Chegg Study - Homework Helper

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Chegg, Inc.
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11 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chegg Study - Homework Helper

4.72 out of 5
179.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Gillianblanco
Device Limit?
The only reason Im writing a review and giving it 3 stars is just for this device limit, I have no problem with it just giving me a limit of devices, at first I just logged in through safari in both devices and It was fine but when I downloaded the app to use it on one of the devices I was already logged into, it read it as a new one and it said that I needed to swap devices and there’s only one swap per month allowed, I didn’t mind, I just uninstalled the app from my phone and kept logging in through safari and I had no problem with it, but the last two times I’ve tried to post a question, it asks me to download the app so I be able to post a question, it doesn’t let me do it through safari like it used to, I prefer to use safari than the app because I just type in the question on google and if chegg doesn’t have it It shows me other places where it is and I dont have to type it in twice like I would do If I used the app and it didn’t have the answer. I need two different devices because sometimes I can’t use my phone, so if I have to choose between swapping the device and posting a question now and not being able to use this anymore since I’m not allowed to use my phone sometimes, or not posting the 20 questions THAT IM PAYING TO POST, I don’t think this is worth the 15 bucks. Please fix this, I’ve read the other reviews and I know I’m not the only complaining.
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4 years ago, apsasha
Too expensive for college students
Chegg is super helpful but not a possibility for many college students. It gets very real when you have to decide if you want to eat or get homework help. It would be nice if college students who sign up with a .edu email could have 3 people on an account (“family plan”) can pay $5 each for the subscription each month. I am currently writing this as I got locked out of my account for using a vpn (I also travel a lot and use my account in different places). I also regularly use my account on a few devices at once and it won’t let me use it anymore. I don’t know how willing they are to help but I assume lots of the people working for chegg were once college students with very limited funds who would have loved to have this resource. It is sad that limiting funds can be the difference between academic success and failure. I have a calculus test this Friday and now I’m not sure what I am going to do, I have gotten used to studying with chegg. I would really appreciate some help with this :( UPDATE: the developers respond very nicely to the reviews saying that they can help if we email chegg support, I emailed them months ago and I NEVER GOT A RESPONSE. This company only cares to look good in the reviews but they will not actually help you💗
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3 years ago, YTD75T
It is a very helpful tool for when you get stuck on questions but the reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because on the app you are not able to post a comments. As someone who owns multiple devices I must say I absolutely HATE how we are only allowed 2 registered devices. For instance, say I post a question on the app and I have a question for the person who kindly took on my question, I am unable to may any comment and must go to a web browser to just make a comment, very inconvenient.. along with that I have the app on my iPad and my laptop registered as my 2 devices for the service, I recently came home for break and left my laptop at my apartment since it is an inconvenient to bring to and from my apartment and we are on break and the homework I have on break is material I am able to do on my iPad. But since my laptop is back at my apartment I had to use the web browser to log into Chegg just to post my comment which I then had to register the iPad again to the service and waste my monthly device swap which they only give you 1 swap for each month. I would like for them to at least update the app to where we can see comments and write comments just like the web version.
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4 years ago, Sher1K
Good and very bad :/
This app or “the software company” helpful, but they got somehow frustrating software on their app for smart devices. For example, I paid for the subscription on my iPhone over the safari browser and the log in from the app itself, but when I logged in from my laptop as well after that. And a screen message showed up which saying “you can only log in from two devices for each bill circle (each month)” “Do you want to register this device?” Asking me. And I went a head and clicked Yes since I know this is my second device (the iPhone and laptop). But then asked me which device you want to remove or swap for this moth?! There was three option on my laptop screen (laptop - iOS device - Phoenix .... something like that which was the app on my iPhone) so I removed the third one mistakenly and couldn’t use the app on my phone again which is the only side that allows to take screenshots and pictures of the stuff you want!!! So why?! Want only two devices in this case? Or you just count the safari browser on the same iPhone another device?? This is a bad software !!!
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6 years ago, busch did 911
Read till end
Had an on again off again Chegg subscription for probably 3 years and it has been a life saver for some of my more difficult courses especially Cal 3 and DiffEQ, however I have been charged several times after having cancelled my subscription. I was charged a month after my semester had ended having thought I had paused my subscription so I called Chegg and spent a decent amount of time on the phone with a rep. I was unable to get my money back for that month even though I hadn’t used any of the recourses but they did show me how to end my subscription which I was able to do, or so I thought. Fast forward a month later after not even having the app downloaded I see a pending charge in my bank app for Chegg study. Two charges of $15 for a college student goes a long way especially when I’m stretching to pay my bills, I know $30 isn’t really that much of a set back but I actually had to skip a couple meals until my next paycheck was able to come in bc I had a car payment and rent lol. Chegg has proved to be very useful in the past but I will be looking to other resources in the future. Besides this flaw, the app is excellent and can help you do anything from get all of your homework answers without doing any work to getting a tutor session with some Q&A, but cheat at your own expense because knowledge is power but I guess so is a 4.0✌🏻
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4 years ago, Cupcakegurl72802
Device limit issues
I would give a 5 star if it weren’t for some issues I’m having with the device limit that exists with the subscription. I have my laptop and my iPhone registered as my 2 devices. However, on my phone, if I use a different browser than usual to pull up Chegg, it thinks that it is another device when it is actually the same iPhone. My main problem with this is that sometimes I use the Chegg app, sometimes I use a web browser, and sometimes I use Socratic - which takes a photo of the question and inputs it into the search for me. Between all of these, Chegg thinks I am using a different device even though I am not, which really slows down my study process. To branch off of this, I highly suggest that a camera option be added into the Chegg app. This way, instead of having to type in long questions, the user can just take a picture of a question and Chegg inputs it that way. This would eliminate the issue of using a different app, Socratic, entirely, thus also (almost) eliminating the aforementioned device limit issue. Aside from that issue, Chegg is extremely useful. However, as a poor college student, $15 a month isn’t worth such a glaring issue with the device limit. I hope it can be fixed soon.
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4 years ago, brokecollegekidzzz
The recent update has made this site/app completely useless, it makes you pick only two devices to use the site on, which is ridiculous especially if you are trying to access the site on a computer in your school library. Then, after you have registered your two devices that Chegg claims they allow, it still will block you from accessing the site for no reason...none. Additionally, if you have the app installed on your phone you can only use the app, it will block you from using the website if you go to look up a question in you search engine (like google) on your phone even though the phone is a registered device. The app also has less answered questions than the internet version does, I tried using the app only to find out that the internet version has better answers, but I wasn’t allowed to remove the app and only use the internet, since i registered my phone while i still had the app installed the representatives told me I had to wait until the end of the month to switch devices...EVEN THOUGH IM THE ONE PAYING FOR THEIR SERVICES AND COULD PROVE MY IDENTITY. When I called the customer service line for assistance I was on hold for well over 15 minutes and when I finally was able to speak with someone they hung up on me after I expressed my frustration with their product. Overall, not a good update I was a huge fan of Chegg until this last semester which made me switch to course hero.
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4 years ago, Professional Hockey Player
Sharing an account? Really?
Most people who use chegg aren’t dumb enough to share their account because they know they’ll get banned for it. I just got that message for the second time in 3 weeks and got banned for 48 hours after only using my account on two devices (my phone and laptop). I was told this could’ve been caused because I was not allowing cookies, which isn’t true, both devices have cookies enabled. This new system has caused nothing but trouble and for $15 a month I would expect a lot more out of this. If we are paying for questions and are limited to only 20 per month, when we get a wrong answer something needs to be done about that because it’s a waste of a question and in my 3 years of having this app I’ve never had a second person come to answer after the first one. Thankfully, the second employee I talked to today in customer service was helpful and got my account back but as of right now that’s about all the good I can say. Figure out a better way to realize who’s actually sharing accounts because whatever you’re doing right now is clearly not working and it’s costing people a lot of money. At this point it is a practically a scam by doing this to people (mostly already poor college students) and then charging them to subscribe again. I really hope to see a change in this before the new year. Until then, it will remain a 1 Star.
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4 years ago, HomeschoolingdiringCovid19
Poor customer service
During this very difficult times, when I’m working full time and try to homeschool two kids at night and during weekends, this horrible company deactivated my account with no justification. They did it on Friday night accusing me of sharing my account. I pay my fees automatically and have only used their books (not even their tutors). They have no evidence for such claims and they added too much stress. I still get rude notes from them as if they were doing me a favor. It took them 48 hours (which I have paid for) to give me access to the books; I called them minutes after I was notified and someone claimed they were going to fix my issue faster than 48 hours. When I called the next day, they were closed. I did nothing wrong, they kept my money and they still accuse me. This is why I need to write this review because what they did to the app appears to be flawed and certainly does not value the customer.
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3 years ago, FernFellow
Worst website and app ever
I’ve subscribed to Chegg multiple times now. They always manage to convince me to subscribe when I’m desperate for help with a class that’s killing me, and every time I think “This couldn’t possibly be as bad as I remember” and every time I’m proven wrong. It’s so much worse. You pay $14 dollars for an app that constantly fights you on things as simple as logging in. I always spend at least 10 minutes trying to put in my information while it spits error after error at me “wE eNcoUntEreD aN eRroR, pLeAsE tRy aGaiN LatEr” until sometimes I just flat out give up on signing in. On the off chance I do manage to get logged in, it then hits me with “It seems you’ve signed in with a new device. You’re only allowed two devices, you can swap devices once per month” despite using THE SAME DEVICE AS ALWAYS TO LOGIN. And if I’ve already used up my one swap per month? Ohhhohohoho well then that’s too bad. I guess you won’t get to use the service you payed $14 for this month. I just had to chat with the helpline to cancel my account because it wouldn’t even let me login to cancel my account myself. Chegg never ceases to make me want to scream profanities while I slam my head against a hard surface hoping it’ll bring me to unconsciousness so I don’t have to deal with the soul sucking system that is their website. Please, save yourself.
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1 year ago, Cheergirl8132
Continuously having account under review
I have been using Chegg for school for about 3 years now. It has been great for the most part as I am able to study and get help when I need it. However, this is the 3rd time my account has been under review. I will study for upcoming tests and will save the questions I need to study and it seems that every time I save more than 3 questions, my account is under review and is temporarily suspended. I don’t screenshot the answers, I don’t login in multiple devices, I simply just save the answer to go back to at a later time. It is really frustrating considering I am paying over $15 every month and I can’t even use the service I am paying for. Why have the option to save questions than report my account for suspicious activity? I read the rules and nowhere does it say that saving questions is against the rules. It is really frustrating when I have an exam coming up that I need to study for and Chegg has the steps spelled out for me, yet my account is under review for suspicious activity for me saving answers to go back to. This is not the first time like I said, this is the 3rd time within the semester alone this has happened and it is really getting annoying when I pay $15. As a college student that isn’t cheap. Do better Chegg
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4 months ago, hdhdhzhdhdhxhsh
New update is bad
DONT BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION!!! Ok so I had this app for more than two years. It was awesome, like it helped me a lot. I always use this app whenever I had trouble with a problem but the new update ruined the whole thing. Now if I ask a question it takes forever to find, sometimes it says that this question is under review and will take forever to get approved. I am paying for this app so why I am not able to see a question even though it’s under review. The whole concept of this app is to help other understand but they are failing to even provide for that. Before this I used to post question myself if I can’t find and then come back to see the answer but now it takes me forever to even see where was the question that I asked and where is the answer. They make this app so confusing and bad. It doesn’t make any sense. This is a paid platform where we pay to see answers and see the process but having all the guidelines that block some answers too see is not it. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR THIS APP MONTLY WHEN ITS REFUSING TO GIVE ME THE ANSWER FOR SOME “UNDER REVIEW” bruh I don’t care 🤷. The reason I pay monthly is cuz if the answers. My major is chemistry and sometimes I need help with homework and this is where I come but even this app doesn’t help anymore. Really disappointed, don’t get this app.
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4 years ago, TeMeManquesxoxo
This is NOT Mathway - This app/site is AWFUL
Shocked at the high rating. I was subscribed to Mathway, which Chegg recently bought. Mathway is one of the biggest reasons I have a 97 in algebra. It saves a running log of previously entered questions so you can simply scroll up and see past problems. It also has the VITAL “steps” feature where you simply click “steps” and it breaks down the answer into tiny pieces so you can really understand how they got the answer. This saved me from failing. $40 for a year. Worth twice that much. I signed up for “Chegg Study”, $20 MONTH (as of 2020), for a package of study products. One of those products is Math Solve. I thought Math Solver was Mathway because why buy Mathway and then not use it as part of the Chegg Study pack??? >> Math Solver might be cool if you don’t know any different. Like my first car, a broke-down heap. At 17 I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Now that I’m older I drive a nice German car and can’t imagine driving that old AMC Concord again. Because I know what’s out there and I know I don’t have to drive a car where I’m afraid the wheels are literally going to fall off. Math Solver is the AMC Concord equivalent of online math help. Highly do NOT recommend because it’s overtly inferior to Mathway. Chegg, get it together. I recommend Mathway. Same company, (Chegg), radically different levels of suckage.
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2 years ago, Ethan 2000
Falsely flagging me for device sharing
I have been using Chegg for years but a couple months ago my account go flagged for device sharing. I used Chegg on my iPad and iPhone (2 devices) I was frustrated I would have to pay another $16 to make a new account but I did. On my new account I decided to only use Chegg on my phone in the app version. Today while using Chegg I got a notification pop up saying I was flagged for account sharing and lost access to the service. At this point I was ready to leave a bad review but whats even worse now is I cannot make a new account. I get an error message each time I try. I must admit I’m even more surprised that Chegg is refusing to take my money. But anyway pleas fix your false flagging situation. You guys took $32+ from me and I’m gonna have to spend another $16 to get another account assuming it even let’s me. It’s like my phone is black listed on Chegg. I followed all the instructions. I used 1 device, I used the app, nobody els has my account info (the account was pretty new since my last one got false flagged as well) I don’t know what to do. If I make another account it will probably also get false flagged so if you guys don’t have this figured out by spring semester I’m done with your service.
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4 years ago, Morganscott2000
Stop suspending my account!
I love this app and the website. I’ve been using it for years to compensate for what I don’t learn in class or have trouble understanding. It is an amazing help and most of the questions I ask or search for (as an accounting major) are very helpful, but a good bit of them are not correct. This is understandable because we are all human and make mistakes (this is why the feedback and comments feature is so important). However, I am getting sick and tired of receiving an email once a month about “suspicious activity” on my account. I have always been the only one to use chegg, I just use it frequently because I learn by seeing someone else do it then doing it myself. I have had to wait for someone to review my account three or four times due to an overprotective security system. This prevents me from being able to use the app and website. I understand they are trying to prevent others from piggybacking on others accounts, but it is so frustrating have to reset my password and get in contact with a representative to earn my account back that only I was using on my two devices in the first place.
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2 months ago, aijiacharon
Customer support extremely bad like a scam!
First I messaged with Chegg’s customer support for almost a hour after I could’t sign up for study pack. I tried several time on both app and desktop got same error “ there is an error, our team is working on it”. I provide screenshots and all the information it needs. Not only this customer support took forever to reply one message it kept asking for the information I already provided! I fell asleep in the end cos it was past mid night and took too long to see any response! When I just decided to use another study app that seems better developed Chegg team send me 50% off coupon said it was to make up to me for the bad customer support experience. I was like ok fine I will give it another try. But turned out I couldn’t even use that coupon instead I paid full price! I ask Chegg team got answer said only new user can use it(this is my first time use Chegg!) or the coupon is expired or it reached its limit use and they can’t do anything to fix it. So your team send customer send unusable coupon to just to lure customer to sign up to your plan?! That’s some scam there! This getting really uncomfortable and I’m canceling this and never want to use Chegg again!
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3 years ago, jmr2792
Answers sometimes helpful but horrible usability
First off the answers are helpful but you still get charged for the question if it is answered incorrectly. For example, you post a question, it is answered within Cheggs timeline, but the answer is blatantly, obviously wrong and get downvoted. The question never actually gets answered correctly, Chegg never seems to look at those answers that are downvoted a lot, and the question is still charged toward your monthly limit. Why should we be charged when the answer is incorrect and Chegg is doing nothing to correct it? The site also locks you out if it thinks you are using it too much. For example, if you don’t use it between semesters then log on again for the new semester it will probably lock you out in the first week for abnormal usage. It also has a device limit so if you’re using your laptop, phone, and tablet you have to pick which ones will be part of the account and half the time switching the devices in the system doesn’t even work or it takes 2 or 3 times to do it. Chegg also gives all your info to your university. Chegg just doesn’t care about their clients at all. It’s all about the money for them.
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2 years ago, J4S0N//
Restricted from use
Chegg Is a very good app that helps me so much through my classes. Especially how the tutors break down each problem. The problem comes when I switch tabs on my own phone from the Chegg app. It tends to RESTRICT ME FROM SHARING MY ACCOUNT. At first I was simply confused for the misunderstanding and put in a form and within 5 minutes I was back on. After using it for some time they did the same thing. I went through the whole loop of chats and calls and got it unlocked. I’m on about my 6th time now! Chegg surely charged my subscription but had me blocked for 3 weeks only to be denied a refund numerous times. They will not give any type of credit or anything for the 3 weeks they had my account locked. Yesterday I unlocked it because I called them today they locked me once again! They are quicker to pull money out your account then to address any issues.
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Chegg is going down hill.
I used to be pleased with the service chegg provided. But there’s too many flaws to ignore now. Firstly, when I use chegg study and post a question they advertise the chegg study app. It says, “next time just snap a photo of your problem. No typing, no scanning, no explanation required.” Thats sounds great so I downloaded the app. Only problem is that more than half of the time, my questions get refunded because the solvers don’t want to answer questions where they can’t copy and paste the data from the problem. They always claim not enough information is provided. This is just false. All information is present. If I type exactly what was in the picture, they answer it. They just don’t like working off the photos. That problem hurts the service greatly. Secondly, I use a work computer and a home computer. With their 2 device limitation I cannot use the app anymore. Or one of the computers has got to go. I could see why they want to limit use, but they is actually just hurting paying customers. If they can fix these issues I would be happy to rate five stars and recommend. Currently I cannot.
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5 years ago, Horse n' a Dog
OMG Unsubscribed, Sill Charged for Years.
Danger, Danger, I got Chegg before it was bought by another company or such. It was good until that happened, and then became for me bad Chegg practices. Purchased was an in-app subscription, which was not an in-app subscription. Changing platforms on my original set up not cool. I unsubscribed, still get billed. Tried to unsubscribe again, but can only find a pause subscription button. Unsubscribe is hidden so you can’t easily find it and so your card is going to be charged over and over again without a way to stop it because if they were being transparent, then I’d be able to find a big button to unsubscribe my subscription that works the time you select stop subscription. I feel so deceived. Each school dollar goes a long way, and to feel taken by bad Chegg practices is unforgivable. My personal opinion - stay away from this app because bad Chegg practices would have you subscribe to them directly instead of a safe customer experience called in-app Purchase through ITunes. And, wait until you hear the Developer’s response. Read it and was it not lame? They will say other, but I can’t tell. Tells you everything about bad Chegg billing practices.
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4 years ago, skdusnsjaich
The worst app I have ever purchased
I downloaded chegg on my phone and then switched to my iPad to study. When I tried logging onto to chegg for a single assignment it kept giving me a notice saying that I was sharing my account and I would need to reset my password. This happened several times before I called customer service. After 30 minutes on hold I was told that this was a problem on the system and they would reset it for me. Tried logging on again and it said it would probably be deleting me for sharing my information and violating their user agreement. All of this took place over me trying to access three questions. This app was supposed to help me progress faster with my busy schedule and instead it has done nothing but waste my time and money. I would give no stars if I could. I want a refund due to the fact that I received nothing for this service. Update: Chegg customer service did refund my money and though frustrating at least made it right with me. Hope this issue gets ironed out because I’m sure the app could be quite useful.
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1 year ago, Hilario3330
Terrible customer service
The reason why I am giving chegg a 1 is because I feel like they reported my account already two times now for posti URLs or screen shot it. I wish they could’ve sent me a warning or something. I feel like they have bad communication and then out of nowhere i get lock out of my acct . I did not get any email or notification about this nor did they notify me about any warnings on my. I feel like they need to communicate better, and they need to put a video instead of putting a long sheet of terms for people to be reading.. so that way people know exactly what to post and what not to post and what to do on this app, and what not to do. I feel like keg needs to up their customer service quality and they need to be getting their emails out to people and educate them on what to do on this website and what not to do because I feel like I got so many red flags and I was just unaware and they kept telling me they sent me warnings and not once. Did they ever send me a warning on either one of my accounts. I didn’t find out until after Other than that, I feel like this app is a very good beside the customer service
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5 years ago, Hhdjgtjvfk
Locked out
Okay Chegg I get that you don’t want people to use/share their account with other people, but this is RIDICULOUS!!! I never shared my Chegg subscription with anyone! Yet I got locked out and restricted to use something I paid for! This is too much! Then I have to wait 48 hours for my account to be investigated, the hell is this? If someone pays for something you best believe they will USE it, especially if that person is a broke college student who just wants to study better and do well! Making it worse they restricted my account during the finals week. Y’all need to fix this nonsense because people will stop using your services if they’re being treated like this! If someone calls and tells you they didn’t share their account with anyone, lift the restriction and let them use their account! I feel like I’ve wasted my money and time using this service. Very very frustrating. I have to applaud your customer service for quick response but still lacking in the fixing and helping department. Stop this nonsense Chegg!!! Stop taking our money and locking us out on the service WE PAID FOR, especially when we never violated your terms and conditions. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Dml1995
Read all the way through.
I signed up for chegg to help with this past semester of developmental psychology as my teacher wasn’t great at providing enough information for notes for when we took test. I looked up questions on the second test we took of the semester, in the “expert answers” someone answered the first 13 questions. I went by what was said on chegg and even changed three of my answers. Out of the 13 I got off chegg, I missed 7. This resulted in an 82 on the test. My last test, I had trouble because I missed a day of class so I looked to chegg for a few answers. I ended up missing 3 of the 5 t/f answers that were provided and if I had changed my answers for the first five questions to go by what was given on chegg, I would have missed every single answer. Both test I used chegg for I ended up with an 85 and an 82 and when I did it completely on my own I made a 92 and a 96. HOWEVER, Chegg saved my life when it came to the homework from the textbook. Great for answers out of the book, terrible for test.
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3 years ago, not happy with snapchat
Chaos with device limits and blurry pictures.
I will begin by saying, I really do appreciate the Chegg service. It has been incredibly helpful to me during my college education because it allows me to see how problems can be worked out and I use it to double check my work. However, I am incredibly frustrated with the service. I ONLY used Chegg on my iPad and every time I searched a question, Chegg forced me to log in and verify that it was me on the device even if I searched for it in the same browser 30 seconds earlier. I called customer service about this and they were helpful with instructing me to get the Chegg app and filling up my swaps again. HOWEVER, now, the responses on the app for questions are not as good as the web browser version and every single photo that is uploaded as an answer is blurry. I am not paying $15 a month for blurry photos and crappy results because Chegg wants us to use the app even though it does not compare to the web browser version at all. $15 a month for blurry pictures and I cant even see what the results are? Really?
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6 years ago, Broskie77345
Try it for a month! You won’t regret it!!!
I was a bit skeptical of Chegg at first. I had heard about their homework help and study services, but I never thought that they would be worth the $15 a month. I recently had a class where the teacher has been lacking in ability to properly convey the math in a coherent way. I figured that I had nothing to lose and went ahead and paid for a month of Chegg. Put simply, I do not miss that $15. *Not. One. Bit.* Their homework help is outstanding, they are always available to answer questions from a plethora of subjects, and are timely in their responses. And submitting a question is as easy as 1.) Take a picture 2.) describe the trouble you are having 3.) wait and let a chegg expert respond. IT’S THAT EASY!!! I can’t say enough about them and I am glad that I decided to try them out. Thank you Chegg!
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1 year ago, McKenzie Keene
Worst app ever!!
This app is expensive and didn’t even help me with any of my math homework or assignments when I signed up for my monthly subscription. I’ve been out of school for months now and since then I’ve been trying to cancel said subscription, but since there’s no “cancel subscription” button it makes it very difficult to be rid of your subscription. And you know they do this on purpose to get as much money as they can from a category of hard working students that really don’t have the extra money to be wasting every month on a app they no longer use. I’ve contacted customer service, no help. I’ve gone online and within the app itself and I’m still having a hard time trying to figure out how to get rid of this monthly subscription. I really don’t have the extra money right now, so every month it takes money from me, it’s another time I have to skip eating a meal or two just simply because I cannot afford it with rent and other bills that are a priority. Do yourself a favor and keep using Socratic. Because this app is seriously set up to continue taking money from you.
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3 years ago, Asssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
A huge hassle
The first month of this app was great. It helped me so much with chemistry but then after a month EVERY SINGLE TIME I used it I’d get kicked out and told “uh-oh looks like you’ve been sharing your account”. There were days I was on it for only 1 minute and it would tell me that and they wouldn’t reinstate my account until 2 days later. It got super annoying because it hit a point where I was paying for it yet not even able to use it because of how many times they deactivated my account. Then I contacted them and they told me I can’t be logged in on my phone and laptop at the same time, so I logged out of the laptop. Then I got my account deactivated again and they said it’s because if I work and live in different cities the location will pick up as if someone else is using my account -_-. I live, work and go to school in different cities (I live in nyc so I take the train everywhere) so imagine how many times I was kicked out while trying to do hw at work using my phone. This app would be so great if it wasn’t so sensitive.
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2 years ago, kameron1424
Constantly needing to contact support.
I’ve been using this for a few months and it seems like every time I post a question I need to contact support. I posted a question earlier and all I got was a spam answer which was a waste of my time and a question that I pay for. When I messaged support at first they just gave me a scripted answer that didn’t even answer the question I asked. I had to keep telling them the problem until they gave me my question back and just told me to post the question again. When I asked what to do if it happened again they just said to follow the question guide for posting. (So helpful) Their customer service is lacking and how they handle question posts most of the time is just sad. For each question you post you only get 1 answer and sometimes it doesn’t even answer the question. Even if you say it wasn’t an answer to the question they won’t send a new “Expert” to re answer your question which is stupid. That’s a huge flaw for them in my opinion. Other than this I feel that Chegg is only good for finding already answered questions.
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5 days ago, Olivia capper
Worst Customer Service Ever Experienced
I have been using Chegg for almost 3 years. I used to love it, there was a time where I would’ve given the app 5 stars. Keep in mind I am a college student so money is pretty tight for “extras” like Chegg. My account was banned/deactivated for “suspicious activity”. This happened while I was using Chegg on google to take one of my finals. I was told by customer service that it was mt fault because I used a web browser instead of the app (makes no sense because you cannot download Chegg on your computer). If I am paying for a subscription/service and I am not violating any “rules” I should not have to wait 48 hrs for my account to be reinstated. ESPECIALLY IF I AM PAYING FOR SAID SERVICE. I tried to call for a refund and was denied because I had already used my account this month. I was also given the worse customer service person. He was completely rude and placed me on hold when I started expressing my frustration with the app. I could also hear people talking loudly in the back? Very unprofessional. I will be switching to course hero/another app after this month.
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3 years ago, K7GSXR-R600
Seems to be getting worse
I have used chegg study for some time and their app seems to be getting worse. Their layout and user interface is worse today than when I originally began using this app. The organization is horrible, you can no longer comment or ask questions to solutions through the app, it no longer has the text books you are studying on your dashboard, and the app has a lot of bugs. They also need to vet their “experts” a lot better. A lot of them are good but you do get bad ones often enough. Another issue is when you ask questions, through website not the app, to clarify something about solutions posted, no one ever reply’s. So you get no clarification or explanations as to why or how. Basically you just get the answers with no understanding, for the most part in my much experience with chegg study . So much for “study”. And the answers aren’t always correct, yet they are never removed even though they have been marked as wrong by many and years ago. They sure do charge a hefty price for a decline in quality for the end user experience.
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3 years ago, besteolcerr
Expensive for College Students
I definitely agree with the previous comment. It is too expensive for college students. What I pay for this service is sometimes my grocery money when I go to the store. I like Chegg but they could have bundles or make it a bit more affordable. I’ve had this conversation with many of my friends in engineering because there are a bunch of students who do not have an account but who still know of Chegg. When I asked why, all of them agreed that they would subscribe to Chegg if it was more affordable. Chegg, I ask you, would you rather have 500 people from a university paying $15 (let’s say) or 5000 paying $5-$6. I’m not saying it should be $5 but it’s just a reference. They can triple the amount of money they make if not more. It would be more popular and widely used. I’m writing this as a senior industrial engineering student! I’ll graduate soon so this might not benefit me but I hope this review benefits your company and future students!
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7 months ago, Starsigma
Great but has a glitch
This app is great. This has helped me get through my accounting class. The main reason I am giving it three stars is the fact that one you’re limited the amount of devices you use it, so if you have an iPad iPhone, and a computer, it doesn’t always let you use all three. The major issue I have with it is the app constantly and I do mean constantly logs you out and you have to re-log into it and you may do so every five or 10 minutes. It doesn’t pick up where you left off. You have to research and find the question you were on all over again. This is a real annoyance that they need to fix with that said, as far as the actual information provides, it’s been great and help me solve problems and even giving me a previous problems that I can use and guide myself into working it and addressing the problem myself, but knowing how to do it. So I would recommend it, but it does have some glitches.
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4 years ago, Thompson8866
The Changes Aren’t Helpful
I have been a member for years and I’ve loved the service. However, over the past few months they have changed how you can log into devices. If we were in a different digital age, I would say no big deal. However, in this day and age students have iPads, cellphones, laptops, desktops, etc. This obviously means there is multiple devices they may try to log into. Not all at once, but at any given time. Now I’m hearing my account is being deactivated because one day I attempted to log in with my iPad, another day with my work laptop and then my personal MacBook. When I have homework to do, I shouldn’t be limited on accessing a service I pay for when I need it and where. I’ve decided to use course hero now. Better answers when needed since half the time the Chegg answers I receive take forever to get and then they are wrong. Furthermore, I’m tired of their limitations and issues with log ins. I understand the need to limit other accessing my Chegg, but there should be some way they can tell the difference.
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3 years ago, Thiswhiskeygirl
Never loved or hated an app more
I subscribed to this app for my Trig class. Half the time it was super helpful when answering questions on WebAssign because you didn't have to show work and you knew immediately if the answer was correct. BUT when needing to show work it was crap. First off I'm an American student and I have a feeling that the majority of tutors on this app aren't from the US because 98% of the way they solve problems is different. They use math short hand that me nor my teacher or classmates are familiar with. This leads to weird answers, unclear explanations and half the time they are wrong. It's frustrating. My second problem with this app is that even though I ONLY ever tried to access it from my phone and iPad it never let me login from both. I could only ever be logged in on one device. And it would force me to change which ones I wanted use even though I had only ever tried to use two devices. It also told me I had unsubscribed and that it wouldn't continue to charge me yet it still did. Idk if that's an Apple problem or a Chegg one but that was annoying.
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4 years ago, Kapparoccia99
Too many bugs
I honestly loved chegg, but since the beginning of this fall semester my relationship with the app and the company itself went straight up to the toilet bowl. Chegg was goos before introducing the manage my devices feature and swap where you can change and open the account on multiple devices. Now for some strange reasons every time i logging to see or post a question even if my device is already registered on my account a window comes up saying that “ i have reached the limit on my devices and I can’t see or post nothing” To fix these problems i called them and chat with them several times but their agents keep repeating the same story of trying to clear the cookies and everything. Even while doing that my problem isn’t fixed. Honestly if i knew that this app was going to give this headache I wouldn’t have spent 20 dollars on it, and this comment is coming from someone who praised the app for its value and build. You should go back to 2019 version this new features are immensely bugged. Please don’t buy the app you are going to waste 20 dollars for nothing
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5 years ago, Lady hunter 7642
This app is starting to become trash.
Let me start by saying chegg is very helpful when you need answers. But the down fall is chegg needs to really update their app. I feel like their just collecting money and not really updating their app which they really need too. Today is my second time having my account suspended over something stupid. Saying I have suspicious account activity does it make sense to just suspend someone account in the middle of using the service. I am in college so I don’t get on the same computer everyday in the lab or I don’t use my laptop everyday. SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY WOULD BE IF SOMEONE IS TRYING TO GET INTO MY ACCOUNT And PUTTING IN THE WRONG PASSWORD OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This really needs to be looked into because this is ridiculous and absolutely stupid and making this app not even worth having !!!!!! Since y’all are able to see multiple logins y’all should be able to see it’s in the same place and not on personal laptops . Get it together and use the money y’all are collecting from everyone to make changes !!!!!!
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5 years ago, All_good_names_taken_V_2_S_5
Good, but sometimes not
All and all Chegg is an 8 out of 10. I say that because a majority of the time you get the answer you need and the explanation that you need for your question. But there are some cases where the answer is wrong and you take the hit for it. Also you only get 20 questions per month, which is fine, but if there were a payment plan to have more questions per month ( possibly 30 for $20 month) that would be perfect for my situation. PLEASE NOTE: chegg experts WILL NOT answer more than one question, so don’t post a question with 15 problems in it, because A) the expert will only answer one,B) when i look up that same question it says its answer but it’s not so I end up using one of mine, and C) if the answer is wrong PLEASE thumbs down. If you give an incorrect answer a thumbs up we will all think it’s correct. I think we all can see the snowball effect here.
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3 years ago, Omar192000000
Tiggers and suspended account
This app could be great if it can stop suspending accounts without accurately knowing if the account is being shared. I constantly dealt with this matter with chegg. When I spoke to a representative about the matter and informed them that my account was not being shared it still remained locked. I ask what can I do on my end to prevent having this issue arise constantly, I was told to pretty much stop sharing my account (smh). Which I’ve reiterated too many times that I’m not sharing my account. I literally use the app to help with my homework and sometimes it can take me up 6 to 7 hours working on homework. Makers of chegg develop your app so it can accurately detect when an account truly being shared!!! It’s really frustrating when you pay every month for a service and that service is not being delivered
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4 years ago, Sara36483939584
An awesome tutoring app with a few problems
Chegg is an awesome tutoring app because not only is the answer shown but you are able to put a thumbs up or down depending on the tutor that answered the question. Another advantage is that instead of the answer being shown their is work that is shown as well so you know how the tutor got the answer just in case you want to work it out for yourself. A disadvantage about chegg is that the tutors take a very long time to answer the few questions you may need help with. Along with that some tutors don’t work out all four problems you need help with they may workout 1-2 problems which is inconvenient since chegg only allows you to post 20 questions and your paying for the app as well. I definitely believe the tutors should do their best in answering all four questions a student is asking help with.
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5 years ago, Eddy2050
Please Add Multitasking Support!!! :)
+ My request: Honestly, this app deserves 5 stars but I am only putting down three stars to get the attention of the developers to hopefully add this feature! I’d really like for you guys to add multitasking support with this app for iPad. I strictly use an iPad pro to do all things school and work related. The largest downside to using the Chegg study app is the lack of multitasking support. By multitasking support, I mean the ability to do split view or reduced split view. I like to use an app like Notability and use split view with a text book to get my work done. It is quite inconvenient when I have to switch out of a view entirely just to look at the Chegg study solutions. With multitasking support his app would be perfect! + Now for the rest of the review: What Chegg provides to students is extremely valuable. Especially for the price they offer their service at. I’ve been in upper education for 5 years now and I’m going into my 6th and final one. I’ve been using Chegg on and off for these 5+ years. Chegg has truly been a GPA saver. Being in school is difficult enough but Chegg services helps with keeping those stress levels done. I used to have to go to all my professor’s office hours, request tutors, or search for hours to find online help. With Chegg I have peace of mind knowing that when I go to do my homework I’m able to get the appropriate help I need.
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3 years ago, nonickdjgk
Too Expensive! Poor Software
The concept of chegg is an incredibly helpful idea. The help on homework and new understandings for problems I wasn’t sure on really helps me in school. As helpful as chegg is, I’ve been banned several times and keep having to create new accounts because of the ‘device limit’ even when I only access chegg through my cell phone and laptop. This OBVIOUSLY should not be happening and has been one main reason why I’ve cancelled my chegg account. One more main issue is how expensive chegg is. It’s not even like I can share an account with a friend and split the price! I’ve changed over to several different programs like Course Hero and Symbolab, completely cancelling my chegg account. I pay less for these programs combined and believe it or not, get a higher quality user interface. Chegg is outdated and expensive, which is a shame because there is unlimited content within the program.
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6 years ago, Jenni122794
Navigation is clunky. Interface needs to be made more efficient to use. I don't like the bottom bar that pops up where I have to scroll left in right. It's just clunky unnecessary. If I wanted to skip from problem 1 to any problem 7 and after, I gotta swipe to find it when all the problems could just be listed in a side bar so the user can quickly locate the number they are looking for. The answers are sometimes in odd steps, where you again need to click up open up each step, which seems just again, unnecessary and clunky. Another thing is the photos often don't scale to the size of the page and you can't even see it... Even when you try to resize the browser screen you can't see the photo. Poor. Needs a lot of improvement... Especially when I pay $20 a month to use Chegg... If there are any other book answer websites that were more seamless and easy to use, please let me know so I can sign up?
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2 years ago, Srey oun168
Account suspension at first day of subscription!!!!!
I like Chegg honestly, but this app make me feel like I am getting scam because my account have been suspended 3 times in a month from 3 different accounts, stated my account has been sharing, but I did not, who is stupid to do that. My first account I used about 25days and I got suspended, second just 4 days, and last one just overnight. The reason I keep subscribed because I like this app it’s help me a lot with homework, but it ridiculous when I contacted them for help about my account the first person was chat with, he/she stated could not help, I have to wait 48 hours for them to investigate, that was fine for me and then I subscribed new one “ my last account” it got suspended at the second day. So I contacted them again for help but this time the person I spoke with said my account can be hold for 14days, that is not make sene if my account will suspend for 14days why I need to pay that for!!. it is a scam for sure if they keep do that.
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2 years ago, Karrrrrren99
Chegg is skeet and doesnt care about their customers.
They only allow 2 devices, one device swap per month, charge way more than other services, also their book rental program is a huge rip off. If you rent a book then want to buy it later, you may have to pay 3x the price that its listed for on the chegg website. I had that happen to me and I contacted customer support and they said they dont control the prices. Kind of weird. So i was forced to return my rental without purchasing because the purchase price for buying your rental is 3x higher than the purchase price without a rental. Chegg doesnt care about their customers is a sentiment ive felt again and again and ive used many of their services because they have a monopoly on online study help.
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7 years ago, BabyGandy
Some good and some bad
Often times when I was searching to see if my homework question had been asked before, and there were no matching results, I would post a new question. Except, before it would let me finish posting it gave me a notification saying that there has already been a similar question asked-even after already searching for it with no results that matched. That was very frustrating and time consuming and happened on more than a handful of times. They also make it very difficult to unsubscribe.. The app says to log onto a desktop and go to their home page.. It says there should be a “pause/cancel subscription” button but there isn’t. Under frequently asked question it says that you have to call or chat their phone line to cancel your subscription. But, the chat and phone line have limited hours that you can call in.
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3 years ago, lu 'miricanu
Functionality of the former study blue destroyed
I used StudyBlue for years and it was very useful, well-designed, and perfect for my needs. Chegg has destroyed almost everything useful about it. Login is far harder, both on the app and on a computer. There is no ability to search my own cards any more. If I do a search it instantly tells me that I can search over 500 million flash cards. I don’t want to search 500 million flash cards. I want to search my own. Even if I don’t just want to search my own, searching 500 million cards with the inadequate search engine I am subjected to is less than useless. I am studying Italian. I find it far harder to search my own vocabulary cards and others studying Italian than to connect with Burmese immunologists. If I were an open slate looking to learn anything about anything, this would be a great app. If you are trying to enhance your learning about something specific, the app borders on useless.
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4 years ago, Satan028382829
sometimes the replies are great like they’ll explain everything correctly and the answers are correct, however, lately i’ve been getting so many incorrect answers. when they are incorrect you do not get our question back, even when you submit the same question 4 times and they are wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME. commenting doesn’t seem to do anything bc no one ever corrects the answer when it is wrong. it’s just really annoying wasting my questions and not learning anything because the people can’t give you the right answer. their “experts” aren’t good and responding or helping when they made a mistake. i just rly think it’s ridiculous that we don’t get our questions back when they’re being incorrectly answered over and over. also why are incorrect answers left up? it there are 5 thumbs down on a question and 4 people complaining that it’s wrong why is the question left up?
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1 year ago, Joshua Duehring
I just do not understand why so many people like this app. They force you to pay a minimum of $16 A MONTH! to MAKE and account. Guys, THERE ARE LITERALLY DOZENS OF WEBSITES YOU CAN USE FOR FREE THAT ARE JUST LIKE THIS!!! Wzant, Quizlet, Brainly and Reddit are what I usually use. Stop supporting apps like this, this is insane that these people are able to be successful when they are this greedy. It shouldn't cost money to ask questions on the internet, literally go anywhere else, do not support these people. But seriously, who in there right mind are willing to pay a monthly price for any application? Apps like this should be a one time payment if anything, but since other apps/websites do the same thing as Chegg completely for free its very laughable that they expect people to pay a monthly price for it, but its even more funny when you realize that they are right, and hundreds of people are actually willing to pay $16 a month for an app that lets you ask questions.
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2 years ago, SomeoneWhoDidntGetARefund
Non refundable
I got this app back in September to get some extra help that I needed for my harder classes. As a college student, I found the $17 a month a little ridiculous. It’s not like this is some huge life-changing app or I don’t know, Netflix. I thought that I could just cancel my subscription the day of or before the renewal date but I was dead wrong. I was told that they are a nonrefundable company. When I said that I hadn’t even used it and it was the day of renewal, they said they couldn’t help me. I don’t recommend this app to college students who are trying to save money, or to anyone in general. A company that can’t even help out customers in such a basic way is ignorant on so many levels. I now realize that they’re pathetic money focused gremlins. And at a time of such bad inflation they can’t help out a college student, really???😐. Literally delete the app and go to Course Hero or even Quizlet because this app isn’t even worth it tbh.
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