Casper Star-Tribune

2.6 (21)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Casper Star-Tribune

2.62 out of 5
21 Ratings
10 years ago, Silveraries87
Dylan G
Overall it has a decent build. I like the accessibility of each section under the drop down menu. It's nice to be able to find what I'm looking for with ease and convenience without having to move from link to link. The software runs smooth, making navigation easy. However, The layout is pretty generic and could use a little more creativity. The pop-op ads can be distracting at times and tend to take away from the experience when I'm trying to read or navigate. Not a bad start for a first app. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with after a little bit of tweaking.
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3 years ago, LKWyoming
Bugs need corrected
Typical use of Star trib- Sign in using app (shouldn’t there be an automatic sign in using the app) ok were in now -try to watch video with Yellen (would rather read what she has to say but this not an option. Move on (but no first I have to watch an ad- and no I can’t skip ad-why not, I’m paying for this information.) ok ad is over and video of Yellen pops up but wait when I push play arrow three dots come on as if something is going to happen and then disappear and I’m back to the same ad. Advertisements work great, articles not so much.
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7 years ago, Iamdub
I used to rely on this outlet to get most my local news. This app is hardly anything but pop up ads. Plus any video posted to the app struggles to load. I try to watch a video trib has posted as a story and sometime I have to load it 5-6 times before it will play if it plays at all. Looks like I have to rely on K2 app. Runs much better without all the ads
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3 years ago, Bthyw
App is terrible
The app crashes frequently, always takes me to the login page but never beyond it (even after I clear my login info and change it), and keeps telling me I need to subscribe - even though I’ve been a subscriber as long as the app has existed. All in all, completely useless.
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6 years ago, WillyfromWyoming
Can’t edit my first review
App is a nightmare to use! I finally deleted it. It’s not worthy of even one star. Their email subscription is just as bad. Somehow my review ended up with 2 start. Tried to edit it back to just one, but 2 keeps showing up!
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4 years ago, Pre-64
Sometimes? Sometimes?
Today’s issue would noy allow the expanding of articles? When tapping on the pink dow arrows. I was unable to read the paper?
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7 years ago, LynninWY
Since I am a subscriber to the Star Tribune, I wonder why there are ads at all in this app. Also, even when the phone is muted, the ads play loudly.
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2 years ago, miniacres
Terrible app
I have to continually sign in. Also when I do try to open the paper, I get a blank screen. Too it off my phone
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3 years ago, Formatted!
I can’t get the hyperlinks to work. I keep getting a 404 Error Message: non-secure site. I’ve contacted customer service, but to no avail.
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10 years ago, WYVega
It's nice to have the newspaper with you everywhere you go, but fix the dumb adds.. If you accidently hit one of the add, even if you click "close" it keeps popping up..
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10 years ago, MilesBrazil
Star app from the Star Tribune
I use several news apps daily. This app is my go to news feed now since it is a significant improvement over the last version and functions with ease! Since I don't always have time to scroll the entire website, I love having the breaking news updates directly in my notifications. That way I get the news I want when I want it. Thanks Trib for making a clean, easy to use app!
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10 years ago, Casper news reader
Old app was better
Like having the app but it will not load at all some days and will shut down when trying to load the most read feature and in the middle of reading an article. Would love to see local and state wide news tabs just like they have sports and entertainment tabs.
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10 years ago, Nath0372956
Great news and information app
Excellent source for Wyoming news on your mobile device.
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8 years ago, thom06
Buggy, needs work
The app needs serious QA work, clicking on the comment field under articles crashes the app. Swiping back from an article to the home page cause graphical bugs and usually freezes the app. This has been ongoing for the better part of a year now, get it together already...
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10 years ago, Bugbooisme
Shining star
Since I am new to the state, I rely on the sources and knowledge of the people of the Tribune. Whether its news or a good restaurant I'm after, Trib is my place to go.
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12 years ago, Wyoming.
Don't Update!
All this update does is add Ads in the most inconvenient places. Makes it hard to read anything on the smaller screen of an iPhone. Please remove the ads and go back to the way it was!
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11 years ago, VannahDarr
Good news, bad delivery
I love having an app I can use to get local news. That being said, fix it. The ads are irritating, but what I find more irritating is the constant crashing, the refusal to open, and the popups. Fix the app please.
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11 years ago, Captain Stew
Not very good
Sometimes it works OK. Sometimes it doesn't. You can only go back a few days and the search function isn't very useful. Has potential though.
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10 years ago, SJP2801
Great News App
This ap brings breaking news to your fingertips! It's great to be able to see the top breaking stories in Wyoming in an instant.
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12 years ago, wyoweatherman
Annoying Messages
Persistent popup message saying Comments cannot be accessed. Just remove that option. Comments can be made on the website.
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10 years ago, DrewmanG1111
Breaking news
Best breaking news app in the state. Also great cowboy college coverage.
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11 years ago, Autismommie
Total Crap
Can't even log in. Submitted an article through Safari since I can't even log in on the app itself, and my entire article disappeared. Fix your App, Casper Star Tribune, and your website. Shameful!
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9 years ago, Solo pat
Don't update-crashes upon starting
The latest update crashes when I try and start it. Needs another update. It is on my iPhone 5.
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9 years ago, Redlinedone
Horrible app
I can't even spen 5 seconds in this app without it crashing and opening my AppStore. Completely unacceptable your app programmers need to be fired and replaced with more competent IT people.
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10 years ago, Gadget scab
Great on the go info feed
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8 years ago, WyoMemphis
I've deleted this app because of the trib's extremely disrespectful position towards religion, namely Christianity. If the editor had written this about Muslims people would protest, and demand his firing.
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10 years ago, Rlubnau
Great app
Good app great way to keep up with Wyoming News!
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10 years ago, Nicco0385
Best App Ever
This is the best mobile news app in Wyoming.
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10 years ago, Dalton be
Dumb app pop ups
Lives the app until recently it keeps taking me to the App Store to download apps. Drives me nuts . I will have to stop using it if it keeps it up.
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10 years ago, Bd2452
Amazing app
I love the sports section of this app
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12 years ago, OC Native
Agreed!! DO NOT UPDATE!!
LOVED the app before I updated it this morning. Considering deleting it now. The ad bars now take up more than half the viewable screen and they repeat! LOSE THE ADS!
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8 years ago, 85 square
Great app if you want useless random news. News is rarely even from Wyoming.
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10 years ago, Diggod
Best app ever
Like the alerts
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10 years ago, Genesee5555
Great App!
Great content, excellent state coverage.
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