CashorTrade Face Value Tickets

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CashorTrade, LLC
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for CashorTrade Face Value Tickets

4.82 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
2 years ago, meBrando
Killer community, great support.
Full transparency, I’m the founder of CashorTrade. In using the app today I got promoted to leave a review so here I am. But this is not a review of the app, it’s a review of the community that uses the app. These fans are amazing. The friendships that have been built and the support they provide to each other is like no other. This is the only ticketing platform where fans exchange tickets at no profit, embracing the face value mission. Seeing members pass on the very experiences that value so deeply to another fan, fills my heart. Members leave each other reviews and they build their profile. Sure it’s a ticketing platform, but these people have made it so much more than that. It’s a community. It’s a family. I am just honored to be a part of it. 💖
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9 months ago, Indyvoicefan
The VERY BEST way to buy and sell tickets
Seriously. I have used this app to sell and buy tickets to sold out shows for face value. These folks could teach lessons on how to have fast smooth and safe transactions. It’s also a fiercely protected mission of theirs to connect real fans with the tickets they want, cutting out the people who profit off of fans who got shut out of getting face value tickets. It’s a joy to trade with this group! Only good vibes here.
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2 years ago, AddifoTakes
Reviews are clearly skewed… READ THIS
For buying tickets, the app seems solid. I’ve bought tickets with little to no issue. For selling tickets, the process is one of the worse I’ve ever dealt with. First, in order to get paid out, you have to submit a “help ticket” and contact the support staff. That’s just an awful process. You can have “credit” in your account, but you can’t pull the funds from the app to your linked account/PayPal without reaching out to support and having them approve. I’ve had them say the funds will be released on x date several times and it doesn’t get released with no updates. I have ticket sales that have been sold, the buyer confirmed receipt and went to the show, and it’s still “processing” that I can get paid out. I have over $1000 sitting in my account that I can’t access because the business model stinks. I’d rather pay over face/sell under face than deal with this headache. 2 stars is generous - it should be 1 star to balance out the clearly 5 star reviews left by admin and folks clearly just hyping it up without having used the service. You want to buy/sell tickets without going through larger services? Use FB (artist/show groups) and PayPal G&S and be careful to not get scammed. Wouldn’t recommend this app/business at all.
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3 years ago, SuzySuzySuzyGreenberg
LOVE CoT, app/mobile UI needs a lot of work
I am a huge fan of CoT, gold member and a frequent user and advocate for this service. But the app user interface is just not good. It takes forever for posts to load after post alerts, which causes an issue when they’re high-demand tix. You can’t go to an artist’s page and/or tour date and make a post from there, instead you have to start the whole process from scratch and enter artist’s name, your date, etc. even if you’re already on the page in tour app. To add to that, half the time if I’m looking for an artist’s name when I’m creating a new post, it doesn’t load even if I sit there for a full menu waiting for it to- whereas it does when I search in the regular menu.
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2 years ago, Billybabe33
Room for improvement
It's a glitchy app. I couldnt live without it but it's woefully slow and glitchy. Why is this? Sometimes I press on something and it does nothing and I have to close the app and re open this. It's frustrating. Especially when your are trying to score a ticket that hundreds of others are also and it's a race for time. I've lost out countless times because of the glitchiness. It spins forever every time I try to create a post or an alert. I have Gold but I get notifications late sometimes - They pop up and when I press it it goes to a sold post that is hours old. Also scalpers totally use it FYI. It's a greater Idea but hasn't gotten better in the couple years I've been using it. And I use it A LOT 🤷🏻‍♀️
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1 year ago, Ohana Maria
Great app, unprofessional customer service
I have pictures to prove. I asked a question about amicably canceling a transaction after discussing with the buyer because I never got the ticket from the seller. Mind you, there is no phone number to call for questions or problems. I was immediately charged after just asking what were my options, wasn’t told how much I’d be charged (until I asked), and my response asking why would they immediately do that when I was just asking my options was to rudely mock and completely misconstrue my words and the conversation I had with my buyer. I am so unnerved and disappointed with what should be a great app and I’m sad to leave this review but maybe they’ll get some better customer service than the rep Shawn that I messaged with.
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3 years ago, csdread83
Pretty Bad
This app in theory is amazing. The app itself is poorly made, barely works. It has so many bugs. Let me describe 2. 1) on login good luck using Facebook as you can selected the login with Facebook on the mobile app. You tap the button and nothing happens over and over, closing the app does not help. 2) when you reset your password it changes the password but won’t let you get back in to the app, it just asks you to change your password each time you login with the new password. Never letting you into the app. So many times I press and nothing happens in this app. It is poorly made and not usable.
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1 year ago, C. Gryphon
Love Cash or Trade
This app gives me the thrill of the hunt like nothing else. It has purchase protection, secure payments, everything... good for peace of mind, although the people on here are so nice that it feels almost unnecessary. Interface needs work. Loading is slow, links don’t work sometimes, notifications won’t open to the correct screen, it’s just clunky. But I don’t even care. Best ticketing platform on earth.
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3 years ago, HannDupp
Best. App. Ever.
If you’re a live music lover you NEED this app. It’s a community of fans selling tickets to other fans for face value. I use CoT to get into dozens of shows a year, and it just keeps getting better and better! There is strength in numbers when going against scalpers, and i’m grateful for this app existing for us to amass & get tickets into the hands of fans! ❤️ you COT!
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1 year ago, JCkstrwdc
Excellent idea, garbage execution
Face value yay! Who doesn't love that, even with their extra 13% manamagent fees. More than fair compared to ticket scalpers. But, and it's a big BUT.... execution is horrendous. So you pay someone for a ticket, and just like stubhub you bought it, right? No, if they ignore your "request" you don't have tickets. You have to "unbid" for a ticket so you don't accidentally buy too many tickets. You need these idiotic dialogues with sellers in order to close the deal. You can't just buy the tickets. This site needs to be like an ethical version of stubhub, rather than an fair trade version of Craigslist. Please fix it.
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2 years ago, Mike543255
It gets the job done, with somewhat of a fight.
I posted my tickets, and they were bought and paid for within hours. However, the app is incredibly cluttered and somewhat unintuitive, with lots of bugs (had some trouble connecting my PayPal account, and there are various other poorly thought out interactions.) I contacted customer service, and they responded and solved my problem in probably half an hour, which was great. Brilliant idea, wonderful customer support, but poor execution.
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3 years ago, darkstarvt
Only Way To Buy Tix!
If you’re a fan tired of getting scammed/scalped out of concert tickets- welcome to the future of ticketing. Great way to connect with other fans to buy/sell/trade tickets (with peace of mind) for face value & check out cool live streams. Support team is always super timely with responses & you can tell their real fans too! Essential for live music lovers!!!
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3 years ago, burlgirlvt
All about community! Cheapest tickets
Love CashorTrade. It’s all about the community. It’s more of a social network where you meet fans and make friends, while providing a nice flow to chat and trade tickets. Members are so great selling for face and have been cool to work with. It’s fun leaving each other reviews and meeting up at a show. It seems to have the cheapest tickets I’ve found too!
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3 years ago, jcnshanwjfjfnfjajsh
Five stars no doubt.
The app itself can be a little slow but it’s solid and easy to use for the most part. But the community, ESPECIALLY the admins, are super easy going. Everyone has a quick response. Admins will remove suspicious posts almost immediately if alerted. Incredible service.
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11 months ago, gavdana
Buggy Mess
Created an account to pass along some concert tickets. Upon creation, my account gets immediately suspended, and verification is requested. Okay. Does clicking any of the verification links do anything? Nope, just the same dialog over and over. This app was recommended by the community of the band I’m trying to support, but as best I can tell, it looks like abandonware from the iPhone 4 era. Now they have a bunch of my data and I can’t even close the account because I can’t get anything other than the verification pop-up. Mess.
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3 years ago, Jojo1976ribbit
Slowest app in the world
I’ve been a longtime gold member of CoT. Over time the platform has evolved to ensure the quality of ticket trades. However, in recent times, the app and the website have become so slow it’s nearly impossible to use. It loads slow at launch, it takes full minutes to navigate from one page to the next. With the already-existing poor user interface design, the extremely slow performance makes this app absolutely worthless and waste of time to try to us.
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1 week ago, k-bob NattyDaddy
One of the few good apps
As the title says, one of the few good apps. And by good I mean genuine, actually doing something beneficial for society with little gain for itself. Just people helping people get tickets to shows when everyone else is trying to rip you off. Maybe they’re looking for a PM?
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3 years ago, Gioseffi-
My friends & family have been using COT for years. Buying selling and trading tickets to shows without the scalpers is possible with CashorTrade. I have long standing relationships on cot making it easy to escape the hassle of being shut out. The trader protection is new adding an extra layer where cot is the escrow. Love it!
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2 years ago, JoyLynnHeavenland
Worth it
Cash or trade has helped me sell tickets and help me get tickets. Super thankful we have it. The Gold membership is definitely worth it if you go to a lot of shows. Especially if you’re looking for last minute tickets that are hard to get.
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6 months ago, Novyyynov
I’ve been a member for over 13 years
The app is trash. The customer service is trash. They get their fees. And that’s all they care about. If something doesn’t work out, it’s always decided in their favor. If the trade is easy and the person you happen to trade with turns out to be reasonable, you should be fine. However, if there’s something that doesn’t go correctly, you can submit a support ticket and they will respond with snarky comments and no understanding of customer service. Sad.
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3 years ago, deannagyoung
Awesome app and community
Seriously, this is the only place to get tickets from fans for fans. nobody tries to rob you, they just want you to experience the show. the guy i got my tix from and i ended up chatting for like an hour and i scored a pod that was going for 3x the price on resale. grateful as always for this community
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1 year ago, BroRyanFSC
Great community; slow clunky app.
I love cash or trade but the app is NOT quick or seemless. It is really clunky and slow. You’ll find you can do one action at a time, then the buttons become useless, and you have to kill the app, reopen and you can perform an another action. Further. Expect to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT like a dial up connection for things to happen. Otherwise it’s great.
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6 months ago, knice82
Download and can’t create an account
I tried manually entering my account info, but the robot check would not stick, several times of reentry. Attempted to then authenticate through Facebook, but once I was redirected the app it alerted “success! Your account is not connected to Facebook”. I know this app’s potential, but creating new accounts could use some help.
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8 months ago, Mtn air
Best ticket reseller app
Thank you. Axs, Ticketmaster and others continue to over charge the fans because they can. Cash or trade is the only way to buy or sell secondary market tickets Thank you providing a great service to all live music lovers!
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3 years ago, VinceDennis
Great service, poor app user experience
I love CoT, it’s the only place I buy / sell tickets. But This new UI is wretched, it’s like a web app wrapper or something And the messaging wouldn’t show my message sent (so it got sent multiple times) and also shows the wrong profile pic for me in the chat
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1 year ago, SpaceWrangler89
Tuck FicketMaster
CashorTrade has been my go-to for face value tickets for the last ten years! 5-stars aren’t even enough to rate this amazing platform! Hats off to Brando and his team for keeping tickets out of the hands of scalpers and brokers!
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3 years ago, Jason-86
Best in the game for live shows!
Great app to find hard to get tickets at fave value. Premium membership is well worth it and justifies the cost using the platform only once. My go to for hard to find tickets.
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2 years ago, 👏👍👊✌️
Don’t use if you need your money ASAP!!
I like how the app is safe so you can’t get scammed. But I wouldn’t use this if you need your money right away. I recently sold my 2 stand tickets for phish so I can purchase a field ticket, but they only sent me half of the payment. It says I’ll get the other half 3 days after the event. I should’ve just posted in a fb group
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1 year ago, Deep house Don
Great idea hindered by bugs
COT Is a great idea, but the app is slow and buggy. Pages often fail to open and messages fail to send which typically means you miss out on those tickets. If I am paying for the gold service, then the expectation is that it will work. The platform also led to the rise of ticket hoarding with the intent to trade, although that is not necessarily the fault of COT.
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1 year ago, Phelixph
Worst app ever
And I mean that. This is easily the worst app I’ve ever used. It is full of hidden charges. They just made me pay for a ticket that was delivered 2 hours and 15 minutes after the show started. Another friend tried to get Phish tickets in Denver and they sent him tickets to a different artist in New Jersey. The interface is confusing and poorly designed. Great idea. Horrible execution. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you hate your money.
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3 years ago, ABGlover
Love CoT!
Cash or Trade has been an indispensable part of the live music scene for years and it’s incredible to see how they’re branching out to help service every aspect of the music loving community. Loving all the new updates and CAN’T WAIT for live music to return!!
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3 years ago, REDGARY
The future of concert tickets!
This app is awesome! I have been using cash or trade for a couple of years now and it is the most reliable as well as safest way to buy and sell tickets. So glad there’s an app too!
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2 years ago, f2photo
Tickets at Face Value
A resellers worst nightmare and a fans best friend. I have used it to get money back when I can’t get to a show or to “gift” tickets. More of a community than just an app.
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1 year ago, J Reba Wilde
Great to work with!
I asked if he would sell one instead of two and he did it for me. Also communicated well and quickly!
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3 years ago, 908597378
Doesn’t auto notify anymore
It will tell me a show I want to be notified about has a seller releasing tickets/ then EVERYTIME, make me log in and send me back to the homescreen. So I cannot get tickets wah wah
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9 months ago, Brayden booooo
I wish I had been using this tool for years. Super easy interface. Lovely people. I will never use another method to sell tickets I can’t use.
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1 year ago, fleas and flies
Safe and easy !
I’ve sold and bought many tickets safely! Would not use any other app or process to get tickets!
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3 years ago, WidespreadPancake
CashorTrade ROCKS
This is my go-to site and community for buying, selling and trading face value music tickets for the bands I love. Their service is top-notch, and support always helps me when I need it.
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1 year ago, VT#1
Covered My Ahh
I didn’t realize I was purchasing a couple of tickets for way over face value. The Admin swooped in and facilitated the refund completely. Best ticket app in the world.
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2 years ago, piratephish
Have to pay to play
The app only works when you pay for the gold member plan. Certain functions of the app which are not listed as benefits of the gold membership, which is not right as a business. I still pay for it because you have to pay to play. Had to give them a bad review for false advertising.
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3 years ago, detective spoons
Great App
Def recommend, great for finding tickets to sold out shows and safe place to buy and sell tickets. Have been using for years !
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2 years ago, Eurik 07
Great Ethos!
Love the mission behind this app. Though the app can use a little bit of UI improvements. Hard to navigate and figure out how to turn notifications off.
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2 years ago, Jaredreview
My go to app for ticket purchases
I go here before I go anywhere else when I need a ticket. I support face value of tickets movement. Thanks CoT.
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1 year ago, ToastedOats
Great concept, poor execution
App is slow to load so you miss out on most tickets you really want. Interface is absolute trash and is difficult and confusing to navigate. If there were any other option for face value tickets, I’d use it.
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7 months ago, shockey80
The best site for the most real, authentic music fans !
Cash or Trade is an awesome community for the realest of the real. Great music fans throughout the country make this a special site.
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1 year ago, -----////////
Very easy to work with. Almost as if we knew each other.
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2 years ago, blur ridge mama
Amazing resource for Jam Band tix
Wonderful app. Easy to navigate . Heavily monitored . Great customer service . I just can’t say enough good things about this app .
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1 year ago, blehhrrggl
App doesn’t work
I click on the menu, and then literally can’t click on anything in the menu. Use the website instead.
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2 years ago, JCkstrwdc
Good concept, horrible execution
They could use a lesson in elementary quality control. The absurdly convoluted messaging system makes it extraordinarily difficult to figure out and process transactions. They need to make it simple like stubhub, but without the price gouging.
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9 months ago, Koosticdead
Love the community, not the app
Update this thing… I mean, it’s 2023, you can make this more seamless, quicker and easier to navigate. The concept and community, love love love thank you for putting this together!! But please update
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