Cat Scanner

4.6 (5.9K)
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Siwalu Software GmbH
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cat Scanner

4.59 out of 5
5.9K Ratings
6 months ago, Faith 🐕-
It's fun and stuff but.....
Ok so I have two cats, Noah and Mia. And I tried the scanner on them, and got some pretty cool results! One day I went and tried it again but this time I got different results!! I was kinda confused of why I got different results, so I tried again. And after I did that, and got even more different results! So I will say, this cat scanner is fun, and you can even use it on humans, but I will politely ask the people who made this game to do a few tweaks and stuff. If the people who made the game are reading this, then please don't get your feelings hurt. It's just my personal opinion. 🐾
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6 months ago, ERJ2000
Overall good app, but…
Overall good app. I just have only one problem, that doesn’t have to do with the app itself, that the chat has too much drama and it is almost impossible to have a normal conversation or picture on there. The scanner is good. I actually got the app because we were questioning our cats’ breeds since the breeder we got them from was… let’s just say not trustworthy, so I used the scanner and I got some reliable results. I actually read the article they had on the breed and they fit both cats almost perfectly so I know if they’re reliable or not. If you just want the scanner, get it. If you want to use the chat, use another app, or website, that lets you chat about cats. I hope that was helpful
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4 years ago, Nickname78902
Cat Scanner
This app is decent, I like how you can have a feed and post funny pics of your cat and other animals but I am very disappointed in the actual scanner, it’s not accurate at all and said my dog was a Siamese cat. It would be a nice feature to add if you could maybe some how block people from commenting on your posts or just block them in general. I would like for the report button to be more recognized because there are a lot of disrespectful and rude individuals. I am very disappointed that nothing is done to the disrespectful people and it makes me very sad because people are truly bullied on both cat and dog scanner and absolutely nothing is done, I left cat scanner because of this reason and I believe the developers need to put a stop to that. I hope you take this into consideration because I am giving you my honest opinion and what I feel needs to be done to improve it.
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5 years ago, Sad7 year old boy
I love look at humans a tells you what kind of cat you are and I love it my parents like it and if you do a little bit of research that you can go back to school and tell your teacher all about it but if you can’t I wouldn’t like it but are you have to do is take photos it was search you can spin around the bar couple times then also you can like see what kind of cat you are or what kind of cat your cat is but if your cat is running it will not work because it’s on my cat was a dog ha ha ha .!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙀😻😺😸😼😿😾😽😹😽😿😻😺😺😼😼😼😹😽😽🙀😺😸😼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👊🏿🤞🏻🙌🏻👐🏻🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🎱
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2 years ago, Shidoni16
Can’t figure out my cat and crashes lots
I’ve had this for a year or two and at first it was generally pretty precise about my cat mix usually saying at least some British shorthair or Russian blue with Bangal and a few others but lately it’s saying things that are not even close to what it use to determine my cat and even more recently won’t stop crashing after scanning or when tapping to see the last several scan results. Pretty much unusable if you can’t even get any results or if results are constantly giving huge difference in each scan for the same cat. I’m only giving this a three star because it used to work well but now it doesn’t.
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1 year ago, Xena Rules
I used this app for maybe 5 mins. The first pic I posted I knew my cat was a tabby and it was correct. The second pic I posted I knew my cat was a calico and it was correct. After that, things went all over the place. It did correctly identify a pic of a leopard I posted. Then it said my girlfriend was a new breed of short haired domestic cat! If an app can’t tell the difference between a cat and a person then it shouldn’t exist. I deleted. Had some fun with it, laughed a bit, and now I can move on. Side note…it did crash every time the results popped up. I quickly took screen shots so I could see what the results are. Another reason to delete.
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2 years ago, super bad error
Great app and great scans but there’s kinda a problem
So the scans are 100% accurate but if the cat is just slightly not looking at the camera it does it wrong and if you try to take a picture while it’s sleeping the cat usually is sleeping in a weird way so it can’t scan as well and if it’s not sleeping weird then there could be something slightly in the way and if it’s like that than it can’t scan correctly either but other than that the scanning is very accurate and very good
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3 years ago, bow bow siwa 200
Love it!!
I love this app I am known as Buttons&Oreo&Xander on this app (they are all Tuxedo cats!!) And these scans are amazing at first my vet thought Buttons wasn’t a Tuxedo cat she thought he was a Maine Coon he’s most certainly not but I didn’t know that yet As he grew, I kept thinking there was something wrong with him he didn’t look like a Maine Coon and he wasn’t as big as a Maine Coon I got this app and scanned him he was 87% Tuxedo cat and I thought huh he does kind of look like a Tuxie I took him to another vet and Mr Jacobs (the vet) told me he was a Tuxedo cat Wow!! This app knows everything!! It knows more than my vet 😂 Also social feed is fun and nice I love seeing other people’s cats and it makes my day to see people liking my posts and commenting about how cute my cats are! Thank you for reading this, hope you have a blessed day 😘
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2 years ago, YEET THEM HAHA
Fake and not accurate!
So I took about 3 pictures and it said my cat was a mix of Rag doll, Turkish van, and snowshoe cat. I was so happy I knew what breed my cat was! But then, I realized how a lot of these apps are fake so just to make sure, I did it again with different pictures but the same cat. It gave me 4 totally new breeds so I was like, I knew it was fake! But I tried again with one photo this time and it gave me Siamese which I KNOW my cat isn’t Becuase my cats the total opposite! So now I don’t know which scan to belive. But I do know this app is not accurate and fake, to those people to think it’s awsome you might want to try again with different photos but same cat to make sure you actually know the breed! 😡
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2 years ago, Fylidknnn
It's a nice app, but...
The following app is useful since it precisely identifies the breed of one's cat or any cat. I discovered that my cat is a mixed breed with the use of this software, and I was given percentages of the breeds he is mixed with, as well as what breed he is primarily. The big volume of advertisements each use is a disadvantage of this software. I feel like I get an advertisement every three clicks. Furthermore, the advertisements are lengthy, and I am unable to skip through them. Aside than that, it's an excellent software.
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2 years ago, The movie theater
I love this app! Only one problem…
This app brings me joy everyday with the feed. The nice people and there cats! The only problem I have with this app is that it won’t let me follow anyone. I do it all correctly but when I exit the app and then enter it again it says I’m not following anyone. This is not a huge problem but it is frequently annoying.
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9 months ago, ✨🐈‍⬛I love cats🐈✨
Pretty trash but I’m keeping it for some reason…
So first of all this is the first bad review I’ve ever done and I dunno if this’ll even show up but if it does and you see this keep reading I beg you. So if I scan the wall (yes the wall you read that right) IT WILL SAY ITS A “MIX OF BREEDS”!? like it says it’s usually always “accurate” but it isn’t like I was scrolling in the breeds on the day I wrote this and I see a drawing of a monkey type thing and in the box and it says ITS A “CAT”…so yeah don’t download this it’s not worth it and it just takes up space if you have lots of apps so I do not recommend thank you for reading - sincerely a cat person.🐱🥨
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5 years ago, Joeandjerr3642
It is a great app, but it thought that my cat was a Manx (means it has no tail) and it is giving out all these weird theories of what breed(s) she could be. I’ve been trying for a long time to find out what breed she is, and I would say this app does a lot to help determine what breed(s) she could be. And because this app is accurate but not the most accurate (mostly if you don’t get the tail in the picture unless your cat actually is a Manx). I enjoy to use this app so I can determine some day what breed(s) she is.
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2 years ago, Oof Me Poof reveiwer
Hasn’t Worked for Whole Day
I got this app yesterday and have been trying to get it to work since then, tried probably 10 times, yes I’ve tried restarting everything and such, nothing works. At first it said they were doing an update and servers were busy, so come back later. I came back around 4 hours later, still same message, that’s fine. Checked again in about another 3 hours, and I did receive a new message! Only this one said their servers were too busy from the amount of people using the app and to come back later. How long is “later”??
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2 years ago, thbda
This helped me
This helped me a lot because i have two cats and they were brothers and for six months i did not know what breed they were until this app thank you so much to who ever created this you are awesome and amazing this is such a big help to me now i can just know that they are Russian blues thank you so much have a happy thankgiving
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11 months ago, Gamergirl Games
This app is so cool
I have a 9 week old kitten. I often let his momma into the apartment because she likes it so I know what she looks like but I don't know the breed. I only saw his dad once or twice outside. The results look 100% accurate! The first result of his mixed breed looks exactly like his mom and the second looks exactly like his dad!
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4 years ago, Sistermadly1
Doesn’t Work
The first four times I used this app it worked well; it accurately detected my Maine Coon’s breed, and the results from my domestic shorthair rescue made sense. But after the fourth scan it started giving me a message saying too many people were using the app, and to try again later. I’ve retried many, many times, but get the same message. There’s no way this app is being used that much. I’m assuming it’s a ploy to get you to pay for the ad free version, so for that reason alone, even if I absolutely loved the app, I wouldn’t pay for the upgrade. This useless app is getting deleted!
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3 years ago, so many ads.
Could have nice features. But too many ads to tell
I’m all for ads because I get what they accomplish for free apps. But when an app has so many ads that I can’t even use an app to see if I even want premium, then that’s ridiculous. I have two cats and I spent more time watching timed ads for my first cat at Every. Single. Stage of figuring out what my cat was. That I just deleted it before I even got to my second cat. Certainly not got to pay for premium because I won’t stick around long enough to see what features the app has. There are so many long, repeated ads that hold you hostage before you can bypass them that I got irritated by the app itself, and left me with a negative image of the app brand. There is no way I’ll give a company money that thinks that’s okay. Deleted. Won’t use it. Won’t upgrade. Won’t download anything else the company makes.
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2 years ago, lauren the man
Does what it needs to!
I enjoy this app! I downloaded it to see what my cats breed was and it made sense. I have other cats so I used it on them to, the results on them ! My account is Lauren :Owere perfect as well. Not only is it a cat scanner, it can scan dogs and horse's for some reason?! You can also post your animals
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9 months ago, xxT3lkingg1rlxYT
not great
considering this is a random mobile game/ app probably made by 10 or less people, its decent. it probably gets you money. but its very inaccurate most of the time, it said my mega-mixed russian blue was a british shorthair. i also imported some of my art of cats i made and it thought they were real cats, i also imported a drawing of a made up creature from a game that my friend made and it said it was an exotic shorthair. the scans are only ever even somewhat accurate if you send in a photo of a front-facing, awake, mainly purebred cat. it also confuses alot of other animals for cats. the ui is cute and the overall design of the app is pretty, i also like the fact you can share cat pictures with other users. but there should be an option to block and/or report people 3/10
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3 years ago, gekcollins
I scanned 4 of my Purebred RagaMuffins and got horrible results... not even close to identifying what they are.. 3 of them are Grand Champion retired show cats ... they were very good examples of the breed...also Tuxedo and Tortoiseshell are not breeds.... tuxedo is a description of a color pattern... my black and white RagaMuffin came up 95% tuxedo breed!!!..his color pattern can be described as tuxedo... my black smoke tortie came up as being tortoise shell breed and mixed breed!! Both cats were shown for years as RagaMuffins in ACFA and did very well .. there was never a question about their breed... don’t rely on this app for correct identification... use it for fun only...
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1 year ago, Harloweee7
Cat scanner app
So it’s obviously a cat app where you send cute pictures of your cats to people and scan different cats to find out what type they are right? WRONG. To start every time someone says something about someone else’s cats, another person will be like, “well my cat is cuter and your just jealous of my cat!” And then another person will back them up and it turns into a mess! Second off the scanner is not at all correct! I have a British Shorthair and it said mine was a Burmilla cat. I would not recommend this app at all.
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4 years ago, UserAshBob
Thank u so much
Thank you . This app deserves the 5 stars. I tried to write the review 4 times though lol and i put lots of caps though but now ill just stick to lowercase. But thank you so much no in app purchases nonsense only ads and I’m cool with that :D. I scanned my kitty 3 times it kept saying Calico cat so its accurate . I recommend downloading. What are u waiting for GO GET IT.
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3 years ago, wwwinkie
Nebelung stray
We suspected a Nebelung since my granddaughter found the breed online. No one wanted to take in the stray kitten so I took what e thought was a female to my house. Vet estimated him to be about 2 months old. Yes—he’s a boy!! This app is great. My first scan was 99% Nebelung and the second scan 95% Nebelung. I’d never heard of one before.
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6 days ago, Swiftforlife
My 5 star review
Hi! I think this app is really good. If you can’t find your cat then you can upload from the gallery! Some things might not be accurate but if you do a different picture it’s more accurate! Highly recommended this app!
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5 years ago, LeChatNoir999
Fun but don’t take it seriously
It’s told me my black cat is a dog, which amuses me because he’s very dog-like, a Burmese, a Manx, an Oriental shorthair and a Maine Coon. It also told me that my other cat is 98% Maine Coon. She might be part Maine Coon but not 98%. I like playing with it to see what I’ll get. I have had lots of foster cats and kittens so it’s fun to do but I don’t take the results seriously. It has provided me with lots of entertainment though!
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4 years ago, angel g from corkerii
Really Good App
Honestly I didn't think it would be possible to have an app be able to do this but it's crazy accurate when you use multiple photos instead of just one for your cat. Love the app and definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, Kitty astronaut!
Amazing app!
I got this app as a joke but found an amazing cat community on it. I know that the cat scanner isn’t the best and it’s not always right but it’s fun seeing what type of cat mine might be! And this app is the best cat scanner that I’ve gotten so far I recommend it 😁
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12 months ago, Midnight Kitkat kitty paw
Cat scanner is great, but…
Hello! I love this app so much! Especially the fact that it has its own little community. I’ve been using this all for 5 years and made so many great friends! But there is one issue, I got banned for no reason. Idk if it’s a permanent ban or not but it’s still rather disappointing.
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1 year ago, Zera😊
Totally recommend!!
CS is a great way to share pics of your cat and make new friends. The community is amazing and I’ve made many friends on here! Although it said my black cat (known as a Bombay or an American Shorthair, though my cat is a Bombay), it said that he was a Siamese cat once. Not that accurate, but it’s still decent!
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1 year ago, Daniela rorres
Great free app
I downloaded this app after trying so many other apps that make you pay. This app took less than 30 seconds to give me my results and they are very true!
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3 years ago, musical cat lady
Plain annoyed
So I got this app yesterday trying to figure out what kind of cat my cat is but today when i went on trying to help my friend figure out what her cat is it wouldn’t let me 😾 I went on history and tapped on the cats name and it totally kicked me out of the app!! So don’t come hunting me down if you don’t like my comment just figure it out by yourself 😾😠 Have a wonderful day may god bless you all 😇
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5 years ago, GhostGamer1
Amazing and Helpful, I recommend
So, I found out one of my cats is a Maine Coon (I was thinking about that in the first place, it read my mind). And my young cat is a Snowshoe cat! (I know it’s true because she’s small and doesn’t have a lot of fur). I recommend it’s really helpful.
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1 year ago, #COWGIRL FOR LIFE
Pretty Good And Fun App!
The only problem I have with this app is every time I try to post a picture of my cat it says this violates the community guidelines which I don’t understand cause it’s a picture with a cat in it but that’s the only flaw about it other than that it’s a super fun app!👍🏼
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2 years ago, Katlouis
Was working, now crashes after scan runs
Have run this periodically as my kitten has grown (various results and the dna test registered more ragdoll than anything else, but he doesn’t looks like a ragdoll, so not surprised it doesn’t come up). But today, except when I selected only 1 image, the app crashes when, or before) the scan finishes running.
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2 years ago, Pinga71
Doesn’t even work correctly
I have a mixed tuxedo cat and I wanted to see what kind of mixed breed she was. First time was the video option. And while waiting, it crashed. So I switched to the camera option. It did work. But I went to see the breed and it crashed. I opened the app for the 3rd time and it did work for a little bit. Up until I got to my recent scans and it crashed. This app doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, Zoix11
So far so good
I work at PAWS and foster animals that come to me with the most ridiculous breed descriptions and you can’t advise on a temperament based in part on breed when they cannot get close. I won’t lie I tried another app first and it narrowed both my MainCoon and my Himalayan down to the same 5: Possible Rag Doll, Russian Blue etc.
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2 years ago, I Cant Get Skins
It crashes after I open it for a few seconds
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5 years ago, nani yass
Wow amazing
I think this app is amazing I scan my cats and it told me everything about my cat and I wanted to try something and I scan myself and it told me I was a human being and at least it didn’t think I was a cat ! Which is good lol 😂
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3 years ago, Ravanasaouros
Worked (kind of)
Every time a put in an image of my cat, it came back as 90-something percent calico which… yes, she is, but it is kind of frustrating considering calico isn’t actually a breed. I do wish coloring/pattern was in a category separate from the actual breed, but at least it was accurate?
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2 years ago, floofy poofy loofy cat
Very inaccurate and crashes. Don’t get
Every time I go and scan my tabby cat it says something different and it’s in the exact position every time. Also lately it has been crashing every time when it’s done scanning. It will get done scanning and load and it will show words for a millisecond and then it logs me out. I don’t even have time to read what it says. Very bad please fix this. 👍
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5 years ago, Kittykisser101
Super awesome
This lets you scan people and cats I never new there were sooo many cats. The problem is that if you scan the same cat like three times it will give you different types each time.
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2 years ago, reviewer 502 777 1111
Great app but glitches
This app is great and I love it but sometimes when I open the app it just closes and goes back to my Home Screen and I’m not sure how to fix it
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4 years ago, Breana
Gave it another try
Decided to try this app again, and gotta say, they really improved the accuracy! Wasn’t expecting much but was pretty impressed with the results. Nicely done
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3 years ago, Gamer1270
It’s actually better then a lot of scanners....
Can you make an update where you can post videos and the max video time is 1 minute?... I would love that update...... Love Bluebelle and Willow. (Gray small cat(Bluebelle) Gray striped kitten with some white(Willow)) might change user soon. Byeeeeee 😻
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3 years ago, A Kitty A Cat
Doesn’t Work
I scanned my friend’s purebred Scottish Fold and the app said that it was 85% tabby (which isn’t even a breed, but a pattern). Scottish Fold wasn’t even listed as a possibility, despite the fact that it should have been easy to identify due to the folded ears. In other words, this isn’t accurate at all. So go ahead and have fun scanning humans, dogs, trees, etc., into the app, but don’t expect it to accurately guess your cats’ breed(s).
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4 years ago, cooltacocat25
Social media
To parents that don’t like social media don get this, otherwise great app so u can scan your cat ur self and it will tell you what breed it is. It is also basically social media for cat photos lol anyways great app
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4 months ago, ABonanski
App kept crashing
I was able to use it long enough to view the results for literally two seconds before the app crashed. Any time I tried to re-open and review the results, same thing.
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4 years ago, $#awertyyuu
I love this app. We never really knew what breed our cat is until I decided to download this amazing app. Even my sister and my mom agrees it looks exactly like the cat in the picture. Now we finally know what breed our cat is! Thanks!!!🤗
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1 year ago, reeeereeeerrre
To be honest better then I thought it would be
I got the cat breeds pretty well and did a good job and made sure to add the ones that I knew my cat was
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