CBS 17 News

4.7 (2.1K)
86.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Media General
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for CBS 17 News

4.66 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Needed4ParktonNC
This is more than a Review, it’s a Plea too. One night during a terrible storm, Bill was on. We have to get our news from WBTW but we in NC are second class citizens when it comes to our NC news. If we get a small breeze or fog we loose signal. Bill was there and included Robeson County in his broadcast. You sold me that night. I wish you all would cover this state line to line and beyond. Folks on satellite can’t tell you who the Governor is in NC. MCMASTER is doing great things. And Sports. Hands down the best. You are top of the line on sports. News desk. Your great too. Just wish you were down here more. Wishing all of you a Wonderful and Happy New Year. God Bless You!!!
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6 years ago, Pk retired
Uptodate news
Well I like this new app. You can always rely on 17 to be up on the latest news. I keep up with the other two channels also, and 17 will have stories that the other two do not. Would like to see more human interest stories. A feel good story. There is so many bad stories, that would be the only thing I would like to see. Like the set up of having local, Nc, and national separation . Very good reporting
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6 years ago, Reader100567
Rating App
This app does need some work. There are always several errors per story to include typos, missing verbs, autocorrected words that are grammatically incorrect or confusing, etc. I have got to the point I can tell who has written the article before looking depending on the errors. More editorial oversight and better proofreading are needed. If it is not just disinterest or rushing and is actually English grammar deficiencies then educate your authors or replace them. I read your app several times day and love the up to the minute updates but more pride in the articles is needed.
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5 years ago, MaybeeUKnowMe
Beat Weather Coverage
17 has the most comprehensive weather coverage in the area - to the point, informative and reliable. The app doesn’t always have the latest weather coverage, in times of urgent & important weather events though - wish it did. Getting a 5:PM report at 8:PM is normally great, but not when you are tracking a hurricane. - I took 1 star off for that and the lack of working custom tailored notification topics, which I set up, but it still sends everything.
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6 years ago, Banzai74
News coverage
Your app always keeps us up to date and brings what we want in news and weather coverage, thanks for being there
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4 months ago, SimpletonTaken
Fixed bug
Would like to have the old 17 app back. After whatever fix you fixed now I have giant letters and etc that your app has no settings for size. This only happened after the fix . Never had a prior problem before. I did prefer 17 over WRAL 5 app but now I use WRAL 5 that doesn’t have big giant letters, numbers etc especially on the bottom of 17 has letters on top of each other like blocks.
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4 years ago, PanthersFan45
No longer works
I have used an iPhone SE for the past few years and previously I liked the app. With the latest update the app no longer works and hangs up saying it can’t find a network and to retry. No other news app (or any app) I have has this issue. I have deleted it and will get my news from the competing news stations. I’d contact the web developer through the CBS17 app but it can’t be done if it can’t even be opened.
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5 years ago, Tjhe Sportsman
The Best
17 News is the best in the area and I don’t know why You are not on Direct TV. I am getting ready to drop Direct TV because you are not longer on Direct TV. Hope you stay on Spectrum ! Love all your people. Jerry
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7 years ago, Yo beans
Needs some work
Most of the time when I get an alert and use it to go to the app for the story, it's nowhere to be found. Very frustrating. The radar in the wether section didn't work well the last time I used it (a couple of weeks ago). I'm trying to use your app but WRAL is still better.
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5 years ago, ftugfewdgu
Too many pages
To hard to get on live news programs
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6 years ago, De'borah
I Enjoy the Alerts!
I enjoy the weather alerts as well as the announcing of closings during bad weather. Keep up the great work!!!
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4 years ago, Highland Cnty viewer
Freezing up
We are having problems with 17s app freezing up. Scroll doesn’t work, and if you try to go back to main page the app just drops.
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6 years ago, a boy called bob
My new favorite news app.
Easy to read and good local news
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3 years ago, 7403dah
Earlier version was much better
Overall, don’t like the new app. Only used this new app for the last ten minutes, already miss the old app which had a much nicer, BIGGER radar map display. Liked the old layout for the weather forecast. Now the old app doesn’t work, and I’m stuck with this one.
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5 years ago, darrellnc
Your weather reporting is superb and the news is not bad either.
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3 years ago, Cookie Dips
Local news cbs 17
Great news I really enjoyed the topics of the story
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4 years ago, Hiemdell
App crashes
This is the best of the local stations for reporting news. Unfortunately the app has a lot of glitches. On my iPhone, it crashes every single time I open it. It is impossible to play videos from, and the ads seem to be the only thing that work.
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4 years ago, trinandbentsmom
Love your news but
Love reading the news on the app but there are a lot of issues. App freezes or either shuts down while reading.
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4 months ago, mytzlplk70
Buggy app
Enjoy watching CBS17 and used to enjoy the mobile app. Seems there is a conflict between the appa d iOS17.x - it keeps asking for initial data and regardless of how many times I enter said data, the app loops back to the initial data entry screen. Deleting it for now…
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4 years ago, EllieB44
Channel 17
Quick and complete coverage.
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2 years ago, Gabasauruss
3 Tornado Warnings and I'm watching a 30s ad
My area is in three tornado warnings and every single time I leave and return to the app for live coverage, I have to watch a 30 second ad. Will be looking for a different news app.
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4 years ago, Everywhereness
App gets stuck frequently and crashes. Also videos start when not authorized.
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3 years ago, Me, high level GB
I travel around the state a lot and even into the neighboring states. I like your old app to let me know where the weather was going on. I now find it to be cumbersome and will be switching to something else.
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4 years ago, iAladdin
Buggy and outdated
Turned all notifications off in app settings and app still delivers notifications. I had to disable notifications from phone settings
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6 years ago, Cbcastil
Great Tool
Easy to use and see!
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4 months ago, Odiegma
App won’t open
App won’t open to news since update. Only goes to notification page.
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3 years ago, Goodbread87
Hard to navigate between news sections. Clunky.
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5 years ago, matthew dugger
For Angela Taylor
Angela is one of the best
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7 years ago, Bassingrass
Needs some work
I liked the previous version better. Navigation is not easy
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2 years ago, Ohnogo
Please develop an app for Roku
Great station but need a Roku app for live broadcasts of noon and 6 and 11.
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6 years ago, Jay112323
I Hate Local News
Why does local CBS think they are more important than a football game? Nobody wants to see amateur hurricane coverage.
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4 months ago, 164836
What happened?
When the app was updated three days ago, it broke on my iphone 15S. I deleted it off my iphone and then downloaded again. It opens and then automatically closes and I can’t get it to work. Any ideas of what to try?
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7 years ago, Paccary
Poorly designed app. Difficult to navigate
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7 years ago, Clarkvivo69
Live TV?
Where is it?
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4 years ago, Icomprendido
Concise and Precise
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10 years ago, Talalas girl
Raleigh station
This is a clear, logical site to maneuver around. I just wish the weather app had a map that was current. When I zoomed in to an area that I know has been developed, it still shows construction. The station manager seems to listen to the community needs and has an apparent excellent rapport with the station team.
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11 years ago, Optimoose Prime
NBC 17
The app is easy to use and very useful. I work odd hours and can't always catch the news, so I just pull out my phone click on the app and be caught up with ease in seconds. Keep up the great work on the news and the apps
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8 years ago, jes2008
Nice update, BUT...
...this app eats up battery life like an old V8 guzzles gas! It would be great if there was a way to make this app run more efficiently. Once, I opened this app and I had about 25% battery life, as soon as I opened it, my phone went dead. I thought maybe it reset itself or something. No. It was just dead. Need to work on the battery usage on this one. Otherwise, the interface is much better and easier to read.
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11 years ago, BR6969
The info is there but....
WNCN has been my local news source for almost 20 years....and still is. That said, the app is - at least in my opinion - poorly designed, burdensome to navigate, and graphically outdated. It ease of use, graphic design, and user friendliness pales in comparison to the completion locally and nationally. I rely on NBC 17 for my live on TV local news coverage when I have the luxury of sitting in front of my TV (rarely)but use ABC 11's website as my online source.
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11 years ago, Parentheses
Love it
Very reliable, I check it every morning. As a college student I rely on being able to get news on anything and everything at anytime of day and this app allows me to do that.
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11 years ago, dst794
Blank pages
This app was a little less flashy than the other local news apps, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. I would have kept it, but whenever I would switch from the main page to read an article there was never any text. Only a photo was visible. What's the point of a news app if you can't read the news .
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10 years ago, DragTheWaters919
Best Raleigh-area news app
Push notifications aren't as frequent as most other news apps which makes things a lot easier.
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10 years ago, Jw6024
Go to news site
Dependable site for local news and weather
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12 years ago, ncmomgoinczy
Great app!
I'm really enjoying this app. I've had it for about a week or so and haven't come across any issues. It's appealing to the eye and has great features. It's a one stop all app. From news to sports and weather and more. Great app!
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9 years ago, takemyjobrob
SMART news app!
User-friendly & fast. But, more importantly, this is a news team that clearly gets it. The push notifications are relevant & intelligent. Useful, empowering app.
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11 years ago, alainaking
Love it
As a mother of 2 that works full time I don't have time to watch the news on TV. This app lets me stay up to date on the news on the go!
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11 years ago, Crispy132
Keeps me current locally & globally
Great app with great user interface; well thought out. Keeps me informed on the go with constant and consistent updates. Must have for locals.
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8 years ago, DigustedinRDU
WHAT is Up With the Button Alerts?
GEEZE Louise! I really do think the web people at WNCN have the app set up to send out an alert EVERY SINGLE TIME someone at the station flushes the commode. It's annoying to the point that it's ridiculous! Ever hear the tale about the boy who cried wolf? He started getting IGNORED. In today's world, your settings get changed - OR you get deleted!
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9 years ago, NC Tar Heel
Great news source
Up to the minute notifications of news events. Very good local news source.
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12 years ago, Flipasu
Great app
Informative and well rounded updated news site. Love the ability to see traffic anywhere!
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