming services should have all of a series, but this app just doesn’t for some reason. If I want to go watch a specific episode, say Change Your Mind from Steven Universe, well I’m out of luck. I get less than 10 episodes per show, even when logged in. A year ago, this issue was nonexistent. The navigation in this app is horrendous as well. It’s so hard to actually go and watch an episode without a random one playing, locking me into an ad to view a show I didn’t even want to watch. It seems like every time I use this app it gets worse and worse.
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