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User Reviews for Classroom

1.8 out of 5
872 Ratings
4 years ago, jarhoades
So many issues!
As a teacher in middle school, I truly appreciate this app. It helps to make sure kids are on task and not just looking busy while playing a game. However, each time our roster changes at the end of a nine weeks it takes several weeks for the app to update to our new class rosters. This nine weeks we are six weeks into it and I still do not get to see my students online classes. They all show up as off-line even though we checked all the settings necessary. It has become a frustration. Whatever reason, each time I login I have to accept notifications again. Then when I “end a class” it takes me to a summary of the apps used rather than to my roster page. It is a love-hate relationship with this app currently. I would love to love it all over again soon!
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5 years ago, FrankieZBone
Document Management needed
Document management is needed. In classes that I teach there can be 25 students that will Airdrop documents to me via the open Apple Classroom session. These documents can only be opened to Share sheet or deleted. There is no bulk copy files to folder options that appear in other Apple apps like Files. The Airdropped files only exist in the classroom session until it is closed. Fortunately there’s a prompt about losing documents that have been unopened. Apple Classroom can be a little glitchy with monitoring iPads. Sometimes things work and sometimes not all iPads will respond to navigation requests. Apple could seek a bit more refinement for this app.
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5 years ago, Great one 3
Good app, but needs just a few improvements.
I am a third grade teacher, and love to use this app. It makes my life so much easier when trying to navigate students to an app or website. When I use it and lock the app, so students can’t close it and get on something else it works beautifully. If I try and lock it on a website, students can click out of it. Students can click icons at the bottom of the webpages and manipulate their way out of the website to others. Needs to stop them if the address doesn’t contain the prefix to that website they were locked on. The other thing that would be helpful is an icon students can click on to send the teacher a message and vice versa, but not each other.
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2 years ago, Jeremy McBlicken
Awful Horrendous Fury Inducing App
I work for a technological advancement company, and we basically help smaller companies set up their “tech stuff”. I originally used this app to keep track and help employees keep from getting distracted and logging into, ahem, questionable websites. However, not only did this app not work properly, but it actually helped them do their dirty deeds. it looked them into PH permanently and allowed them to sock all day long. We lost billions upon billions of dollars in a single day, all because desperate office employees were presented a once in a life time opportunity by this filthy disgusting evil application. Whatever you do, don’t download this. In fact, I encourage all of you to rate this 1 star along with me. Go play stumble guys instead💪🏼.
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7 years ago, KG7UAT
Great! Just needs one thing
I teach English to Chinese students over the internet. I am currently on the look for new software to help improve the classes. I stumbled upon this app and I really like it. I've played with it some and it works really well. The remote lock and navigation features are just what I need for my distracted students. There is just one thing missing: This app can only be used over a local network. I need to use it with an iPad on the other side of the world. If this one feature could be added, it would make make my job as a teacher so much easier!
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3 years ago, olivia101505
My biology teacher was threating to make us use this
Now this app is probably great for elementary school kids but High school kids dont really need it but some of the boys in my class are. Crazy and get on games in class and it really frustrates my bio teacher because my friend who is not to be named (Carson) LOL i named him but that is not the point anyway this kid in my class is always on games in class and it makes the whole class mad because my teacher is always dealing with him in the class so yea thanks Also no need to respond
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7 years ago, ndsumusicgal
Great but needs a few more features
I think that this app is AMAZING and all teachers that use iPads should be using this app!! However, I would really like to see the following features in a future update: 1) the ability to navigate to a specific website then lock safari open. 2) The ability to close apps. You currently can lock the screen, but after you unlock the app is still open. I want the ability to force close an app and return to the home screen.
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6 years ago, layttei
great tool for teacher
It’s a great tool for teachers. But there’s one feature the develop team really need to add!!! As a teacher, it’s far from enough to lock students in iBooks, but teachers also want to be able to focus students on the book we’re teaching. since we have different type of classes, I really don’t want students to browse among other irrelative books, but now they can! Even when I lock them in iBooks. Please!! Looking forward to this improvement soon!
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7 years ago, Tbuckydog
Great, when it works
No, I as a teacher cannot STALK my students. I can only see what they have on their screens. If they aren't doing things they shouldn't be doing they have no need to worry about it. Unfortunately the app doesn't always work. It worked well for all my classes for the first week of classes, now suddenly everyone is "offline." I've checked several students' iPads and they have Bluetooth enabled and they are on the school wi-fi. I'm not sure what the problem is and why it occurred suddenly. At this point the app is useless.
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3 years ago, Brother of tourtre
OMG I used this app to control my brother and sister’s iPads it was so funny looking at their confused faces when I used the “open” feature and the lock feature it was like gold on the other side of the rainbow I love it and the best part is it’s absolutely FREE I am so impressed with this app and will continue using it. This is and automatic 10/10 in my book. Love ya apple 😘😘❤️❤️
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7 years ago, MaxxManic
Best App to Demo iPads in Education!
Love Apple Classroom! I work for a K12 Technology consultant firm. I use Classroom to demo the power, flexibility, and ease of iPads for K12 teachers. They are always amazed. With the new update one no longer needs the MDM backend to set up classes. Teachers can do it themselves now, and it is easy. Teachers, I encourage you to test out Classroom on you iPads soonest! It will change how you teach with iPads for the better!
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7 years ago, MrEricHills
One major deal-breaker
Teachers in my district have responded well to using this app. It has helped them understand that their students are usually on task and it puts their mind's at ease. One issue however is that a student can be locked in an app and hold the power button and home screen button to restart their iPad, which breaks the lock. If students are taking an assessment, teachers need to constantly monitor their students in order to ensure they are not cheating.
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5 years ago, Mr. Math Teacher.
Needs just a little more.
As a teacher this app is awesome. From a students perspective, who cares. If you are doing your work in class no big deal. What the app needs: 1) Lock students into multiple apps. ex: classroom and calculator. 2) Be able to put a temporary sticky note on a students ipad screen. Simple message like . get to work, look at the last question, the first paragraph doesn't make sense.
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7 years ago, ezkrash
you can't be stalked :P
The classroom App only works in the classroom with bluetooth enabled. Its a great App for keeping students on track with what they should be doing in the classroom, Locking an app to screen to prevent them from fiddling around. you can not stalk anyone with this app and its not illegal in anyway like the kids have posted. Its used with school managed ipads or unmanaged by an MDM.
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5 years ago, Bram NYC
Great classroom tool
I’ve been using Classroom for two years now, and I love it. It’s great being able to keep tabs on what students are doing and easily distribute an impromptu assignment or file. I’m happy to see the addition of Dark Mode. Is there any chance of getting support for Shortcuts? I would love to see a shortcut to launch Classroom, activate a particular class, and maybe even put in split screen!
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6 years ago, Jessica03234
Messes up apps
This app is a great tool for teachers, however every time we are locked in class, after we are unlocked, our apps are scrambled and out of their folders. We thought this was a one time thing and after all the apps were put back, it happened again! It is very frustrating and we are telling our teacher to not use this app in the future. It is very upsetting and I do not enjoy being locked into apps, only to have them be messed up. It wasted so much time!!!! We are very upset with this!!!!!!
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4 years ago, JBucher2007
Works well
I wish it worked for iPads not directly in the room as when some students get in trouble and are sent to the office, they no longer show up. Otherwise works great to keep them on task and on the apps we ask them to be on. I have not tried it with websites as we have specific apps we are required to use in our district.
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6 years ago, Just a Regular student
This app is not meant for people that have 23 chromosomes
This app is literally fascism, in which this app allows teachers to leave students without any privacy or control over their tools that they use during school and as a student I want to clarify that this app is a violation of rights because this app stays on your iOS device even after school, so the school is able to spy on its students even after school hours and even in comfort of their homes without the students even knowing.
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3 years ago, ---------------:-------------
The serious Side of a student
I know what you’re thinking as a student I’m probably going to hate this. Which I do very much. I was texting my mom about something very serious that happened for a medical situation and my teacher wrote me up even though I explained that this issue could possibly send me to the ER it was not excused because it only showed that I was on Messages so then I had to go to the Dean’s and I got point I very much hate this app
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3 years ago, badhadjr
iOS 14 Update-Private Address Issue
Hello, District employee here, it looks like with the update of iOS 14 the private address feature has come through on the student iPads. Makes using AppleClassroom very difficult, we think. Can we fix this? We are not sure if that’s the issue or if it’s something else.
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6 years ago, grace uhhhh
Privacy Invasion!
The app is used in a way that it lets teachers see everything you do, not only is it a complete privacy invasion, but it’s just as degrading. It's insulting to students who are punished with this because of peers who couldn’t focus, even when they themselves did. Overall complete lack of respect towards the students who it is usually forced upon (I was forced to get it Junior Year of High school because the school seemed to think we were not truly "adult" enough)
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12 months ago, Teachernameiskelly
I don’t like the app, I HATE THE APP!!
First of all, all of my kids have don’t iPhones or iPads or even MacBooks, so it’s very frustrating when some of them have other device companies. I even used it over zoom, BUT GUESS WHAT? Some of them DIDN'T HAVE ANY THING FROM APPLE!!! Even some of Their family members had any thing ANYTHING from apple! Personally, I love everything apple, but this is the worst app so far. Definitely do not recommend. So disappointing.
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2 years ago, jmxcc15321
Great app but…
This app is a great idea and works well sometimes. I was testing it on a personal iPad and it was so glitchy, at first it worked great but the next day I would get on it but on the app it said offline when I was really doing something. Just needs improvement
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5 years ago, phyouthcenter1439
Good app but needs more features
I love this app it works really good but I wish that there were more features in this app. Like you were able to turn up and down the volume on the students iPad. So you can here what is playing on there iPad.
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2 years ago, Jonathon1127
This app is terrible
For once, this app may help students stay on task and move on with the lesson, but most of the time it doesn’t even work! Not to mention when teachers force kids to join this app it is a complete invasion of privacy. They can track your ever move and is completely over the top. This app should be removed from the app store it is awful!
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6 years ago, Will769878
Great, when it works.
Used to be incredibly useful....but suddenly some students says it’s offline when they aren’t and just shows a grey screen. They are on the school WiFi and with Bluetooth on.....not as useful when you can’t see all the students screens. Would rate a 5 star when it works.
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3 years ago, have_a_gooda_day!
Difficulties In This Classroom
If you read other reviews/ratings, it all turns to the same problem: the teacher being able to see what app your on. - Lets say there’s a student attending a class, then while the teacher is talking (lets call her Mrs. Frizzle), Ben is playing a Calmness app, Mrs. Frizzle sees Ben and questions “Ben, why are you playing games during class? Hmm.” { background story; Ben has anxiety and is afraid to talk ~ and it’s his least favorite class, Guidance } Ben will have more fear, now he has to talk. I’ll let you complete the story. Things to do to help any issues of app - Contact your/ your childs local principal or teacher - talk about this issue to other parents - check any setting(s) hope this helped!
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6 years ago, ___Reviews_____
Messes Up Home Screen
Every time my teacher locks me into more than one app in a session, Apple Classrooms scrambles up the place of all of my other apps and takes them out of my folders. This is making my class and I frustrated and we are beginning to ask our teacher not to use it. If this issue continues, our class may not use this app anymore. I hope this can be fixed.
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7 years ago, Madman74
Love it. One request....
Would love to be able to let students with iPhones join the class. I’m sure there are security reasons for this, but we have BYO, some students only have iPhones. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Theangelboy
Messing up the Apps
I am a high school student and my teacher uses this app. It is very useful but has many problems. Every time my teacher uses apple classroom and after he locks us in more than one app and unlocks us all of our apps get mashed up! All of the apps move places and it really throws us off and it is very hard to fix! Please fix A.S.A.P. My teacher it planning on stopping using this app unless you fix Thanks
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6 years ago, fncojwbdnfchkw
This app is one of the reasons our productivity in class is not good
This app has many bugs and needs some work, first it need to fix the fact that it scrambles your apps while using the app. It also reduces the productivity and doesn’t help with the basic purpose of the app. All the kids in the class complain because their apps scatter the apps on our screen. Please fix this soon!!!
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5 years ago, Mr. BMG
Parent communication
Similar to apps like ClassDojo, it would be great to be able to communicate directly with parents. Haven’t been using for long but seems like a great app. Sincerely 4th grade teacher
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6 years ago, eestack
When my teacher locks us in more than one app all of our apps get pulled out of our folders and it is very frustrating to reorganize all o four apps, also when all of our apps get pulled out the apps that we were locked in go into a folder by themselves because of the this our teacher is discouraged to continue using the app in class
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6 years ago, Kyle Moede
Smart idea, bad execution.
This app creates problems if you use more than one app while classrooms is being used, and it takes all of your apps out of your folders. This app has some pros but the cons outweigh them, as my teacher likes this app but probably won’t be using it because of its problems.
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2 months ago, MineBroke628
I love this app!
As a teacher, I enjoy this app so much. The classes are great! My school has so many different classes, that my wonders are endless.
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6 years ago, dragonslayer999
Ruins folders
Whenever my history teacher navigates us and locks us into more than one app, the app ruins all of my folders and takes all of the apps out of them, except for the two apps that he locked us into. Sad! I am not happy my experience with apple classroom and I am very angry. This is very inconvenient to us as students and ruins our school day. Very bad! Frustrating!
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6 years ago, mirandaajo
iPhones please!!
I LOVE the ease of this app for our classroom iPads, such a wonderful timesaver! Our district also implements BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology), which means many students are using iPhones, please please make this available for iPhones too!!
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6 years ago, millejen
Students offline
I have made sure all student iPads are connected to WiFi and Bluetooth is on but I still have half of my class showing up offline even though they are using their devices.
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3 years ago, A new developer
It should be possible for it always to ask before apple classroom turns on
Sometimes, a teacher uses the same apple classroom for multiple classes, and the device is still in range when that happens too They can still see what you are doing
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4 years ago, Doggo Lover 13
Add A Few Features... But Still 5 Stars
Can you add the log out feature and the feature to change student’s iPad passwords without MDM.
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3 years ago, Gia 0201
I love this app and use it to watch what my sister is doing when I babysit her and just for fun. It just lags a lot which is really annoying, but other than that it is a great app.
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1 year ago, FrodoJRR
Extremely unreliable
This is not yet ready for prime time. Getting students’ iPads connected is a daily ten-minute waste of time. Please get a team on this to seriously develop it if you’re serious about passing this off as a classroom solution. Right now, it’s an impediment to teaching.
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7 years ago, 7th Math
Need help
1) Some of my student cannot join the class. They will join using the passcode and then the class disappears. 2) My student’s have figured out that blue means I am watching so they quickly exit out of their games.
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3 years ago, CrazyBlue0
Can you make it
Where my mom’s phone can use it it’s an phone Xs I think
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4 years ago, Happyheidi28
My students can’t join
It’s a good app but my students don’t know how to join. There going to class room in settings but they can’t join they don’t know were to go in settings or system.
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6 years ago, The bosssssyah!!
Eh dis bad dis game trash
This app has interesting features, but just one huge problem. Whenever a person is locked into 2 apps or more at once or is locked 2 times during each class time, the folder get scrambled. The apps put themselves in alphabetical order and take themselves out of folders. It ruins the organization actor of the iPad. Much angry wit dis appo.
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6 years ago, P📱
Absolutely disgusting
As a student I find this app laughable and useless. Students aren’t toddlers needing to be monitored. It gives teachers the ability to abuse power and pry too deep into their students. The problem isn’t what they’re on, if the teacher is incapable to retaining the students attention. If technology is this disruptive go back to hardcover textbooks.
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4 years ago, Weeaboo Gamer
A question.
I want to know whether a teacher can see a tab that is open that you slide in and out by holding on an app like the split screen but the app is full screen, i dont know what it is specifically called. I need to know so i am sneakier. i hate this app.
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6 years ago, Burrow of the SandWings
I downloaded Apple Classroom recently and it will not show up on my iPad. The AppStore shows that I have it downloaded, but it is nowhere to be seen on my home screen. I have checked every folder on my iPad and it is still not there. I can’t even delete it, considering that I have to find it first.
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5 years ago, Technology genius
Kind of weird but Awesome
Great app just need one thing why does it scramble your apps in the wrong order I mean come onBig improvement thank you
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