Clarksville Now

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Saga Communications
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clarksville Now

2.96 out of 5
24 Ratings
4 years ago, VLinTenn
The App
On my IOS I NEVER get “Breaking News” not does all the local news show up in my feed. The actual website has more information accessible. Date: Sun 02/02/2020
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6 years ago, W.Binkley
Too many adds.
This is a great app for local news. The issues with crashing from older reviews have been resolved and I don’t have any trouble with them. I would have given the app a 4 or 5 star rating just a couple of weeks ago but within the last few weeks ads have appeared everywhere. I understand that you need to make money on a free app and ads are acceptable for this. But you’ve crossed the line into disrespect when you’ve replaced a person’s obituary picture with a local realtor’s smiling face. Bad form ClarksvilleNow.
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1 year ago, StaffRex
The only quality news app for Clarksville TN
Leans left but they try and do their best to be balanced. They partner with Dash10 media so they even have video from serious accidents in town. In a nutshell a good source of local news for the 5th largest town in TN (180k) and 147th largest in the US. We have no major networks here and all is out of Nashville so this is the best we can get.
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2 years ago, jlwxford
Not much of an app
When you get a notification of a news article, it is NEVER immediately available on the app, it redirects you to a website. That website works about 10% of the time when I try to read the article. They definitely need to fix their website and update they’re articles on the app in a timely manner!
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5 years ago, Rob Salome
Great App
This app really helps me keep up to date with the most current things happening in Clarksville and Montgomery County. If I hear something is happening in our City it’s the first place I go to find out more!
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3 years ago, P61blkwdw
Ads obscure text
I think I’d rate this higher if the ads Didn’t obscure text from the stories. I haven’t found a way to get rid of the ads and see what was being hidden underneath. I’m losing pertinent info to the story
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4 years ago, gimmeaford
Lazy people
How about updating the news on the app. Looking at crap from two months ago after it updates. I would expect that from the leaf chronical, oh wait. No name news sources like this are useless anyway.
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6 years ago, oesyaya
So glad to have this resource! Much more useful than The Leaf-Chronicle.
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4 years ago, Glockster27
Blank Screen
I downloaded this app and all I get is a blank screen!!! I don’t know what’s going on but if that’s all Im getting then it’s a waste of time.
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3 years ago, Benaresu
Keep Your God Out of My Apps
Uninstalled after the addition of “Bible passages”.
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13 years ago, GoofyGrl32
It crashes too many times. When it does open up (after four or five times of crashing), it has great content. However, even the content can be upgraded or changed to reflect the current news going on in the city, county or region. I feel the developers created this app and then failed to upkeep with the maintenance. If you're one of the few who have no problems with it, then consider yourself lucky! If not, then you're better off waiting until you can get to a computer to log onto the Leaf Chronicle!!
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11 years ago, Amnic07
Had such hope
I've never written a review, but had to on this one. I downloaded the app to stay informed about Clarksville since I have no television. I can't even open the app. It always says "Content Loading" and after a minute if this it closes out. Keep trying to open it, but nothing. Will be deleting this app.
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14 years ago, Russellavon
Got it!
Just downloaded it!
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12 years ago, Norse Pagan 793
This app wouldn't be half bad if it wasn't geared towards the happenings of FT Campbell and little of Clarksville. Also thus app crashes about 4 times before you can actually use it. Hey if you want to dedicated an app to Campbell create one
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11 years ago, Armyflyguy
Update this app please!
I can't get the app to open the articles that I select. I have really enjoyed this app until now. The details say its a 4+ app but I only see 1 and 2 star reviews.
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13 years ago, Kag6083
Was a good app but now it doesn't open. Needs more headlines for local and military news.
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11 years ago, Tessb84
Open darnit!!!!
I haven't been able to open the app in almost a month!!!! It used to be a good app most of the time, now it's just annoying.
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10 years ago, Dude9893
I enjoy the app.
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14 years ago, Librarymommy3309
App will not open
Despite multiple attempts at downloading this app it will not open.
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13 years ago, njbaker7
Still crashing with the new version on ios5
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11 years ago, TCB119
Nice Thought
App hasn't opened in a month!
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14 years ago, Reddfroggie
For some reason it only has articles regarding stuff going on with Ft. Campbell... No articles are listed under the local section. Not really worth the download as it would be less of a hassle and gain access to more stories by using safari to go to their page...
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