Cedar Point

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Cedar Fair
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User Reviews for Cedar Point

2.97 out of 5
485 Ratings
3 years ago, JFJ2000
Small tweaks needed
The app is good, but just needs a few tweaks to improve it. First thing to update are the descriptions of the rides. We need actual info not flowery language describing the ride. People carry bags, so state whether there is a box at the top of the ride or a locker system. Then state where the box or locker is located. A link to explain the locker process would be helpful. Second, the find a restroom feature should have the guided walk feature like the rides do, so that if you select a restroom it will show you the route. Third, the restaurants need actual menus with prices and ingredients, so you can decide whether you could eat at a specific spot due to allergies, dietary restrictions, or money if you’re a teen. Third, the wait times aspect is fairly accurate, but you should not have to login to check wait times. There have been several improvements made in the park and on the app. I’m encouraged to see what will be added next.
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2 weeks ago, Adbkgstkc bnzdjb
Keeps losing stored season pass
I have a season pass stored in my Apple wallet - the app keeps losing the information randomly and I have to enter a giant string of numbers to get it back on there. Even when the app does remember my season pass - it doesn't load the pass perks or anything else with it (the app says there's no season pass loaded but it's under the ticket information and won't let me reload it). It's frustrating and very difficult to use. Hope it's fixed by the time the park actually opens.
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1 month ago, nono935
App already displaying errors
That lasted all of two months maybe less I can’t add my pass add ons to the app it displays “oops something went wrong contact support” every single time even on two different devices another error it always displays is “cannot map data to decodable access point” or something along that line look overall I like the new update but it should not be this broken before the season even starts
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1 month ago, Lord_Lady_Bright
Passes disappeared
After updating this app, my season passes and drink/food passes that I had added for the 2024 season disappeared. I had to redo everything. I hope this doesn’t happen every time there’s an update.
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2 weeks ago, ..great app..
Passes do not transfer when app is updated
I like the look of the new app however, passes needed to be added after the most recent update. Irritating.
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2 months ago, Fffgfq see jttt
I love cedar point just slay
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11 months ago, JaneiR36
Adding pic to season pass purchase
Update: omg I love this app! Granted, I get Fast Lane Plus every Time I visit, so wait times etc are not an important feature for me. The picture thing took two seconds to complete the first time I visited this season. Cedar point staff are so efficient! I worried I wouldn’t be able to use my barcode to get into the parking lot the first time since I didn’t yet have my pic for the summer pass, but that went smoothly as well - gate opened right up. Got to parking spot, used “mark my spot” feature, which absolutely came in handy on my way back. Now on the map itself, you can filter by coasters, thrills, restaurants, kid stuff, whatever. Using the map was a bit of a learning curve, but it’s so awesome. You just turn your phone until the arrow thing indicating your current location points to where you want to go, and then start walking. The attraction locations marked on the map are helpfully the entrances to each ride…. Yeah I’d never choose to navigate cedar point without this app. One negative is if you prefer to take in the park and keep your head out of the phone - the app can’t help you there! Old review: I tried to add a picture to the season pass purchase but the app had a bug and wouldn’t let me. So I’ll have to add the pic at the park. I tried using app feedback but those questions were about my visit and I haven’t arrived yet. Wanted to let you know in case you’d actually like to sell passes using this app?!?
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6 years ago, G_la_hunt
Somewhat useful
I’m not a coaster rider (and my kids had fast passes anyway), so I did not use the wait times feature. Except for the map, the vast majority of the app was adverts/sales pitches for tickets/fast passes/meal plans. We already had those before arriving at the park, so why would we need them in the app? What I really wanted was a search feature on the map so we could easily locate nearby places without scrolling through tons of lists. Or at least a list of all the food vendors that accepted the all-day dining wristband. A coupon came up in the app for a BOGO funnel cake. We then spent an hour wandering the park, looking for a location that sold funnel cakes. Why not list the locations on the coupon (or better yet, link it to the map)? This app could be so much better if it focused more on user functionality with an interactive map rather than on advertising and ticket sales. The people using the app generally already have tickets! Cedar Point takes in the tourist cash—you’d think they could afford to hire a skilled app developer. The website needs improved to include more useful information, too, because once again all of the FAQs focus on sales rather than actual park information.
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8 years ago, @natemax
Loved it
People are rating this one star because they can't see ride wait times when they're not in the park. Why do you need to know how long the lines are if you're not there?! This app is designed to be used by people in the park. If you are in the park, this app is super helpful. My wife and I planned which rides to go on based on the wait time. For each ride we went on, we found the wait time estimate to be very accurate. Also, when it came time to eat, the app made it easy to locate places that offered the food we wanted. Lastly, we received notifications of things we might be interested in. One of those things was the new Valravyn Dippin' Dots. My wife loves Dippin' Dots, so of course she wanted to try them. The app told us where to find that particular flavor by highlighting where we were and showing us the path to take to get there. It even gave us a time estimate of how long it would take to walk there (as it did for each of the rides). We referred to the app SEVERAL times during our visit and felt the need to post a positive review, due to how useful we found it to be.
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4 years ago, BenZup67
Update Ideas
I feel like this can be a great app for when visiting cedar point. I have a few ideas that I think could improve the app. 1. Make it so you can see wait times while out of the park - this way people who commute over 30 minutes can decide if they want to go based on wait times 2. On the interactive map make it so when you click on an attraction include a POV that can be viewed - allows people who aren’t regulars at the park to decide what they want to ride if it’s a busy and only at the park for 1 day 3. Make a tab just for the season pass that shows all add-ons and not just the meal plan 4. Add a feature that shows how populated the park is on a given day by adding trackers at the entrance and exits of the park to allow people a knotted option to determine if they want to go based on wait times 5. Add exclusives to the app to entice people to download the app 6. Add live video like from the website and add behind the scene exclusive videos from in the park 7. Release news about the park on the app like a blog I hope that some of these ideas get taken into consideration to help progress the app and what I feel make it more enjoyable for enthusiasts and the general public.
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8 years ago, JThomas284
I am aware that this isn't about the app but one complaint is that the app is constantly wrong about wait times and when rides are down so, now on to my major point. So today was my first time riding the Valravn at Cedar Point, and I thought it would be a great ride, then I realized that the 2nd and 3rd were limited to the best experience because when the coaster bends down and anticipates the big dive the 2nd and 3rd row can barely see the drop then it goes down and if your not on the outside of the 2nd and 3rd row you can only see the back of the 1st row and a little bit above the seats depending on the size of the people in front of you, so the reason that I actually care about this is the way they put the people in the first row, they sometimes our entire families of 5 and over in the first row and take up nearly the entire row which is garbage because the amount of people waiting to ride in the first row get cut off because the entire family sits up there and takes up all the space for the fist row, which is usually crowded already and this happens often cutting off so many people, with or without fast passes!
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7 years ago, BA102607
Do NOT like new app
This new version is terrible. I had the previous CP app at the beginning of the 2017 season for our first 2 visits and all season last year. It was great to use, very easy to navigate and user friendly and fun to look at the map. I had my season passes attached to my app so I could just have the employee scan my passes from my phone. Now when I opened this new version they are gone and I have to re-enter them (after I find them again). I also have the FunPix plan and I can no longer access my funpix account from the app. I don't know why as I am using the same information. It keeps blocking my access. And there is nowhere I can find in the app to send an email for help with this. I am very frustrated and am going to be extremely upset if I have lost all the pictures I've paid for and accumulated that I had saved on this app. The app is also very drab and boring. It's just not bright and fun like the prior version. I probably won't even bother using anymore unless I can get my FunPix account to work:/ Very disappointed in this new version.
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10 months ago, EriePics
Worst App - horrible info - guest services hits info
My stay at breakers great, the park was ok. It would be better knowing where to find things. But worst of all we spent extra money and spent a lot of time trying to find the meals and Snacks on our premium meal plan. Waited in line only to fine they don’t take it? Or wait online only to find out the food you wanted isn’t on the plan. And where are the snacks? Take a picture of the maps located all over! They don’t tell you what’s open or what’s available on the plan. 3/4 of the day my wife found a guy with a brochure that had the info we have been looking and asking for all day! He didn’t want to give it up said take a picture my wife was like I came to a thrill park I didn’t carry the phone with me. Not to mention a lot of the places were closed, serval rides were closed to. This app needs this info and way to fine your plan what is on it and what it available at the location. Also are rude down for the day or short period, can we get alerts when ride stores and vendors open? Also paid for funpix. Some of the kiosks were working again what a shame. No signs machine unlocked. Not signs saying closed. These add-on seemed like a scam! Good idea if things worked, you had info, store were open, but, instead let’s keep you wasting your time and enjoyment by playing scavenger hunt.
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6 years ago, Nic JV
Great app, a few recommendations
This app is great for what it is intended for, I would love to see a few improvements however. 1. CP, if you could please add an option for your users to sort your coaster waiting time list, that would be awesome! Say for example my top 3 favorites are the Millennium, the Dragster, and the Maverick. I would like to be able to put them on the very top of the list for easy, fast, viewing. Or I could sort them by area if I wanted to. Right now they’re just in alphabetical order, and of course the park or my preferences are not. 2. I’ve noticed that your advertised waiting times are not always up-to-par with what the wait time is at the front of the entrance, and that sign is always generally accurate. Perhaps the person at the front of the queue should be updating the app (if they are not already). In general, the app doesn’t update as frequently as the sign entrance does. That’s all I can think of as of right now, I will update if I think of anything further. Otherwise, great idea for a great app!
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1 year ago, GrandMasterNinjaJediAgent117
Needs work
Ride times were not updated well. The ride wait time icon color NEEDS to be changed because it blends in with the background so I had to have my phone like 3 inches from my face and stair at it for 5 to 10 seconds just to try and read what the wait time was per ride. In order to see ride times I had to be in the park which I was and I think four or five times the app told me I wasn’t in the park when I was looking so that bug needs to be fixed. Wouldn’t load easily sometimes things I clicked wouldn’t load at all for me or my dad and we have different cell services. Don’t know if anything could be done about that but it would be nice if something could be done about that but not necessarily the app’s fault.
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2 years ago, kysuerab
Mobile app is NOT built for customers
I honestly do not understand who the creators of this app were considering when they designed it. Apart from “wait times”, nothing that guests in the park actually need or want are built into the features. No information on when the rides or attractions open &/or close, what the rules around baggage are, no ability to tap into restaurants, the search bar was not providing results, and while trying to scroll through attractions, the list constantly glitched and changed the order. The one useful feature of the “wait times” doesn’t even work unless you’re in the park. I’m not sure why halloweekend activities weren’t linked into the app. I completely gave up on even using it while I was at the park this weekend. It’s a great concept, but there is a ton of room for improvements
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7 years ago, Addicted!!!!!!!&&"@$
Super helpful!
Really not sure what all the bad reviews are about, this app was extremely helpful throughout the day. We used the interactive map between every ride to find out wait times, walking directions when we just weren't sure, and locations of restaurants and what was on the menu. There are tons of useful filters for the map that allow you to just see all the coasters for example. Since we purchased the all day meal plan, utilizing the app to view restaurants and filtering by meals allowed us to eliminate the guess work and locate the best place to dine. Truly a MUST HAVE app when exploring CP! ...just make sure you connect to the free in-park wifi!
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10 months ago, Destroyer12Terra
What a Thriller!
I love the coasters and rides of other sorts! This place is always BOOMING, meaning longer lines and other things, yet it still makes it fun to ride coasters even though it freaks me out (Pipe Scream, etc.) but also thrills me. Snoopy Land also gives nostalgia and it makes me happy seeing things like Linus’ Beetle Bugs! I like everything about the place and I believe thousands upon thousands can agree, yet some may disagree, but it’s a good place to get things off of your mind! My favorites might be the Woodstock’s Express, Linus’ Beetle Bugs and Monster, but these are only three of the many I love.
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3 months ago, Bobbybooey
Good update.
Overall- Really nice update. Way better than it used to be. Hopefully ride times aren’t as way off, but can see it being difficult to always have it updated. What I don’t see is the online store on the app. Maybe I missed it? If not, that should be added because I like buying shirts and other memorabilia and to have that capability on the App would be great.
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7 years ago, JRobe1111
Terrible drain of battery due to GPS always on
It's an embarrassing shame that the best amusement park in the world has to have an app where the only way you will see the wait times for rides is to have the GPS turned onto "always" even when I'm not using the app. What a terrible drain on my battery and an unnecessary invasion of my privacy. Other amusement parks, including Disney, will show me wait times as long as I'm connected to the Internet and I even have all GPS feature is blocked. To me this looks like an obvious attempt for Cedar Point to track me for their own data and demographics in exchange for giving me ride wait times. You would think paying for it in admission with a fast pass (which costs more than a Disney ticket for the day) would at least let me see the ride times without having to turn on GPS.
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8 years ago, Tien148
Still needs a little work
I was most excited about being able to load my season pass onto my phone so that I don't need to constantly dig it out. (and hold up the line of people behind me) The exercise of loading the pass into the app worked perfectly. When I reviewed it, however, the information it displayed was not accurate. the app said that I had visited the park 5 times this year when I have not yet gone. Additionally the app says that I do not have a dining plan associated with the pass when I have used the dining plan without any issues at other Cedar Fair parks. Once the rough edges get sanded down I think this will be a most useful app. But until then...
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6 years ago, Mama.boo
Don't waste your time
I downloaded this app to use the map and find wait times. This was a complete waste. It said I had to have location services on for wait times, I turned them on and then it said I wasn't in the park when I was in line for a ride! The GPS showed me in the park. The app took forever to load and it was a complete waste and frustrating. I tried to order fast lane passes and I kept getting a weird error or the page wouldn't load. I found later in a store they were sold out but it should just say that rather than have a technical difficulties error. Cedar Point needs to make some serious investments in their app to be competitive. Hershey and Disney's app are by far better. Overall, I don't know if I'll back. Cedar Point was subpar in general compared to those parks.
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12 years ago, Mal070594
Good for planning, does not work in park.
I downloaded this ahead of our trip to look through stuff and found it to be very good for planning and learning about what the park has to offer. I had planned to use the map function in the park but apparently, the app doesn't work in the park. There is some sort of interference in the park (I also couldn't text or call while I was there) even though my phone had full bars and 3G. So it was useless. I'm sure it isn't the apps fault because I couldn't use my phone at all, but I can't give it 5 stars because when you take away the stuff that didn't work, there's not a whole lot there that makes it worthwhile.
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6 years ago, devin_clark
Buggy and needs updates
This app could be great and sometimes is. The main draw of the app is the wait times and park map. The times are almost always out of sync with the boards at the park. Many times i’d go to a ride with an astronomical wait only to find it be half, or less, when we arrived. Developers, adding a sync button/displaying when the information was last gathered would eliminate a lot of confusion. Secondly, there needs to be a map of dining pass accepting food stands. You can sort by snacks/meals, one more should be added to sort by dining pass. It’s very annoying to tap each restaurant and see if it accepts it. Finally, the “wait time will appear when you are in the park” blocker is really dumb. It stays stuck on when you’re in the park half the time, and it’s frustrating when you want to see if the park is worth your time to go to before deciding. Overall, good effort, bad execution. When it worked it was good but when it didn’t it was very frustrating. Especially because a little thoughtfulness on the developers part would go a long way.
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8 years ago, Good23me
More modifications needed
This app is good for an overview to the park. More info is needed for specs on each ride. I'd like to see max height and weight restrictions as well as magnetics limiting people riding the coasters. The wait times are never accurate. They are the same all day and always different than the wait times posted at the ride entrances. The park map is not interactive. It will give you a dotted line where you need to go but should be like a GPS. We were walking to Magnum yesterday and the map showed a large curved path to get to the ride and it was straight in front of us. I can't figure out where to find info on Soak City. The app is informative but inaccurate and incomplete for some applications. Enjoy the park and real-life experiences. :-)
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3 months ago, ImNotAnotherNumber
Not positive yet
Not sure on how well this new updated app is going to work out but I want to know when are you going to help people out? I mean really help people out! I know I’m not the only person that has to stand in a line just to get a piece of paper to go wait in another line and then another etc… and even get turned away many times! Disabilities are a struggle already for most of us and we try to get away whether with friends or family just to try and forget about the struggles and we have hoops and we have to jump through or bricks tied to our ankles making our lives even harder when all we want is a break!!!
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10 years ago, Worflc
Not helpful
It would be helpful if the Find Friends feature worked, rides accepting Fast Lane Pass were identified and restaurants accepting All Day Dining Pass were also identified in this app and on the GPS map. Also, it would be nice if the map gave directions to the attractions selected because the map doesn't zoom in enough to help identify where to go. You can really only see you are really far or somewhat close to where you are headed. I'm not bothered that ride times don't appear but it saps your battery so you won't get to use your phone but for the first couple hours anyway. My advice only download and use to plan a trip to Cedar Point, but don't try to use at the park...useless. Either write it down or save in a calendar app.
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8 years ago, jimbollitor
Great app!
Used this all day! Works great. Make sure you hit "allow location always" because there are some problems if you choose "only while using". If it creeps you out just delete it at the end of the day and download again next time! Fabulous interactive map with coasters, thrill rides, bathrooms, etc all easily accessible and live bread-crumb trail style directions to your selection location. Compared to 6 flags apps especially, this one is awesome! Perfect park companion.
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11 years ago, ToledoZapper
AA = Annoying App
This is the second summer I've tried this app. (2012 on an iPhone 4, 2013 on an iPhone 5). Both times it sucked the battery power of my phone out at a pronominal rate, was very slow to open, crashed on almost every other use, and the map had two annoying features beyond the aforementioned slow load and crashiness: first the "find my friend" was unreliable, and most irritating, I could not zoom in close enough to make the map truly useful. (Oh, one more thing, the entrances to the rides were discernible, but only for the coaster--one could tell where the entrance was by looking for the cartoony lift hill, but not by anything so simple as a star or arrow to mark the entrance.
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10 months ago, Calvinballing
Wait times completely wrong
The map is nice, but adding inaccurate wait times to the app is much worse than not having them. The app showed 10 min(!) for Steel Vengeance most of the day, while the true wait times were 90+. Much better to trust the signs by each ride entrance than the app. If they gave ride operators the ability to update the app that would be great, but apparently it can only be updated centrally, and they have to call each ride before they can update! When we talked to the folks working SteVe they said they hadn’t been called yet all day.
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8 years ago, Hypnowheel
REALLY helped make a more efficient trip
Been coming to CP for 35 years, and this app makes it hard to imagine a trip without it. The wait time estimates were pretty accurate and the ability to plug in a ride and map the route was helpful. We used this thing constantly to decide where to go and what rides to target. Saved us from making wasted trips across the park only to find long lines waiting. Won't visit the park without it.
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3 years ago, Account???
The complete opposite of useful
Cedar Point is great. The app is abysmal. Zero intuitiveness. I’m signed in, my info is saved. In what universe does it make sense to need to manually enter all my ticketing and personal information every time I want to make a reservation? This is all saved on your app—you don’t have issues using it to sell for marketing, why can’t you use it to fill in the stupid form!? FunPix is a scam and a half. Very few rides actually have the pictures. Swing and a miss on this app. Pathetic. Pa-thet-ic! The app is worse than Shoot the Rapids ride! You know, the one that tipped over and almost drowned all those people? Yeah, the app is worse than that.
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6 years ago, Saber2003pg
Wait times are almost never correct.
The app is nice for navigating around the park. But completely useless if you want to use it for ride wait times. Many of the roller coasters would say that it was a 5 or 10 min wait. Then when we got to the ride, it would actually be a 45 min to an hour wait. Even while standing in line the app would still say 5 or 10 min wait. Cedar point obviously fails big time with this feature. Or or else they are intentionally trying to make you think the wait times are way less than they really are just to get you there. Total BS.
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3 years ago, Meghan Harrington
Wait Times Not Accurate
The ride wait times on the app are not accurate at all. Steel Vengeance said 30 minute wait on the app, when we got back to the start of the queue they said 1 hour (which we were willing to wait anyways). We ended up waiting 2 hours in total, and the app still said 20 minute wait when we got off. This is the worst example of the day, but we also had similar experiences with Maverick, Millennium Force, and Gemini which were the only big rides we even got to ride because we tried to use the app to plan our day and we’re screwed up every time. Lesson learned!
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7 years ago, krb214
Wait time issue on iphone 7 & 6
I'm a IT developer so here is some constructive criticism... the wait times, whether the ride is closed, and location only show on the iPhone 7 & 6 when you choose to turn location services on to "Always". If you turn it on to only "while using the app" then those features will not be available while using the app. That is not acceptable because keeping it turned on to "always" drains the battery dead very fast in my experience in using the app in the park. Please test it out and make the changes for the benefit to all.
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8 years ago, Unknown of 2021
Loved it!
This is a good app to use well at Cedar Point use it a lot when I was there yesterday with my school. Easy to show my season pass and easy to find out how long a ride is when your like 5 mins away from the ride. The only thing I would change is being able to see the time at home. Because sometimes I want to know if its pack or dead so I go on the slow days.
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5 years ago, techfuture2020
Iwatch for everything
I saved my season pass to wallet and I open it in iwatch and can be scanned everywhere (parking gates good drinks discounts)my dining and drink plan are built in so I can go to all cedar fair parks without my wallet or phone it stays in the car.... I feel like James Bond and no one has seen this when they scan watch.. I have used it for 2 years now so it’s not new I do bring 20$ cash just in case but I don’t use it. I call it HANDS FREE AT THE PARK because u literally are hands free.. car has keypad and I leave keys in car.. and my iwatch 4 accepts phone calls on its own cell service no Bluetooth iPhone connection needed.. sooooooo coool !!!!!! Panda Express!!!!!
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7 years ago, Leci Stasko
Old vs new
The old version was so easy to understand and was so helpful. Right when I got it it was easy to tell what's what. Especially the map was easy to read The new update was hard for me to understand. I could not tell what's what. When I saw the new update nothing clicked that this was something. The map was really hard to understand The old update is way better and easier to understand and most importantly the old map was so easy to understand. I go to Cedar Point once a week when I get my pass but I might delete this app because it is not useful unlike the old one. Most importantly THERE IS NO RIDE TIMES!
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10 years ago, gamin4HIM
Disappointing When Compared To Other Theme Park Apps
Very disappointing when compare to other similar apps for other theme parks. No ride times (still using hand adjusted boards in park. Cmon, it's 2014), map takes forever to load, no menus. However, when the map loads, it works well, and the gps feature is a nice touch. Need to be able to buy fast lane within the app too. Also need to be able to see which rides are currently open/closed and which are open early/late on a given day
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7 years ago, TeamIntrepid
Zero Stars for update
This app used to be great.... the new App is abysmal! The navigation is less than intuitive, the wait times no longer work and the info on where the dining plan is accepted and what meals are included are buried so deep, the usefulness has been reduced to negative. CP did not perform any end user feedback prior to this launch. This is embarrassing as the development team should be hanging their head in shame for putting out such a ridiculously useless app. Seriously, hire a new App Dev Manager who actually knows about mobile navigation and multiple operating systems. It is clear the App team who put out this release is less than talented.
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8 years ago, Stev4747
IF it even works!
Ride wait times are totally off IF it even works. I'm sitting in the line for Valravn and it says it only works if I'm in the park. Natemax above asks the question why people would want to know what wait times are if they are not in the park - simple reason: passholders don't want to waste a trip out to the park on very crowded days. This app is useless! Just another reason how CP cares less about their pass holders. They could do it, but choose not to! If I can check a Disney wait time from Ohio, then CP can do this. Kinda ironic how they consider themselves state-of-the-art in coasters, but can't get a single working app up and going!
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8 years ago, Dream0412
Needs Work
This app has great potential, but it does have areas which need to improve. We downloaded this app based on the advertisements regarding wait times. The app wait times didn't match the signs posted at each ride. We did use it often to see which rides were temporary closed-which was usually fairly accurate. There is no "search" feature though, and you can't collapse the features for easier scrolling. Another disappointment was the dining section of the app. We had the dining meal option. It was nice to have the icon showing who accepted meal plan, however it would be nice to filter to only those. Additionally, it would be nice to see the menus for the establishments. Conceptually, this is great. It's better than prior versions. I look forward to later trips and seeing how it improves.
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5 years ago, cocox1391
Loved it but few improvements needed
I used the app for ride wait times which seemed to be pretty accurate. No issue w that aspect of app. Also had directions to each ride in case u got lost. The only improvements I would add to the app is the fastpass wait time and some way to mark off which rides u have gone on. With so many rides it was kind of hard to keep track of the ones I went on.
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7 years ago, Pall Choice Mesa
Not bad overall, but has some problems
I hate to leave this kind of feedback here, but I can find no place to leave feedback in the app. A couple of things: * Please consider adding a location to the Wallet (passbook) pass. This way our season passes will pop up automatically when we reach the park * Something's up with the map. It never shows me pointing in the right direction even though my direction is correct in other apps (like Maps and Compass)
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5 years ago, 113322446655779988
Wait times are useless
Pretty much only thing this app is good for is the map of the park. The wait times are so wrong continuously, I’m not even sure why they have them on the app...completely useless. App showed a 30 minute wait for Maverick the entire time we waited in line for an hour. Showed an hour wait for Gatekeeper, was on in 15 minutes. Not sure how they update the wait times, but the system they are using isn’t working. Don’t plan your rides around the app wait times or you will be disappointed.
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9 months ago, NewOrleansDarrian
Best app for use!
This Wednesday we went to cedar point with the app. This was easy to use and showed the wait times on the rides. They also provided a map too if we weren’t close to the located maps around the actual park. This is a MUST use app for families and a easy way to get in with YOUR tickets.
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12 years ago, MurpheyJr9615
Good but not good
I like the feel of it but where did the webcams go!? And the map is kind of crappy compared to the old one on the old app but I mean come on I was expecting a lot more from the roller coaster capital of the world. At least bring back the webcams please? And another thing you could do is get a ride wait time thing going on this app because as of right now I use a third party app to get ride times while i'm in the park. That would be a really nice added feature too.
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4 years ago, DesaHeem
Drives me CRAZY!
This app is the vain of my existence! Every time I try to use it it crashes and I end up having to use the regular site on safari (which is confusing and annoying as well). When I leave the park and want to come back in by showing my season pass, I try to pull it up and it crashes a good 2-3 times before it pulls it up. I’ve just screenshot my pass instead. I have 7 family members passes on my account, but if u think I’d be able to pull them up at any given moment you’d be wrong. Smh And the health screening on here crashes as well. This app is useless.
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5 years ago, Baseball21 64
You need to download this app before you go to Cedar Point! It gives you a map of the park as well as the wait times for all of the rides. It is awesome because even if the lines are always short and/or you have fast passes, it also tells you if the ride is down for maintenance or whatever... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!
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3 years ago, Kateness21
Lack of functionality
App is almost useless for season pass holders. Reservations are a major hassle to do in the app. You still have to copy and paste and add info each time you reserve a date even though your pass and the app are supposedly linked. You do not actually need the app for anything. The exact same functions are available on the main site. This app is basically just a shortcut to access the main site. Waste of space on your phone. This is an embarrassment cedar point. Do better!!!!
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