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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Video

4.13 out of 5
62 Ratings
7 years ago, TishaMino
Please update your app for us iOS user or it will no longer be compatible with iOS:/ Great app <3
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6 years ago, Yakov Ariyeh Ben-Yonatan
Great websites, but your apps need work
I love your website. They are so insightful and helpful, but when it comes to your apps I’m afraid I cannot say the same. There are many errors. For instance, when I am watching a video and I exit, it still plays the audio but I can no longer watch the video and I cannot even find where it is playing, if I click the same video again then it will start another video and now two audios are playing at the same time. Please fix these bugs on all your apps
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4 years ago, fullbird06
Daily Mitzvah videos GONE!!!
The app says there are 354, I count only 100! I am ready to study Day 188, but I had to do a search to find it and all the others. Very cumbersome. Either add the others back to the Sefer HaMitzvot with Kaplan videos in the Yeshiva channel or go back to the previous app version until you figure it out. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to use the Daily Mitzvah app. Not good! Plus, I had to delete the app, then reinstall it because the icon didn’t change. Appreciate the option for Dark Mode, however. 👍🏽 That’s why you are receiving 2-stars.
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10 years ago, Crystalline fox
I am a Christian & I find this App to have a wealth of spiritual information, insights & inspiration. I am interested in practicing the traditions that God commanded Vs the traditions of the world. Because I didn't grow up practicing these holidays, holy days, etc. I only know the basics of what I've been told or have experienced indirectly. This app has given me the knowledge I need & much more. Thank you so much & keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, Ddgarcia
Buggy buggy buggy!!!
Chabad is the greatest thing to ever happen to Judaism. Their site is the greatest website ever created. The concept of this video app is fantastic. But unfortunately it is beyond buggy. Videos freeze over and over. Often can’t load videos at all. Videos don’t resume if you accidentally (or intentionally) shut it down. Tonight I wanted to watch some videos and couldn’t get any of them to load!!! They need someone to go in and fix this app in a big way.
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7 years ago, 
Love it but it needs to update!!!!!
Jewish tv please update your app. It doesn’t work anymore with the new iPhone update. We enjoy it very much and we have been growing so much thanks to all the amazing videos, please please update it so we can continue to benefit from the amazing learning!
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3 years ago, Gavmo Spinner
Amazing app
I’m changing my review a year later, I’m 2021. It’s amazing and not buggy. Ignore reviews from everything before 6 months ago. It’s not buggy and search works. There’s a variety of videos, ranging from young kid’s cartoons to shyurim for adults. Great app overall!!!
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7 years ago, Rayshrayyy
Great selection!
At first the videos wouldn't load, but then I realized that was because I was on a Wi-Fi network that had a firewall on it. When I restarted the app once I was on my cellular network, the videos loaded.
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7 years ago, ZeldaEl
Great content poor performance
I love this app but it takes most of my data plan eventhogh I am listening only once a day 45 mins during my lunch break 2) playback is not working 3) search is not working very well 4) it wooukd be great if would be a pod cast version . I am looking forward for better version of JTV
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7 years ago, C Caldwell
You will love it!
So much to offer! You'll enjoy the many options fir information, student and inspiration! An excellent app and content is really beneficial and well presented.
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11 years ago, Steven roth
Great app
This is wonderful ,a must have I stayed up all night looking at all of the videos . Thank you so much
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11 years ago, YoshBear
I am SO happy!
This is the app I have been waiting for! Thank you Chabad! Now, maybe you can add a radio show to your TV channel?
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7 years ago, David Levi Peretz
App needs iOS 11 update
App will not open on iPhone iOS 11. Developer needs to update.
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4 years ago, Writerdirector01
Please update.
I love the content but many times the videos just stop playing. They’re stuck. Can you please update. Thanks.
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10 years ago, Lthrmilguy
I love it but does not work
For some reason no videos will play on my ipad. I can press the play button then it just looks likes it loading but no video? Am I doing something wrong? There are so many videos I want to see on here!!!
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10 years ago, Srulyuz
Great app. Just need "listen to audio only" feature.
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12 years ago, EGE5
It's about time
Congratulations on this new app!!! I did not rate it 5 stars because of the limited selection of videos and the lack of a search function.
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11 years ago, H8runninh
Great app!
A great app to watch videos
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11 years ago, Designer22Apple
Great work
A great app!
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6 years ago, MeHakimi
Poor App
I love Chabad (I am Chabad) and they make great Torah but this app is lame and buggy
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10 years ago, Ray-0001
Ios7 support with keyboard
Ios7 support with keyboard
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12 years ago, Sam 1182
Awesome app!
Gr8 app! This is the app I have been waiting for so long. The content is just awesome! Thanks to the developers.
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11 years ago,
טוב מאד
Best app ever amazing precious footage thank you for creating this app your zechus from this app is amazing
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12 years ago, Seriousjew
My commute home will be filled now with Torah!
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11 years ago, Google?!
What an amazing app!
Works amazing, great content. Thank you.
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11 years ago, Tzirlgirl
Awesome app
Thank you!
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12 years ago, Jewish.TV Fan
Great App!!
Amazing App with great content.
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11 years ago, Neshamale770
Awesome app
Now my kids have great kosher content to surf through and learn deep meaningful life lessons all while having fun! Thanks! This is why I donate monthly to your cause!
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11 years ago, shosh770
The best app ever
Thank u now I can watch all my videos on my iPod! It's a whole new world for me. I use to never watch shiurum an now I do. Keep up the AMAZING wok an thanks for the update!!
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12 years ago, Rickgirl app
Super cool, love it!!
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