Charleston Gazette-Mail

3.9 (104)
43.6 MB
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The Charleston Gazette
Last update
2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Charleston Gazette-Mail

3.88 out of 5
104 Ratings
8 years ago, Doktor Z
Good paper, good format for the most part
The Gazette-Mail is one of the best local newspapers in the whole country. Other than the news section, which tends to make me open some stories I don't want to read just to get into the news, I like the format.
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6 years ago, digit232
Great Newspaper
Been reading Gazette-Mail all my life, in fact learned to read from the Sunday comics. They were two full pages, front and back. Now, read online, 400 miles away. Like an old friend every morning with coffee.
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5 years ago, this is a bogus ruse
Smiles and frowns
I think The Charleston Gazette/mail is one of the best actual news papers I have read. I subscribe to the paper mainly for the comics and puzzles and crosswords. I was very disappointed today to find fewer comics and no puzzles or crosswords. If this is a permanent reduction then I will cancel my subscription.
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4 years ago, jmcav reader
Poor on IPad
While the newspaper is good, the app design is not. It will not “remember” my login credentials, and the login screen itself will not work without clearing cookies and browser history. It not only takes extra steps every day just to view the paper, but also results in my having losing my browser history for everything else. The previous app version worked MUCH better.
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7 years ago, jen_prof
Florida Resident
Great way to receive news from home!
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4 years ago, WV-Joel
Sad to see the change
I’ve had this app for years, almost since they first brought it out. Now the changes hit and it’s harder than ever to use and only certain stories can be accessed without a membership. I delivered this newspaper 30 years ago and now I can’t read it anymore. This was probably the first app I ever had and I’m deleting it. What a disappointment.
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3 years ago, WV - Almost Heaven
Worst App ever
This is absolutely the worst app that the Chas Gazette has had, the constant clearing of the website data and/or deleting the app then reinstalling almost on a weekly basis is absolutely ridiculous! Is there any new developments to update or replace? They need an app that works order to retain the online customers. If nothing is done, I will cancel my subscription.
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5 years ago, 17293648945
Too Liberal
Too many reprints from that liberal rag, the Washington Post. I would think more balanced coverage would increase sales, but it appears the purchasers have some sort of financial death wish and refuse to budge. Last time I checked, WV leans conservative while the Gazette-Mail continues to accelerate its demise.
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7 years ago, crwsky
Recent changes
Has previously been a reliable, quick source for local news. Recently the pop-up ads make it impossible to make it through even one full sentence. Pretty sad.
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7 years ago, Elainelandrews
Great app & newspaper
TheCharleston Gazette-Mail is indispensable for WVers. And this app is well organized and easy to use.
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7 years ago, WV in Va
Good app
Easy way to stay informed on things happening in WV
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8 years ago, J J Jr.
Major positive changes @ Gazette
Over the last three year, lot of progress and movement into current format and editors, especially Sports dept. From Jack B, to Chuck McG, to now Derek Redd, good (sometimes great) articles and increasing fairness to all collegiate schools in the state. Fair and balanced reporting is where we want the paper to be.
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7 years ago, Kingswing54
Gazette-Mail News
Great blend of local and national news. Sports coverage very good. Good editorals.
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5 years ago, Ruthytooth
We love the E-Edition. It is. A piece of home while we are away from home.
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7 years ago, nokiedad
Great format
I look at several WV newspapers. This is by far the best. Bluefield Daily Telegraph is the worst
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7 years ago, NLM1306
Nonstop pop up ads
This used to be a great app, that’s no longer the case. The pop up ads make it almost impossible to get through an article.
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7 years ago, CKP IV
Constant pop up ads
Video Ads pop up every 5-10 sec, can not read any articles
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4 years ago, Michelle :):):):)
Used to be great
Since the redesign of this once useful app, you now need an account to view stories. No thanks.
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4 years ago, Droopahead
Not good
Can not get stories to open with new app. Returns to menu.
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7 years ago, Mep3p
Lincoln add
Thanks to your Lincoln add I can’t get through an article. So thank Lincoln because your app is useless
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7 years ago, Moondog25526
Poor app
Pos app- just like their paper.
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8 years ago, Great Bob 3
Do not like the updated App
There are two glaring issues with this app. First, since the update the app will freeze and close without any apparent cause. It was more stable before the attempt to add additional images for stories without scene pictures. Second, the content of the app is not updated frequently. There may be one or two articles added to yesterday's news or random national/world news filling up the rest of the page. I know that this app is free but there are plenty of stories that are happening around us. The articles often come from the Associated Press. It would be nice if they could provide a full page of current, local, news daily.
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9 years ago, Jannhoke
Love these Highlights of Hometown Paper
The Charleston, WV Gazette-Mail is the state newspaper. I take the print version, but this app provides highlights of news, sports, weather, lifestyle, editorial content and columns. It's perfect for those days you just don't have time to sit down and read the whole paper. It's updated throughout the day with news bulletins. It's easy to use and it's free. What's not to love?
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8 years ago, Trapper36
App keeps crashing
Since early July this app started crashing once it was opened and I tried opening a subsection of the newspaper. It has now got to the point that the app is completely unusable. I talked to the newspaper technical department and they had no idea. Other iPad's access this app successfully from my location. None of the many apps on my iPad have presented a problem during this time period. I have the latest software downloaded on this iPad.
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8 years ago, MarshallWins
Great Coverage
I enjoy the Sports coverage very much! The articles keep me up to date on many interests and The Herd. The other sections are valuable to make me feel connected to my home state even though I live far away.
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11 years ago, Avid reader for decades
Morning review
When I don't have the hard copy Gazette available, this app is terrific for keeping up on the news. Easy to navigate, with links to older articles for further investigation. Thanks!
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12 years ago, WVuser
Unexpectedly fantastic
The Gazette finally comes through with this unusually attractive and user-friendly app -- a shock after years of having the worst possible mobile site. Excellent work!
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12 years ago, Eersfan1995
Vingle for President
I love being able to keep up with the local news through this app. Its kept updated extremely well. Thanks Gazette for this user friendly app.
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12 years ago, DeliveryGuy2
Excellent App
Easier to navigate than their website by far. Easy and fast to each section.
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8 years ago, D Hesse
Reading the Gazette- Mail online.
I use to go out everyday to buy the Gazette -Mail, now I just go online to read it, that is easier for me, enjoyable to.
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8 years ago, BlakeAllenBurgess
App is easy to navigate
App is easy to navigate, and find what was in previous headlines. I gave this app 4 stars because there aren't enough updated stories and most of the stories are outdated.
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9 years ago, Chelsina
Great app!
I get the stories and up to date local information. Really like this, thank you for making stories accessible.
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10 years ago, Rcliff
Daily user
While I go to this app daily, and it my most frequently used news app, it is slow to be updated with current news stories. Today the most recent was from March 31, today is the 3rd of April. Get with it folks!!!
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11 years ago, Me174
Not too bad..
Better than it used to be, but I still check the local tv station apps for current news. If the daily obituaries were included, this would be my app of choice for local news.
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11 years ago, The Flim Flam Man
Excellent App
This is a wonderful app. It's simple and straightforward. It's very user-friendly. Now, I can read the Gazette even when I'm away from home. Well done.
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10 years ago, Khaos D.
Must have app!
This is a fantastic app, with timely, well-written updates of news and events happening in West Virginia. Living out of state, this app keeps me connected.
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11 years ago, SSJ4-Gogeta
Crash prone
Previous iteration of this app was great and I experienced zero crashes, would have given it 4 stars. Updated to the current version on 4/25, and am sad to see it crash at nearly every turn. Took seven or eight tries to read the two pages of the most recent Reader's Voice posting.
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9 years ago, Mzltovstu
Great to travel with
I have been a subscriber for over 30 years. I Travel a lot and miss knowing what is going on at home. Having the app. Is great.
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9 years ago, HairyDuck
Excellent app in WV news
Better than the website this allows me to stay in touch with what's going on in almost heaven!
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10 years ago, Lacyleplante
It tells me what's going on when I'm bored. I'm sitting in the obgyn's office right now waiting on the doctor. Entertainment while my feet are in the stirrups. It's chill.
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9 years ago, Cat24777
Too many adds
Normally this App is great, but when I upgraded to an iPhone 6 the ads at the bottom of the page keep opening and directs me to the App Store. Very annoying please fix this issue.
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10 years ago, Nixie man
Good app. I enjoy reading local news everyday. However some articles are really old. Need to keep articles current
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11 years ago, Michael Drake
Great local news app
Well designed and great for those of us who don't subscribe to the print copy.
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10 years ago, Zemogkram
Great news coverage
Excellent app. A must have if you live in West Virginia and own a smart phone. Perfect amount of coverage for devices.
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11 years ago, Ncwv62
It works
The home page is attractive and it works like it should. However, there should be a way to see how old the article is without opening it up.
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8 years ago, Freedomtrailer
Things to do!
Thank you for keeping us informed of area-wide activities for our family to do in the evenings and weekends in the Outdoors and A&E section.
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10 years ago, johnnyfromeb
If you like the Charleston Gazette...
Then it would certainly be reasonable to have the Charleston Gazette on your ios device
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12 years ago, Codered112
Love it!
Set up very nice and easy to navigate. Looks great and has all the WV stories one would need to know. I am really enjoying this app!
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9 years ago, MsBinTx
New format is great. Much better. I read it very day to keep up with home news.
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11 years ago, Plmzaq123456
I enjoy reading the gazette on line to keep up with the latest news.
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