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CBT Nuggets
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for CBT Nuggets

4.88 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Colin1374
Please add “My Courses”
I love the app and the instructors (studying for my CCENT/CCNA) but I tend to move between my iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. On all of them, it tends to be tough to get to all of the courses I’m following. I have no problem if it’s the last video I watched on iPad, but every single time on Apple TV I have to search for the course again. That’s my only complaint on the app side. Also, I really wish the per month cost was a little lower. Udemy charges per course and they’re usually $12. Now, CBTnuggets might argue they have better instructors, and you’re probably right because your reputation is huge. I wish it was pay per course or a little lower monthly cost. My only two gripes, otherwise 4.5/5!
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5 years ago, youmehesheuswe
Great Content, Lacks Features
I was recently given a CBT Nuggets account through work. While the content on CBT is great and the app is clean, the lack of features I’m used to in services like Udemy are not, especially when you consider the cost of CBT. No way to subscribe to or join a course (I have to create playlists for each course to keep track and I can’t even create a playlist from the app), no bookmarking or notes can be taken, no community Q&A, no Google Cast support to stream to a TV for viewing, no resource links or supplementary material, etc. This is honestly disappointing because I find myself wanting to access the videos but get so frustrated by the lack of some of these basic features that I don’t use it at all. More importantly, I feel like my company has wasted their money. CBT if you’re listening, help me learn with your app. Start with allowing video course subscriptions or the ability to create playlists from the app and Chromecast support. This service could be so much better.
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4 years ago, tôphât
High quality trainer from highly knowledgeable and energetic trainers
The trainers at CBT Nuggets have a knack for teaching and you can tell that they thoroughly enjoy doing what they do. IT can be a boring field to study, but the training videos provided by these guys and gals are jam packed with knowledge and entertainment that it has been such a joyful experience learning with them. The amount of high motivational energy and thorough knowledge (both in theory and in the real world) that these trainers supply ends up producing such a high quality training product that you’ll literally want to learn every field in IT. Thank you to all the trainers for your guidance and experiences in IT. They have been very helpful.
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3 years ago, one time faxer
Premium quality!
The CBT nuggets app works great! Very similar to the udemy app your able to download for offline viewing control video quality and able to speed up or slow down content. Very impressed with the current up to date courses they have premium audio quality and great video quality! You get what you pay for and I highly recommend cbt nuggets!!! Was originally on the fence about them. But after doing my ccna with them after using others I will continue to come back because they offer excelente premium quality and the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful!
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5 years ago, SNMPv5.0
Most Have Training Resource
Could not have been any happier with CBT Nuggets. The hands on labs, amazing instructors who explain concepts simply, while keeping your attention and all of the resources, including accountability coaches were a major help in my success. I will continue to utilize CBT Nuggets as a additional resource as I continue on my continued education path and will recommend this resource to anyone who is able to utilize it. Make sure to use the forums and accountability couches. Molly Billow, was so helpful and gave me the additional push, and recommendations of resources needed to pass my first Microsoft Exam. Great work!!
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4 years ago, Peace5066
Online IT Training
Very good training, I have been a customer off and on for years now. Love all the courses they have. The instructors are great and make it fun to learn! If you are looking to up your IT skills or just trying to break into the industry CBT nuggets is one of the best options for sure. I wish the price was around 50$ a month but they have made it more affordable than in the past where at one point it was around 100$ a month. I like what is included also the labs and practice tests are very helpful.
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4 months ago, Umbravorax
My favorite learning platform
I first discovered CBT Nuggets through training videos offered at work. This was a few years back and I’m happy to say the quality of the App and content has only gotten better. With the help of these videos, practice tests, and labs I’ve been able to pass multiple certification exams and use the knowledge daily in my job. Excellent content!
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4 years ago, mccdrew
Subscription ended early, and There is no Customer Service.
I paid for my month of service. I was watching videos and opened the app back up less than an hour later and it said I had to pay again to continue. I checked my billing and I was only about 3 weeks into my month of service and was in autopay. I emailed 3 times over a week with no response. I tried both phone numbers on their website one always gives the busy signal, and the other rings to a marketing firm. With how expensive this service is, this is unacceptable. I feel like I have just had my money stolen from me. Save the headache and go with Linux Academy or some other service. They are cheaper anyways.
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5 years ago, Neg C
Picture-in-Picture (controls Freeze)
Hi! I’m constantly having to close the app and reopen the app when using the picture-in-picture mode. The video controls disappear when switching back to regular viewing. Also it would be nice if we can get a 10 second rewind when in picture-in-picture. This way I don’t have go back to the app to then switch to regular viewing mode, which is when the controls disappear forcing me to close the app and start over for a 10sec rewind. The feature is Great (when it works) as I’m using the iPad to take notes while watching and listening. Please fix this bug. Thank you!
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6 years ago, lukezering
Great resource App needs help
Let me start off by saying the training is amazing! I am learning so much so quickly! I have a request to make and I feel that it is not a difficult request to fulfill. The app should support split-view so that someone can take notes on the side while watching the video content. when using side-overlay view with notes, you cut off ~15% of the content. iPad Pro users could benefit incredibly by being able to take notes while listening/watching the content.
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6 years ago, RunsWithScissors09
Great information
For those who are willing to put in the work, these instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and tend to take everything 1 step at a time so as to not leave you behind. In 3 days I already feel 200% more confident in networks and IP address knowledge. Thanks to Keith barker for doing a tremendous job with his programs. I think the cost per month of this program is a million times better than any college or university.
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6 years ago, C-LeRo
Simply the best
I’ve tried many other video based Cisco videos and they all had one thing in common, they were boring. The material was alright but the monotone voices and lackluster commentary made it hard to stay awake. CBT nuggets is the exception it sounds like they actually care about the subject and want to teach you how to pass the test and also know what you are doing. If you are looking for a certification lessons this is your place.
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5 months ago, Zayd Kamal
Life Changing E-Learning program
The staff at CBT nuggets really put your mind at ease the way they hold your hand and walk you through the world of IT. I’ve spent 3 years studying my IT on my own and I can say if I’ve learned from these guys during the pandemic I would absolutely have reached all of my goals 2 years ago.
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2 years ago, Spiritoflife07
1 star for obvious reasons
The gui for this app is the least thought out design. Any person who has used the app for an hour could point out obvious improvements. Trying to pickup where you left off from the pc is a joke. Dashboard and training clumps a big class into a bunch of smaller chunks leaving you to scroll and scroll and scroll to figure out where you left off having to expand the sections etc. after fiddling with the app for 5 minutes you might as well just use a computer. TLDR the app gui is not user friendly just use the PC. The training from CBT nuggets is top notch.
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6 years ago, mrmcweird
Updated: Needs better iPad resolution
Developer allows this app to work on an iPad, but it’s definitely not optimized for it. I’m using the iPad Pro 12.9” and everything is just scaled up. It would be nice to see native resolution like most apps. Update: Thanks for updating the resolution so quickly! Only took 1 week from submitting the review. 5 stars now.
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1 year ago, bxjwbticnsne
Love CBTNuggets
I have always gone back to CBT. They are always excited to teach and are fun to listen to. I have switched to multiple different platforms to learn new content, but always manage to go back to CBT. Only thing that is rough is it’s $59 a month but it is worth every penny. Love listening to CBT nuggets.
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7 years ago, I_Love_Tech
Good but needs better Airplay support
Overall this is a good app for a great service. The information available is top quality. My only complaint is the lack of proper AirPlay support. The app will direct video to an Apple TV if you have AirPlay enabled from control center, however, your phone must remain unlocked for it to work. This is very annoying and obviously not going to help your battery life. Fix that and you’ll easily have five stars from me.
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3 years ago, Ricoszx
Love the content but not the app.
The app appears to be buggy at least with the latest release of IPad OS. Marked answer will sometimes disappear in the quizzes. Not being able to see the correct answer does not help. Adding an explanation would definitely improve the entire app. Also, I see no option to leave comments or questions through the different videos. Clear and constant communication with the training authors is a key components to clarify on doubts.
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1 month ago, FirewallB
New Platform issues
I love all the content and the app, however their new adept platform doesn’t seem to work well with the iOS app. If I launch something like the new ccna or nsx course, the app crashes. Other courses come up with no issues.
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1 year ago, Gjuhnke
Great for IT
I use this for work and self studying. It is all pretty easy to find and the videos are easy to watch. I also go on here to find stuff I am troubleshooting to see what else I can try. Great app and even better instructions.
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5 years ago, ezra.spence
Fantastic service and great app
CBTNuggets has both the content and the platform you want to improve your IT knowledge. Other competitors may have good videos, but CBTNuggets is so easy to use. Their bite-sized videos really help you stay focused. It’s also nice to go back and review exactly what you want to know!
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3 years ago, E Hunter Harrison
App crashes when tapping sy0-601 material
I specifically downloaded this app for the new security+ nuggets. My friends have glowing reviews, and having personal experience with CBT nuggets, I was ready to go with it! I get all signed up and now the app instantly crashes into the background when I select the material I need to view (security+ 601 materials). The other material seems to load fine! I will be happy to amend this review upon resolution.
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4 years ago, Whizzle69
Good way to learn
I’ve known about cbt nuggets for years but never applied myself to watch videos. I passed core 1 A+ today with video nuggets and a supplemental book. I find I get so much more info put in my brain than reading, I can download videos and study at any time. Experienced one minor glitch with app with one nugget but I just watched on my PC.
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7 years ago, Ambessaw
CBT Nuggets is the best
I’ve been using CBT Nuggets for years and the training just gets better with time. The approved app let’s you download more than 10hrs now which is exactly what I need with 15hrs flights and the ability to change subjects after a few hours! Apple TV app is great too!
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2 years ago, netgirl20
Sync between desktop and cel app account
I used my pc and and my phone and normally the last video I watched on the pc when I go to the app is not the same and I have to search for it.
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4 years ago, Komoner
I am happy to have CBT Nuggets, as I have a desire and extreme interest in networking, I have found these guys to be extremely helpful. The price is great, and for the price I feel I’m getting more than my money’s worth. Anyways, they are rad guys that have a passion and it helps get me fired up!
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1 year ago, Robbs11
Would love to see a favorites tab so I can favorite a course and just go back to my videos without having to search for the course.
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4 years ago, Chat2Cathi
Overall I would use again if I had training to complete. There are no tests available for this newer Citrix training so I definitely feel at a disadvantage there. In fact there is only one training cbt for it. The teacher - Jacob Moran explains the cbt really really well!!! Thank you for helping!!
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1 year ago, ThisIsMyReviewNicknameE
Excellent content
Quality video content. Significantly better than random online with cheap green screens and zero personality. CBT keeps your attention while providing the knowledge you need
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2 years ago, Spartan SoLow
Best learning and training tool
I love this app and the CBT Nuggets company. It is very easy to use and the instructors are very informative, easy to follow and look like they really enjoy what they teach. I highly recommend this app/program.
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2 years ago, Boredomwon
It’s a great platform
Over the years I’ve used multiple platforms but this one for sure is the best. The mobile app needs some work, but overall great resources.
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2 years ago, jbest7890
Best IT training out there
Between identically and itprotv I would highly recommend cbtnuggets. Top quality with bite sized chunks for find exactly what you need for when you are stuck
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6 years ago, jluera88
Great training!!!!
It’s a great resource for learning more! I am however, annoyed with the stat display. It sometimes says different numbers or doesn’t match what I actually trained and displays 0. Again I’d like to mention the training truly is great and I hope to learn a lot from some of these trainers!
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4 years ago, Drolan
5 stars just wish I could afford to keep the sub
Absolutely amazing app— I love the instructors and course content! 10:10 would recommend! Just wish I could afford to keep the sub to keep learning
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5 years ago, Zunnu2009
Best Online IT training
This indeed the best CBT training for IT professionals. Training module so nicely made that you forget the time. Better than watching any movie. Just the price is very high. I wish all success for them. Nuggeters keep moving....😀😀😀
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4 months ago, Marvinsgt
Lab configuration for ENCOR and ENARSI Training
I really enjoy the study material for both the ENCOR and ENARSI training; however, I would like to be able to get the configurations for the labs used in ENCOR and ENARSI. Are the lab configuration available on your website?
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2 years ago, Tilly II
Succinct Training
I like that the topics are broken down into short videos. It allows me to study, practice and learn the different topic as I move through a specific larger subject in a book or a technology.
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1 year ago, WinterSoldier37
Offline viewing
I really wish that the course would download in order. It probably is my fault but cannot seem to figure it out.
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5 years ago, Ssblackouts
Works flawlessly
Awesome take on the go to get a refresh or learn a new topic.. I can download and listen on plane or just stream on my phone.. even includes the quizzes.. no hiccups at all
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2 years ago, nickname John was taken
Not the same app as the phone.
I was unable to sign in to my account, and the content I was working on was not available. The Apple TV app is not the same. I was so excited to be able to watch from the couch, and now very disappointed. Hope it’s a work in progress because I love CBT Nuggets.
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7 years ago, Bill753
CBT Nuggets
Excellent training experience! Having the ability to review as many times as needed has proven very helpful! The course selections are many and very informative.
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3 years ago, Baconbowtie
Crashes and won't load current courses
Dashboard would be nice to have current course or last course viewed.
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3 years ago, TheSQL-lover
A fun way to learn
I’ve watched the AZ103 and few Microsoft tests and they are amazing. Concepts are explained clear and in some cases with a pinch of humor. My only caveat is that in some cases they don’t go too deep. So I would not use CBT nuggets as your only method of preparation for any cert.
Show more
6 years ago, Grassbladesyo
Good time
Can learn two things at once when it plays power shell courses and Network+ at the same time. Just insanely amazing.
Show more
2 months ago, Cheaptasticname
Great but UI needs improvement.
Great videos. Very informative and fun to watch. The UI isn’t too good. It is a mess when looking for a certain topic and isn’t well fleshed out.
Show more
5 years ago, Magicalcuban
Incredible App!!!
The fact that there is now an AppleTV version available is so jizzy. If they could incorporate the live quizzes into the AppleTV too, I’m pretty sure my balls would do backflips.
Show more
2 years ago, Jlaboy71
It good but in can be better
Would be nice to take timeline notes, create timeline bookmarks, and share videos or a section of a video like a timeline video bookmark to a fellow CBT colleague.
Show more
1 year ago, [email protected]
Absolutely essential
This app is absolutely essential for anyone looking to get into tech or understand a specific skill p are withing the industry
Show more
2 years ago, Jay_964
I love the fast paced training, it is very engaging and digestible. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to sharpen their IT skills whilst studying for certs! 😁
Show more
1 year ago, MichaelDanthon
Great leaning app
Only gripe is it won’t let me do the exams on each video. It says I need to upgrade to premium membership but I already have.
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