4.5 (28)
110.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CAT ALONE - Cat Toy

4.54 out of 5
28 Ratings
6 years ago, Puddentane1
No sound
Preview in App Store had sound. PAID for download and didn't get the sound. I should have read the other reviews first. Won't be downloading the 2nd app until this one is fixed.
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11 months ago, Belle Breaux
Definitely Cat ALONE
This game is definitely worth 5-stars review! My cat loves this game, especially the laser. He just watches the butterfly, lady bug, and so on. I’m not saying that the game isn’t good, I’m just saying that my cat only goes after the laser. Otherwise if you are 8 or older, then you can probably look at the bugs, but that’s just my opinion, otherwise this game is awesome! Thank you for reading this. ⭐️❤️🐈
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2 years ago, MaryE.
My Cat Loves This Game!
My cat loves this game and Cat Alone 2. She has her own iPad and we let the games run constantly. She gets excited enough that she manages to open the Home Screen and we have to reset it back to the game but mostly the Cat Alone apps keep running. When she becomes bored with one, we open the other. It’s time for Cat Alone 3 so she has a new game to stimulate her interest.
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6 months ago, MamaMarnie
Great game!
We’ve just got a kitten and she absolutely loves this game! She sometimes just watches the laser pointer go around, and I think that is just the cutest! It’s great that there are options for what your cat wants to do and they don’t have to touch the things like the bugs for a minigame like other apps. I definitely recommend this to other cat owners!
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10 months ago, Sara Bernard1
Best app
My cat loves this app every time I'm on my iPad she looks at me until I put on the app. I love how every thing is free and this may sound weird but my brother likes playing it too. But the only thing my cat likes is the laser she only looks at the other ones.
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5 months ago, KitsOfCats
They love it
My cats love this game! They especially love the lizards lol! They really enjoy watching it but will also try to catch things as well. Sometimes though they get too excited and try catching the lizards… with their mouth… 😅
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8 years ago, Natcatzz99999
3 of 6 games open
I really like the idea of this app and my mom recommend it after using on her Fire tablet, but the version for Apple has problems. Only the fly, laser, and finger will open! The other "games" close out and I'm back on my home screen. Have tried to open many times! Fix this problem and it will be great!
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2 years ago, what a fraud!!!
Perfect Toy
I manage a cat shelter. All of the cats love this app. I put my phone in their crate while we sir in the waiting room for their vet check up. They forget that they’re scared!! Thank you for entertaining my cats!!!
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2 years ago, Dkdkdjdhxhdvgsgs
My cat loved it
So like a couple years ago, i showed my cat this and she was addicted, when my grandma plays on her tablet my cat comes up and try’s to play it 😂
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3 years ago, putting around girl
How to change insects
To change to another insect select key in upper left hand Corner and drag it to the right onto the house. I did have trouble selecting it for about ten minutes
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1 month ago, CAT gal!
My new obsession…
I don’t have any cats but I got this app as a joke. It quickly became my new obsession. The cat treats are my favorite. I like it when it goes super speedy❤️‍🔥
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3 years ago, trubleu10
No Instructions
It is not easy to use this app. It’s very difficult to change the type of insect. In fact, I’ve yet to figure it out.
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4 months ago, Z4AM
Ads open App Store automatically
Was a good app and I was ok with the ads which were long, but occasional. However, now the ads automatically open the App Store which I didn’t think Apple allowed. That’s a step too far.
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3 years ago, Rachel92987
Your cat will think the lizards are in your iPad at all times and never stop attacking it no matter what you try to do
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11 years ago, Najobe3
Not quite...
The app says to press 3x to get to menu {assuming humans} but unfortunately when the cat plays on the screen this happens A LOT! Keeps clicking to home screen. Yes, the moving bugs fascinated my cats. Just wish I hadn't spent .99 on it. Better apps out there which lock the screen.
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7 years ago, B1748
Cat alone 1and 2
Great apps but no sound from these apps on my IPad. They work fine on the iPhone,could us some assistance!
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8 years ago, HisLittleOne
Brilliant Cat Game...Needs To Be Fixed
My cat enjoys chasing the realistic objects on the screen but I can't change the items by clicking the key to go back home. The app needs to be fixed. Otherwise it's a great toy for your kitty 😻
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3 months ago, Lanky223
Nah rlly sometimes I’m bored and open the app.😍I get stuck playing it for hours
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11 months ago, KP/Karen Perez
My cats only like the laser.
The first thing I tried was the laser (which they absolutely loved,) and then I switched it over to the beetles, AND THEY RAN AWAY!!!! They literally only like the laser.
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6 years ago, Mohnfld
Lost sound
I used to have sound on the iPad- not any more 😿
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3 years ago, p124
Simple and beautiful. To change insects, slide the key to home icon.
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6 months ago, Dianne F.
Cats love it!
Please create another! We have 1 and 2. Both awesome.
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2 months ago, earthkin
My cat is not impressed
He looks at it with mild interest, but then walks away. Definitely not convinced.
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2 years ago, realaubrey
he loves it
there’s not an ad every 2 seconds and you don’t have to pay for everything
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1 year ago, gibbyjr
great for hyper kitties
our kitten has so much energy it’s hard finding ways to burn it! we put this game on and he absolutely loves it, i swear he’s an ipad kid now lol.
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6 months ago, Yanggisele
You guys should make Cat Alone 3, to include a piece of string or rope for my cat to chase. My cat is uninterested in all the modes, including the laser.
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6 years ago, Kattycake
Beautiful thanks
My kittens love this. Butterflies and the fly is favorite. Thank you!
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7 months ago, Da queen is amazing
I don’t have a cat. BUTTTTT I love this for myself
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6 years ago, Jerusha Black
Great game but sound doesn’t work,
Please fix for iPad!
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3 years ago, Hiphopmaya50
They love it
This is a great app really easy to use I don’t understand why someone said they didn’t know how to change what bugs you could use it’s super simple the cats love it and if I put it on Guided Access they can’t get out of that frame and order things on my Amazon account LOL
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