Citizen Times

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Citizen Times

4.37 out of 5
606 Ratings
2 years ago, arf5000
Great local news source
The app makes it easier to access and read the articles. It’s less glitchy than the web page.
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2 years ago, Stacee31
‘Top News Fan’ lock?
I was loving the app - such an easy way to check the local news and get breaking news stories. Then a week or so ago, my app ‘locked up’ with a screen that says something like “You seem like top news fan” with an offer to send ‘top news’ alerts to my phone. I couldn’t just click off of it and return to the news so I clicked it. Then I got inundated with news alerts. Quickly sick of it, I went to mt settings and reduced the number of alerts. Now, the lock up screen presents after I read one story EVERY TIME I USE THE APP. Because there’s no way to decline, I end up shutting down the app and starting it again. Again and again if I choose to keep reading the paper. I enjoy the newspaper and I used to enjoy the app…..but this is getting ridiculous.
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6 months ago, Kent Coleman
Quality News with a Scam Subscription
Citizen Times offers quality local news so we tried a sale on the subscription. Fast forward a couple months, and we got no email warning or notification the sale trial was ending before being charged the full monthly amount for a month or two before noticing. They do not allow cancellations to be done in your account settings on the app or website, instead forcing you to call or chat with someone online. When you tell them you want to cancel they put you through a whole rigamarole before actually letting you cancel. No one likes feeling like taken advantage of, and that is what subscribing to Citizen Times feels like. I feel bad for those who are susceptible to these practices. If you use this app, beware of subscribing.
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1 year ago, ncgardener
Take for puzzles and coupons
Hate the new format, paper not worth reading on line, and the puzzle section you almost need a magnifying glass and print size microscopic,not to mention duplicate stories on different pages and news 18 hours after it was news, sports sections a day old. No Saturday or holiday delivery , and yet another price increase subsequently. Coupons make it almost free however, however, but also dislike the new bridge columns and crossword. Previous ones were more to our liking. Almost impossible to follow train of thought to hold for vacation, so we call. Make it easier!!!
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8 months ago, NCVirginia
Local news is vital to democracy
In a world that seems ostensibly to descend into black and white partisanship, it is vitally important to inform oneself about local issues and learn about the nuances of one’s community. Individual voices and local issues are far more important than big nationalized agendas in helping me inform my political and civic opinions. My Citizen Times subscription helps me do that.
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1 year ago, Jay fender
Cant log in or access articles
I like being able to access this content on my phone but I currently can’t even do that. Constant pop ups don’t allow me to read content on the app without a subscription and even though I have a subscription there is no way to actually log in. When prompted to leave the app you are sent to the website where there is still no log in option for the app…
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11 months ago, Gedirem
Please Fix!
If I am reading an article on this app and have to do something else on my phone, when I come back to the C-T article I have to start all over on your main page. It would be nice if I could simply come back to the article directly just as I do on the Wash Post, NYTimes, Guardian and other similar websites. Is this something you can fix quickly? It is a bit annoying that the app doesn’t remember to hold the C-T article in place when I come back to finish reading that article.
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7 months ago, Evolbirdbomber
This app is just crap from start to finish. asks me if I want a subscription EVERY TIME i click a link from safari. It will randomly blur out the story your are reading to asking if you want to rate an article. Sometimes if you’re in the middle of an article and you leave to read further for something then go back and now it wants to start you off at the “front page” seriously this app is so bad I think they don’t want you to use it.
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2 years ago, Birt-NC
Local news
Enjoy reading a paper that gives us the news. Don’t always like the news, but it keeps me informed of local happenings.
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1 year ago, Rodoc1
Annual iTunes subscription no longer works 😠
This week 4/7/22, the app stopped recognizing my active annual subscription which expires in June 22.. Deleting and reinstalling was no help. Tried setting up a new account as suggested in ‘faq’ but can’t complete with cookies disabled.. enabled cookies, still won’t work. Emailed Garnett, but no response. An app that can’t keep track of its own subscription status should not be downloaded.
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1 year ago, SensorydebMadison
Day before yesterday news today
A lot of the “news” is actually not current but I love the Answer Man so that alone is worth it.
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2 years ago, CarolynJG
Solid App for preview of local news
I'm most appreciative to this App, for staying current with Asheville area news, when away.
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3 years ago, Rheneas1
Long wait
I love the app - just the right mix of news for my needs- but it takes way too long to load, often 30-45 seconds. That little spirally thing and I have become intimate friends. If you can get the articles to load in a decent amount of times like they used to, I’ll give some stars back.
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2 years ago, 58spdstr
Up to date in Asheville
A good source of local and regional news and events. Convenient and timely
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3 years ago, RHilgraves
Still get ads even after subscribing?!
I *despise* the model that allows ads to surface even after paying for a subscription. Part of the point of subscribing is so that I don’t have to look at the irrelevant crap.
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2 years ago, KF2201
Great reporting
This local coverage is really good and covers a range of topic that are important to know. Also it can be super interesting.
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3 years ago, Blockade23
Love them!
Even when I can’t be in Asheville, the ACT keeps me up to date!
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5 years ago, Jez728
Waste of Money
You’ll get more news from Google by searching Asheville News. Ridiculous excuse for an App and newspaper. Don’t waste your money because this app is full of useless weeks old articles and maybe 3 current stories with horrible spelling errors and grammatical efforts of people obviously educated locally.
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5 months ago, Papoosey
Good, but…
Love the look of this app, and the inclusion of the epaper. That said, there is absolutely no reason a subscriber, properly logged into the app, should have to wade through the nonstop adverts asking them to subscribe.
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5 years ago, bo bo brazil
Totally useless app, just interested in getting you to subscribe. Money hungry, for a poor excuse of a newspaper.
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4 years ago, tuckerdognc
Freezes daily
In the past two weeks, every time I sign on to read the paper on my iPad, the entire paper freezes. I can read NY times, WAPO, other mags, but not this paper.
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4 years ago, Avl resident
This is a terrible app and is worse on an iPad. The paper is constantly freezing and it becomes too frustrating to read the paper. The tech support is farmed out, so they care little. I have had our account reset numerous fines but with no luck. Canceling the Citizen-Times.
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10 months ago, Fooloon
not the best reader app
Can’t leave the app without losing your place and then reloading content. The swipe for pages is VERY finicky and frustrating for an app one might use every day.
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4 years ago, zachm9876
Great app
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2 years ago, njch78
I can't access what I pay for
I pay for an online monthly subscription and yet can not access the articles on the application. It's very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Joel Goffin
Asheville’s worst paper
The Asheville Citizen Times has been called one of the worst periodicals of note by major news papers, including The NY Times (that’s saying something). If you add the salt of John Boyle’s hilarious journalism, it’s a complete and utte4 failure of a paper.
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4 years ago, AVLheyk
Messed up after last update
I’m getting articles for the Pensacola News Journal mixed in with the Citizen-Times since this last update. If this app wasn't inadequate enough before, it really is now.
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1 year ago, Sylva reader
I pay my subscription, but The app won’t let me log in.
I subscribed but I can’t access the content. Restore purchase does nothing. Good newspaper but a terrible app.
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3 years ago, missing paper
Hate this app
I use this app to report missing news paper. And I can never find where I am supposed to report this. It should be an easy thing, but it never is.
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2 years ago, fxpilot
Unable to renew
Very frustrating trying to resolve subscribing issues over the phone with the overseas call center.
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3 years ago, BruceB9
This is without a doubt, of the 20 some odd apps I use every day, absolutely the most of Tuesday and frustrating of the bunch.
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4 years ago, Dman1224
Decent App. Quality Content
Yep, it's a newspaper app. I open it and it presents local news. A crowning achievement of modern software engineering.
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2 years ago, JDWNC
Keeps dropping paid subscription
Paid for subscription thru iTunes.. app keeps dropping it. Cancelled
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2 years ago, EJ77 Awful News
Between John Boyle and untimely news this newspaper is garbage. I’m cancelling my subscription after many years.
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5 months ago, Walter Cox
Worthless content
No real news
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4 years ago, fbb18
Poor at best
Top stories update periodically other sections do not update for months. It’s still showing me Valentine’s Day stories.
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2 months ago, lsl1969
Pitiful coverage
Gannett has ruined journalism across the country, and the Citizen-Times is no exception.
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4 years ago, Shalomray
Terrible - no guidance for subscribers.
I’ve subscribed and have gonna around in circles with this thing. Would give 0 stars if I could.
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4 years ago, Roscoe the Boscoe
Ridiculously Bad
What is right with this website?
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2 years ago, nomwr djkifn
Citizens Times Asheville
The worst news paper ever
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4 years ago, eab7723
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3 years ago, MtnMarty
iPad os 14 is incomparable
The new iPad os is not comparable with this app. Crashes at open.
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1 year ago, JVP-T
Ray Tobias
I want the newspaper back. This venue is deplorable!
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8 years ago, Bogus Slovnik
Community news away from home
I appreciate the C-T approach to community journalism. I feel it does a good job of keeping me in touch with the local issues and events while I am far away from home, which for me is much of the year. I have witnessed some editorial gumption; social sensitivities to injustice, and there's usually a column or two I like to read for amusement. I feel lucky to have access to a paper so largely dedicated to happenings of Asheville and the Asheville area...especially at a time when so many community tabloids have become feckless. Hats off! ( I do miss Susan Reinhart's column...but that's about my only complaint.)
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6 years ago, Hersheymon
Great way to keep up with our local news!
I am enjoying this app very much. I like the full edition on my iPad. I get notifications of top stories and it's easy going right to them and reading what articles I want, including back editions. Have loved being able to keep up with news back home, as we have been traveling cross country. And no need to go out to get the newspaper in the rain!
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9 years ago, vegandude
Nice to read local news again
I'd pretty much stopped reading local news since I'd not been getting a newspaper. And for some reason, reading it on my computer just never seemed to work out. But I love this iPad app as I can read it virtually anything/anywhere I have a wifi connection which is almost everywhere.
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7 years ago, Supermovax
Much better and easier to use than WLOS's page. Thorough coverage of Buncombe County, Asheville, NC, and National news. A little weak on world news, but most Humans just don't care about, strife and suffering of other cultures...and we Americans don't seem too interested in advancements and forward thinking programs in other countries. Oh well😳
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7 years ago, Ansa914
I find this app frustrating to use. It is very hard to find old stories, like if I didn't read the paper yesterday. There is no search feature, which doesn't make sense, and there is no way to make or read comments on stories within the app. You have to go to the website to do all three of those things. Who makes a partially functional app?
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7 years ago, Caulie
News worthy
Love getting local news on my device. I like how it's updated and throws in sports scores and weather. I think it's interesting how at the end the top stories are ranked, lets me know how my community is thinking; or at least what they are thinking about.
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7 years ago, Lucky Milo
To Many Pop-ups!
Love getting local news, ut when I click on an ACT article from a 3rd party app, I descend into a never-ending pop-up hell! Seriously, I can sometime click through 4 or 5 ads and subscription requests before ever seeing content. News is free. ACT needs to quit harassing subscribers and non-subscribers, and get their revenue the old fashioned way - advertisements.
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