ClassLink LaunchPad

4.3 (6.5K)
73.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
ClassLink, Inc
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ClassLink LaunchPad

4.3 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Felicityfire
Just wow…
I’ve used this app… basically all my life, and I’ve never had much of a problem honestly. It gives you extreme access at school, or home, it’s almost like a blessing for an elementary schooler. The thing is though. I don’t know it may be my horrible, old iPad. But, it glitches like crazy for me. I was going to check my Microsoft teams and I had to sign into my organizational account and it wouldn’t let me go to my password, there was a big blue line going through the middle and it wasn’t letting me press on it. And when I tried to type in my password I got stuck. If anyone complains about the same thing I’ll know it was real. But no hard feelings it was probably was my iPad okay?
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2 years ago, ccffhhll
It’s actually good for kids when they don’t have a computer they can just download it on the phone or iPad which is really helpful and if you have a kid that go to elementary they can probably use this because it’s really helpful I even use it because I don’t have a school computer I can’t really bring it so it’s good you should get it it’s completely free so yeah I’m elementary on years old and it’s actually pretty easy to get this and it’s actually really helpful because I want to have computer I have a computer because when I go to my grandmas I can’t really bring it so I have my iPad and I bring it with me so if you have a kid I go to elementary I’m a be great to get this it’s the same thing on the school website are you have to do is just put in your account and that like normally do and yeah so I recommend getting this five stars are use it all the time ever using this probably since second grade and it’s really helpful :)
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4 years ago, Unicorn3214678
About this App!
This app is very helpful in so many ways! I do school work on this and it is very very helpful! But it is kind of slow on loading. Once I had to wait 10 minutes for my work to be turned in, then when I was going to back to my home page (on the app) I hade to wait another 6 minutes! I’m just very impatient so it is a big deal for me..! But other wise I do definitely recommend this app if you need to do school work or anything related to school!
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4 years ago, billem0987
I dread having to use this mess
I’m thinking of switching careers to get into my local school politics or PTA just to put an end to the mandatory usage of this painful, confusing, illogical broken app. We are required to use this to sign up our kids for school now, fill out forms, click no one hundred times because there is no way to know you completed the questionnaire and unlocked the next level of secret folders and consent forms. Maybe I am picking the wrong answer when it asks if my so was abandoned at the hospital as a baby over and over. Don’t close until you hit the submit button it says on the banner at the top of many dialog screens. I think that there really is no submit button at all. It’s a hopeless dream that keeps users clicking in circles just to frustrate and torture us. I am actually very serious about this theory. My only theory on this app is that it’s a Frankenstein that started with a focus and purpose. It now has the kitchen sink but makes no sense to the forced users that have no choice but to use it and want to jump off a bridge or worse join the PTA. Time to eat. That should take my mind off my kids not being registered for their school. Congrats!! I’m not sure but
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3 years ago, LadsOf6s
The king of school technology in one hand
I really, really, really love this app because I can do my work on my phone anytime, anywhere. I also really like the security features that requires your Touch ID anytime you enter the app; nice security standards. I also don’t need to go to another browser when I do my schoolwork. It just opens up a website in the app, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the app is one of the best school SSO apps I’ve ever seen. Thanks!
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6 months ago, Oldsm99
Like the app BUT there are big problems
I use this app for school every single day, but it crashes a lot and the website is down a lot. Also, if you use Schoology and you’re on a Chromebook or computer, you cannot have tabs open from if you were at home and you opened a tab on your own Wi-Fi then if you try to use the school Wi-Fi after you did that, it says Schoology is down but then if you try to log into the website like you search up Schoology, it works perfectly fine only if you try to go through this app
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3 years ago, listen to my review thank you
Love app
I loVe this app you can do lots of games it is so fun I can learn lots of things on here my favorite app is freckle and renessence they are both so fun I took a lot of quiz’s so you should download this app so you can learn a lot of things and become smart thank you for reading my review so don’t listen to the people that think it’s boring because it is not boring it is very fun so you found the right review thank you have a grate day on this app it will make you smart
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4 years ago, cftfv
It good for now
Beacuase you don’t have to always go on safari and have to look up ClassLink then go blah blah blah it’s also very helpful cause after you go into an app and get out of it it saves what you have been doing and it show s how many apps you’ve been on and what apps you been on then you can click on the app again and wow its saved we’re you we’re in the app and what you were doing in this app and again this app figured very much helpful for me
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3 years ago, Jessmarie419
Great Tool For Online School
If your late for school and need to catch up and classlink takes too much time to load on the web well It boots up super fast but you always have to log in and it never saves you so yeah that but also it's great no more anoying people on your computer logging in to your account because it's now on your phone or tablet it's great but devs please make it save your profile when you log in with Google
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4 years ago, K. Rine
It works wonderfully except for one component...
and it’s the Google Classroom App. I have to use it so my child and continue to do their schoolwork, but no matter whether I use my iPad, a laptop, or even a desktop, the ridiculous app just keeps malfunctioning. I literally had to reinstall THIS app because GC kept crashing before the stupid thing could load up! Four stars for this app but one star knocked off because of the stupidity that is GC!!
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3 years ago, player\_(<<)_/
Login needs fixing
Takes a good 2 mins to log in and that is if you have good wifi. If you don’t click the screen a couple time within the process of the login it would crash and you have to start all over again. That being said the app works but the login/sign in takes way too long then it needs to be and i would think that is why people who use this application don’t enjoy it that much. Just a review take it how you wish...
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3 years ago, Furqan A.
Great! But laggy and not smart
The app is great for school work but very laggy sometimes and it gets frustrating. Also it’s not too smart. For example every time I open, I have to sign in again and it gets annoying very quickly. Other than that it’s great for everything in one app.
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4 years ago, doggolover2010
Its awesome!
I would completely recommend. I am a fifth grader and i think that using this makes school much more enjoyable! Of course some people might hate it, or love it. Im in the middle though. It has some...questionable versions its honestly not as easy to understand and complete with the newest version. But overall i thing its a five star with rounding and as a normal about a 4.7
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4 years ago, Jakobh6
I love this app it helps me with my reading in my other studies I recommend this app for many people if you know you can't have like launch pad do you have ClassLink which is a bit different it has most of the same apps but it's still different so I really meant recommend this app I think you'll love and if you have children feel like it to
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2 years ago, Riri🥑💕✨
I feel like ClassLink is a great app and appropriate for all ages because I’m I middle school and have been using it since kindergarten and it is amazing to see how far the app has gone with updates I just love it and nothing is confusing and I learn new stuff about it almost everyday I love it so I hope you do too
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2 years ago, d.de22y
How ClassLink helps school students
Class link is very useful and helpful because it has all the apps you need instead of searching for them and having us already stressed. I would love to say more about but I’m very busy so will leave another one later. See ya loves!
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4 years ago, StormyAction
Class Link makes life simpler
We have too many passwords to remember and be responsible for(student ), and they keep getting longer or having required changes everyday. It’s too much and that’s where Class Link makes a difference. Thanks for making my load a little lighter.
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3 years ago, Rufus 10
I think this app is helpful
I think this app is really helpful. The reason I think this is because if you have to do your homework on an app in class links but you don’t have your laptop then you can just go onto ClassLink through your phone with the app and do it through there. I love the app ClassLink.😍❤️💙💕👍🏾
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1 month ago, siarmichel780
Terrible app
When my school district switched to class link PowerSchool completely stopped you from logging in until you used class link. It wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t that many steps to get into PowerSchool having to click more to get what you want. Also, with class link now I don’t get notifications for grades now so i have no idea when my grades drop. I could wait a week with no notifications and i have complete Fs. I hate class link
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4 years ago, Gianluca Ramirez
My review
Yeah it helps me with my class like I do education galaxy for my class in math but mostly for other classes to get from class link to canvas and this was the only device I had for online school so this was a good app for use. But mostly I use skyward and Education galaxy to improve my skills in math and reading
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5 years ago, joana h
This app is a life saver and an time saver!!!
Okay so every time I have to check my grades or do I ready or something else for my school all you gotta do is go on class link and find the app but I have mine organized so I know where everything is and it’s a time life saver truly! Also I love you so much ClassLink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, misskittykatherine
The worst app ever created
It does help and I can’t add any apps other than learning apps. And worst of all it has iready on it this doesn’t help me.I’m in school and at least 5 times a day I will not load. I get the point of it but you have not reached it and probably never will. If you are in school and hate this app rate 1 star. NOBODY LIKE THIS APP! This app is complete crap.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬it also always logs me out of it when I saved the password. Every teacher think this app is amazing but students hate it.
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4 years ago, viarenee
works great
I’m able to access everything I need for school, efficiently. My only complaint is when filling out a google form on canvas, once you open it you cannot get back to the canvas page unless you exist completely and delete it from you opened apps. Other than that is it quick & easy.
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4 years ago, Jxnai_
Great app for connecting you to all your school resources!
I love Class Link because now I don't have to go all over the web for my school's links. It was a little tricky to navigate at first because I recently moved and had never heard of it, but it gets better in less than a week.
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10 months ago, Skekemem
Stop making things different no cap
You make me learn extra we do a way to teach you do it in a way you do because you always doing it a different way. Delete this app and get the stupid teachers of here. Just kidding.
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3 years ago, bebrbrbekihxfshw
Amazing for school work and secure!
I use this for class and absolutely love it it’s is very helpful heck of a fine job with its coding my only problem is students cannot upload profile pictures which sometimes ticks me off but that’s ok.
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3 years ago, I2ER
Class Link helps a lot because before my school started siring class link you have to go all over the internet just to do what was need but now that everything is in an app and categorized helps tremendously
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4 years ago, Minecraftawsomeness
Useful app especially during Quarantine
This is an amazing app. I take online classes now, and this is great so I can do a call on my computer and do my work on my phone(easier for me since the lag is ✨r e a l✨). I hate school, but doing it on my phone and computer makes me a bit more motivated!! 😊😊💖💖
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4 years ago, Shill is
Right there
Everything you need is right at your fingertips. The app is designed in a clean streamlined format that is easy to follow. I have not experienced many glitches, and the organization is appealing especially for someone, like me, who is challenged in this area. My only negative is having to sign in each time I access the app.
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1 year ago, Whiteout's comments
Yay! . . . (Dang it)
I’ve been using this for a few… months. I keep on using it, but now it needs an update and won’t let me use it. I mean I can still login and select an app, but when I touch the app to go into it on ClassLink, then the app kicks me out. Otherwise, it’s a great app and you should get it!
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4 years ago, Alex Z-ko
Arbitrary geo blocking in these tough times
Class link does not allow access to their site / app for certain locations. For example, my son typically goes to school in WA, but just before borders closed for quarantine we travelled to our home country, Ukraine to be closer to our extended family. The plan was to continue studying remotely. However turned out classlink (both app and site) is not accessible from Ukraine, and customer support confirmed this is not planned to be changed, effectively blocking us from access to learning resources.
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2 years ago,
Really helpful
This is a great app to use when trying to get your schoolwork done on the go. I love using this app when I don’t have my computer. I can basically do anything I would on my school computer in this app!
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4 years ago, Queen of Hawaii 93
ClassLink Rating Main Description
ClassLink is very useful for virtual or homeschooled learning. You have all your apps on one program so you don’t have to find them. The only minus is that it glitches a lot. Due to ClassLink being used everywhere, it can sometimes completely shut and not work for hours.
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3 years ago, FEU_Waves
Well Made
Easy to use and isn’t difficult 9 times out of 10. It makes things simple when it comes to having multiple school apps and websites, and allows me to do work on my computer and on the go as well.
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4 years ago, CottoncandyCrystal
Helpful app
This app has helped a lot because of the issues my computer was giving it was super useful and really just helpful I don’t find any issues with it so far I love it very much and I think I’ll continue doing my work on here for a while ^w^
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4 years ago, bosttitch
I love this app it is so helpful for my homeschooling I use it every day I love this app because it has so much fun stuff to do on it and the first time I used it I loved it because it was fun and it helped me Learn and I did not even know that it was a learning app.😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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2 years ago, Kgamer@72
Good app
I love the app because you can access multiple tools at the same time. I do think that the app could be more easy to use for younger ages though. But it is a very useful tool for schoolwork and projects.
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2 years ago, ndhdha
I use this in school all the time and it is so much easier than having the google the app and sign it , the apps are already in my ClassLink tab . ClassLink is also amazing because it save my passwords so I don’t forget !!
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4 years ago, Ya girl Lucy
I’m not a fan of school but I still need to go ofc! This app so far has been my go to for logging into every school website that is needed. I love the layout and how you can put each app into a folder! This really helps me. Thank you for making this app!
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5 years ago, K.Frye
Great Tool
I love that my district utilizes this tool! It makes it so much easier to find all of the software my district uses. Since the new school year and updates, my passwords/logins haven’t saved; that has been difficult. However, I don’t think it will be long until everything syncs again.
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4 years ago, KittyCorn1900
Very useful during the coronavirus, obviously.
During these hard times, schools and colleges have been shut down due to the fast spread of the disease. But with classlink all the work that can be done at school can be done at home. It’s also much easier!
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2 years ago, Ortiz, Isys M.
So useful!
I appreciate the way that it never lags out or crashes! I use it all the time so much to do my school work. I took my time to write about this efficient app, who has helped me through good grades!
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4 years ago, ᴊᴀɴɪʏᴀʜ s💕
Useful For School
I love this app. Everything about is so great and useful. I use this on a day to day basis, especially because of this corona virus and it is affecting our schools to the point where we can’t go🙄. But thank you, so much! I appreciate it and will be very useful in the future ⭐️
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3 years ago, PereiraWarrior
Good app for parents
This app is great to keep track of my kids homework, grades, missing assignments etc. the only reason I am rating it 4 is because the home access link is not mobile friendly so the letter are too small and we have to zoom in/out to see the data.
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2 years ago, Jwbsisb
My thoughts on ClassLink
I find this app useful because not all the time you will have your laptop on you. So you can just check your phone on the app. It’s also useful on the go as well.
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4 years ago, 113asf
Cool and I’m not sure what I would like to do but it’s ok we have a lot of fun but it was a end lol ewetyoooyteww is a great day of fun to hang out for you and I will do it haha wettest you know what you wanna I like uuu was the way I was ree we got cake cake for the night Sri et y rut and no real question to say what ru rodeo lol to I do dig su ft hatch ha du say dc du inv do us CB Gn xx ft d dad dc dc dc Gn ugh huh b huh G u u hcc Gn h huh huh Gn n c V ddff f dc
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5 years ago, LeAsia07
Very helpful
ClassLink is very helpful for when I want to check my grades, do i-Ready, or email my teachers. It also saves me time because instead of going on google and typing in the website I can just tap on the app.
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2 years ago, Mia and Luca CoCo
This app is great
I have been using this app for school a lot my teacher uses this and I had issues getting into it but the next day I got in and who ever made this app this is the bestest app for my school
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2 years ago, kezia king
We use this app in school and it’s way easier to find things when they are all in one spot and I love that you can make folders for everything
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4 years ago, school stutent
Amazing app!
I need this app for school and this is better than the one I have on my computer so luckily I have a better one on my iPad since my computer crashes a lot so thanks to the app creators!
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