Childcare by Tadpoles

3.2 (57)
87.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tadpoles LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Childcare by Tadpoles

3.21 out of 5
57 Ratings
2 years ago, Cookiepeanutsugardolbyjack
Great idea, poor app design
I love the idea, but the app design is horrible. I have to refresh a thousand times to see if anything is put in by another teacher. It looks like this app came out when the iPhone first came out. If I take a photo on tadpoles, it comes out blurry so I have to take it on my phone then upload later, I can’t upload multiple photos for one child at once so that’s more time wasted. Messaging is never refreshed so i have to close the app multiple times to see a parents message. It’s very laggy and should automatically publish daily sheets to parents when it’s put in. The tadpoles parent app is miles better than this one.
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5 years ago, Team toddler
Parents love it
I love the idea behind this app and all the families I work with really like it too. I would have given a 5 star rating but there are a couple of issues I'd like to see improved upon first. When children age out of a classroom, no matter how many times I change their homeroom in the child profile area, they revert back to their old homeroom the next day. I've tried doing it on the website as well as the app. I also have a child whose birthday is incorrect and I change that information daily. I have one other suggestion. If like to see an improvement in the "add photos from album" area. Please introduce a way to select multiple photos to upload for one selected child at once. It would cut my time adding photos to daily sheets in half, at least. Lastly, the area for observing and evaluations could be better, but I have no specific suggestions on how to do that. Otherwise, everything about this app is wonderful. It's nice to be able to add photos and videos as observations right away. Parents love the communication and ability to keep them updated during the day. Attendance and name to face have never been easier. Thanks to the creators.
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5 years ago, huntergirl1234567
Working with tadpoles
Tadpoles is an amazing idea. But for how much the app crashes and freezes it gets very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Lunatiger$$$
Great idea, but needs work
I like the general concept of this app, but it needs a lot of work. The message system glitches every time I try to send a message to a parent. It doesn’t let me see what I’m typing. Also, when trying to tag children in a photo with a certain activity, half the time the activity isn’t there to tag. On children’s daily reports, the font overlaps and you can’t read it sometimes. Lastly, the app should be designed so that every center that uses it has to have real time updates for parents. Otherwise, parents can’t see any info about their child’s activities, meals, diaper changes, etc until the end of the day. This app needs a major update. When will it receive one??
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6 years ago, Staind3525
So much potential! Great App!
This app has everything I need for my daily routine in my pre-k class. It is a little glitchy but I love what it includes. It’s impossible to find everything all in one app and trust me I’ve looked at several. I was desperate to find something that was created by someone who understood what a teacher actually needed and I feel I got that with this app. Thank you developer and please keep improvements coming. This app is by far the best Ive found as far as what it includes and is capable of doing. Great job!!
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5 years ago, Kgsmith101
Needs fixed
The app is great and has so much potential and it used to work so much better about a year ago, but not it always gets hung up on syncing or crashes. The bugs need to be fixed. Many parents are getting daily sheets and time/attendance are a problem when things constantly get stuck. Right now the app isn’t reliable and we are looking at other app options. I was very much team tadpoles until all the recent problems. Also technical support doesn’t help, they put in tickets that never get the root cause actually fixed.
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5 years ago, Ris5
Love app but could do more
I absolutely love this app. I have used it at the last 2 daycares I worked at. There are a few things that could use to be added. As a director it would be amazing to be able to do billing and as a teacher in the classroom it would be extremely helpful to see if each child has a picture from the classroom (not on the dashboard) over s this app is wonderful and the parents love it too.
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4 years ago, Bekaroni
Early Educator
Tadpoles has been a great way to streamline our program over the past two years, but there are some major concerns. 1) Crashes continuously throughout the day. 2) Students will update into incorrect classrooms (infants in Pre-k and not in their actual assigned classroom) or duplicate same student account 3) Great for Teacher to Parent communication but not vise versa. 4) If running 2 tablets on one classroom, roster will not update properly with the online administration account - showing incorrect ratios and attendance 5) 👎👎👎👎👎 After building a curriculum for Two Years, it magically disappeared and is unrecoverable. I am having to input countless hours of work back into recreating a full classroom curricula. ❌ There is no way to back up your curricula to prevent this from happening.
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2 years ago, Ljcbdksbdjs3638291
Needs work
I hate that music stops playing whenever I open the app. Also with the newest update everything is spaced out more making it harder to read the individual profiles, and now it’s glitching and overlapping text when I switch between kids profiles
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4 years ago, wdwtam
No Music for my preschoolers
I use to play music on my iPad, while the app was open. Now for some reason It won’t allow me to do both. Plz fix this or tell me how too.
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6 years ago, Xu 3456789097542
Be careful
It wants to force us to login with google account. Asking for my google password. I did login through the computer browser, but the apps are asking for my google account. I just want to check on my daughter why do they want my google account? Go to your computer and login. Be careful people.
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4 years ago, twos teacher
Just ok
I love this app but it crashes at least once a day and you can’t enter meals more than one month out on the app.
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5 years ago, annoyed teacher of twos
It keeps crashing!!!
I love the app and i need to use it for work but its impossible to do anything when it crashes 10 times a day. I have to log out and log back in multiple times to accomplish anything! Please fix this!
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6 years ago, wmb13
Doesn’t work
On my phone it doesn’t load. I am able to log in but then it is just a blank white screen. Can not do anything . Really want to use this so I can lesson plan on the go but it’s completely useless .
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11 years ago, Tchr004
Educate provider
Tadpoles app is convenient to information electronically and to go paperless. However I don't believe it is the most practical to use for a classroom full of infants or toddlers. From experience, when inputting the information, it is not quick and easy because you have to scroll for time, check off the type, and etc. Although it is user friendly, it is not visually friendly. It might be easier if the items were categorized and in sections, for example all diapers can be seen together or all meals eaten throughout the day together so it is easy to look back and see if anything is missing. If tadpoles was on paper, it would be organized for parents and teachers to find things quickly and with ease.
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3 years ago, Crazyfox4321
Won’t register
I would like to try this app however it has been saying “registering”for the last 30min!
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6 years ago, Net416
Needs a lot of fixing
Unable to use it on my phone while on the go. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, Copperjdog
Best App in the Universe!
Best App in the Universe! Better than himama by far!!
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5 years ago, kd141618
Forced Google login
Please don’t force a user to log-in with their Google Account just bc they have a Gmail account. This is a definite privacy concern.
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1 year ago, kiddie academy
This app is annoying It always freezes on me or logs me out
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10 years ago, Wenderoos
Time Saver
I have been playing with this program for a week now, and I LOVE it! I work as a Young Toddler teacher in a preschool, and I spend a lot of time filling out paperwork on each child each day. Most of the time it seems the parents don't even read the notes (they stay in the backpacks). This program replaces the notes--it has easy to fill in choices for snacks, meals, potty/toilet, notes, etc. The parents are sent an easy to read summary of their child's day. I especially like how I can write one detailed note and it gets entered on every child in my class (encourages me to write more detail--no more sore hand!). The initial set up was easy--I entered all my kids, their parents' info, the days the kids come, allergies, etc. When I start class in the morning, attendence is a breeze! Only the kids who come that day are shown. I can even enter a known vacation schedule and it will be shown over that child's picture. The customer support for this app is terrific. I somehow locked myself out of the program (password mix up), so I emailed the contact person. I got an email back within the hour and then a phone call to help me fix my problem. I think this program is perfect for our school and we plan to use it in all of our classroom next school year.
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10 years ago, Child's Play Childcare
I really love this product! This app has made our days easier and even more pleasurable. The parents love the daily reports and we never miss a day (unlike before when we would hand write them out). I never hear "what did they do today?" Its always right there for them to read and see. I use it for so many other things too; separate notes and reminders to the parents, daily staff notes, issuing newsletters, etc. I think one of the most efficient things about using the tadpoles program and app is I can easily track my messages. The customer service is really great too! Whenever I do have an issue, they get back to me quick! Honestly, I don't have anything bad to say. I have told some of my colleagues about the program, but I secretly think using this app gives me a very big edge when it comes to recruiting new clients.
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12 years ago, Mdub81
Amazing app with amazing support!!
I LOVE this app. Yes... There have been a few bugs but seriously, the developer is on it. I have emailed them a few times with questions, problems, suggestions etc and they have ALWAYS replied in less than 24 hours. They even called me once to continue to troubleshoot a problem that was ultimately my fault and not theirs. I have never ever seen this kind of dedication as I have with the developers of this app. If you have a question or problem...they are there and want to help. I really can't tell you how delighted I am with not just the app but the personal service delivered by the developers. They care and always welcome feedback and are constantly making improvements. Totally worth the money!! BUY IT ALREADY! ;)
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11 years ago, Sancon8
I absolutely love this app as do my clients. I run an in home daycare and always sent a daily report home with the parents. Now I can just fill everything out all on my phone and email it to my clients. It saves copies for me if I need to go back to something to check and my clients can out them all in an email file. The only drawback I've found is that it doesn't keep a good memory of meals and snack foods I enter so I end up having to type the same thing multiple times. I'd love to see that fixed since its as annoying as writing it on paper a dozen different times. It should save all menu items! Other than that, it's a great app!!!
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11 years ago, Louie200283
Good in concept
This is an exciting app yet it is glitchy and not as intuitive as I'd think and hoped it should be. When changes are made, lots of things get moved around and it's hard to find what you're looking for or getting it to do what you need it to. It's good in concept and is better than using paper for daily reports, but takes some micro managing and emailing company to figure it out and point out glitches.
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12 years ago, 4-Matt
My Favorite App...EVER
If you have your own daycare, this app is a MUST HAVE! I have used other apps, but this app has raised the bar so high, every other app just pales in comparison! My daycare parents love receiving the daily reports via email, and I love how easy it is to give them all the information this app provides. I have contacted support to ask questions at different times and they get back with me within the hour. As awesome as I already think this app is, I look forward to seeing what improvements they have in the works to make my business run even smoother. THANK YOU TADPOLE CREW!!!
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13 years ago, La Petite Academy
We LOVE it!!
La Petite Academy LOVES this app!! We have had such a positive experience with the app that our parents are crazy about it. Tadpoles brings a whole new element to our childcare center. Our parents love that we are able to communicate with them at the touch of a button and they really enjoy receiving pictures of their children throughout the day. Not only does this app allow parents to get a glimps of their child's day but it allows us, as providers, to show the parents that their children are in a safe, fun, and learning enviroment. Simply put, Tadpoles is the best!
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11 years ago, Jairbrooke
Good app for daycare
This is a great app. I have used it for over a year. The Support is good and has always emailed back with issues. I had a different review on here that was a lot more negative but the issue has since been resolved. The app works great with the newer versions and it is a quick way to get information to your parents. I wish it was a flat one time charge and not a monthly fee. I would have no problem paying a one time fee since it is such a useful app. But I guess if your going to charge a monthly fee, it is a great idea to charge per child like they do so it's fair for small daycares to pay less than larger centers.
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13 years ago, Houston79
I'm still getting to know is app, but I like the online connection. It appears to be very user friendly, and I'm excited about the option of being able to give parents updates throughout the day. One thing I would like to see...if I pull the website up on a computer, could you add a check-in/out for parents, to tracks the dates and times students are there? I'm looking for a program to do that and the ones online are so expensive, and I just have a very small program. Right now I use pen/paper, so having that feature would be fantastic! Thank you!!
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13 years ago, kpmommy79
UPDATE: I think this app is great now that I have it working, and the customer service is outstanding. The only thing that needs to change is being able to put the exact times in and times out for the children. Most providers need to keep track of the specific times, not just that the child is there or not. Keep up the good work though. This is the only app that I have found that even comes close to what I was looking for.
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12 years ago, Kaytiebabe120
Nice app!
I just started babysitting an infant. He's 18 months old and I use this app to communicate with his mother while she's at work. My only trouble is that it doesn't work without wi-fi. I wasn't connected at one point but didn't know it. I tried sending a picture to his mother and didn't understand why it wouldn't send. I kept clicking send and nothing. The picture then sent to her four times while she was at work!! Ugh. I can't delete the extras which made me mad and I can't believe it sent over and over.. If this is fixed, I'd be estatic.
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13 years ago, Rhi83
Great product! You need a way to edit the child's information (birth date, schedule, etc.). You can easily edit their profile picture the other information should be just as easy. You should also be able to delete a child. This program still has some things to work out but it's a great concept and I hope you keep working on it. I talked with you at the NAEYC Conference and I know you guys are working hard on this.
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11 years ago, Cypress Heights
Love love love this app! It has really made my life easier and makes check in and out of student and providing feedback so simple and quick. When working with kids it take some time to write everything down for parents but with this app we are able to just click and go providing more details in less time. They also are fast in responding and helping with any problems.
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11 years ago, SeXy SwatPup
Awesome app1
This app is perfect for my daycare! The parents love the reports! It's everything I need to let the parents know what their child has done/eat/potty etc!!! I did not know until my 14 day trial ended that it is $2.25 per child per month. It is a great app but for a small daycare it's kind of pricey just to enter the things they did everyday! It is worth it for the BIG daycare facilities but not so much for small in home daycares. Let me know if the price changes, I would be happy to even pay $10 for the app!
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12 years ago, Bairnies in Bloom
Must Have!
This app is amazing! The developers are constantly working to improve the functionality of the app and incorporate user feedback. I have received great input from families who use the site and I couldn't be more excited to use the app. I am so excited about the new capability to tag multiple kids in a pic/ video! There are still a few bugs, but I'm sure they will continue to work them out. Thanks for a great product and even better customer service!
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11 years ago, ktku
Kindergarten Tadpoles
This app has made a huge difference in the way I communicate with my parents and how thorough my portfolios have become. It is so easy to document and share on the spot which saves me tons of time and keeps me incredibly organized with the automatic filing by tags. Love the expedient support, frequent updates and Tadpoles in general. Has been such a blessing in my kindergarten classroom. Even my students' parents are raving about it!
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13 years ago, Pamela Weddle
Best Daycare Reporting App
This is exactly what we have been searching for!! Perfect for daycare of any size. A few bugs, but the developers assured these bugs were already being fixed!! They are always open for suggestions for improvement!! Finally, after a year our search is over for the perfect daycare tracking program.
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11 years ago, A family daycare
Fantastic app!!
I've been using this app for a few weeks in my family daycare home and it is amazing!!! The parents and I love how easy it is for them to know exactly what their child is doing each day and I love that I don't have to remember everything at pick up time. Everything works just as its supposed to and I couldn't be happier.
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12 years ago, Zdsmama
My parents love this app!
This app provides a wonderful way to communicate with parents and share our daily activities. Customer support is great and they are constantly working to improve and work out any "bugs". So much easier than filling out paper daily reports and a nice way to record memories. The kids love it too!
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7 years ago, FearlessKC
I have used this program since Fall of 2014! I am a pre-kindergarten teacher and Tadpoles has 100% made it so much easier to create a fun, educational day for my kids & I receive nothing but positive feedback EVERYDAY from the parents. If you are looking for a program to better your school Tadpoles is exactly the program you need.
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9 years ago, melly mel05
Tadpoles was great, such a nice tool for keeping track of...EVERYTHING. However, as of late - their new "facial recognition" situation has been tagging the wrong children, creating confusion & uneasiness in parents. I wish this could be fixed, but even an attempt to reach out - was met with a matter of fact answer. :/
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12 years ago, Themcs7
Exciting new improvements
The graphics of this app are adorable. I love that I can take attendance using the kid's pictures. They even like to check themselves in by tapping their picture. The developers have some great new ideas planned for the coming months. I am excited to see how this app will be able to help me streamline my home daycare business.
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10 years ago, Erin... Limerick PA
I have been using Tadpoles for years. I am so impressed with how quickly they bring out new features. Love the lesson planning feature, just when I think they can't make it better... They do! Can't wait to see what comes out next!
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12 years ago, St Anthony Preschool
This app is amazing.
Tadpoles has changed the life of the child care provider! The app is extremely user friendly and the customer support is exceptional. Teachers love the easy access to child information. Parents can't get enough of the app.
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10 years ago, Carlina24
Great app
I am a provider and tadpoles couldn't be anymore useful. I actually enjoy the daily report layout. Tadpoles has been a great tool and I'm so glad are center switched over from paper to tadpoles. Lesson plans and daily reports have never been so easy.
Show more
12 years ago, Menoevo
App does not rotate
Great app and very useful but would be great if the app would rotate when I tune the iPad sideways. Taking attendance is very important so I am glad to see it in this app but I really need a way to print . The first 30 days are free but will be billed after that.
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12 years ago, Elicia 278
Fix tiles
When I upload and send to parents the pics won't show or when you click on tile nothing happens it won't open file
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12 years ago, KFLA
This is an awesome app. The customer service is awesome, the response time is remarkable. My parents love it. The app gets gooder and gooder :). Don't stop sharing your ideas, concerns, questions they are helpful to all of us using this app.
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11 years ago, Sgator52
Monthly charge
This appears to be a good app, but the monthly charge per child can add up. For 6 children I was quoted $2.25 per child per month. Would just like to see a flat fee
Show more
8 years ago, Naomiortiz914
Please fix bug
Under the asses option to write about how the child is doing in a specific curricular area, myself and my colleagues are unable to write after a certain amount of words because there isnt a scroll button. The keypad is blocking me from typing. If that is fixed i will rate this app 5 stars.
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