Celestron SkyPortal

3.6 (279)
446.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Celestron, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Celestron SkyPortal

3.61 out of 5
279 Ratings
1 year ago, Jm the Duke
App is simplistic perfection
I was introduced to sky portal when I got a celestron go to telescope a short time ago and it’s become my primary astronomy app since it easy to use, contains a through library of visible objects in the night sky of the northern hemisphere and with the compass mode gives you a rough view of the sky you are looking at in real time, my only recommendations for anyone using this app would be to use it on a iPad or tablet over a smartphone as the arrow keys used to slew a telescope and the crosshairs used to target an object can be tricky to use on the smaller screen. It would be nice if there were more satellites and objects listed maybe that’s what Sky Safari Pro is for and I may upgrade one day but at the moment Sky Portal meets the means for my backyard astronomical observations. App is 4 stars
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4 years ago, Ghostfleet2020
Great App
I use this app with my Celestron 11” Edge HD and the CGX mount. I also utilize the Star Sense camera with it for alignment and it works beautifully. The only issues I have are the Celestron focus control is very sensitive and very confusing and almost impossible to use and updates to the app to include data for new comets are very slow to occur for example the latest new comet Neowise has been visible for a while now and it is not listed in SKy Portal but has been in the Sky Safari app for quite some time now.
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3 years ago, virtualMtd
Great app for learning and controlling telescope. One improvement.
I love this app however I have one suggestion for improvement: When using the audio guides in the Info section, let the audio playback continue to work when the screen locks or auto locks. Many people have their phones set to auto lock after as little as 30 seconds and when this happens any audio playback currently in progress instantly shuts off when the phone locks. Only unlocking the phone will instantly resume playback. Seems like that improvement should be possible based on many other apps out there being able to play audio while the phone is locked. Thank you!
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5 years ago, JOIN Cat-O-Rama
Works, but not as I want it to
I finally got my first celestron 6se telescope that is one of the Best purchases I’ve bought. With that, I also bought the WiFi module that connects to SkyPortal. For about five months I was trying to align the app to my telescope. The app estimates where your telescope is pointing for extra accuracy, but for an odd reason, my pointer on the app is nowhere close to where the telescope is actually pointing. Though this is a minor problem one may say, but because the pointer on the app is so inaccurate, whenever I try aligning, the second star always says that there was an error. The error was that the app says that the alignment for, say Jupiter, is impossible in that location. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
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6 years ago, Ridgesoar
This is a terrible downsized version of a great app (sky safari). It will not consistently go-to, it won't keep the settings that you've put in the hand controller (max elevation,cordwrap!etc.) the cordwrap setting doesn’t work—if you try to use this with your scope remote it will wrap itself to a grinding standstill. The only reason I have this is that it is the only thing offered with Celestron's Wi-fi module. I'm junking both the module and the program and going back to the Orion setup that allows use of SkySafari Newest view—-IF you have sky safari already you can use the Celstron wi-fi module by bypassing this junk and selecting “Celestron Wi-Fi “in the telescope drop down in the Telescope settings in SkySafari .It ties you in and works!! (Even though your scope is NOT a Wi-Fi scope)
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7 months ago, netsurfr1
Has a major issue!
Discovered that the app has a bug where it does not show any Deep Sky Objects (nebulae, galaxies) on the sky chart. I tried every single option in settings to make them visible but nothing works. You can search for them and then it will center them BUT no luck in getting DSOs to show up in charts. I found a review from 2 years ago complaining about the same thing so not a recent issue so guessing Celestron is not planning on fixing it. I bought the wifi adapter for my 6SE to use this app to find and slew my scope to objects in the sky but without seeing DSOs on sky chart that severely limits it. Too bad. Will be returning the wifi adapter.
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3 years ago, siyamak abdi
Issues on new update
Hi, new update for iOS14 has a problem! the app doesn’t run! (My device is iphone SE 2016)
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4 years ago, Z-Leroy
Why all the poor reviews?
This is a very nice app. Especially considering that it is free, has no annoying advertising, and has many features that are similar to starwalk2. It searches, uses current location, shows planets, stars, constellations, and much more. If one clicks on an object, it offers an audio description of the item. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
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1 year ago, PyroRaptor
Needs red mode
I’m surprised that a telescope control app does not include a mode to change its color scheme to shades of red. This app has either full color or grayscale. The “Star Chart” app has a red mode to help preserve your night vision while showing a chart of the night sky wherever you point it, but isn’t designed to communicate with and control a telescope like SkyPortal. Please add red mode to let us control our telescopes without destroying our night vision. That will raise this review to five stars.
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3 years ago, AjaxMONK
Great App, but focus motor control has issues
I have a NexStar 8SE with a focus motor as well as the SkyPortal wifi module. Connecting to the module was very easy and its fun using my phone to navigate around. My main issue however is with the Focuser controls. Any movement in the positive direction using the fine focus buttons works fine, but any movement in the negative direction causes several focuser rotations one way, then back to the position I decreased it too. Seems like it should only increment a little bit, but it doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Agood1613
This app is underrated
This app is amazing the people that develop this did an amazing job like jaw-dropping. It’s incredible to locate every star ,every planet ,every dwarf ,planet every ,galaxy every constellation, every moon. It even gives you facts about all of those it. It’s astonishing it’s hard to explain how much I love this app I really really recommend you downloading this!!
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3 years ago, Jeffinma
Not very usable with iPhone XR
Downloaded this app too check it out. Sounded great on the Celestron web site. I installed it and just tried compass mode. When the phone is held still, the images bounce around like the phone is vibrating. It's unusable in compass mode without some kind of dampening. I liked star maps and features but because of the jumpy screen issue I'm deleting the app. Maybe I'll try it again in six months of they address the issues I mentioned.
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5 years ago, JEB137
A software failure due to limited scope. Has drop out connection to my Celestron 1100 CPC.
I ordered the module and assumed it was a problem with it. Sent it back for repair. In the meantime I purchased the Sky Safari module package and also the Sky Safari Pro app from apple App Store. Man did it ever work great!! Just received the repaired Sky Portal module. Still did not work. After reading other similar problems with the Sky Portal app., I must conclude that the app is overpriced at ‘free’. It appears that Celestron’s Sky Portal app is lacking the required software to fit the job required. Do not waste your valuable time on this app folks!!!
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2 years ago, SkywackerJim
Doesn’t Connect
I used to us this with my Celestron scope but when I got it out for the recent lunar eclipse it wouldn’t connect. Tried with my iPad and my iPhone and neither would work. A day or so later decided to buy SkySafari and try it and it connected and worked. I feel that they need to do a update, maybe not compatible with the latest IOS.
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5 years ago, Brian Berrett
Love it
Excellent search options, best items for viewing in your area, and a great map. Would love it if there was a check box to check if you found the item so you could log when, where, and what you saw.
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3 years ago, mgmcd1
Very easy to use and great features
I use the app with an AVX mount and various refractors. Setup, alignment and calibration are very easy. Acquisition and tracking work very well at all magnifications. I use the scopes for visual astronomy, and it is the best I have had it in 30 years of observing. Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, ADennisA
So many great features and sooo much information! I love watching the galaxies and stars while the Celestron Audio tells me at what I’m looking at. Lots of things to read and I just simply love it! Definitely recommend 100%
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5 months ago, VFDirector
Incredibly frustrating!
None of the videos Celestron provides show me how to use this app! I have no idea how I’m supposed to use this to align my telescope. I think the iPhone version of the app I have must be faulty because I don’t have any controls on the screen and I don’t know what I’m doing. Please Celestron, put out an educational video that explains step-by-step how to use this app.
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6 years ago, Canon Fan
Wow, this is bad!
Something seems terribly wrong with this app. No deep space objects visible at all, despite the menu setting saying otherwise. The deep space objects are there, but you have to enter their names individually in the search menu. Seems to be missing half of the basic features in the free version of Sky Safari. I got this hoping to use it to control by CGX mount. But it’s unlikely this app will be any use for that.
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6 years ago, Star Server
Adequate but limited
I have used this app with a NexStar 5SE and the Celestron WiFi adapter. I had no problems controlling the scope. The object display left a bit to be desired. Messier objects are not displayed until chosen and then only individually, disappearing when the next object is chosen. Star density is not easily set, if at all. Custom lists do not exist. Get SkySafari 5, it’s free and has more bells and whistles.
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1 year ago, Jason Iy
Works but glitchy
The app usually works but it’s a bit glitchy at times, especially when u rotate ur screen. Would love if it was optimized for newer taller iPhone screens as well.
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2 years ago, fuzzybassoon
Annoying advertising push notifications
App works OK with my telescope, but I hate they that they kept sending me promotional push notifications with no option to turn them off other than to turn off all notifications.
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3 years ago, CateDean
3.3.4 update is crap
This app used to work fine until my iPad updated to 3.3.4. Now it won't open. I can't even use my Celestron telescope to view the fall skies with the features and convenience that Celestron designed. What a waste of some terrific fall evening weather. I really hope someone is reading these reviews and will fix this soon.
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3 years ago, Windjammed
Great app
The people giving it bad reviews must not know how to use it
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4 years ago, RAYount
Doesn’t play well with Starsense.
Initially seems to work well, but when my Celestron 9.5 Edge is repositioned e.g. for a new viewing session, the app remembers the old alignment and will not perform a new align. No way to reset the alignment parameters as far as I can tell.
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1 week ago, ArbronIssarooth
Uses Notifications for Ads
Decent app and works to control my telescope, but they are using notifications for advertisements which is bad.
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2 years ago, tb5000
Used to be a good app.
I don’t know what they did to it with the last update but now in compass mode the horizon curls up as I point my phone to Zenith and for some unknown reason it’s showing a comet images where there are no known comets. Bad job guys, you ruined a good app!
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3 years ago, smithsfan123
Thought it was good, them it started glitching
App on my ipad or iphone 7 doesnt show any deep sky objects no matter how i tweak the settings. Shows the stars fine but no dsi. Yes i have set the display properly. Want to use it to control scope, but its no use if it wont show dsis.
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6 years ago, Tarun H
No search feature anymore?
I cannot seem to find the search feature any more.
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3 years ago, BigBadDad45040
Crashes immediately
I live this app but it flat out crashes as soon as I open it since iOS 14. I’ve got an iPhone 10. Please fix because the app is awesome otherwise!
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4 weeks ago, Leemurz
Wonky controls
Yet another night foiled by telescope controls that are inconsistently laggy (both on iPhone and iPad) so that alignment becomes an untenable task. Please update the software or control responsiveness.
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4 years ago, lohankan
It doesn’t work with 90GT wifi
Almost all 90GT wifi telescope users have a big problem that can’t connect telescope on recent version. In case of previouse version, it didn’t have this issue. It’s very critical problem so plz fix it ASAP.
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4 years ago, Skyeron
can not see/search c/2020 f3
I am able to see/search the comet after installation. however, when I open the app again, I can not see or search the comet any more. the list of the brightest comet has been changed, no C/2020 F3! why? how to fix it?
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6 years ago, WhiteRaven
Bug showing DSOs
New version doesn’t show DSO objects on the sky map, regardless of settings. (I am a long time SkySafari user: this is a bug, not user error.)
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4 years ago, ghhvhubb
Okay but a few issue
Comets are not clickable and even few DSOs. It would be 5 stars until they fix it
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3 years ago, gorgie the potato
Very great app!
I’m 12 and it’s the best in my opinion
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4 years ago, AnonymousAmature
Limiting magnitude limited
This app has severely limited starchart. At 5 x 6.5 degree view, for example, SkyPortal shows up to 7th magnitude stars, vs SkySafari's 11.
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2 years ago, Shmousey
Same as the Telecsope I bought from them- Dogwater
Bought a 100$ telescope that immediately broke during the setup, and this is the app to accompany that item, so it can't be very good.
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3 years ago, 01293021303
Most recent release introduced a new feature, infinite CTD’s.
I have been using this app with my iPad Pro 12.9,” and I cannot say enough how wonderful this app is. It felt so refreshing to be using an app that wasn’t developed specifically to nickel & dime the user every second. Plus, the fact that this app is able to scale to the 12.9” Pro’s screen size correctly makes it even more enjoyable. I love the overall UI design as it is very intuitive for the most part. Yes there are plenty of both single payment and micro transaction based apps that may offer a bit more. Though when you consider that at least for now, this app is completely free, the app itself becomes quite a compelling offer. That being said, only time will tell if this remains the case in future versions of the app. Unfortunately, two things are impacting my current rating. First is the red night vision option for the UI of the app. While I do not find this UI setting bad, I would prefer if it also had a custom color option as well. If I am using the app for a long period of time at night, the red causes my eyes to feel strained. Also, the red in fact can also make it harder to see the overall UI. Perhaps a night vision like setting using a single or custom color option that allowed you to see the app information would be better than just a simple all red overlay. Second is a more pressing issue that I already see other reviews bringing up, the new unending startup crashes. Since the last update, I cannot use the app at all. I’m running iOS 11 currently, and all I see is about 10-15 seconds of launch screen before immediate crash to home screen. This needs to be fixed in the next update as the app is currently useless right now.
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1 year ago, jwalger
Won’t connect
Get telescope for Xmas, follow all instructions yet my scope won’t emit a wifi signal and there’s no directions on how to troubleshoot this so connecting with my phone is impossible.
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2 years ago, Boardz20
Love this app, it helps me identify the beautiful heavens that the Lord God created.
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3 years ago, Gcrocker
Crashes on startup
Why did I spend $100 on a WiFi device that requires an app that just crashes? Because I am a fool. Do not buy the Celestron WiFi device. Their app is required and useless.
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4 years ago, antonykhoury
Good app
I’ve got a celstron telescope and this is very helpful to use with it
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4 years ago, CMH77
Train wreck
This app is a disaster. I can’t align the telescope to stars. I hit align and it won’t center on the stars. I try to track back to aligned objects and it is way of. It stops halfway to targets. It’s a piece of crap app. I’ll have to just use the telescope pad. Ugh FIX THIS!
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1 year ago, hellfiknow
MacBook Air [M2]
Seems to work just fine, on MacBook. 👍👍
Show more
3 years ago, Ted Newland
Immediately Crashes
Doesn’t work at all on either iPad that I own. Worked for years until recently.
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4 years ago, 미스터문
update please
i have bought celestron 90gt wifi model a few days ago. but it don't connect with this app. update please... i really want to see the moon...
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3 years ago, Hate frontier
Impossible to align.
Impossible to align, impossible to use. Never got it set up to see anything. I’ve tried a dozen times. Can’t find stars in the eyepiece to even start aligning on.
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3 years ago, patfch2u17
Unable to open app?
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5 years ago, dinb123321.
Access point mode doesn’t work
Access point mode doesn’t work
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