CDL Prep

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Jeffrey Diaz
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for CDL Prep

4.69 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
10 months ago, PassedOnfirsttry!
I never write reviews but I had to this time. I live in South Carolina and wanted to get my CDL class A permit before obviously moving on to my skills test. I was told about this app out of a million other apps. I didn’t buy the SC DMV manual I just used this app. The general knowledge test is the hardest because you got to get 40 or more right out of 50 questions to pass. I studied the general knowledge, combinations and Air brakes from this app and I passed all 3 tests. There’s a few questions from the general knowledge test that weren’t on the app but like 85% were. I guessed on a couple questions. They were worded about the same as the DMV’s questions. I work so I only had a couple hours a day to study. I’m glad I found this app because I didn’t have to waste time with other apps or manuals that have you guessing what’s gonna be on the test. Studying these three tests I just used this app to study a couple hours a day and then on the weekend and that next week I took the tests and passed! Use this app and you will pass.
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1 year ago, Will not be using uber eats
Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!
Read the Questions STUDY the ANSWERS, cdl prep tells you why the question is wrong and pulls a segment from the book to go over , you can pull out your manual read the statement for yourself or real it off your screen either or CDL PREP has no videos no fine line of information thats going to jump out at you , you have to read and study the questions and why your answers are wrong , the DMV questions are the same if not VERY VERY SIMILAR to every question asked on cdl prep , just study the information and why you got the question wrong i learned more off cdl prep that i wouldve reading the entire book front to back THANN YOU CDL PREP for helping me began my journey to financial freedom i passed my General knowledge 100% , Air breaks 95% & Combinations 94% on my first try all flying colors because of you i am so fortunate to have been granted with this app THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
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1 year ago, Peach rings39
Great app. 2023
Hi… I wasn’t how true this app was when it came to testing and studying the book but, after studying the book and the app for most part is pretty much the same question. After passing my first test I’ve put my trust in the app for every test after my (doubles/triples) test. I didn’t read the book once I passed with just studying the app. The only test that gave me a issue was my hazmat test. I would definitely recommend reading the book for that part. That took me to my 3rd try to pass. This app for (hazmat) doesn’t have all the updated questions. But speaking for every other endorsement I only used the app and passed everyone under 2mins. However, everyone is different. Thank you for the app. It only took me 3 weeks to get my permit and all my endorsements from just studying the app. Good luck everyone ✊🏽
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5 years ago, Communist_Jesus
I was skeptical
Arrived in Missouri for trucking like I’m sure many of you are reading this. Had instructors trash talk this app saying it wasn’t accurate, but lo and behold, I passed with 90% or greater on all four endorsement tests. It works. Make this your Bible and study it until you want to vomit, then study again and you will pass. My only complaint is that there were some questions on the general knowledge portion that were not on this app, but I still managed to pass it with 90% and so should you. The other endorsements were 100% accurate compared to this prep app. Hats off to the app creator, thank you sir. Also, you can skip ads even if there isn’t an X mark in the top right corner by just tapping on it, the ads help make it free for the developer to profit and honestly weren’t too annoying once I figured out how to skip immediately. Good luck!
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1 year ago, Rich Money Trucking
Cdl Prep App
I gotta say I don’t normally write reviews on things but I had to for this app. I took my test in Florida and this app is hands down the reason I passed. I’ve never been a book worm or someone who does exceedingly well on test but because of this app, I gotta say I did just fine and I’m extremely grateful for that. It simplified everything during the practice questions and even when you get something wrong it shows you why the answer is the way the answer is it doesn’t get any simpler than that. I recommended this app to my friends and family and 3 of them have now gotten their licenses so it works!!! Just put the effort in and I honestly can tell you from my experience it’ll help you out big time when it comes to testing day. Good luck everyone!!!
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5 years ago, SpeedwayCP
Super helpful study tool
This app is a great studying resource when prepping to take your CDL permit test. Before downloading it I looked at the reviews and one said to study it like it’s your bible! And that’s so true!! I read through the manual before finding this app, but I think that this allowed me to recall and really understand what I read. It’s awesome how it has a “see why” option when you miss a question. This allows you to look back at your manual and read about it. I took my general knowledge, combination and air brake tests out of Indiana. The GK test is about 90% similar to the questions they have on here. I passed and only missed a few on my first try. For the combination test, it’s about 95% similar to the questions on here. I passed on first try. I still have yet to take the air brakes but I will update after. Thanks!
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6 years ago, iTsKael
Go no further!
Hands down this app was one of the best tools to study for the written test! I decided to get this app because I talked to a few people and they said that this test was fairly difficult and that it took some 2 times to pass. I strongly recommend reading the book first so to better understand everything you need to know because let’s face it this app is what it is a means to test your knowledge. After I went through the book and felt comfortable then I took the test. The nice thing too about the app test questions is that they are verbatim on the state test BUT they wording may be different to trick you so PAY attention and don’t assume you know the answer without reading the full question. Anyways, I passed the test first try and strongly recommend this App to help you prepare. Good luck!
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3 years ago, IAMJamari58
Straight up 💯
If you want to pass your CDL permit test you have to go with this app. I only missed two questions out of just taking combination vehicles, general knowledge, and airbrakes. The first time I took my test I fared terribly bad. But when I took it the second time I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I literally would use this app every day for about 4 to 5 weeks. A lot of you tubers who went to trucking school or is currently in trucking school talk about this app and they always talk about how it’s very accurate information and it’s so true. I had to have my CDL permit to even get into trucking school. The makers of CDLprep did such an amazing job making this app. Good luck to all the wanna-be truck drivers out there that are trying to earn their CDL! GOD DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.
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10 months ago, Cartello Diamanté
This app is legit
I have been using this app for the last 1.5 months, went and took my cdl permit test, air brake test, and tanker test today. I got 100% every question right on all 3. Only two of the questions on the general knowledge I didn’t recognize, but I guessed on them and got lucky. In the end I got a perfect score. I did not get one question wrong. I highly recommend this app legit every single question that I’ve been studying in the exam mode was on my tests today. All but the two that I got lucky on. And on top of it I finished all three tests in under 10 minutes. It took me 9 minutes and 30+ seconds to be exact, to finish GK, AB, and tanker. Awesome app, everyone in my department is using it now that they seen that it really worked.
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1 year ago, YOBIGHEAD22
I typically don’t review apps but I really feel like this app deserves one. Thanks to this app and God I was able to pass all 3 test first try. I really recommend this app because every thing is free and simple. There may be a few ads but it’s not like other app where you get a ad every 15 seconds. To me the best way to study is to do the practice mode first and do the first 10 questions at least 3 times and don’t move to the next set of 10 until you can’t get any of the last 10 wrong. Then do the exam. It really helped me. Plus on other CDL apps you can one do like 30 questions on general knowledge unless you buy a subscription, where as to this app you can up to 250 for free. Just a great app all around.
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12 months ago, Henry ps
I’d recommend this app 900 times!!!!!
I can’t remember the last time I went out my way to write a review but I can honestly say that I am immensely grateful for this app as it was the main reason I was able to pass my general knowledge test with only getting 3 or so questions wrong ! The app stated that I did around 9 hours of total studying over a 6 day period before I took my test and I did so by redoing the practice questions then proceeding toward taking the exam mode test(s), went from 60% to 77% to 86% to then getting 100% three times which gave me the confidence to go and take it and pass it on my first time , Goodluck to all and hope anyone and everyone passes their test(s)!
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5 years ago, Sepehrjoni Sobhan
5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I give ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️ I practice with this app this is general knowledge test 90% of the questions it’s from here I went for CDL permits category A it was my first time don’t know there was 3 test 1 general knowledge 50? 40 answer to pass which I got 2 Brake if I don’t make mistake I forgot the 3rd one one 2nd and 3rd test one of them 25 question the others 20 question I fail both of these coz I didn’t study 📖 these two I don’t have app or the question and answer but general knowledge I passed they told me I have 6 month to come and get those two test so if anyone know any website or app please let me know thanks in advance. Thanks for the person who created this app.
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1 year ago, Rhfdbtfvhrggdegbg
Best studying app
I took the cdl a permit test in Maryland and I used this app for general knowledge, air breaks, and combinations. I studied for about 4 days using strictly this app and passed the test without even looking at the cdl manual one time. The questions are very accurate and almost similar to the test you have to take. I recommend using this app over the manual any day, I answered 400 questions on general knowledge, 156 questions on combinations, and 132 on air breaks and completed 8-10 exams for each one. Everyone is different but if you put time into this app I promise you will see the results, good luck to everyone you got this❗️❗️❗️❗️
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9 months ago, ellisclemm61
Tried and Tested Truth
Being a class A driver since 2004 and taking pride in the fact that I have all endorsements(even if I have never used them all) I would like to personally recommend this app to anyone that needs a concentrated look at the questions on the tests that they are expected to pass,generally speaking there was a few questions in the nine tests I took that are not included in the app however,as long as you use deductive reasoning you can and will pass the tests no problem!! In conclusion I have renewed my license 4 times, and by far this was the easiest!!! Class A,T P X, doubles triples,M 1
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3 years ago, Tonys1470
Study this and pass for sure!
100% I was a little skeptical, because not once did I ever open up the manual to look at it. I’m not one to be good at reading, or retaining what I would read so I was nervous about the written portion of this test. I saw other reviews about this app and was a little scared that I was going to fail because I had not seen the manual. I’m pleased to say that on my first try, I passed my 4 courses and just got my permit. Praise God that I found this app. It literally is the reason why I passed. For everyone who is trying to get their CDL. Study this, learn it, inside and out and you will make it!
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5 months ago, Wytchoklate
Passed my CDL Permit test!
After a few hours of studying the General Knowledge, a few hours for Combination, and a few hours of Air Brakes I went in and passed my CDL permit on the first try! I am in California and after 5 days in a row of going through each section I set my appointment with the DMV. General Knowledge was 50 questions, Air Brakes was 25 questions, and Combinations was 20 questions. There were a few questions I did not come across on the app but I made a few good educated guesses. Overall you should pass spending a few hours prior to taking the tests. Good luck! Thank you to the App creators!!!
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2 years ago, keymaker5236
A++++ all the way….
I’ll say that 95% of the questions are exactly the same as the DMV real test. I was able to pass all 3 test in less than 25 minutes in NJ and this app was the only thing I studied. Even the lady doing the test was shocked at how quickly I went thru everything. I would recommend you to read the free manual DMV gives you too though cause although this will get you to past the writing part quickly, you have to keep in mind that when you go for your road test you will have to demonstrate all that stuff to the road test examiner.
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2 years ago, All about that action
CDL prep
I have too say definitely one of the best tools to use if your really looking into getting your CDL’s.. I’ve used this app for two weeks and passed my knowledge test and my air brakes and also my combination as well in the state of New Jersey, with in two weeks of using this app.. I definitely will recommend this product to anybody and also look into getting a CDL’s cheat sheet , it’s alway been better for me to read something in front of me and also have this app so you can really get a feel of the multiple questions that are really going to be on the test
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1 year ago, tfly90
Read the questions and study the answers do this repetitive, and I can promise you that you will pass your CDL permit, not even a School help me to pass my permit. They only gave me my permit book and have me highlight things that might ask as a permit question, this application really help me out, The questions they ask you on this app are legit in the permit questions, other applications give you an idea of what they are going to ask you this application gives you the exact question so learn the answers to the exact questions.
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2 years ago, Luke1904
Needs updating
There are several questions on the exam that are not on this app. I would estimate this app has about 85% of the questions I encountered on the test. I was able to pass GENERAL KNOWLEDGE and AIR BRAKES with the knowledge I gained from this app but I still had to guess on several questions because they were not on this app. COMBINATIONS really needs attention, it had more questions that were not on the app like “how to tell if your trailer is skidding and which combination is more likely to roll over during a curve. I studied this app religiously and my failing was 100% due to questions not being on the test. I’m not sure if the test differ from state to state but I live in Florida if that helps the developers.
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5 years ago, TallPaul254
Some questions answers change base on location.
I’m studying for Missouri and some of the questions coming from the California CDL are going against the cdl for Missouri or are miss quoted all together. Ex define GVWR is saying the GVW is the GVWR as in the load is the GVWR not how much it is rated to carry. Or how much should you slow down on snow packed roads the Missouri only talks about slippery roads and says 1/3 while the test quotes California saying at least 1/2 speed. I haven’t checked the California CDL book but maybe they have updated it and the test hasn’t been. Over all it’s a great way to study but maybe double checking your states CDL book against the questions if you miss it is a good thing because some being quoted for NY and CA may not be the same as your state.
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9 months ago, samoaanbxby_
Passed on first try 👏🏻
Alabama here🤚🏻📍 My fiancé and I were studying for the cdl permit test and we came across alot of apps until we found this one. Thanks to alot of good reviews on it, we stuck to this app. We just took the test today and both of us passed! Most of the questions on this app will come on the test, exactly as it is. There are a few where they switch it up a little bit but if you study the questions and understand it as well, you should have no problem passing it. Good luck to you!
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2 years ago, Blainechris
Great for certain material
If you’re ONLY looking to get your CLP, this is the best app out there hands down. Now if you’re looking to get your Doubles/Triples and Tankers endorsements, look no further as you’ll easily pass with no problem. Now if you’re looking for Passenger, you’ll get 75% right but you need to reach 80% to get it, which you should look elsewhere. With HazMat, you’ll need to look elsewhere as the questions no longer align with the real exam. I can’t rate School Bus because as of yet have not tried the exam; if somebody else can rate that endorsement, I would greatly appreciate it. I got my CLP on August of 2020 and the endorsements all in the middle of December 2021, Illinois.
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2 years ago, casper/23
Helped me a lot
I took my test today I been on this app for about 2 weeks and it tell you close to everything you need you to know to pass your test the app is a great tool to use if your are about to take your test and don’t have much time to study. I think I only got like 2-3 on general knowledge and one of them was cause I didn’t read correctly. The question are real similar if not identical I read the reviews and a couple friends referred me so I put my trust in this app. Air brakes I think I got all of them right
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1 year ago, cknuckles
I was still nervous.
I was so nervous studying on this app. I just didn’t wanna study questions that wasn’t going to be on my exam. But I trusted my gut and studied every question for 4 days. I used the exam mode and kept retaking the test until I made perfect scores then on the day of my exam I was so shocked that more than half of the questions were exactly the same, even all three of the multiple choice answers were the same. I passed missing only one question, like I said, I only studied for 4 days. Great app highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Luisp22
It helps !
This app helped me pass my general knowledge, air breaks and combinations. For sure when I did my actual test some of The questions weren’t in the app but the rest they were. I only missed 5 questions overall. I would highly recommend. It worked for me to pass my test here in Las Vegas NV. I am not so Sure about doubles and tipple , tanker and hazmats. I would like to do or correct my review soon once I review the questions and do the rest of my endorsement. But like I said for sure works for general knowledge air breaks and combination in Las Vegas .
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3 years ago, bs1320b
To be honest ..
I want to thanks the owner of this app and the staff or whatever is involved in this really awesome app. I was looking for something authentic, there is many app ok nice but nothing like cdl prep I take my time studying for cdl a or b make notes Take my time Learning in exam mode And thanks God because without him nothing is possible, i pass my general knowledge and airbrake, now im going for combination to complete my cdl a permit 🙏🏻 thanks again ! Im grateful 💪🏻😎🤝 by the way another good thing is no matter the state everything is the same im in Massachusetts
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2 years ago, Beasto Camo
GREAT Study App!
Really simple. Ads only after you complete each practice test which is 50 questions each. MOST of what I studied on this app was on the CDL A Permit Test for Alabama. A few weren’t but they were simple. The Alabama CDL Permit Prep app is TERRIBLE compared to this one…. THOUSANDS of ads & only so many tests… I studied for 4+ hours the night before & morning of the test on this app & it was so simple & great learning 50 questions for each part of the exam even if you just need 30 or 20 questions for the last 2 parts…
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1 year ago, Dearman’s
I did it
I give a big shout out to this app I took my test yesterday and because of this app I now have my permit I studied only this app and past my general knowledge my combinations and air brake test they where a couple of questions that I did come across that wasn’t on the test one was ( which diagram is right for making a turn on a 2 lane road and it gave 3 diagrams) but other than that this app is what made me pass and I’m so thankful GOD bless whoever came out with this app and the questions
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5 years ago, Tydodson13
I don’t usually leave reviews. But.
I usually hate looking at reviews because most of them are bots. But this app is the best app I found and they have all the answers. I recommend if you download this app and study then you will 100% pass the test. I just got mine today. Go through the practice 2 or 3 times then try to test. Read out loud. It sounds stupid but it helps. Take the test over and over again until your in the 96 and above Then keep going. Thanks cdl prep. I will be recommending this app to others 👍🏽👍🏽
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5 months ago, Ladybaby72
This by far has been the best app I came Across love the fact that you can do test mode as well as exam mode. It gives you a pretty good detail of the answer that came in really handy. I also liked the fact it keep track of your score and updated with an average score. Every test had different questions that made it easier and covered all the questions that’s on the actual DMV exam. Because of this I walked in with great confidence. Great job!
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2 years ago, LDee Bal
Amazing app.
Earlier on I referred an Asian guy driving Uber to this app cause I myself prepared from this while I got my CDL in 2018 and today on renewal I had to pass written exams and I came back to this app and the guy working at dmv was impressed that people take few days to clear all 4 tests but in did that in 15 minutes cause I already passed it in 2018. Anyway a lot of people don’t know but this is the right app to prepare for a CDL in any state in USA. Amazing app, both practice n exam mode would help a lot.
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3 years ago, Irritable.
The App would be perfect if we could report wrong questions
I used this app to pass everything except passenger and HME (because I haven’t taken them yet). I’m currently studying my hazmat and I noticed a question I got wrong and I didn’t think I was wrong. So I went and read the section of the manual (which I have printed out, highlighted and noted to heck and back) and sure enough the app was wrong. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if we had a way to report it. And on the other endorsements it’s not as much of a problem. But the hazmat test is difficult enough on its own. We don’t need to be fed wrong answers. Without a way to report these incorrect answers to the dev, this app is a one star for me.
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2 years ago, HawtBoosh
Great App for Studying
I used this app solely for studying and in conjunction with the CDL manual and passed my Class B permit test for General Knowledge and Air Brakes and Passenger and School Bus endorsements. I passed all on the first try. I only looked at the manual as a supplement. The app has probably 90% of the actual questions and answers. There were a few questions that wasn’t on the app but they were either common sense or I learnt it supplementally with the manual. Thank you for this app. My future is looking brighter every day.
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3 years ago, Rxlux
I don’t normally leave reviews, I’m more of the download it, delete it type.. HOWEVER this app helped me pass my general knowledge test!!! Went to the DMV (Az) the 1st day and passed the air brakes and combinations but failed the general knowledge portion. A guy recommended this app and the next day I just took practice test from this app all day while at work. After work went back to the DMV and passed with flying colors!!! Definitely recommend this app, if it helped me I’m sure it can help yall!! GOOD LUCK 💯‼️
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3 years ago, jjaepa
This app is a must
I only answered three questions wrong when I took the test. On all portions. I had a few people comment at dmv one said under her breath she thinks I cheated. I did not read the book, but I memorized every question. Went through them over and over until I answered all of them right multiple times. I didn’t even know what most of the stuff meant, but I knew I’d learn in school. If I didn’t have this guide, I might never have passed.
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1 year ago, Money Monster Nate
Passed 1st Time - FOR REAL!!!
I’m in Alabama and this app has literally 99% the EXACT same questions, WORD-FOR-WORD, as the CDL Permit test I took!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I went in, and there was another guy sitting down already taking his CDL permit test, and while he was sitting there trying to figure out the answers I was flying through the test. When I was getting my temporary paper permit he was still sitting there… I felt sorry for the guy. I’m not the type to write reviews and stuff, but I appreciate this app so much that I couldn’t just sit back without giving the credit to whom it belongs. If you’re wondering if getting this app would be a waste of your time, I’m telling you that you’d be wasting your time if you didn’t get it!!! Join the 1st-Time Team I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE I KNOW THATS TRYING TO GET THEIR CDL!!!
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8 months ago, Devon brizz
I DONOT do reviews but I have to
I decided to come and do a review on the app in particular because I was feeling a little discouraged going to take my permit test then I discovered CDL prep when I say every question I had on combinations, air brakes, and general knowledge were on the test if dang near exact if was almost identical I must say I recommend this app to anybody looking to get their CDL learner permit if I could give this app 10 stars I would best app out there hands down
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1 year ago, SaintsNava
A must have if planning to take you CDL exam
Downloaded the app 4 days ago and practice and did exams on the app, and help me out a lot to learn what was on the Dmv exam. Took the Dmv exam today and passed air, general, and combinations with only missing one questions total. This app is a must for new cdl drivers studying for their exams. Almost 95% of the questions are wowed for word the same as the dmv question. I’m glad I was able to get this app to prepare me in such a short time 🙏
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2 years ago, AppleAppReview2.0
Going For Class B New York? Best App Ever!!
I thought by using the app the questions wouldn’t prepare me enough but I took my chances and studied over the course of a month maybe 4 hours on the app total I just didn’t have time to take the test so I just waited. The questions for general knowledge and Air Breaks were literally identical to the real test this couldn’t have been a better app to use I got my CDL Class B first try!! I recommend this app to everyone!!
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2 years ago, DeeT03
The Rumors Are True!!
I can’t stress this enough how good of an app this is. Today I just finished passing the rest of my CDL tests and it was literally because of this app. The questions on the test were 99% accurate straight from the app. I started practicing the air brakes questions last night and passed with flying colors today. If you’re on this journey to obtain your CDL… DO IT!!! But while you’re at it definitely use this app to help you study. You Got This!!! 😊
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10 months ago, DanielArbelaez
The only thing I used to study was this app and also the practice test that the dmv have online for free (should be like the first link when you search it up) General knowledge was almost identical to all the questions if not extremely similar, the same for Air brakes, and Combinations (especially for combinations in my opinion). Hands down great app, going into the Lineman industry and wanted to get a head start before going to NLC, a great resource to use to get your permit.! Thank you developers!!
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2 years ago, Manny Tha Geek
Pretty Accurate, but needs Class C
I have been working on my permit for CDL, don’t get me wrong this app is 95% accurate, (I did not fail once) if you study you’ll pass 100% General knowledge, Combinations & Air brakes, but since the “New” 2022 laws kicked in, it needs a Class C study guide, I would pay for that since I failed, I am now stuck reading the handbook. I’m just happy I passed all 3 exams, now I have 1 left, Please update this app for the rest of us. Everything is pretty accurate! Just study hard, good luck.
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4 years ago, Band_162
I have tried a few of these apps however CDL prep was the best out of all of them. I downloaded it and tried it and I passed all of my endorsements with this app. The questions are the same exact questions that you’ll be getting at the DMV. Try it out and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I would highly recommend this app to everyone who’s interested in getting their CDL permit. Best of luck to you all and a huge shout out and thank you to the developers of this amazing app!
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6 years ago, aidjgosh j is
Software needs fixing
I have studied and studied the questionnaires on this app. And I have found out that more than a few questions that I have memorized to be correct come out to be wrong... on the next round of doing the question I choose the answer that I memorized from the last time and it comes out that I’ve chosen wrong again.. To prove this I have screenshot the question along with the right answer. And when I came around again to answer it I chose the right answer and still comes out wrong. Not sure what’s wrong with the software but it needs to be fixed. This will not help me pass my endorsements. Thank you
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3 years ago, Upset over $
At least one of the questions is inaccurate
The question that says: You are unloading students along your route. Where should students walk to after exiting the bus? The correct answer is: ‘Tell Students to exit the bus and walk at least 10 feet away from the bus to a position where the driver can plainly see all students.’ Taken from section 10.2.3 from the VA DMV CDL manual. Your app states that 15 feet is the correct answer and says it’s in 10.2.5 which is incorrect. I would’ve suggested this edit in the app if I were given the option to do so. Please edit to give the correct answer.
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5 years ago, Da1JJ7
I had doubts
At first I had doubts about the accuracy of this app.. because it was overwhelming, now it is not 100% accurate. However going through the practice test/exams numerous times, I was able to pass General Knowledge, Combinations, Air Brakes, and Tanks on my first try. **Texas resident do know YOU ARE REQUIRED to take the Special Requirements exam before they even let you take your CLP exam.** I wish this app included special requirements.. but overall very very good app. Thank you very much for creating this.
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3 years ago, 129047294
99% acurate
Im glad to say today i did my last airbrakes test i got 1 wrong i tried reading book and i would fail general knowledge it was my last chance until i downloaded this app its 100% real and helpfull and I wouldn’t had to carry any book with me just my phone to study anywhere… this app got me my permit like the review says study it like if it was you’re bible over and over and you will pass….
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2 months ago, Moparguy93
Life saver
Absolutely amazing app! Makes studying very easy. I was worried there was going to be to many inconsistencies between the app and actual test and while you will come across a couple questions on the test that aren’t on this app. Most of the questions in the app are on the test and this app definitely gives you enough knowledge to pass the test! Highly recommend
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3 months ago, Cambam313
Download this now!
Kept doing the exam mode over and over and over. Went to take the test and it matched it to a tee. I got every question right and hit the right answer like a reflex and finished it less than 5 minutes. Make sure you study air brakes because no one told me I had to and I showed up all confident until I seen than on the computer😂 still passed !!
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