Cheat for Words With Friends

4.7 (81K)
105.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Groom Lake Development, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cheat for Words With Friends

4.74 out of 5
81K Ratings
2 years ago, rda987
Is this app no longer being maintained?
1: For as long as I can remember DI is being treated as a valid word. It seems like a simple fix to remove it from the valid word list. I run into this weekly. 2: Frequently throws a screenshot error if you are responding to an invite. IE there is only one word on the board. The second turn works fine. 3: Infrequently inserts a random letter onto the board and then searches for solutions. This frequently is next to the letters J and S. 4: Infrequently changes an existing letter on the board then searches for solutions. I’ve noticed this can result in possible solutions being missed. Other: I did upgrade to an iPhone 13 from an iPhone X several months ago. If the app is longer being maintained perhaps someone else would take it over. I’d like an option to say I’ll always watch an ad so don’t wait five turns to ask me that.
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6 years ago, Engelchen0411
When it Works It’s Great When it Doesn’t There is No Help
Decent app (though it lies about you winning every game). My biggest problem is that I am currently getting scanning errors. When that happens, you get a pop-up message box telling you to be sure you have the latest version and that your board is not zoomed in. Since I do have the latest version and since I know my board was not zoomed in, I tapped the report a problem link. It asks if I am sure I have the latest version and I answer yes. It then asked if I am sure my board is not zoomed in and I say yes. It then gives me an option to choose between incorrect letter or scanning error. I chose the later and all I get is a note to be sure my board is not zoomed in, even though I already indicated it wasn’t. (Incidentally, until I figured out I can edit the board to correct any incorrect letters the scan shows, when I tried the same to report incorrect letters were showing in the scan, I got the exact same results when I tried to report that problem.) deleted the app now because there is no such thing as help when you encounter an issue. It’s not like I used the app that much anyway.
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1 year ago, glegipon
Wha whaaaaaa
Used to be free to use, unlimited use. Now you have to pay $2 to get the top scoring word. Disgusting. I paid for the app years ago. Also, now this app scans Q’s as O’s so that doesn’t work. I win some games but use this when I’m stuck and playing against strangers. When I tried to report this error using the “help” button, all I got was four roundabout questions of “are you sure if A or B, to which answering all questions with “yes I’m sure” you just told to send them the screenshot with no email or upload options. To make it worse, there is Words with Friends 1 and 2. This cheat app was originally just for 1. Now when I’m having problems they filter feedback with “are you sure you’re playing WWF 2?” which makes me want a refund. Why should I be stuck paying for an app of the app now does not work on the same WWF1 app that I originally purchased a use agreement under!? Rating 2 stars because the experience of the app works but is now nothing like what it was when I purchased originally. It basically only has about 40% of the functionality it used to when I bought it.
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3 years ago, Kiranarice
Have been playing words fir a few years. Have had a problem for at least 2 months. Cannot use keys to help find words. This problem needs to be fixed. I really like this game. My brother is dying 800 miles away and I cannot go see him. This is the game I go to for stress relief. Please fix this. Thank you. Still not able to use keys to help with words. It still is giving an error message. Can your guys not fix this. If not, maybe you need some new people who can do the job right. This is ridiculous. June 2021. Not allowing to use aide in finding help. Keeps showing error message. It worked well for a while, but now died not working at all. Please fix. Thanks Still not able to use. Always shows error message. Linds here again. It has now been 3 months and I still cannot use this app or cheat master. Every time I try it just gives me an error message. Is there not a fix for this? I just keep accumulating chances to try but none work. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, mercy796
Not keeping this app
I used to like this app a lot. For the last week I am running into constant import screenshot errors no matter how many times I update my tile color. It is not as though the opponent’s tile choice can be changed on my end. I am also encountering issues with incorrect error. Of course this is after the fact that I paid to unlock. Even though this app indicates a word is valid, such as DI, it is not a legitimate word in the Words with Friends 2 game. Another issue is there is also no way to truly contact the developer or submit an error to support. Hence I am writing this review. Fix this app or provide the option for us users to actually contact support and get a reimbursement for the wasted coins to unlock words that are not legitimate!
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6 years ago, xxxxxxxxxxxxx2
The app was great until iOS 12 rolled out. I think Words w/ Friends updated too & now this app doesn’t work properly. I keep receiving error messages. Can you fix it plz? My other apps seem to prepare for Apple updates but this one is always behind the ball. Other than the lack of responsiveness when updates are needed, the app is awesome! I love that it’s easy to use. Please work on updating the app timely to coincide with software updates to operating systems & Words w/ Friends.
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6 years ago, dque57
Was good, but no longer.
The app was working just fine, within the past two weeks something changed, the app no longer recognizes letters placed on the center square. It will recommend words as if the center square hadn’t been used. Even more annoying is that every use costs credits. So basically you are paying for defective software giving you useless information. I contacted support on three separate occasions to no avail. I’ve lost at least 10 credits because of a defect that appeared in the app. I don’t know if the problem is will iOS 11, wwf2, or this app. But the problem manifests itself within this app. Until this is addressed I can not recommend the app to anyone for any reason. They are just stealing money at this point.
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4 years ago, Cynna347
Big glaring problem!
The most recent 3 times I’ve paid for 30 chances to open the top 6 words I got ripped off. After about 2 or 3 days, after using the cheat app to show me the top words a few times, I’ll open the app and discover my remaining chances to cheat have fallen from 25 to 4!!! And I can’t find out how to report this and get it corrected. I’ll be deleting this app and trying another, there are plenty of them ... One more gripe; the app doesn’t always find the highest scoring word. In fact, this happens frequently enough that I use a word descrambler in conjunction with wordcheat to find the highest value word and then see if I can place it in the puzzle.
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6 years ago, Gemini Stud
The cheat app isn’t working at all!
I was looking for help so I clicked on app took me to a page that only has a logo and then the privacy policy! Second of all...I have a compatible version...but cannot import any photos! It keeps giving me a message about my photos zooming in or something or not zooming in and check to your compatibility...done and still nothing...please fix the problem for those of us who actually pay money toward using this app! NYKKOLYN
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3 years ago, Grammyluv
Cheat with Words Comes in handy
I’ve been playing Words for many years and have a pretty extensive vocabulary. There are, however, times when I am unable to find a place to play a word, and that is when I use Cheat. Cheat provides a list of words from highest to lowest point value to allow the user to choose the word placement that best works for them. Of course, should you get stumped on a word, try this app! You won’t be disappointed.
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6 years ago, Critterbg
I have used this app many times, and it has worked very well until they came out with the different colored tiles. I stayed with the classic tiles, and it continued to work as expected. Though it is still useless if my opponent uses the colored tiles. My issue is with support. I get push notifications that give me new keys when I open the app. The last week my key count has stayed the same, even though I click as soon as I get the notification. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch, and I’m getting credit for my keys, or if I really am not getting the keys. I have tried to contact support about this, but there is no link to direct support not concerned with scanning. When I click on the support button here in the store, it takes me to a site with an icon. If I click on the icon, it asks if I want to open in the iTunes Store. If I say yes, it says “No results”. I would appreciate a response from the developer.
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4 years ago, Yahweh's Vessel
Words with Friends 2 Cheat
Absolutely awesome!! User friendly! Only two have to be using the first level tiles and I don’t know if there’s a way to earn keys but you start off with a certain low amount and then as far as I know, you have to buy more keys after that. It is so easy to use and you know how many points ahead of time so that you can choose which word and the amount of points you want to get.
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4 years ago, Cmb1579
Works well but could use some updating
Doesn’t match the WWF dictionary. Constantly suggests words that WWF does not recognize such as “di”. There’s another I can’t think of I get occasionally but it’s an odd one. I also can sometimes come up with a higher scoring word in my own. It sometimes has problems importing but it’s not bad. And sometimes misreads letters but there is a recalculate button for that. All in all, not bad but do wish the developers would make the dictionary match and remove “di” from theirs please.
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5 years ago, Rabiprieta1
App not Delivering Purchases.
I have been a long time user of your App. However, During the last 3 weeks, every time I’ve purchased 30 games, your App does not deliver the purchase on my IPhone or iPad but parses on “Loading” and stays there without delivering the purchase. I would like to be either credited for the purchases, or the costs refunded to my account.
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4 years ago, Roy Thinnes Architect
Doesn’t work half the time, and the other half........
Concept is great. I’ve used it for over a year now playing Words With Friends on a new iPad, all updates installed etc. Literally half of the time the screen shot does not work and I get an error mssg. When it does work, half of that time I am able to find higher scoring words on my own than it does, which suggests that it is not up to date or in synch with the current dictionary used in Words with Friends. That leaves about 1/4 of the time when it is worth using. I give it 2 stars for good concept.
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4 years ago, TheFairyLady
Crossword Cheat
Once upon a time this was a great app. Over time they have added so many loud obnoxious ads for games etc. there is no way to close the apps until the developers set time is up. Then you get to try closing it with the little x in the corner which usually takes a few tries, then another game pops up blaring & you get to go thru it all over again. I can’t even play it at nite because the blaring games wake my dogs up. I’m so annoyed by the time the word choices come up that I don’t want to play the next game & go thru it all over again. Definitely time to shop around for an alternative app.
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5 years ago, Maria SLC
Pretty good, not perfect
I like this app because it helps me beat my sister, who cheats. The only problem I have with it, apart from the occasional glitch, is that it doesn’t always find the highest scoring word. Several times, I have found my own word that was worth more points than their best word, and several times the game has told me with the “hindsight” feature that there were words with more points. Disappointing!
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4 years ago, kiKinaZz
You wanted it...
Well here’s your review. The app is helpful when it comes to knowing the point status for certain words that can be used. Bu....uuut! The biggest problem I have found with this app is the fact that it doesn’t show the highest point earning words on the board. It has only revealed these words around 15% of the time, roughly 15%. Maybe less. Using the hindsight option has shown the highest point earning word after a play using the “word cheat app”. If your going to create such a tool to be useful. Then make it useful, you tool!
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4 years ago, Q:"
Coin purchase error
The app has significantly bailed me out more times than I care to admit The only issue I have is been deprived from fully exploring the potential of the app by being limited to options with lower scores, why? because the app would process my payment to purchase the coins needed!!!! Please fix it. :)
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3 years ago, spunkyx2
Options to purchase keys
Based on the apps in-app purchase listed for the app in the App Store, there is an option listed for unlimited keys which does not display in the app once you download it. It is currently only showing an option for 30 keys. I hope the developer can correct this. I also have the other cheat master App from this developer which currently doesn’t work and they have not updated it in over 11 months. So I am guessing we have to use this app and repurchase the keys. Wow!
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7 years ago, 2Whitepuppies
Can't believe some of you! You want these software developers to create something that helps you cheat at a game and then complain that it isn't free? How do you expect them to make a living. Oh, I know, why don't you just go into work next week and tell your boss that he doesn't have to pay you any longer. That you intend to work for free. Great idea, huh?
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6 years ago, KajunBrees
Something wrong
You really need to fix this app. It no longer works at all. What I don’t understand is the fact that no one from your support group wants to address these issues. All your app does now is give you words to spell with the letters you have, but without a suggestion where to spell it. Down to one star. Will soon have deinstall the app. Your app is of no use. You need to check it out. I am disappointed that you are not taking this seriously. There is something seriously wrong with your app. My zoom is not on. I am starting to get ads after I paid so I wouldn’t get ads. I am changing my rating to two stars. Maybe if you actually read this, you will try to figure out why it doesn’t work anymore. When it gives a word to play, it is not showing the recent board. The suggested word is shown on a clear board. What gives? You cannot play the suggested word.
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6 years ago, marrck5
Whenever I need word help and scan my word board I get message there is a problem. I need to update. Well I am updated. And I have paid-numerous times. So WHY can’t this app work? All my other apps work just fine. So please get this app working or please refund the monies I have spent but have used scanning without any help.
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3 years ago, M80lady
Was great, what happened?
I have been using the app for several years. Recently it failed to work and I had to delete the app and download again. It seems the current download is an okder version of the app. It used to have the ability to modify the screen shot when it did not scan a letter properly. That feature disappeared. It also scans and displayse word options differently. What happened?
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4 years ago, LadyOfRI7
Word issues
This app has been fairly decent overall. I have had issues though when tiles were of different patterns and the board couldn’t be recognized. The other issue I have is that I will use a word, usually happens with the ‘unlock’ paid for feature, the word isn’t recognized on the board. Quite annoying. Wish it could be fixed between the game somehow.
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5 years ago, SR Ms 48
Does not work
This app doesn’t work. The first scan went fine. It worked once! After that nothing but scanning errors. I do have the latest version. My screen is not zoomed in. That is not the problem or it wouldn’t have worked once. I even paid for 30 extra keys because I thought that would fix it. Nope! Waste of money. I reinstalled the app 3 times. Still nothing but scanning errors. This thing should be pulled from the App Store. It is a disgrace to all the respectable apps. This is the con artist of apps. It was only $1.99 but I’m angry that I wasted money on this.
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5 months ago, JanMcNy
Full of glitches
Although I have used this app for a long time, I am increasingly annoyed by its glitches. The worst is that about every fourth or fifth time of asking for the correct answer to be given, and after watching an ad the program hangs up and I have to restart my phone to get out. Please, please fix this problem!!
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Too many mistakes to rate higher
Once again today, the app made mistakes multiple times. Most often the mistake is the app suggesting a word that Words with Friends doesn’t recognize as a valid word. Today it was a different kind of mistake. The app misread the screenshot. Specifically it read HID as RID and the 6 highest scoring words were based on using RID; none of those 6 words worked with an I preceding HID. I took another screenshot and submitted it. Same error.
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5 years ago, Dimples Saealo
(We’ve determined that your purchase doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund.) For each item that been bought. I selected “I’d like to request a refund.” Always been brought up. My reason for it is because my friend helped me out, telling me I’m getting ripped off, Just from buying these keys for $1.99 each, From Cheat For Words With Friends 30 keys. I’m getting sick and tired of this message and buying these worthless things that is stupid.
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6 years ago, CoachSue-Sue
Incompatible with latest updates by Apple products.
It is not keeping up with the latest version of the ipad updates. What are you going to do about that? Your company is not easy to get a hold of when there are problems. And we pay for this. What can you do to rectify this and update your app ?
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4 years ago, GerriK1304
Cheat for Words with Friends
This app is downright useless. I’ve purchased the app several times for $1.99 to buy 29 points, but as soon as I retrieve a word, the balance reverts back to -$0- and there’s nothing you can do to restore the purchase. At this point, you must contact Apple Support to advise them that the purchase is not valid. They then decide whether or not to refund your money. Each time they have declined my refund. I no longer use this app; it’s a waste of time and money especially when you cannot contact the developer, Groomlake Development Company.
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6 years ago, Credit cards R useless
Winning is Key to learning to play without the cheat
This will teach you how to play better, give you ideas and better ways to play that you wouldn’t have noticed before, after playing with the cheat you can play on your own and be much better at the game like you went to college for it .
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3 years ago, Julie99988
App just shuts down
After the most recent apple update when I open the app and try to upload a photo it just shuts down. Every time. I’ve tried reloading and restarting the phone. I’m sure it’s something to do with the update but Don know how to fix it.
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4 years ago, Red G-Ma
I only use this app when I’m completely stuck and can’t find a word at all. I know it’s still “cheating “, but I also use it to help me learn words I can use and how to stack them. I’m brand new to the game and was ready to give up until I found this app to help me learn what I could use for words and their placement.
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5 years ago, Hunterfamily430
Was great while it worked
App stopped working more the 6 months ago. It gives scanning errors (every time) and directs you to see if you have the latest version. I do have the latest version. I am going to stop using it and call it quits. Good while it lasted.
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5 years ago, Bubblesm1
Cheat for Words
My app didn’t work when I first got it but has been working for the last four months perfectly. Now, it said I needed to pay $1.99 to be able to use it. Fine. I did that but every time I try to use it says I need to pay for it again. Two times it acknowledged I had paid for it and said I wouldn’t be charged again but the problem continues and I don’t dare use it because I know one of these times I’ll be charged again. App is now useless because of the problem and I’m out the $ I paid for the hints.
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4 years ago, Snowball 11
Cheat needs to be updated
Since the Word with Friends latest update. The update included a move of the play to the middle of the screen. The Cheat app no longer works. You keep giving us keys and we can’t use them. Any chance you are updating the cheat app?
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6 years ago, Joe_58
Broken since iOS 12
I’ve been using this app on my iPad Pro for quite awhile for when I’m stuck while playing Words. But since the ios 12 update from Apple, it hasn’t worked properly. When I import the screen capture, it just shows one word, but nothing of the board layout as to where it’d play. Hoping the developers can get an update out to get it working properly again.
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4 years ago, Blossomshoals
Good Help, some quirks
This is good. They have 10 suggestions, 5 are free and 5 cost 1.99 each to see. At times they offer the not for free words for free if you watch an ad. Beware, you may get back to the game, then, again you may not. The ad freezes and there is no returning to the game.
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5 years ago, Mrs Kemper
Trying to take my money
I have paid for more tokens and now several times it has given me an idea of what to play so I try to figure it out on my own. After finally giving up I pay for the word only to find they have not input the entire game board and I can’t play the word. Waste of time and money... so frustrating!! On other occasions I have found words playable that were higher points than the highest word they had! Thank goodness I only use this crutch when I really need it. I won’t be paying for anymore tokens!!
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5 years ago, Rnin85
In-App purchase issue
Today I made an in-app purchase. I never received the 50 keys I purchased. I’ve tried contacting app support but got nowhere. I clicked on the App support connection. I was directed to a page with the logo and privacy policy but no way to contact support I want the keys I purchased or a refund. Poor way of doing business.
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4 years ago, ColdBonzz
The Picture is Incorrect
When playing Words you take a screenshot of your play board and then import it into Cheat. When you press the word at the top of the list to reveal the word you want to use there is a different screenshot then the one you took. What’s going on here? I’ve waisted 3 keys trying to figure it out.
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5 years ago, StrumminCookie
Great but it gets expensive fast
It’s great for times that you are truly stumped on finding the right word/placement combo, but there needs to be a way that you can “earn keys” other than paying for them with real money especially after you’ve bought them once.
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2 years ago, Chief32963
Why am I now getting advertising ,delaying words answers, when I Also pay??
Good app except not up to date on words dictionary and interjection of advertisements delaying my answers that I paid for. Please correct this or you will lose a fan. Jack kemp
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2 years ago, Sorry but Irritated
I’ve used this app for quite some time and have always found it helpful…until lately. Even though I pay for it, I’ve started getting really aggravating ads that last up to a minute. Why has this started? I’ve deleted and reinstalled it several with no relief.
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3 years ago, PlayingInScottsdale
Something has happened
I use this app all the time and like it, but in the last week or two it has been making lots of mistakes. When you take a screenshot, it believes you have letters that you actually do not have and gives you words that you cannot use. It has even been calculating the points incorrectly. What is going on?!
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6 years ago, gunstan
Too expensive
Works really well however you should only have to purchase it once for unlimited use. This only allows you 30 uses for each purchase. Greediness to the max! And it is not clear that your purchase is for only 30 uses.
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3 years ago, Arianna 🧁
Ever since I got this game I’ve been winning words with friends. But the problem is you have to unlock the really high points. I would really like that fixed. But I found another cheat app called EZ cheats and almost every day you get free keys. Once you download the game EZ cheats you get 5 free keys 🔑. But this app is awesome to in fact I use both! Well that’s all have a nice day! 🙂🙂🙂
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2 years ago, catschwo
Not as good as it was
I only use the app when playing against the computer and it used to work better than it has been for the past few months. It mistakes letters and tells me words that I don’t have the letters to make so I have spent money and received nothing for it. Either that or it says there is a problem and it cannot read the scanned game. I’m tired of wasting money on this app.
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3 years ago, Vmullis2
Pretty much useless now
I have had the app for years and it wasn’t perfect (like it gives you DI as a word by WWF2 will not accept it) but it would give you words with big points. And there were no ads. The app began to lock up so I uninstalled and reinstalled. The app is worthless now. It only gives words up to maybe 20 points and then several of those need keys! And I now have ads. I’m hoping it gets updated soon but I’m already looking for a different app.
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