Cinema HD - Movies & TV Shows

4.4 (16.8K)
44.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
FADILI taoufik
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cinema HD - Movies & TV Shows

4.39 out of 5
16.8K Ratings
11 months ago, sauasge fingers
Great app!
This app is AMAZING you can watch any movie you could ever think of and there are zero ads which is great! Only one problem tho sometimes when you pick a certain server to watch it jumps onto a different movie to the movie that you wanted to watch and sometimes it glitches or stops at certain points but other than that it’s amazing!
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10 months ago, Thisguymusicmaniac
This app used to be so amazing other than not being able to stream to tvs. However I can’t get any movies to play now
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2 years ago, Hi my name is bamaz
Fake and pointless
I have the cinema HD on my firestick and it is great most if the time I definitely recommend this app ONLY ON THE FIRESTICK. But this app is completely pointless on mobile. When I had it it completely glitches my phone and wouldn’t turn off until after a few tries. They say it went through an update but that is just a plain and straight lie. Overall, this app is absolute crap and would not recommend it to anyone other than people who would like to get a virus. But, if you get a firestick and get this app it is great.
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12 months ago, KKfunlover
Could use some improvements
This app is great for a fire stick TV, but I downloaded it before and it worked real bad. Every time I click on a simple movie, my screen glitched. Not to mention that it has lots of ads. So when I click on something, ads will pop up every second. So if you want to get this app, I recommend you get it on a fire stick TV.
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12 months ago, It'sAjoke
Pointless (click bate)
It’s pointless they just want you to download the app for they can receive money from the adds that pop up literally every time you click anything you can’t watch nothing not even trailers pointless app ..but brilliant for them to make money off the adds and if I can give less then one star I would
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11 months ago, Shaylizzy40
Great job!
I love the app. Endless movies new and old. Tv shows. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you for creating an amazing app we all can enjoy!
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4 years ago, animepix
Don’t get. While I get their options. This is stealing and name of the streaming app. This app is literally everything the real app isn’t. You can’t watch anything and everything you do gives the makers money via referrals. Don’t get this. This was made by someone that stole a name and reworked it to be profitable only to them. I repeat DO NOT GET. Deleting the app now. Fkkkng. Chodes.
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11 months ago, Alessia dabi
It’s good enough
There’s too many ads before you even watch a movie
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2 years ago, AllTheGoodNicksAreTaken-84756
Pop up ads with timed delay on every single click.
I understand the developer has to make a living but time delay pop up ads for the exact same games every time i tap on something on the screen is a level of overkill i will not tolerate. App deleted 10 minutes after it was installed.
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9 months ago, Jski420
This piece of crap they call an app is totally useless!!!! Works great on my fire stick, but does nothing on the iPhone but pop up ads every time you click on a movie. Do not, and I repeat, do not install this garbage unless you like viruses on your phone. Like what’s the point???? I would give negative 5 stars if possible
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2 weeks ago, 👻: EmmaKobeszko58 add me
My comment
I love this app so much! It has such good quality, and it has almost all of the movies that I wanna watch
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2 weeks ago, Maggie_Chaos
This is stupid
The whole reason I got this app was to watch old cartoon and I can’t even do that! And the most annoying part is the fact that almost EVERY SINGLE TIME you touch the screen your hit with ad after ad after ad!!!! Don’t waste your time or data on this dumpster fire of an app
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2 years ago, Minnickr
I like the list of shows but what I don’t like is when I click on a movie or Tv series and it’s not there. And another movie is showing instead of the one I click on to see.
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1 year ago, Vantique21
The Absolute Best!
This is my favorite free steaming app. It always allow me to catch up on my latest favorite shows 🤗🥰
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3 years ago, savage katie
It was okay at first
I’ve had it for a while and it was okay it would mess up but then u pick a different sever and it would be okay. Recently I updated it and the new update is trash it won’t play it just clicks off then it won’t let u get back on the app please fix it!
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2 years ago, Rodriguez1320
Really good application
I will recommend to all my friends Thank you!
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3 years ago, Sentinel ace
Fantastic with paid link service
This combined with real-debris is too good to be true
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4 years ago, ThaAnswer
Absolutely Pointless
I love Cinema HD on my fire stick however this app for iPhone is complete garbage. I was able to search and results were returned, however there was only the option to watch the trailer or linked to iTunes. That’s pretty much defeating the point. I won’t say that Cinema HD is a bad product just that this medium was poorly executed.
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2 years ago, ArtKidManga
Rip off
I like the one on my fire stick but the one on my phone is completing different in a bad way. I DO NOT RECOMMEND it’s a waste of time and too many ads pops up for me less then a second. And whenever I want to watch a movie I find interesting it says it’s not there. 👎
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2 years ago, aerotecusa
Best place for video content
Love these guys tried to donate but only take pit coin bring Fraser back please
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1 year ago, kboonies
This app is really bad because it gives way too many ads and ask to rate this app too many times I tried to watch creed lll and it was so glitchy I do not recommend this app the version on fire stick is way better
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2 years ago, Squirrel4H25
Doesn’t work
It’s nothing like the fire stick version. Search query doesn’t work, can’t even watch the movies on there. Ads every time to try to swap tabs. Never even got to watch a movie on it. Save yourself the time and don’t bother with it
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3 years ago, AnimalMadness123456
It’s a disgrace.
If you have it on your phone, you can’t even watch stuff and most of the time you won’t even be able to find anything you search. You can’t even watch movies, only trailers. 🙄 0/10, I do NOT recommend.
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1 year ago, PhoenixxTT
Unsupported IPhone App
Bogus Crap App for iPhone users. Directions say Just download app and Click any movie. However what you get is a PHILO App that pops up. If you Close out to choose another movie….BAM!!! PHILO. There is no free streaming here just, PHILO…PHILO! I like Montana but I love my family 1st…Yellowstone series….. and PHILO is Not free. Delete the app. Use a fire stick
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2 years ago, lumbody
Couldn’t do anything for that philo advertisement crap. Because of that I’m gonna leave the whole thing because you can’t get rid of a piece of crap And I put cinema on every stick I made for people and that’s over 200 but not all new phones
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2 years ago, Hamrsark
It’s okay
I love the selection and everything BUT, having to sift through 800 streams and having none of them ACTUALLY be the movie listed…it gets old, REALLY fast. 😠
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3 years ago, these names are hard
Don’t recommend
When I downloaded it you could not watch movies just read about them or watch the trailer not really a point of having the app if you can already watch and read about it.
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1 year ago, gsus wi sb
Don’t get this app I tried to watch something and it just showed the cover of the movie and you can’t even search up what you want to watch it only gives you a selection
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1 year ago, JT28472838
Insane amount of ads
The loud, obnoxious, unavoidable amount of ads this app has makes it nearly impossible to enjoy
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4 years ago, Chicken Paddiees
Definitely the worst movie app I have ever downloaded, you can’t even search or play any movies. The app on fire stick is ok but it has a lot of buffering but it’s a lot better than the IOS version. I highly don’t recommend using this app on your phone
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2 months ago, gabbynajera
I love this app
I love this app because it’s so easy too look for movies
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10 months ago, :) :) SL sleeping :) :)
Adds nonstop
It asks for wifi name and asks all the time for a wifi security nonstop and doesn’t have no movie I want to watch. I will be deleting this app but it is great on firetv but not on phone
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10 months ago, Steppa1
This must be funny
You really expected people to give a good review when the only show ads. As soon as you click on a movie a ad pop-up and have to close out the app and restart it.
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3 years ago, gdysnwjw
The app is horrible
The app is a fake I was so happy when I found this app but now I’m furious at it you can’t watch anything on it what’s the point of making the app if you can’t do anything on it fix this app or just delete it please.
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3 years ago, DREE QUEEN
I would not put a star but it say I have to
Who ever made this app is a joke this does not work and takes up a lot of storage someone just stole the name and was like “ok I’m done I’m not going to check if anything’s is wrong I don’t care” I hate this app!
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2 years ago, Franpf
Great app
Can watch almost anything!
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2 years ago, Jaydenjones5467373
It won’t let me watch anything
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2 years ago, Jacky1197
The Best in Cinema movies!
I have this application on all my FireStick’s,was surprised to find in here on my iPad Pro 😄
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3 weeks ago, Dj_Danaya
The ads are out of control
Every five minutes there is an ad and it’s very annoying
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1 year ago, chazzzzzzzyyyyyyy
I’m only 15 . But I love this app!!! Watch a my favorite shows and movies 🥰🔝
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1 year ago, Tanjrio2.o
Pointless don’t bother installing
Absolutely horrible I can’t even watch the movies when I click on the movie I get ads overall the app is trash I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
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3 years ago, haileyandjojo
I hate this app. I got it so I can watch movies it won’t even let me search anything this app is so horrible I don’t recommend that you buy it. You’re wasting your time or getting this app it’s the worst literally. #WorstAppEver
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6 days ago, Curnita
It’s very good I wood really recommend it its 100 out of ten
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2 years ago, Maddyyy113
Don’t download
I couldn’t even watch nun because all the ads,i thought all the other rates were lying Until I actually tried it, it was just not givin if I could rate it a 0 I would
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2 years ago, Stew601
Need on fire tv
Can’t get it on my fire tv
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3 years ago, gsvf bbcc
I don’t like it
This app works good on my fire stick but on iPhone it horrible. I can’t watch the movies or shows that I want to watch on iPhone don’t get this app it’s pointless and I thinks it’s a remake not even the real app😒.
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2 years ago, Dmp436
The best
Always a good time watching free movies
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4 years ago, chrrje
i hate it
this app is so stupid i tried to type in a movie and it wouldn’t show up and its always loading and I can never watch the whole movie without it loading every minute
Show more
8 months ago, MadoHung
Cannot view, too many ads
I have not been able to watch the movie from this app
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1 year ago, @:'dbdndm
Ad everytime you change screen super annoying
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