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User Reviews for Classkick

3.03 out of 5
678 Ratings
3 years ago, xMIDWAYTRACKx
Does the job but needs updating
I’m a Junior student in High School I’ve been using class kick for my math classes on my personal iPad. Does and gets the job done how it should. However it would be nice if you could update it where one can use the Split View feature that Apple IOS update came out with. There’s been many times I’ve been needing to go back and forth from my calculator app to Classkick just to be able to type a math problem. Meanwhile all my other school applications do function with the Split View feature. In addition the class kick screen does not fully fill up my entire iPad. It looks like as it’ll fit perfectly for the previous model iPads but for mine the screen is smaller then my actually screen size. But other than that the app works how it’s supposed to.
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3 years ago, Tractor Shed Theatre
Creative digital space for me and my students.
I teach high school theatre arts and love the creative space that Classkick allows. My students have the option to choose text color, add photos & links. It has become our interactive notebook where I can easily join their slides as they work and write them to guide their work. I love adding sticker grades and use my Bitmoji. Even my 18 year old students enjoy seeing a fun Bitmoji on their work. The back channel is awesome as students can chat directly on the slide. Raising a yellow hand for help and green hand for completion is very helpful in streamlining my grading. I love that I can accommodate for my students who have an IEP by leaving them an audio message or linking a video explanation of an assignment. It has changed my classroom. I cannot speak highly enough of Classkick. I personally pay for the portfolios. I also love that students can collaborate on each other’s slides (or you can turn that function off).They think it is fun to join others. Classkick has modernized my classroom and provided a communication tool that has helped my students and I bond further in both synchronous and asynchronous learning.
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4 years ago, Princess of Physics
Great for Immediate Formative Feedback
It is essential for users to understand the purpose of this app. NO it is not a note-taking app so if you are looking for a note-taking app for students, then move on to a different app—like Notability. It IS FANTASTIC at giving students real-time feedback when they are practicing what you taught them. Use it AFTER you give a lecture or show students how to do a problem. While they are working through, you can monitor their work. You can give hints if you see they are going astray without telling them their answer is wrong. You can highlight pertinent information on the worksheet, that they may have missed. Also—it has a ‘raise hand’ feature—students raise their hand when they have a question— that allows you to answer student questions in the order that questions were asked. PLUS when you click on their raised hand, it takes you to the place in the assignment where they had a question. You can chat back and forth with students about questions they have or refinements you want to give. On a multi-page assignments, students tell you when they are ready for you to grade their work. While students are working, I can usually finish more than half the grading of any assignment.
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3 years ago, jeffsdogscat
It’s ok, coming from a student
Now the app is pretty good as it lets teacher seeing if the student are doing the work, but. Navigating text boxes is a pain as I was trying to do a essay but made a mistake but could put the cursor where I wanted. So I had to restart because it won’t let you scroll up the text box like any other app. Also you can’t really zoom in very close. Other than the many problems it ok at best but definitely better choices.
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5 months ago, Birdie Towers
The Best App for Giving Live, Immediate Feedback
No other app have I found easier to see students’ work and be able to give feedback WHILE they are working. I can have answer boxes on my assignments for my students to type in, and I can choose if they see if they got it correct or if just I see it. I can also write on their assignment and see them writing live. I have a Birds Eye view of everyone’s work as well. Great app for assignments in class. The first app that’s come close to replacing pencil and paper in a math class.
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4 years ago, fortnite famer
I’m not gonna lie, Classkick could totally get 5 stars if it just had simpler controls. I can’t split screen, which is already an issue if I’m zooming and trying to take notes at the same time. My apple pen is also useless expect when writing. call me superficial, but it’s nice to double tap to switch between tools, especially when trying to get rid of small mistakes. The text box is just god awful, read the other reviews and they’ll easily agree with me. Sometimes, the sever crashes, and you can’t use it at all, which is so frustrating. There isn’t even a costumer service where you can talk/message them and ask what’s up. This app honestly has so much potential, but too many critical things go over its head.
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3 years ago, bsdfhdgfbs
Terrible. Rather pay for notability than use this for free.
The idea of the app is great but there’s so many issues with it and it doesn’t seem like the developers are all too focused or even concerned about them. You can’t put your hand on the screen when using an Apple Pencil because it will pick up the hand, you can’t make dots because it won’t let you erase them, if you make a line, after picking up the pencil or finger, it’ll glitch and ruin the line, you can’t zoom in very much or very easily and much more. The only thing the developers have seemed to focus on or even accomplish in the past 3 years, is adding more colors, and not fixing any of the bugs and issues.
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3 years ago, classkick is annoying
Major technical flaws
In theory this app could be amazing and given the opportunity this company had with remote learning they have completed dropped the ball. The positive is that you are able to see student work live and give students live feedback by writing on their screen or the chat feature. The overwhelming negatives include, but are not limited to: 1. The app shutting down frequently on a tablet. I cannot make it through one slide grading student work without the app shutting down at least 3 times. This makes the grading process exponentially longer than paper and pencil. 2. The writing and erasing feature pales in comparison to Notability (Notability is 100 times better). 3. It lacks functionality and symbols for math and science work above the 2nd grade. 4. You are unable to unlock individual student work. It’s the entire class or nothing. These are a few. This app has completely dropped the ball when they should have dominated remote/hybrid/social distance learning.
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4 months ago, smpark12
Impressed with improvement!
About a year ago I had to give this app a 1 star because it was completely incompatible with modern iPadOS features. Now, they have both fixed connectivity issues and added split screen etc! The one thing I would add is differentiation between an apple pencil and a finger. Thanks to the team for taking users’ feedback!
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4 years ago, TroySwinders
Worst typing system in pretty much any app of its type
This app succeeds at pretty much everything except the typing, it is by far the worst in any app like it. For one thing, it’s difficult to resize the text box when there is a picture or another text box underneath it, as that will just be moved instead. You can’t tap on the text box to jump to that location, instead you have to use the arrows keys to slowly get to where you need to be. I have no idea how this works without a bluetooth keyboard, but I can’t imagine it’s much more functional. Lastly, the screen jumps down to the middle of the box when typing, and you cannot scroll up or down without exiting the box. This means that when you have a tall box you will often not be able to see the top of it, which is infuriating to say the least. Great concept, poor execution. The other reviews are also spot on.
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9 months ago, Ranger John
Good, but needs some updates . . .
As a math teacher, I love grading with my stylus and iPad when possible, but sometimes the stickers land off to the side of the page a little, making it hard to read the words attached to the sticker. Would also love to see a left-hand and a right-hand mode if possible, moving the stickers from one side of the screen to the other.
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4 years ago, wanttomakelearningfun
I was happy for 1 day!
I saw about classkick on Facebook. I signed up because it looked pretty good. Each student had their own work. My students had a great time. That night a created a new assignment. When I look on the new assignment took over the old assignment. I was on two different rosters but some how the new assignment was on both. I sent several emails for assistance and I only got an email that is pushed out to say we got the email and here are some options. No one ever responded. Three days later I have students wanting to do It again but the program won’t open correctly. 😒☹️😥😢 You need customer service!
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6 years ago, CCWMath
Needs Updating
I love the idea of Classkick. It is easy to use, allows me to quickly and efficiently give feedback and help students, and lets students anonymously help each other. My issue is that the interface is not as friendly. It is not very smooth to write on. You cannot zoom in very much. There is little option for font and color. My students do not like writing in it, so I am looking for an app that does all the same things, but is smoother.
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5 years ago, greatman193947492
Good, needs a few new features.
It’s great for not having to download assignments, but then your palm hits the type or line buttons, and your page is a mess or “insert text” and —————-. Palm rejection, iOS 13 gestures, and more importantly Apple Pencil support would make this app great, and most of those features are built into iOS and are easy to add.
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4 years ago, Gish Tong
Classkick is awful
Classkick’s latest updates was to fix some glitches. Ironically, it caused a glitch that made students unable to open their notes assigned by teachers... Yikes. Classkick does not support using 2 apps at once, making it difficult for Zoom learners to see the lecture the same time they are using Classkick. Classkick is not designed for Apple Pencil users either. It fails to recognize when the Apple Pencil is writing and the Apple Pencil only writes if your palm is off the screen, which is difficult for many people. Classkick fails to serve as a note-taking app. Please use Notability instead.
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3 years ago, KaLani2305
My child used this app throughout the pandemic & it was horrible. My child complained to me about this app a lot & how he felt like he had no privacy. He told me that he felt pressured to be perfect (his teachers did not help with that at all). The app can be buggy normally even though I always make sure the app is updated. Some of its features are difficult to work with as well & are hard to control. It also took a long time for assignments to load. Will not use again when the pandemic’s over
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3 years ago, orange juice ://
Good for school
It’s good for school because my computer has been running really slow and so I don’t have to go back and forth to the meet and classkick so I downloaded classkick on my iPad and it’s faster to do my work and when were doing something together I don’t have to flip back and forth.
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3 years ago, Classkick Teacher
Love It!
I have been using Classkick for about 4 years and recommend it to everyone in education. I would not be able to teach to my liking through the pandemic if it wasn’t for Classkick. . It makes it a lot easier to work with students. My students love it too!
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4 years ago, door🚪
Need a little improvement
Hi, so I will get to the point, today I wanted to log in to Classkick but it said that my account is wrong but I checked everything was correct spelling and the numbers but it doesn’t work ..I really want my account back because I have all of my work in it .. thank you for reading.
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4 years ago, local_fan
Just what we needed
This app lets me import a PDF assign it to my class, and then watch as they work. If I could make a friendly request - we can use better formatting for students to type in math expressions. As is, still a great app, so helpful with remote learning.
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3 years ago, MrTeaPotz 🍵
A message from a 5th grader
Hi! I was doing my homework, but this glitch keeps happening where the text, or images that my teacher put in the homework takes sometime to appear, and I can only see my own text. I hope you guys can fix this. Overall, I really like this app 😄
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4 years ago, year5 student
I wish I could give this a good review but bro this app can go six feet under. It’s a good concept BUT REALLY?! It lags WAYYYY too much and takes too long to open up 1 assignment. Our whole class struggled to open the assignments. It doesn’t even work with apple pencils and the lines don’t look ✨crisp✨. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves and honey I can’t even look at this app anymore without rolling my eyes at how slow it is. Bruv please update the app.
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5 years ago, AwesomeTravis_F
Notability is better
After using the app I found that it was difficult to use. One issue is that the controls are bad and it’s hard to customize the text box when you are typing in a text box. Another issue was that because I had so many tabs open on my iPad I was closing them out and after I closed out the tab for classkick the app kicked me out and would not let me sign back in. I’d definitely encourage Notability over classkick.
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2 years ago, jen 226
This app initially was great and now it is garbage.
Initially, this app worked really well. With the most recent iOS this app does not work properly and I am tired of asking them to fix it. The customer service is slow, not accessible and they never actually resolve the problem that you contact them about on the app. As a paid subscriber, this app is a waste of money and completely unreliable.
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2 years ago, heinejnenje
Literally kinda helps
I’m a student and I think it’s a great software but the raising hand and typing option isnt used in my school that much and I wish it was used more! It’s such a cool feature! I learn with it and my teachers help me easily!
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4 years ago, nysa neha
I dunno why other people are saying this is bad cause’ it’s NOT. I mean, internet lags but NOT this app. It’s amazing, and works a hundred thousand times better than Microsoft PowerPoint, which I can not say anything good about. Oh, and also please don’t reply to this review.- Anymonys
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4 years ago, DocBeast
I just started using and it has changed my teaching completely. I have both remote and in-person classes, and Classkick has been incredibly useful in both settings.
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4 years ago, Haha I wont put my real name
This app is helpful because of current events
Because of COVID-19 school has been canceled. This app makes it easier to work instead of paperwork, having to go and pick it up , etc. CourageousSpirit
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3 years ago, CCarroll2
Life Back
This website has given me back my “teacher life” again! I now can better keep my eye on my remote students’ learning! Thanks, Classkick!
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4 years ago, toriferrante
Trying to access homework
All I am trying to do is my math, but my homework takes an extra twelve minutes because every time I click on an assignment. It will either show a loading icon for a millisecond or have a loading icon for twelve minutes. Then it will load the page many different times because the app has finally caught up. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Casey Spar
Hiding slides needed
During virtual learning, Classkick has been a helpful tool. One thing I really need is the ability to hide or lock future or individual slides so that students don’t skip ahead.
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3 years ago, Money7$
Amazing app for distance learning!
I’m still distance learning so this has really helped me. Before this app, I was behind in math but since using this app it has really helped me understand math!
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5 months ago, J.e.w.n
I’m beginning to enjoy it!
I can’t wait to explore more and share it with my students 😎
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2 years ago, mamba24gogo
This is the best for online school
I love this my teacher sends us homework through this and it’s literally the best
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4 years ago, Whitesoxs01
Works great
I have used this in my math class and it great to easily see all my students work in real time. Typically use it for a warmup to start class.
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3 years ago, Awesome app LC
Great tool
I love it. I can see the kids work in real life. One thing I would like for it to have is the ability to download grades into excel.
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5 years ago, MagicBaer
Needs Apple Pencil support
Nice app, we use it for school a lot, but I think it needs something like a “draw with apple pencil” option, so your hand doesn’t get in the way.
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3 years ago, you will make a good app
Writing glitch
This app is fun to use for school but when I draw with the pen or the teacher draws it glitches out the things you write and you can’t screenshot this glitch
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4 years ago, mr. yearein
Trash 10/10
As a student I hate it 10/10 would recommend
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4 years ago, olivodc
Literally doesn’t work on an iPad
I cannot even open assignments for our students. We click the task and nothing happens. We end up having to switch to a laptop, which requires a new login and a break from my job. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Classkick Bad
Terrible And Ok
I would give this a zero if i could. Classkick is always glitchy and sometimes doesnt even work. I try using shift to capitalize a letter and it glitches out and closes the text box I recommend to not install
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3 years ago, cftennis
Amazing tech tool for teachers. Can’t wait until they add equation editing for math students.
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2 years ago, even gaylord gayer
Very laggy and doesn’t allow for easy online access
Doesn’t always save worry from previous days or even last few hours
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3 years ago, khloem1177
Bad just Bad
My kids used this when we went on lockdown and it would always glitch even when they had full bars and sometimes deleted work do NOT get this app
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3 years ago, AshIey;)
Second. Worst. App. Ever.
Gives new meaning to the word, “Classkick.” It definitely kicks the whole lot of the class out, once they fixed that part, I needed to update 10 times a day. It doesn’t let you see the due date either.
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3 years ago, unban fortine
Garbage app and should be taken off the App Store.
This app always lags and doesn’t type my work. Also whenever they try to fix it with an update it becomes worse.
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4 years ago, Dplezz
This app is great is you want immediate feedback, and if you like interactive apps.
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4 years ago, Kevin Mcc.
Good Idea, Terrible Execution
The idea is good but nothing works. Half the time, you can’t see any of your classes or work. Even if the app manages to show you your classes, they won’t load so stop trying and use a different app.
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3 years ago, Student_on_newsela
Thumbs up!
I am school and I no like this
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4 years ago, kadliyah
I like the website more..right now I have to do my assignment on this app and I can’t fix my writing it won’t let me scroll up or do anything
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