Celebrity Voice Changer Parody

4.2 (26.5K)
58.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Voice Changer AI
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Celebrity Voice Changer Parody

4.16 out of 5
26.5K Ratings
2 years ago, erorr21
Ima be honest, I really do like the app, but it would be better if there were more voices, and if we could use them all so people can enjoy it even more. I know people add things that other people need to pay for because they may want the money or need it, but they could have honestly used it with other stuff, so others can have the full experience, and enjoy more. I don’t really know if this is a thing celebrity voice changer does already, but for the voices people request it would be great if those were useable for everyone because they are voices that people requested, and it would be a shame if they couldn’t use them which would leave a bad review, but I’m not so sure if it’s something celebrity voice changer does already, but I think that’s all I have to say right now, so pleas if celebrity voice changer can Acept my requests I think it would leave a better review to this app. But thank you anyways.
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2 years ago, BRYNLEIGHHH
Hates a loves
Starting off strong, I love the fact that you can use the locked voice changers once before they fully lock. I also love that some things are actually free!! Things I hate, the good ones are locked…. The only ones that are unlocked are just meh to me. I’m not obsessed with the ones that are unlocked. Sooo I would recommend that y’all ( who made the app) could maybe fix that for us. I understand life isn’t free, but the voice changers don’t rlly sound like the celebrity anyways. Even though the app is cool and all that, the voices don’t sound like the celebrities. I know that y’all can’t get them EXACT, trust me I understand, but at least make it kinda sound like it. No hate to y’all ( who made it) but I’m just giving feedback on some things y’all could fix so more and more people download it! This app is ok, why I say that because it’s just there. If y’all would add different celebrities, that would be great! I understand it takes time, again just some advice. Anyways I think this app is pretty cool, very funny seeing what you sound like once you use the voice changer!! This is one of my little cousins fav apps, she thinks it is super funny! Despite the fact that the celebs don’t sound the same. It’s funny seeing what y’all came up with! I’ll give this app a 6/10 bc y’all tried!! It’s honestly not badddd.
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3 months ago, Tara beauty
Chris Brown should be a part of this
Chris Brown he is my best friend, favorite rapper and singer and she always listen to his songs. I know some of his songs and like she just wants him to be a part of this. She always be using this app so she was like first came out like and it should be better with Chris Brown in it and Doja Cat. I didn’t say Doja Cat there, but it should be a part of this because this one is gonna be crazy without us too like, how could you do something with that no oh yeah lil Tjay how could they not be a part of it is just weird you should add them and start doing this because like more people will start loving y’all like this app do you know like people have fun just just having fun with their friends and stuff is good to prank your teachers your friends your parents like you can pick a bunch of people and no nobody will stop youcause they don’t know if it’s real if it’s fake they don’t know if you meant this person you didn’t you can’t even do like Photoshop nowadays so you should add these three like those three little Doja Cat and Chris Brown those three are like supposed to be a part of it if not, no, I literally delete this app, right
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2 years ago, Aries ♈
I am in love with this app!!!!!! And a few other recommendations too.
I am being honest I love this app and it is amazing. This app is really good to download when you have no other good apps to use. I am also recommending this you don't have to do this. I am just suggesting that you could add in a Dua Lipa voice. I am sure the Dua Lipa voice is amazing when I try it out. But the creators of this app don't have to do it if they do not want it. Another thing is I am not trying to be mean or anything but I just don't know why almost all the voices in the app are locked. They would have been so much more fun if all or almost all of them were unlockled but once again I am not trying to be mean. I am just suggest long maybe to not to make all the voices locked but some of them locked but once again this is the creator's decision. You do not have to make all the voices unlocked like I mentioned I am just suggesting or recommending. But other than that I LOVEEE celebrity voice changer and I would recomend getting this app.
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2 years ago, dummyberry
I love this but there needs to be more…
I love all the characters you add but the fact-there is not some options that I would like to see in the future or would like to see it like at all-I see more presidents and singers and yes those are famous people and actors which are good! And I’m not gonna take any stars away because like this app is good, but I would love to see people that I would use all the time in this app- like Corpse husband which is a big youtuber and I know you might be thinking but this is celebrities- maybe you could make another voice changer apps for youtubers a lot of people would go to that app- which would make you guys you know——- so that’s what I think but this is a idea since you guys already have us this one and we should be thankful for this cause my friends get scared when I use this cause they never know when it’s me so it hilarious! But I hope you could maybe try to take my thought into consideration! Thank you-
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1 year ago, anna warken
My opinion
I know a lot of people that have this app and I think they would really like it if you put Bob Ross in there and it could like change it into his voice because I just know so many people who like Bob Ross honestly I think Bob Ross is kind of amazing pretty much anyway I just wanted to request that I know many people who like Bob Ross and I think it be really good for the company and everybody if they just kind of got together and put Bob Ross in there I honestly love Bob Ross is all over my room and I think a little change to an app is it gonna hurt at all that’s just my opinion though that’s just the way I feel but honestly if you don’t wanna put my bras in there do you think that’s not gonna be a good change for your Company in the app then go ahead and just leave it how it is or add the ones you think that are good to add. Thank you for letting me write a review anyways I’ll be using this app and I really hope you upgrade it to get Bob Ross American thank you 😊
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3 years ago, ThanksToYouThanksToMe
Fun app
This app is a lot of fun to play with. The voices are cool and I have spent more time then I should have making Donald trump speak his mind. The voices are not perfect. I think the people who made the app can make them sound better. It's annoying having to say something over and over to get it to sound how I want it. Would I recommend this app to a friend? Yes. Is the app a lot of fun to play around with? Yes Do I regret buying it? No. Can they make it better? I think so. Can you please add these voices? More star wars characters. South Park. More famous people would make the app more fun. I really like the videos this app can make. The group chat I have pretty much gets spammed with Morgan freeman one liners. I just wish the record one was longer. 6 seconds is too short. I can't go on a rant about building a wall as trump in 6 seconds. Developers should get rid of the limit. Atleast make it longer. Then I will be happy.
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11 months ago, Axolotl1614
I really like this, but you can do better
I think you should add more characters not just random people more care more people and voices that more people will know like Post Malone Doja Cat, and possibly The Rock but yes, I really do like this, and I feel like you could make more and more characters. I feel like he could be better by adding more people adding more voices, adding more characters, like Patrick star like squid word, like something from the lord of the rings, like you know what I mean, but like it should be better by putting like you know maybe dark Vader’s voice in there maybe like is there a dragon from a certain movie put that in there it would be a lot better that because it’s just like when you should unlock more characters because I don’t want to pay money for all the characters.😄👎🏽👌🏼
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3 years ago, mlily15
The best
I gave this app five stars because it’s the best app ever I can check my friends and family that I can sound like a celebrity is like so cool and I wish there something that I can add and I don’t want to like be a VIP though so that’s what I want like you guys to change about it that’s only feedback back that I have for you guys so yeahAnd the celebrity that I want is like LOL dolls and I would like to have a JoJo mama June like every celebrity from every TV show do you get that especially from like little kids shows like about that Alex you can get Alex’s words from Alex and Katie and Katie’s Waze and her family and stars and family will have a family union toys like like I want you think I get more black girls and boys like lay lay in stuff like that and mix the name and the McClure the McClure’s family’s voice is you know like people like that Black people at least some more of the people that
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5 days ago, Gracefulstar88
OK, I used to have two phones, but I got rid of the other one because it broke and I had this app on my old phone. Hands down the worst. When I first got it, I could do anyone I wanted so I did JoJo Siwa. And it sounded absolutely NOTHING like her. but then I saw Peter Griffin, so I wanted to do his. But then I had to PAY for it!? The app only does voice changing. Why would I have to pay for voice changing? And it’s way too expensive for a app like this. You can still do some celebrities, but only like five. also, while I did the other voices that I could actually do I had to wait three or two minutes to do it again?! Or I could pay for it. I am not going to pay each month for a freaking app that only does voices. PLEASE change this and give us more voice changers to do and make them sound more like the celebrities cause they sound nothing like them. I’m not trying to be mean but I’m just speaking the truth and I’m trying to let people know before they regret getting this app. You’re lucky I gave you one star cause I was thinking about giving it zero. Thank you for your time.
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2 weeks ago, Emmieboo 1322
I was extremely disappointed in this game when I wanted to do JoJo Siwa because cause I just wanted to and then it wouldn’t work so I was like oh someone else did you know it don’t let you do one person before you had to pay for it like I did Taylor Swift, like JoJo Siwa and Donald Trump and all these other people, but it didn’t work because now they’re locked so if you get this game, don’t say I didn’t warn you because this game is getting so annoying and I decided to get this game because I had good previews. Don’t get the game. Please read this today. I got it and I’ve been playing it for about a good 10 minutes, I’ve been searching for one that’s not locked now still haven’t found one for 499 and I’m not paying for it. What about this game? Please correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t let you do one one time one person one time so I did Taylor Swift first and then I was like oh well I can do Travis Kelce and JoJo Siwa and Charlie D’Amelio and ChrisChris Jenna I wanted to do Kylie Jenner, but just don’t get this one. Don’t get this one thank you for reading this one star
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2 years ago, Mousee188
What I think about this game👍🏾👎🏾
This is the best game that I ever played I recommend a 10 out of 10But one thing I don’t get is that when you start the game you have to have 10 reviews or something but I need this game to work because I’m trying to play the game and it’s not letting me play the game because I have to put 10 stars or something so I just put 10 stars and I just poetic about this game but I just wanna play the game so can you please just let me play the game and I don’t want to do now 10 views fire I don’t care just let me play the game and I just wanna play the game that’s all I wanna do but it’s not letting me because just give me 10 reviews or something so what I think about this game is I give her attention but when you first have to put A star I will give it a zero out of a said bye guys✌🏽
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2 years ago, savannahbananana0808
Oh I’ve been playing the same for a while but one thing that really aggravates me is that after a few tries it’ll make you wait some time till you can play again I just don’t get the point of it. I would recommend downloading this game it’s just I like the other ones that you don’t have to wait time it’s a great game I just been bothered by that OK thank you bye-bye. By the way this game is a bit laggy but I’m fine with it.! I don’t know if it’s my phone or what but it’s just laggy to me and my friends. And you have to buy a prescription if you want to have all the voice is unlocked and that bothers me as well and would not recommend….
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1 year ago, The Bas Man
What I think of it so far.
Celebrity Voice Changer is probably one of the most helpful and coolest voice changing apps I’ve ever used. This way I don’t have to ask everyone I know to donate their voices for my projects. That is the bright side. But the downside is that I eat through my money like it’s no one‘s business. I really hope they’ll change that a little bit because this app is cool and everything to use and helpful. But it’s not cheap. And in these hard times it would be great. If they would down the price a little more and give us a month or so as opposed to just four days to use the app, and then pay. That would be more understanding, and most of all it would be more well… It would just be better.
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1 year ago, peachey potato565
Other celebrities
Hello! I wanted to state that i do love your app dearly, and have been using it for quite some time now. however, as much as i enjoy this app, i wanted to see if more celebrities that maybe aren’t as heavily known can be used? i’ve recently written something and i wanted to test out what it’d sound like from another, or older perspective since this book is 80s based and is expected to be out sometime late december. the voice i am asking for is younger ralph macchio, preferably is voice acting from “karate kid one/two” or, possibly his role as Johnny cade in the “outsiders.” Only if it’s completely possible though! Hopefully you took the time to read this, and if so it is greatly appreciated. I will be recommend your app to others 💗,
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2 years ago, gagagagagagagae
So. A few things. When at first it says as Justin Bieber “I love Celebrity voice changer.” Then Billie Ilish says it: “I love celebrity voice changer.” Then (I think it’s) Ariana Grande says it too. And then (I think it’s) Obama comes in and says “You can change your voice, into any celebrity voice.” But when you go in to it it says that like over have the freaking people are locked! 😟 Then it goes back to Justin Bieber. Then Billie Ilish. Then it’s like a whole cycle of “PAY US MONEY PAY US MONEY PAY US MONEY!!!!” Also, the voice things aren’t really that accurate. I think they should also add Quandale Dingle in there that w would be hilarious. But everything always just goes right back to “please pay us money.” So overall I think the idea of it was pretty good but the app itself needs some work. Also I downloaded the app like ten minutes ago and I’m already bored. 🫤
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1 year ago, schauluc
This is great! But needs work
I think this voice changer app is great! But it needs some work at first when I join the app I could do some voices, but whenever I got back to the voice, it would tell me to wait and I waited for that time, and I never got it! I also think that there should be more voices that you can do because all of the voices that are celebrities people can’t do it because it’s locked or you have to pay for it. I really wanted to try some voices but I feel like the app is not worth paying for. I am not trying to be mean or anything. This is just my opinion. I personally think this is a great game, but it needs some improvements. The only reason I think it is not worth paying for is because whenever I finish recording it and listen to it it’s super glitchy or really low volume even when my phone is turned up all the way. I hope you can fix this. I am still using the app, but I wish that there was more abilities and more things to be able to do without having to pay for it. Some questions I have about the app: What is the waiting for? Why do you have to pay for the celebrity voices? I really hope you can respond to some of these questions and improve the game a bit more. Thanks!🙏🏻
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1 year ago, Kikibell83
Worst app ever
This game is annoying. You have to pay money for it and not all games. Should be like this because if a kid wants to use it because they like wanna play with her friends and pretend like they’re a celebrity it’s not good like you make their parents pay so much more than it needs to be like this app doesn’t even work like the voices are knock offs they don’t even sound like the celebrities so if I were you don’t get this game it is the worst and I guarantee it doesn’t sound like anybody at all. It doesn’t even sound like the celebrity so like I don’t get it I would feel very bad for you spending money so that it doesn’t sound like the celebrity at all like read this people before you go and get the game because it’s horrible. It doesn’t even have over 100 celebrities, it only has like 30 I scroll to the entire thing and there’s nothing so like don’t get it if you want to spend and waste your money..
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2 years ago, Llamalove2612
You would add my hero academic it’s an anime
My hero academic would get you a lot of people to get on your app and enjoy it let some be free and some not. So then you can make money, and we’ll enjoy the app and that money can be used to make an add, and then most people will see your add and want to get it ! So take my word for it! And find out all the popular animes and people for sure will download your app and pay if you put it for a good price. People that like anime and that are obsessed with anime Will definitely will get your app and properly over 50 or 100 will have your app installed on their phone so if you want to make money and make people happy make an add and add my hero academic and Demon slayer and promise never land or even Disney so just take my word and try it out! Sincerely: Avelynn Rodriguez 10 years old
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1 year ago, hrudhjdhdb
Dua lipa please❤️🙏🥺❤️🙏🥺❤️
The app is good it self, but i think that you should add more. Like Dua Lipa. And again this app is so soo fun when you have nothing that you want to play and you can just play with it and mess around intill you get bored which you probobly wont get bored because this game is so fun and nice to mess around with bit you should also not make everything *locked*🥺i have a reason too😇. Please make everything free because all of the good Voices are* L0CKED* and the purpose of the game is to try Voices but if they are money then less people are gonna want to get them. And i know some people Do it for money but you can atleast put the price down i bit Like 4$ a month i am not forcing you too but i am asking you if you can its okay if you dont i am just asking🤗😊
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1 year ago, My4 boys
NFL players!!?!?!?
plssss I’m begging you if you don’t do this I’m gonna do some radical like like like go go say hi to my friend Max across the street he’s really weird OK but that’s besides the point we should have Tom Brady, Joe Burrow, Tyreek Hill like Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, all NFL players tyreek Wake please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please I’m so passionate about this. If you don’t do the next five days I will cancel my subscription and I’m like I have like a 50 friends I have this app and I will make them cancel reservation to because they’ve been at the talking about this so you have five days. Good luck
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2 years ago, aseneth <3
kinda love this game
this game is good but this game needs to make it free because not everyone spends their money on stupid games like this so maybe if u would do it free it will be funnier and people would love it this is facts, because not everyone is rich and spends money on besr type of games I know it isn’t a lot of money to pay but it’s kinda sad that u have to pay for it and it’s rlly not fun because u have to pay so it’s boring with only a few characters for the new persons and when I first downloaded this I thought it will be fun but no we have to pay for more people and more time and it’s kinda unfair so maybe if u did it free it would be better I know u may not agree all of yall but it’s my opion please make it free so people don’t need to pay for it and would have fun I hope u read this
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2 years ago, The Real deal critic
I think it should have a few tweaks
First I think it would be fun to add a Beyoncé voice that would be really cool and to also take down thé vip thing bc no one want to pay 4.99 week that’s just no no no no no I know I will not be doing that bc I think we should just be able to enjoy are apps without having to use money and this world already has enough things to pay for so if you took that down I would give it a five star another thing is that all the major celebrities are locked and that’s really annoying I would really appreciate if you could make some kind of challenge for the locked voices then that would be dope but until at least 1 of these changes are made then I only give it a 3 star .
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2 years ago, Kayleigh 01
My opinion
I love this game but I think that there is to much voices that are locked so I will not like this game till you add more stuff until then I will not be playing this game at all until you add more voices cause if you don’t add more voice and there’s nothing that I can do unless I just keep doing the same voice over and over no it’s not fun at all so I will make it before I have but that’s not a thing so that isn’t actually my vote but until then I will not wanting to be friends game because there’s nothing to do on it and I will delete it because there is nothing fun to do on this game is a girlfriend just do it over and over it is
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1 year ago, hjxfjx de thbvdd
It’s OK I guess?
First things first they don’t even have all of the celebrities and you have to buy premium to use all of the celebrities so if you don’t have like a bank account you can’t use all the popular celebrities like that like you can’t use drake you can’t use SZA like you can’t use ice spice either so I feel like for the kids they should have more celebrities like they can try so every single person can have fun and not be down because I can’t use the celebrity that they like and if you request a celebrity then not gonna add a celebrity because I requested seven celebrities and I haven’t seen one I requested I wouldn’t request a celebrity at all because it’s not gonna have your celebrity on that you requested so
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9 months ago, Iamapersonwhoeatsfoos
It’s okay
It’s an OK I guess I just wanted to try like butters and Cartman you know stuff like that they didn’t even sound like them. How are you gonna put someone on there? If they’re not even as I like that even Taylor Swift that’s crazy are you gonna make a voice changing game if it’s not even sound like 50% accurate it sounded 0%. That’s not good, it’s like it’s good just a little bit because like that that the soul reaper one it was a pretty good one tell a scary and stuff like that I was supposed to and yeah it just was eh like it wasn’t even amazing. It wasn’t even good it was near. OK. It was just. Ehh and I’m shocked they didn’t even have Beyoncé on there yeah I think the game still needs like more improvements but it’s OK I guess
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2 years ago, knuden303
Absolutely Horrible
Okay, perhaps you could offer some kind of instructions on how to use the features offered with this app. One can feel there way through and make a recording. After that, how are you to save it, retrieve it, re-do it or just find your way back to the previous page for god sakes!!! You have a ton of animated drawings of celebrities with no labels. Imagine trying to identify your little Brothers attempts at drawing famous people and that about sums it up. I don’t claim to be a tech giant by any means. Though I am computer/smart phone literate and rarely am at a loss on figuring things out just by jumping in and using them! Not here though, terrible job at any semblance of “user friendly” So, unless you enjoy frustration at a high level… move on to the next in line at the App Store! You’ll thank me for the advice!!
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2 years ago, jhuhckuhdjndbchj
Terrible. Do not get unless you like lag
At first when l got this game, I immediately loved it, but that quickly changed. The first voice I used was defaulted to Trump. The second one was Trump again (this is b4 I knew you could change the voice), but this time it sounded corrupted. 3 time, I felt like they weren’t even trying. 4 time, kicked me out. And every time l went into a different app, it would crash. I tried deleting it but it kept installing automatically. When l blocked the app, my iPad froze for a few hours. I finally got to delete it.. or so l thought. Even after I “deleted” the app, everything was super slow and laggy. So I when to settings and found out that l had to block it AGAIN!!! Do not get this app unless you want lag and only record 3 voices before you get stuck in a add loop for 30 minutes. -Rayne M.
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11 months ago, HuntinoTheGuy
I haven’t like fully used this app but it’s still great. But one this I was wondering is that if Tom Hardy was added to the list of voices because some of my friends like Tom Hardy, and are a little gullible. So I was just wondering if Tom Hardy could be added please and thank you. And I was also wondering if Chris Pratt could also maybe be added. Like I said, this app is fun, but I feel like Tom Hardy and Chris Pratt should really be in it since they are both are in pretty good and a few major movies like The Venom Movies, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Gaurdians Of The Galaxy Volume 3, and The Super Mario Bros Movie. So I was just hoping if Chris Pratt and Tom Hardy could be added soon, please and thank you.
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4 months ago, bengals111
Get Juice WRLD get more rappers unlock more thing so people can have a full experience now I’m not trying to be rude I really love this thing but get more people on lock unlock more people and maybe will have a better rate like I’ll give you five stars if you can unlock more people unlike unlock XXXTENTACION unlock all of them because it’s not fair that we have some old man or James Charles as our unlocks saying but I mean this is coming from me not anybody else anybody else like come on here for Donald Trump only and I come on here for XXXTENTACION but then I look and he’s like so I’m gonna really love to play this game because I spent forever trying to
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1 year ago, every day is good😙
Honest this is really good!!!!!
So first off I love how the voices are so realistic and I definitely recommend you try this the only two things I don’t like about this is that it’s 4.99 a week for some stuff but it's also free!!!!!! The second thing is it doesn't have a lot of voices I wish it had more. But otherwise it's really good! I definitely recommend you try this! Only two things bad is not bad at all there were some bugs they were fixed but there's still a 50% chance there are more bugs but so far I haven't had any bugs this game is really good!😎
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1 year ago, carleen veen
Don’t recommend…. Emiko greene
Ok, I’m gonna give you step by step reasons why I ended up uninstalling this app. 1. The ads they make you watch to use a celebrity voice. Ok, so I wanted to use Eric Cartman as a celebrity voice changer but to unlock it, I had to watch 3 characters say “I LOVE CELEBRITY VOICE CHANGER!” For about 1 minute long. But you might be thinking “how could this get worse!?” Well…let me tell you, it gets worse. So I watched this thing that was making me go crazy and it finally ended. But afterward, I DIDN’T EVEN GET THE VOICE WHEN THE TIMER RAN OUT! 2. I really wish it showed Billie eillish was in there! 3. I’m also a kid and my dad is not gonna buy this app!! So STOP MAKING US PAY FOR EVERYTHING! YOU MAKE LIFE MORE MISERABLE! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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1 year ago, 656287283846737637383847746388
So good
It is so nice and a good game the only thing is it has not a lot of voices you can use, but also there is a lot you just have to like them which is kind of sad and it’s a really good game. I would recommend it sometimes you have to try to talk like the character you’re trying to talk like to make it sound like them because sometimes it just sounds kind of blurry and weird and yeah I recommend it if you buy this try to put Dua Lipa in it. The only bad thing is I have like zero voices and yeah and you have to pay money and like yeah I know I just I would recommend it. It’s good voices and it does not take long to load but I hate hate hate hate hate that you have to buy more voices I don’t like that, so I just wish I had more places.
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3 years ago, wirst ever,mm cWorst ever
Wow I can’t believe it
So by starting it is $4.99 that’s too much it’s basically $5.99 and I can’t believe they’re wasting your money it’s just like you I try to see what it was like the worst thing ever ever ever ever it was like the boys was so freaking change the teacher took a lot of the songs and stuffThis is the worst app I ever got when I started to play $44 for a week or per week it’s the worst game I’ve ever seen in my entire life it’s not even a good game and the voices they just have like three that money I would just pay one dollar for all of that game its worst game ever seen in my entire lifeTell me a dare and if they tell me to download this app I will never do it it’s like the worst game ever I don’t recommended and it’s a lot of money don’t download this
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1 year ago, hxirke
Great but some issues
Hello I got this app as everyone else one thing is that most the celebrities are locked and you have to pay 4.99 a month to get them and if not you can only use like 5 celebrities another thing is that when you use sometimes there is a timer that you have to wait for to end to use certain celebrities lastly some celebrity voices don’t actually sound like the real voice now let’s get the good things the app is great if you buy the pack for 4.99 a month and I have been able to prank lots of my friends and family with this app so it was kinda worth the money so the app is great but is has some issues but they are very little
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2 years ago, marchgirl553
Good but not too great
This is a really good app and I really do recommend it. But when you put in a voice it’s not that accurate I would like this app to be more accurate. That is really the only thing that bothers me the voices are really cool just they need to be impressed a little more. That always bothers me whenever I try to record a voice, but it is still a really fine and great app I told my sister that James Charles said hi and she didn’t believe it that well because of the voice the words didn’t even understand her. I really recommend this app just fix the only one thing.
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1 year ago, Demonmaster66
Don’t get this it’s a waste of time. 😒😒
I’m giving this a two star review because, almost every voice needs premium for them to work. Also every time I try to use one it sends me to the premium page even though it’s free. Although I will give it a 10/10 on how well it does the voices, but everything else is a 1/10. I really wish I could use one without it sending me to the premium page. There were only a hand full that weren’t premium and even those didn’t work without premium😡. If the creator of this could please fix this I will probably reconsider reinstalling it but if not then I’m never getting anything from these people again. (I feel like I said premium a lot in this).
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2 years ago, KRPG_77
Awesome app! Just a few suggestions
Okay, so this is an awesome app! I just don’t like the fact that the only celebrities I know are locked and cost money. The voice changers are awesome and sound exactly like the celebrity, but every second (even if it’s free) it pops up and asks you to pay. Like, I can’t even use some of the voice changers unless I pay. My only suggestion I have, just please enable some of the celebrities like Micheal Jackson and a few others please! There is only like 3 celebrities that are free. Just please enable a few. Thanks so much! (Just a suggestion)
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1 year ago, robloksss
Good app but a few adjustments needed
The voices are good, but need a couple improvements. They don’t sound exactly like the real person, not a complaint, just saying. If you are pranking your friend or something they could hear you saying something. You should be able to type. Also, not enough unlocked. You should have a lot more available. For example, I was pranking my friend and wanted to use her favorite celebrity, Billie Eilish. I didn’t see her on the app so I searched for it. I clicked on it and couldn’t use it. Sorry if I sound rude, no need to change it, just suggestions.
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8 months ago, Needs to add more levels
This game is one of my fav
Not all the voices sound the same but the other one sounds perfect. I really recommend if you’re looking for a honest review this is a good one for you. and also, I love how they set it up. It’s a really good game if you want to get a good game just like this one this one is the one for you and your friends and if you’re trying to prank someone it would probably be a good one, because you could hear the voices just like you hear the voices in real life but like I said I really do recommend if you’re Chyna look like the person that you check like it’s really good
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2 years ago, Legobenbbz
I’m mean dude cmon
Like you have to pay JUST to have one little voice changer? I mean you will not have a good Business if your doing that. I mean I think it’s cool an everything. But I’m never ever ever gonna wanna pay for that. This was me when I saw it. “Oh! This app looks nice and it doesn’t cost money! Well at least I hope so. I should probably look at the reviews……..actually no I wanna get in this app that looks sooooooooooooo fun. Just gotta download itttt……. Ok done! Now I wanna change it to one of the presidents (I said that it was downloading) really dude please don’t tell me it costs money…. YES IT COSTS MONEY! I just wanna crieeeeeeeee. Well good thing it says three days off. Well I’ll do trump first. Then I’ll do jojo siwa! (Tries to do jojo) ok just have to hold down this button……” And what do ya know! It leads me straight to the paying. I don’t think it’s three days free, I think it’s more like three seconds free. And it has good ratings I mean comon bro. I’m like maybe next time….. Anyway I’m sorry for being all mean about that. Like I don’t understand it that’s all. Please respond back thank you! Oh and I don’t know how you managed to make this. Tuesday, October, fourth. 2022
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5 months ago, Gbggbfv
I don’t like this app at all!
This app is fun because you can have celebrities voices but none of them sound like themselves. Taylor swift for instance sounds like a man and Billie Eilish sounds like a grandma it can be funny if your like prank calling someone but not if your trying to send a video of you self singing one of their songs BECAUSE NOBODY WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE TRYING TO BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also you have to pay for it if you want all of the celebrities voices why can’t they just all be free or can it be every month people have to pay for it. I accidentally pressed 3 stars but I wanted to make it 2 and please please please can you make the game sound like the real celebrity’s voices.
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2 years ago, 911#2
OK I hate how like somethings about this game
Number one: I literally hate how much all of them are locked. Number two: I hate how it keeps doing that thing where it says I love celebrate voice changer. Number three: I like this game and all but I would recommend unlocking all of them like kids are gonna be expecting like most of them to be unlocked like Juice WRLD JoJo Siwa all that stuff that teens would also like and I don’t get like him and can’t do it it’s just 4+ it can be anyone that could be a five year olds if they wanted to do this I don’t get how I like it for pluses have to be this.
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2 years ago, 8~7 War Baby
Did not work!!!
I shared it twice and never got to request a voice. Technically you owe me 2 request or I might have to uninstall. I’ll leave this blank for now because I already gave you two 5⭐️ reviews with no compensation. I’m not highly offended but being able to request someone I admire would make it more than amazing so a glitch in the most important section means all bark and no bite. If you don’t have the pull to meet our fantasy requests, don’t put in the market. Don’t make us look bad ppl already hate us because we can create worlds to escape in. We interpret the matrix because we are the Oracles and the Neos and they are the civilians eating the steak. I f****** love this app so f****** fix before you earliest convenience or no red dwarf for you dicks and chicks!!!
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2 years ago, why are Brandon
Sorry I need you now for what you go away to the other place I’m gonna need you there but she’s just got to the way and then not gonna come and then it’s gonna work but you decided to leave this facility and you never came back so we just asked for you to come back from the sky to the ground and then we all have a blast and it’s all just fun but we got to stay focus to Asa and is going to work every single time so it’s so right it’s so right we gotta come and get it over here and it’s out there Yr Brendan
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4 months ago, yxggxudch3
About the people
I personally want likt the singers to be free like I don,t wunt to have to buy stuf ALL the time also I wunt little mama from the Mac five c Circus to be added so I am waiting at five star but I think it alsoWell deserve if you guys do what I asked or deserve 100 stars and plus I bet everybody else will be happy if you want to make us pay for literally like almost all of them just like it’s kind of stupid like we only have like maybe I’d say maybe like 10 people to play with it’s stupid so it’s like I don’t make us pay please
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7 months ago, Tennisgirl_8
Questions oh and please put elvis
Hello I used to have this app and I deleted it because most stuff I think you had to pay for but before I was looking for apps like this day and night I was obsessed but it didn’t work at all and I forgot alot of stuff so just wondering do you have to pay for the all the voices,like do you get a few for free?Do have to pay to call people with the voices or you can record yourself or send voice mails or do you just let people test out the voices for free. So that’s it bye. By,me!
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1 year ago, iSpY_Ellie
Some things wrong with it
This app is amazing, well it would be amazing expect for some things. Don’t get me wrong the voices are AMAZING and accurate except the recordings are short and you have a limit of 3-5 before a 1:30 min adds would pop up. The ad is the same every time. It drives me nuts. Not to mention you have to pay 5 dollars a WEEK if you want waaaaay more voices. Like SpongeBob and Darth Vador. It would be okay if it was like 5$ a month. So these are some suggestions 1. Lower the price 2. Add more Free voices 3. Add less ads or at least not the same ad over and over 4. Add Sophia Vergardo. Like I said before this app is amazing and accurate.
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11 months ago, Cierra Coggins
Voice and game request
I think you should add the voice of Megan The Stallion. I want to make a video of me singing one of her songs so I can show my friends. Thanks have a great day😊😊😊😁😁😁Oh and I love this app it’s AMAZING! Everyone who see’s this, you need to download this app and tell me if I am wrong about it being AMAZING! The only thing I have to say is try to make more voices free and don’t have premium because people won’t want to buy voices. But that’s the only request that I want you to have. Have a great summer!!!!😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😁
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1 year ago, Builder the bob555
5 star review
This app is very fun you can use it to prank your friends and family also it’s just a fun app to use if your stressed or mad about something like school or sometimes your mad at friends and family that app helps a lot with that kind of stuff that is why I gave it a 5 star review. Also I would like Lewis Capaldi and Eminem to be in here plus I don’t like that we have to pay just to use all the voices so can you keep those voices if you add them free a lot of people would appreciate that.
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