Channel 3000 | News 3 Now

4.5 (6K)
28.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Evening Telegram Company
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Channel 3000 | News 3 Now

4.5 out of 5
6K Ratings
6 years ago, Jwf6012
Love the news 3 team!
I watch Channel 3 every morning, and night. The staff on the air are so personable, authentic, and caring. Each of of the cast looks like they could be our neighbors and friends. The news is current, relevant and expressed with the interests of the public as if it effects us personally. I applaud the behind the scene staff for supporting the various functions of the news shows and plan to watch Channel 3000 news,weather and sports forever!
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7 years ago, FritzieFresh
Yay! (Update to Crash! Crash! Crash!)
It's working, and working well! Finally, this long frustrating app is actually very nice to use. I haven't had anymore crashes. The notifications are very timely and will go right to the story when opened. The main page is laid out nicely and it is very easy to get to the stories I select. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, Flaked model
Watch live now is annoying!!
I can’t tell you how’s my stories I’ve clicked on recently, only to see a “Watch Live Now” link and NO STORY. What if I want to know the story 2 weeks later? It takes me to the live feed, which ISN’T HELPFUL. I wanted to see stories about how to help local restaurants, and how the decision is being made whether or not to send kids back to school... there are NO stories! Also, I wish I could choose what types of alerts I get. I just want breaking news (with a story attached). I don’t want “Coming up on our 6 AM newscast!”
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7 years ago, Rnk2461
Channel 3000
I'm not sure I like the new format. So far it's confusing. I also don't know if the news is not being updated in a timely fashion or I just can't find the new stories. I love the addition of obits, but it seems like they are incomplete and not updated daily. Overall on the right. Just needs to be tweaked. Starting to crash a lot. The font is horrible, very hard to read. No way to change it.
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3 years ago, bfhawk
Channel 3000
In living on the Eastside of Janesville and your tower is closer to the west side of Madison we end up with channel 58 out of Marshall/ Milwaukee! We really like the 3000 a lot and Milwaukee news doesn’t interest us much! I’ll keep going on line to get your coverage as you cover Rock County very well! Thanks for asking!
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6 years ago, T®izT®iz
Only worth it for school closures or headlines
This app is rubbish! I get a news update on my feed, school canceled or major news updates; however, when I tap on it, the article does not load, I am almost always left looking at a blank screen. The pop ups are garish and annoying. The “view live” requires flash and a Facebook account. This is the iOS AppStore; we don’t have flash with iOS!! Furthermore, with all the scandals surrounding FB, many of us have deleted our FB accounts. I ONLY keep the app for major, headlining events and school closures, due to weather.
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6 years ago, honestreview2001
It’s gotten better
The app is ok. It’s better than it was and I can get some of the info I’m looking for relatively easily, but still a little cumbersome finding things. My biggest problem with the app is the ADS. For an informational app, I have never seen so much advertisement. A lot of the advertisements are for the station - hello, I’m already using your app, do you really need to advertise your station and your app while I’m using it? As I said, it’s an OK app.
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2 years ago, The Lancaster
Seems like every time you start scrolling it jumps back uptop! Plus whoever is editing or writing has a fourth grade education! Ghetto speak, etc…. Pretty pathetic for a well established news organization! Very disappointed!!!
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7 years ago, Paladin3271
What a change!
Wow, this is what an upgrade should do. I rated the app at 1 star earlier because it was virtually unusable. Crashed everytime I tried it. I saw there was an update today and when I used it, the problems seemed to be fixed. Now, it seems to be a very well laid out and pleasing source of news, etc.
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4 years ago, sassipantz70
How to change location for news updates
I recently moved and I need to know how to change the news updates from my old area (WI) to my new area (IL) . Please tell me how to do this.
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4 months ago, CBadger2
Pop up video impossible to close
With a new update a video news clip always pops up. The only way to get it to leave my screen - even after closing the app- is to force the app closed. I just want to scroll the headlines and now it is a huge pain. Going to delete for now until they remove that feature. This had been my go-to app for Madison news
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3 years ago, Shonuff99
Was ok now horrible
Ads every time you click for a news story. When you have a breaking news story it goes to a video feed pauses and you have a 15 second commercial and then you find out they not covering the story now. Weather area used to be the best around but now they basically make you search all around just to find minimal info. I give up
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5 years ago, wi/ca lover
Wisconsin News to keep me informed.
I’m a Wisconsin person who is now living in California,but, will return to live . It’s just so nice to be able to feel like I’m there.. Thank you for keeping me informed on the state that I love .
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1 year ago, Pete55564
Terrible app
If you are going to send notifications about certain articles. DONT TAKE ME TO THE WATCH LIVE SECTION. If I want to read about a particular article I was notified about, that’s what I want to read. If I see the notification an hour later it makes it completely pointless to even click on it. Then I have to try and dig to find that article. OPEN THE ARTICLE THAT MATCHES THE NOTIFICATION LIKE EVER OTHER NEWS APP
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5 years ago, Fyre Walker
Channel 3000, Superb!
As a businessman, artist, and outdoors sports person, Channel 3000 News and Weather apps keep me up-to-date on important civic news, and weather tracking, keeping me safe, and informed! Thanks Channel 3000
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8 months ago, Chad Schaal
New app is unusable - radar won’t load.
The new and ‘improved’ app has been out a couple months. Still will not load any weather radar. I upgraded to a new phone - for other reasons - and it continues. It’s a huge step backwards in app functionality. I just deleted it and will be trying other Madison news apps.
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3 years ago, Asmirlda
Channel 3000
Loved the app. Now I can’t get it to open! Deleted it and tried to start over. It still won’t work! Help!!!
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3 years ago, Anfangs
Latest update was terrible for live streaming
The last update has destroyed the ability to use live streaming. Now I can only use it from the website using Google chrome. The old version was better. Please fix this asap Update April 2021 Video sometimes works but the app still is not great to use Anna's navigate.
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2 years ago, 700enozt
Fix Scrolling
Can’t stand the constant jumping up and down when scrolling. You would think they would fix it after more than a year of problems. Still awful and barely even useable.
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4 years ago, I-Want-the Truth
Biased News
No news on the NY Post article about Biden emails and photos. They don’t have the same standard for Trump scandals that have been proven untrue.
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2 years ago, glwnug
Unimportant news
A lot of news that’s not interesting. Stories that maybe news people want to report but aren’t important.
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2 years ago, Harry Bosco
App always moves back up involuntarily when viewing obituaries. Becomes rather annoying. Otherwise good information. Thanks
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4 years ago, 3710#$&
Could be great
The ap keeps flipping on and then crashing! Disappointing!
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7 years ago, ChukJr
Doesn't work very well
This app would be great IF it would actually load the articles and not only show the pictures... and if your lucky and you can read the article prepare to be kicked out! If I try to use this app 5 times in the day I'm lucky to get it to work 2 of those 5 attempts. 👎
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3 years ago, cj 786
Don’t you think it’s about time you cut back in the covid vaccine rhetoric. It takes up so much of every newscast that you hardly have time for important local news stories. It just becomes repeat, repeat, repeat day after day after day. 😵‍💫
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5 years ago, 85ATC
Terrible options for alerts.
News coverage is nice, but there is no option for types of alerts. I like and want the breaking news alerts, but the daily or sometimes multiple times a day alerts for some random news story they have on their over the air broadcast is ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Greg Lusk
Horrible for reading the news.
Whenever you are in a list of stories and scroll down a bit the app refreshes and sends you to the top again. This is maddening! Clicking on notifications crashes the app as often as it brings you to what you clicked on. Usability needs a lot of work.
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2 years ago, MadJPo
It is nearly impossible to scroll, as the app continually jumps back to the top or near top of the page you’re viewing when looking through news stories or obits. It’s very frustrating and I now mostly use another local news app.
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2 years ago, Curt17364736274
Pop ups
I have always enjoyed your news and the app. However the screen continues to bounce back and forth to review the ads. The obits are impossible to even read. My wife and friends say the same thing. I know it’s about revenue but I am close to deleting your app. Thanks Curt Regali
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6 years ago, Faily Reader
Great news source.
I read Channel 3000 throughout the day. My only complaints are that the obituaries aren’t all available. I have to go to Channel 27 to get a complete listing.
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2 years ago, Nick doodle
Too left wing
It would be nice for a news gathering organization to be objective and in Their reporting! They are far from that! It is so disheartening to see them so obviously one sided! Therefore I don’t believe a word of what they report! I only continue to read it for local weather and sports
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10 months ago, Labmaof3
New version is too slow
The new version as of 8/14 is super slow, has way too many pop-ups and ads. Just turned off alerts and will rarely be using.
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2 years ago, VeronicaMB9
I watch Channel 3 news every day😊
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7 years ago, jverwolfpack
App crashes after clicking on weather alert
The app gives good notifications but when clicking on them it takes you to the app an precedes to crash... needs some work
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4 years ago, Bav2337
Not a good update!
Next time test your app before you release it.
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6 years ago, Dksksjcjekdk
Nice App, very annoying pop up’s
Every time the app opens the morning show pop up ad takes over the entire screen. It very annoying. Otherwise the stories are quick to view and it’s an above average app
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4 years ago, duchapeau
Well, it was better...
...but now there are too many stories that are solely video and not written out. What’s wrong with actually letting us read the story? What if we want to get informed by your app but don’t want to constantly download videos?
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5 years ago, joyous4114
Mostly ok
The only complaint I have about it is when I’m scrolling down, it scrolls back up. Please fix it. Otherwise it’s ok.
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6 years ago, Maya1088
Not Enuff Local News!
Go ahead and rewrite Journal-Sentinel and AP statewide wire so we get better local and Wisco news! Your site is much better than Madison's morning paper's.
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5 years ago, Pancoal77
I downloaded to get breaking news. Instead you constantly get alerts for nothing. Not breaking news just anything and everything non important.
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6 years ago, ptkgn
Channel 3000 App
Appears to be working well it’s my go to local news 😊💗
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4 years ago, tammyje
Used to be better
I used to find Channel 3000 on top of everything. Now the are slow to report and miss a lot. Disappointing.
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5 years ago, sarah8079123
News feed is annoying!
App resets to top story when you scroll through the news stories. Halfway through you get bumped back up to the top of the feed instead of staying where you were. Super annoying, please fix!!!
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5 years ago, Pegring
I miss the old format...
The biggest reason I had to up date,,is TDS scam ad couldn’t get rid of it...It’s a scam,cause they want your social security number...
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7 years ago, Amtone
Was good until
Was decent, really like the notifications but now the app crashes and when I click the notifications they disappear almost as if the site isn't updated yet please fix and will change review
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2 years ago, flippy the bird
needs work
keeps refreshing i cant scroll down to the end, this has been a thing in iOS for months now
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1 year ago, jcg21345
Why are some articles repeated in the news list? They should only be listed once.
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6 years ago, Whip chick
The amount of typos and misspellings in their online articles makes you wonder either why they're not proofreading or who's doing the writing!
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7 years ago, SwtBasile
When I click on the news story from the notification it comes up with some old news. If it does, and it's rare, opens up the current news story it crashes before I can read it.
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7 years ago, 8262417395
Terrible Application
App always crashes when you open it from a notification. Attempted to open the app and watch a live video and the sound didn't work. Never have any luck with this app. Needs a TON of work. (iPhone 7 Plus) user.
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