Chico Enterprise Record

1.3 (4)
32.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
MediaNews Group
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chico Enterprise Record

1.25 out of 5
4 Ratings
10 years ago, robtk1
Enterprise Record
I have much preferred this app to having to spend $1.00 for one newspaper. I like the way it allows me to find older articles I may missed. Thos app is also easy to navigate. However, recently I've been bombarded by loud video ads that appear unexpectedly and wake my wife in bed next to me, even when I have the phone muted. Lose these ads ER.
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6 years ago, GSswim
Noisy Ads waking spouse action news app better
This is a follow up to an earlier review. The app still has instant loud pop up ads that randomly appear. Considering many people enjoy reading the news peacefully in bed or at other times these loud ads don’t seem appropriate. Certainly far cry from the traditional enjoyment of a newspaper anyway. I’ve found a temporary solution on the iPhone of double clicking the home button and swiping up to quickly close the app. Then I wait hoping my wife doesn’t wake up from the loud but brief noise the ad made :-/ PS I know they need revenue but since Chico ER targets a Chico audience couldn’t they just add sponsored articles like the action news now app does. There they have a private dining ad for Chico restaurants etc.. and Chico area targeted ads may appeal to local businesses.
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9 years ago, Jpetie
Very glitchy
I've had to delete and re-install this app multiple times. It works for a week or two then, out of nowhere, when you click on an article it takes you to a Press+ account sign in page. Sometimes I can just hit cancel to read the article, but most times it spits me back out to where I have to click on the article again. I will have to repeat the process about 3-4 times before it actually lets me read the article. I would give up on this app except it's my only access to local news. Please fix this glitch.
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10 years ago, Rdifalco
Good when it works
This app is kind of hit or miss. When it loads properly, I appreciate having it and the ads aren't overly annoying. But sometimes I experience a problem where it doesn't load new content and I'm looking at 1 day old info. I'm glad to have the app and it's not terrible. Just not great either. I wish the Opinion section was at the top not the bottom. Also wish I could search.
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12 years ago, Jdoerr
Nice app- needs a search feature
Loving the new ER app. Thankful it's free. Wish it had a search option for older stories, stories more than a day old. Also would like to see an option where I could send a message inquiring about a story or happening. A Chico events calendar would be nice, too. All in all, though, great work.
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11 years ago, Dbub67
Use it daily
I get more frequent updates of local news from FB news feed, however as an app it does the job.
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11 years ago, Wellsprings
Good until LOUD video ads added
I enjoy the convenience of reading our local paper on my iPhone with this app. But now suddenly super LOUD video ads pop up when you least expect, and you can't even turn them off immediately. It's extremely annoying. Can't read at night as I never know when a blast of sound will emerge.
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11 years ago, Allison 4
Great way to get local news
I Enjoy reading current local news on my ER app. It's easy to use and i look forward to finding out what is going on around town.
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10 years ago, Lils530
Doesn't update very frequently
I do appreciate this app & read through it everyday... However it doesn't seem to update as often as it should & sometimes it won't open up a story when I click to read it.... Good app tho.
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12 years ago, iGirl365
This is great because I can read local articles straight from my phone wherever I am.
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4 years ago, Blake Hollingsworth
Fine App
This app works perfectly fine now in terms of functionality. I also appreciate the timeliness of the reporting!
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11 years ago, Joe the Online Reader
Review of ER app
The online version seems to be loading faster that it did a few months ago. But the number of articles is still limited compared to the hard copy.
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11 years ago, Mbarlow92
Like the app but needs to be updated more often.
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11 years ago, Amilia7
I love the ER app I don't have cable or extra money to spend on a newspaper so this is the only way I keep up on the news!
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11 years ago, Xeones82
Doesn't update regularly. The most current story does not reflect what is in that days paper. This past week they kept updating the time of a "breaking news" story only to find it was the same article with a different headline.
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11 years ago, Wade250F
I look forward to reading the local news every morning. I appreciate the ER, and it's reporters.
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10 years ago, Mzunguinkenya
Please remove the obnoxious video ads
This would be a four or five star app if the video ads were removed, very annoying. I'd happily pay a buck or two to have this app without ads.
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12 years ago, TG530
This is a great little app, especially for the first version! Good work!
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4 years ago, ClydeD
Doesn’t regularly Update.
Sometimes this app does not update for a day. Well, I can always go the the website.
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11 years ago, Renay Robinson
Great app!
I love having my local newspaper just a click away!
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11 years ago, Restrades
Quick, Accurate, and Easy
Great local app
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11 years ago, Danny McDaniel
Good app
Keeps me up to date on local news
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4 years ago, Butte County Resident
Print too small
Appreciate rhe offer of local news, however the print is too small to read.
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11 years ago, Knicol5
How to get to the web site
Would be nice to have a link to your web site from the app. Most newspapers request a sign in, why do you not?
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12 years ago, Hoddymaner
It's nice reading the paper but the radar in the weather section needs to be upgraded badly.
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5 years ago, Mikkiashe
Where are the death notices and obituaries?
Seems to me you could easily publish death notices and obituaries on this app. If you did, I would give it a much higher rating.
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12 years ago, Chicoc3
Love this app
Nice work ER. I love not having to walk out in the cold to get my paper.
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11 years ago, SavageNikki
Crash! Boom!
App crashes frequently. Need to get more stories posted more frequently. Otherwise I like reading about my home city.
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3 years ago, givinguponnbcapp
Update the Letters to Editor
The app is not showing today’s letters to the editor. This keeps happening. Please fix it!
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11 years ago, Kadanielson
Ads frustrating
I am frustrated with the constant advertisement popping up when looking at media pictures. I've deleted the ER application at one time because of this. It's irratating!
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11 years ago, Auntie MB
Very good
Great for local news!
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11 years ago, JefferEdder
Great way to keep informed.
Great way to keep informed.
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11 years ago, hmarketing
Weak platform, often doesn't loaf
Do not like this news delivery platform at all, it devalues the newspaper and often doesn't load the days stories. Long live print!!
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11 years ago, 415kickshift
I'm ok with pop ups, but to have auto playing commercials, that you can't close out of is just downright rude.
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10 years ago, Mi chorizo
Great app
Good local news!!!!
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11 years ago, 1Marcos
Chico er.
Needs to be updated more often
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10 years ago, Chetwynd2000
Does the job, and well.
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8 years ago, Porter93
Small font. Horrible contrast
Went from a mediocre app to truly poor. Sad.
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9 years ago, dkiiehie
will not launch
Since last update the app will not launch. Please undo the last update!!!
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10 years ago, 929383849506060282739
This app is a joke. You're better off buying the paper once a week
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11 years ago, Gizmotronfyuy
Great app.
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11 years ago, DjLil50
Great app
Great app
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