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User Reviews for CE Broker

4.79 out of 5
24.4K Ratings
8 months ago, TrustNFaith7
CE Broker keeps me organized!
Cebroker is the best to keeping all your continuing education in one spot !I have used them for many years. They make it easier to review the classes I have taken and keeps me informed to the other classes I need for each renewal period. I would recommend using them for your Continuing Educational renewals. To keep you up to date, they also have Providers listed and classes you can take as well to find the class you may need as a state required course for your specific licensure. Also many different states and professions seems to use this app for your specific occupation. Make your life easier and use a system that works! Lisa Seward
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7 months ago, NurseTifTif
I was trying to upload my Continuing Competence form to renew my nursing license. The app is much easier to use than doing it on the computer in my opinion, however it was confusing on what to do. I kept clicking on “Show me what I’m missing” and nothing happened or showed up. Then I clicked “Add CE” and the two options were not clear because some of us work full time without doing CEs but still qualify under number 4 on the forms. I did not think that was the correct place to upload my form because it wanted the name of the courses? So it could be a little bit more user friendly or explained better. We only do this once every two years so it can be quite confusing. My co-workers all had the same issue and thought it was confusing as well as we don’t use this site except for renewal.
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7 months ago, jjpgator
The first screen should SAY swipe to left……..
Once you figure out that the first screen is not an app “preparation to load” screen, entering information goes fairly smoothly. There are glitches in the process when it comes to entering the date of the course (you have to click on the current date in the lower right of the screen and only then do you get a calendar to choose date……clicking on the ”intuitive” arrow by today’s date does nothing). Also don’t make any typing errors in the course title as back correcting them requires erasing everything after the error as the cursor will not move anywhere but the end of the typed line. Hopefully the glitches will be corrected soon as this looks like a new process for the app (which explains why the app was, without an explanation, down over the past several days). It would have been nice to at least tell the app users of the reason for the downtime and date of expected reboot.
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3 years ago, David Smillie
Fulfilling my legal requirements easily
I’m from a generation that is used to having multiple information platforms integrated. Having to return to an old system of digging up classes and then sending verification to a different party has become almost foreign. CE broker has facilitated not only made easy the renewal and transfer of credits to keep my license, but also the finding of classes That I was missing. The one thing I have yet to use is transferring credits I received through my job into CE Broker, I hope that works just as well.
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5 years ago, genellgw
Upgrade not a plus for me
I am licensed in 2 states. I selected the professional upgrade thinking that I would be able to apply my credits to both licenses with the one entry (like I can on other CE recording sites). Sadly, this is not the case. Wasted my money upgrading because I have to enter my CE courses separately to each license. The paid upgrade basically keeps a running tally of my credits, but I can do that for myself for free! I had 2 years worth of courses already recorded on the site because one of the states required it. When my second state subsequently required the use of CE Broker I thought I would be able to just attach my 2nd license # to what was already in my profile. That was not possible. I had to manually re-enter all those credits to my 2nd license. Hopefully CE Broker will work on a software update to accomplish this in the future.
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3 years ago, Amc_92
Nothing but disappointment
I am trying to renew my FL licensure and I’ve had nothing but issues with this software. I have completed all of my course requirements but the tracking of my CEUs is going to the wrong treatment cycle so it continues to show an incomplete status. I have asked for this to be resolved and I keep getting told : “IT is diligently working on this.” It has been one week with no change. I am trying to coordinate my move back to FL and this is my only hold up to receiving my license. My employer cannot give me a written offer until this is done. I pay for a PRO account and was told this helps speed a long the process of IT resolution. Obviously this is not happening. Why is CEbroker partnering with the FL department of health when their IT department cannot handle this issue swiftly. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with this service and lack of insight into why it can’t be fixed. Unacceptable.
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4 years ago, Compassion12345678
Didn’t put essential mandate Ceu on my main page
I have used cebroker for 10 years and the reasons why I paid for the service was that I just want extra eye to ensure I am meeting all the requirement to renew my license. But I don’t use their services much because all I do is go in and input my Ceu and that is it. I buy their service so I think I can sleep well at night without worry if I missed any Ceu because all I have to do is go to the page under current year and see how many Ceu I need. But recently there is a mandatory Ceu requirement for all health providers in Florida to fulfill for human trafficking, it was already start at July 2019. I didn’t even knew this until I got email from state of Florida which is good I catch it. But since this was requirement for All health care providers, then why Cebroker did not take time to show that on my renew pages! This is horrible, the most important reason I paid for the service is to avoid this kind of thing but yet the ce broker never show that. Even until this moment. They show it under course finder but I don’t always use that. However I always do the complete page to see how much more Ceu I need and what time. This is horrible because that was the point I got this service!
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5 years ago, Rushingsilence
Just ok
The app is missing some features, is touchy and does not work like the website. -When logging in it asks for password or email but when you log in with your email you get an error. - you cannot copy and paste info into the text boxes making it inconvenient. - when a ceu that you entered shows it has an error or missing info it does not give you a way to correct it other than just adding all the info in again as a separate document. When adding in the certificates on the website it lets you use pdf’s but on the app you either have to use a photo of the certificate. This is should be an option because some people do there ceu’s online and download a pdf not a photo.
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6 years ago, Maybear82
Why won’t this app recognize my user name and password? I have an account with ce broker and have had one for several years now. I can’t use the app to do anything. I have to login on my phone browser to access it.. so annoying!! I’ve tried to delete the app and redone load it but the same thing keeps happening for over 2 months. I used to be able to login to the app but one day it just cut me off and won’t let me get into it again. I just wish it would work again!!
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3 years ago, TropicWave
Concierge Service
The concierge service that CE Broker offers is wonderful. I have used it for several years and for less than $10 per month, it is money well spent. CE Broker will keep track of everything for you, such as which required courses you must take this cycle, how many credits you need, when are the deadlines, etc., etc. And then if you need help, their customer service representatives are very pleasant to talk to. A win-win no matter how you look at it.
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6 years ago, Jawman1
CE BROKER is amazing
I have been using CE Broker basic software for approximately 3 years at this point. It is a fabulous software for tracking physician’s CME credits throughout the Biennial time frame. It also indicates the number and category of CME credits for that particular licensing period. In addition the iPhone app allows a quick photo and immediate upload of any CME credit/document/letter of participation. I highly recommend this software without hesitation. Internal medicine, Tampa, Florida
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5 years ago, Carmens trainer
Disappointed and monopolized
This app is basic and does not always function or respond well in a timely manner. It is unfortunate that the State of Ohio offers this as the only format to track and submit CEU’s for social workers without choice. This assumes all have easy access to the resource to maintain technologies financially when we are a grossly underpaid profession and also assumes all of those in aging populations can interface well with this resource. The use of this resource feels opposite to the foundations of our profession. To top it off with having to pay yearly for a subscription to see how our data is collected is just wrong....such a monopoly to have no other options. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, Lecto-Sama
An incomplete & greedy service.
CE-Broker does what it’s supposed to & it’s easier than uploading CEUs via desktop, but it is also a monopolistic solution to a manufacturered problem. I would assume there was a shady backroom deal somewhere that made a lot of people a lot of money with they came up with this scam. CE-Broker staff are less than helpful & do not have a good relationships with the state agencies their service, furthermore, you HAVE to use their service & their are no competitors to said service. Then, to add injury to insult they want you to pay them for basic information that should be readily available — ridiculous. Kind of reminds me of how how the video game industry hides content behind pay walls & they are on the verge of being federally regulated — kinda funny 🤷🏼‍♀️.
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3 months ago, Seeker7891
Always have problems with this service. Frequently, I have problems with the website version (very slow; won’t load; or missing courses that I’ve uploaded, which I then have to reenter… and if I log back in an hour later, the original ones reappear and now are duplicated). I just downloaded the app to see of I could have better luck. Nope. It tells me there is an error in my login info… the same exact login info that I use to access my account on the website. It’s time for me to send a complaint letter to the state boards that require me to use this service.
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6 years ago, CB20195
Great Concept but needs improvements
I really like the idea behind this app. It’s convenient to be able to document CEU courses from an app and I love that you can take a picture of the CEU certificate. My biggest issue is that the app crashes a lot when trying to save a course. I’ve received a lot of errors and then have to go back at a later time and try it again. Sometimes it does actually end up saving after an error message but it just seems extremely glitchy. If they could fix these issues it would be a 5 star app.
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1 month ago, KaseyWolff
Necessary but difficult to use/manage
Some CEU info automatically shows. Trying to add CE is difficult. The search bar is covered by border art. You just do your best and hope it is showing under search. Most often when I click search it kicks me out of the app and you start over. I’ve only successfully added one item in the time I’ve been forced to use this app. Apparently it is required by FL board of nursing to use it. Conviently ce broker also markets and sells mandatory courses for Florida as well.
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1 year ago, FlDOCgator
Good program
The app is on the way to making this very user-friendly and easy. Utilizing an iPhone I am unable to adjust the date completed, and every CME shows the same completion date. Please continue to work on this app to make this process easy but it still needs just a little more work.
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3 years ago, dfrtyffubffg
Standard CE Broker
Two subscribed to CE broker pro, it cost almost as much for two years as it does for licensure renewal. In order to renew your license sure you must have your CE use reported to CE broker, however unless you subscribe to the pro it is difficult to track your units at times, especially when you are reliant upon outside CEU providers to submit your course credits. I found that trying to submit my course units on my own, when my provider failed to do so, was quite cumbersome.
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11 months ago, pugsrgood4u
Perfect way to track your educational requirements!
I wouldn’t have it any other way-this takes all the stress away being able to know what you need to do to complete all requirements needed, submit your courses completed, and also search for applicable courses available that you need.
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2 years ago, Chaya Zelda
Great app! Easy tracking of continuing education credits.
This app makes tracking CEU’s incredibly easy. It’s always a good idea to keep your paper certificates but with this app, you could lose them and still be covered. It made renewing my license super easy and I can’t imagine you’d get audited if this app shows you’ve completed everything.
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5 years ago, abdoc2007
Highly Recommended
I have been using CE Broker for several years now and nothing beats it. Simply put, to be able to conglomerate your CME’s, know exactly what mandatory CME’s need be completed, tabulate CME’s where they are easily recognized and transferred by your state licensing authority, is simply golden. Have not had any troubles and I have never had to upgrade to the concierge service to receive the essentials. 👍
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6 years ago, Eclipzdod1981
There’s always a problem
I’ve had this app for years and there’s ALWAYS a problem. For a long time the problem was loading your transcripts. You had to close the app and reopen it many times to get your transcript to load or sometimes you would have to delete the app and then reinstall it for the transcripts to work. Now the problem is when I try to report CE’s and press “Accept and continue” the app freezes and then eventually shuts down. I have the concierge service that I pay $99 a year for and I expect that it works when I need it. This is so frustrating.
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6 years ago, Delandian
Excellent app to keep records current
Besides using the app to check, update or add CE courses for credit, I have used the chat option to converse with support staff. The issue was remedied quickly and professionally. I highly recommend this app to any one in the allied health sciences. It is easy to use and the website laid out in a manner that everything is easy to find.
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6 years ago, MAg 111
Few glitches but overall good
I need to delete and get new version as I have been told the newer versions takes care of the few problems I have had. Like how you can view the courses you have entered and they let you know when you have completed the required courses for license renewal!
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4 years ago, TBRSLP
Easy to navigate and very helpful
I have enjoyed using the ce broker app to track of my CEUs. It is easy to navigate and if a CE opportunity comes up, I can quickly check to see how many hours I may need and under which category they need to fall. It keeps me organized, which is something I always need help with.
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4 years ago, Gorillameat
Convenient for me
I am glad to have CE Broker because of the convenience of having not only the government (Health Dept) linked to receive my CEUs so I don’t have to call them and report but the various and sometimes many different institutions of learning report CEUs directly to them. So, I’m grateful and pleased to this company for existing to make a licensee’s life easier. Rhoda🤗🌺
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6 years ago, yvette3339
Disappointed I cannot correct an entry error. I have to delete the whole thing and start over. Opened the app today and my history appeared to be the history of another professional. I am a Social worker the history in my app belonged to a speech pathologist.
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12 months ago, Crick1
No worries
I have been a nurse for 30 years, and with all these new requirements alternating years, I no longer have to worry what needs to be done. CE broker does the work for me, making sure I am updated on everything required to keep my License up to date.
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5 years ago, jkerck
Works for me
A good CEU hours record tool that has worked for me the past 4 years. A little cumbersome to enter data of each certificate , but CE Broker keeps the record well and occasionally the CEU hours I complete in the CEDirect website cross over and I do not have to enter anything. Thank you for the free service you offer still.
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2 years ago, margirn22
The people at CEBroker are very kind and helpful. There are so many required courses now for the RN renewal that I can’t keep up. Thankfully CEBroker can figure it all out. I realize it’s mostly computer but they actually answer their phones. Thank you CEBroker for another smooth license renewal .
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5 years ago, Cyncinci
Not user friendly
This is more a rating of CE Broker than the app itself. I’ve started the process 3 times and finally have a few trainings entered. I have to use the app because I don’t have the certificates in any other electronic form besides photos on my phone. Using my phone to do all that typing is annoying and mistakes are made. I’ve been waiting at least 25 minutes for a phone response from the help desk. Here’s what would help...make it so I can enter the verbiage on my computer and add the photo from my phone later. Explain where to find things (line the date, all the different approval types ahead of time. And explain how to split a training that has ethics/supervision combined w other hours.
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3 years ago, Sanibgh
A Very User-Friendly Method for tracking CME
This is a very easy to use app for tracking and submitting CME activity. The app is uncluttered and does not require a course to instruct you in its use. It is very self explanatory and intuitive. Nice to be able to easily go from app to desktop site.
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5 years ago, cchaseota
App troubles
I love the app as I can access anytime and keep track of what I need to complete to keep my license active; however, almost every single time I try log in I have to delete and re add the app for it to recognize I am already active professional member. It is extremely frustrating.
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4 years ago, megcpht0101
Overall great app!
Easy to track needed CE’s. Easy to choose classes-many classes available to choose from. The app is super user friendly, though I’ve encountered an error where if I try to manually report a CE I can only get so far before the app times out. Great app though it’s really convenient to have this ready whenever I need to check it.
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5 years ago, MomofTwins715
Always an issue
I’ve had the basic account on this app because my state required me to use it to report my CEUs. EVERY time I go to use it, it won’t log me in, the screen freezes, and numerous times I’ve had courses show up that I have never taken or submitted CEUs for. I don’t have trouble using the desktop version but the app still needs a lot of bugs worked out in my opinion. Until the basic version works well for me, I will not pay to use it.
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3 years ago, TB/LPC
CE Broker
This app is amazing!! It saves so much time and stress when it comes to tracking CEU’s. I have been audited every year! That’s when I decided to pay for CE Broker. No more stress over adding up CEU’s knowing what will/won’t roll over and if I have needed Ethics. I just add information take a picture and hit submit, CE Broker does the rest!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
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6 years ago, The GMann
Disappointed in concierge service
Does not capture the CEs automatically. Had to manually fill in all my recent activities. Is a waste of money if the service they say they provide is not fulfilled. Unfortunately the state of Fl offers no other alternative.
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4 years ago, Helenabean64
Does not work properly
The CE Broker app is crap. Every time I try to upload a course under the proper category, such as human trafficking, the app crashes. The only way I can get my CE to post is by trying several different other categories. The site really pushes the paid version of CE Broker, even though the free version is supposed to work and CE Broker is the only allowed way to post CE in Florida. It seems it is made incredibly UNuser friendly on purpose, just so I have to pay someone to do something I should be able to do myself for free.
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5 years ago, Panajachelli
Unbelievably slow
For an app that is designed for the sole purpose of tracking CEs, it is extremely difficult and time consuming when each individual screen buffers for several minutes. It took over 1.5 hours to report roughly 6 trainings. Not user friendly and not functional.
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5 years ago, Sycsummit
Not usable in all states
Doesn’t even track licensure in my state (Ohio). But instead of just displaying this information in-app, I had to contact the developer to find out why. No mention of this limitation on App Store page. How about a list of ineligible states, guys? Or at least a dialogue in-app when you search for your license that says your state is not supported, instead of generic “license not found”???
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5 months ago, RNHill
Why just RN
I hold many licenses and certifications. Is there not an app to manage multiple licenses and certifications in healthcare? I am sure I am not the only one that has this issue. The program also crashed while uploading my CEs. The designations are not very applicable and there aren’t any definitions for their categories. There are no drop down options for CE designator which may or may not be a pro or con.
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9 months ago, Debmis
Ease of access
Easy submissions with exception, the program did not provide the option for 2nd page upload. It had the last 2 ceu’s and approval from TN.
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1 year ago, Wishful?
Logging and submission.
A lot of the time having issues logging in, submitting ideas, and or having issues seeing CEU per licensing period since not broke up separate. Typing this out now with no words showing up so I guess we will see if something shows up or not. To many app issues
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3 years ago, _uh.lyss.uh_
This app is horrible, waste of phone space
This app continues to crash when reporting CEs, which is the only reason I downloaded (ease of reporting). I have contacted customer service x2 with no response or resolution of the issue. Looks like app was last updated a year ago. Better off forgoing the app and just report using website, although it’s a pain to use on mobile. Looks like they don’t care to upkeep the app.
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4 years ago, gdjkfujcc
Bad photo upload
I have had a lot of problems with this app. I get kicked out a lot. Twice I have entered my education info to be told I timed out after entering everything. So, I did it all again and then it showed up twice! It would be nice to have an edit function and to be able to go back and see your certificates that you uploaded.
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11 months ago, britn11
Prefer CE Zoom
Format doesn’t fit iPhone well (if on mobile, date for CE appears PARTIALLY at the bottom R corner and is hard to select to change the date). Confusing to submit CEs. Says I am missing hours from previous year when I am not. Cannot view previous years from mobile app. Hoping it will be better in the future.
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6 years ago, madwpower
Unable to add a second license
I have two licenses and I had to make two separate accounts to check my CE hours for both. If I could look at both licenses simultaneously that would be great! For now I’ll just go between accounts, but so far that’s my only complaint.
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6 months ago, Samian435780
Don’t subscribe
You can get the service you need for free but they make make it seem like you need to pay. I wasted $40. It’s non refundable and who needs to see a transcript all year long. You could just go to another website and get the ce for free and load it all up when you have your 30 hours. They won’t refund me so I am here to warn you all. Waste of money, the courses are free on other sites.
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9 months ago, yulaik1
Crash all the time when you want to report CME
I have been using it for almost 2 years, and basically I used for tracking my CME records, but I realized that what I thought was just a temporary problem is permanent. It crash every time you want to submit or report a CME credit manually. Using website or app its a joke. I won’t be renewing my membership and will Look somewhere else. I’m a Florida Licensed physician.
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6 years ago, drpilato
Non-functions app
The issue with the transcript tab is frustrating and I’m not the only one who has complained about it, so I’m not sure this has not been fixed. I would increase my rating if this issue was fixed, however until then I will not be renewing my paid account. Too bad my state contracts through CE Broker only. The online site works fine, the app should as well.
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