Cleveland News from WKYC

4.7 (12.5K)
85.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cleveland News from WKYC

4.73 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
6 years ago, dj.benz_304
Superior performance!!!
The best news app anyone, blind or sighted, could have as a residential clevelander. The news when you want, whereever you are. Even though it's primarily Northeast Ohio, Anyone can download and see national and local stories. Well, local to the Cleveland area. I love the app. The push notifications really helps us stay informed, and we get the information when we need it. There are a few unlabeled buttons, but I as a Voiceover user can prity much figure it out. Thanks. And Keep doin ' up the updates.
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4 years ago, junger123456
Your app is currently crap. I almost exclusively watch kyc at home and this app used to be good. It had easy to navigate categories for local, world, National, weather, radar, etc. Now I get an alert or headline that pushes to the phone and the app doesn’t link to the headline and brings up the useless kyc app home page. The homepage is some kind of infinite scroll so good luck trying to find something. I only have the app because kyc pushes decent headlines. Dial this app interface back a couple years please. I really do not understand why web developers and designers have to “modernize” a site so often. You had something that was effective. Stop trying to one up the person next to you and keep the site practical. Concentrate on app speeds or faster info push. If you have that then paint the background a different color or jump on the “dark mode” band wagon but please give the app more direct navigation.
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3 years ago, Hs1matt
I understand ads are needed to pay for quality work. And I don’t mind them before the video starts. But to show another ad just because you want to expand the video to full screen? And if you expand to soon you get taken to a video game page!? You then go back and start the whole process over again! Has this been brought up before?
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4 years ago, Uncle Duke 1965
Bogus Ads
News stories on WKYC 3 News are “littered” with come-on teaser ads which seem antithetical not only to the longstanding traditions of this station, but more so to their current slogan/mantra “what matters.” I realize that Tegna is a corporation in the business of making money, however it seems that their revenue stream from ads like “America’s number one gut doctor begs you to throw out this vegetable” and “casinos don’t want you to do this, but can’t stop you” are the fodder of investigative journalism that Channel 3 used to cover. Their app is very repetitive and only shows brief snippets of stories that they carry on their broadcasts. The stories tend to be old and aren’t updated.
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7 years ago, LadyBereness (SUDAN)
No problems here; knock on wood
I’ve not had any problems with this app thus far. As I have MS/Multiple Sclerois. I often fall asleep during the news, etc but I stay up to date with the use of this app. I live in Lake county whereas my family live in Cuyahoga and Lorain counties so this helps me quite a bit with local, worldwide and news specific to where my adult children live! For my purpose I rated it “5” stars.
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7 years ago, "Booboo"
Home town ALWAYS!
I moved away and still hope to return. I have watched this News Station nearly all my 55 years in CLE! I hope to see the local news each night. Sometimes it is not on especially on the weekends. I miss you all so much!! Keep on sending out this Station on the app. I love to keep up with my home town. Ever since I began at BWU in 1962! Eileen Spicer
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2 years ago, Hippie#19
Awesome News 3 (WKYC)
My husband & I enjoy watching WKYC for many reasons. All the on air personalities are the best! They present the news, sports, weather, health & other information in a professional manner. One of the qualities that I enjoy most is the true caring & mutual respect they have for one another. Indeed, they seem like my “friends”.
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3 months ago, Iceybail
Miss Betsy
Hello, I grew up in Cleveland. I never missed channel 3 if I could. I moved last year and I will say, there is no one that comes close to Betsy King. I will miss her so much. I still have a ton of family around there so I will know if she ever left. Cleveland is very lucky with her there . Good luck Tammy M
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4 years ago, bryer's daddy
3 news next, but not here (on the app)
EDITED: This app has a live stream function which is often nonfunctional. The live stream is unavailable when a newscast is delayed, and is oftentimes inaccessible for regularly scheduled broadcasts. Often news live stream unavailable when the president has one of his covid 19 briefings is on. If a live stream is available, it is almost difficult to access, almost as though TEGNA, WKYC’s parent company, doesn’t want you to watch a live stream of their newscasts. Additionally, live stream pixelates and live audio stutters making newscast unwatchable and unlistenable.
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4 years ago, BAEberly
Poor Videos
The app states to watch videos, but when I click play, the video starts then immediately is interrupted, a commercial starts, then the video I want to watch starts and plays for only a few seconds before stopping. It rarely shows anything meaningful, and then goes back to playing the commercial again.
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4 years ago, SunNSnoRN
What happened?!
This used to be a wonderful app; however, it is now littered with numerous obnoxious ads. Why such a huge change?! Navigating and utilizing this app is now an unpleasant & frustrating experience. For this reason, we’ll be relying on another local network news app for news, information, updates and alerts.
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3 years ago, SurvivorMaggie
My go to for local news
I have breaking news turned on and get updates when something happens. Love this app! Use it for local news. It has been great at tracking the COVID numbers also.
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6 years ago, KK Guardian
Live stream
Understand you can’t live stream during 5am hour. Would be nice if you could. Or perhaps maybe a behind the scenes live stream during that hour could be interesting. Other than that WKYC is doing an outstanding job in their morning program.
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4 years ago, TINSLETOWND
Wonderful news app
I’m glad for my WKYC news app. It gives me local news right in my hand. No need to turn on tv with two remotes and scroll to the channel when i need to know updated info.
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6 years ago, greenbird713
A suggestion
I really like to read news from Cleveland, but I do wish I could stop receiving alerts about high school sports or any of the professional sports teams. I have the alerts turned off for sports and I still get notifications about games or scores. I really don’t care about this and wish that this wasn’t sent as a notification as “top stories”.
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5 years ago, Jbruzr
New App format clunky
I don’t usually mind updates and the changes that come with progress, but this new app is clunky and very hard to navigate. Scrolling down to the next article means scrolling past 3 ads every time! Also after reading a report or watching a video clicking the back arrow sends me all the way back to the top instead of where I left off meaning I have to keep scrolling down and clicking.
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4 years ago, Rac10
App crashes on live video.
Aside from the app not being very refined and clumsy, the main issue is the crash associated with live video feeds. With the corona virus global paralysis we are now faced with a reliance on the news networks to keep us informed and educated. When the live feeds are available and you activate the sound (extremely important) the app crashes every single time. It happens to my phone along with others, so clearly there is a bug to be fixed. So please fix this very important issue.
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4 years ago, coffeecrazywoman
Yes! Good reading each morning.
We were one of the “lucky” customers of Direct TV who have now chosen to eliminate Channel 3. It has been over a week! I enjoy watching The Today Show each morning. The WKYC app is a wonderful fill-in. Thanks!
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6 years ago, jimmymac222
Akron a afterthought
You covered Akron news is terrible . When you post something it will stay up there for a week - 2 weeks depending if you get something big to replace it. Akron is more like a after thought to Cleveland news 1st . Just like Cleveland there are things happening in the Akron/Canton areas daily
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6 years ago, MrsCRB
Missing Page
I have always preferred WKYC for their school closing listing, but for this entire winter season this page has had an error saying, "This page is missing, but we have our best investigative reporters on it." I'm hoping these investigative reporters get to the bottom of this mystery and the page gets restored soon!
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3 years ago, East Beth
Good coverage
Up to date news - early alert system for amber alerts , missing people and children and weather. Stays focused with current and past events .
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5 years ago, thefrostione
No weekend news!,,,, can't watch live on new app
Use to be decent. Now it play weather on live broadcast. Please fix it. It would be nice to watch the weekend news in the morning, evening and night. Why can’t this be? I like this channel except for thisb
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10 months ago, Jocelyn jewett
WKYC whether
I love WKYC and hope to use it more often I lov the crime and of corse the weather one thing though keep one page with the weather I dislike how it’s all videos thx hope u read this♥️
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6 years ago, shellback 47
Missing NEO
Recently moved to Texas from Cuyahoga Falls, this app allows me to keep up to date with everything that I consider important co ncerning my home state. This app makes me feel like I’m still part of NEO . This is a great tool that would not have been available not so many years ago. Great job. Very much appreciated. Warren Vaughn, Temple Texas
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3 years ago, Taneasy
Live AM news
Like being able to watch the news in the morning on my phone.
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10 months ago, slice and fice
So bad
Constantly showing old stories from weeks ago. The reporting is beyond ridiculous, half stories, that should have never started. This is a shame because Cleveland use to have great reporting and reporters, now it’s all about halos on the news person face, reporting nothing much, but boy doesn’t he or she look great. Don’t read if you want in-depth coverage. Like fox just entertainment not news worthy.
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8 months ago, ba56ald
The app continuously keeps crashing. Deleted it and re-download it and it’s still crashing. Not even able to get past the loading screen.
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5 months ago, Betty Marie 2
I’m a Clevelander (born in Cleveland, raised in Maple Heights...Go Mustangs “63) now living in Detroit. Thanks WKYC for keeping me in touch with my Home City & State! Your App is great, always first to give me breaking news around the world and back home. I love “ The Best Location in the Nation” and WKYC....NBC in Cleveland!
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5 months ago, Current news for me
WKYC has been a “bridge” for me.. .. you give facts but I educate myself for my opinions. Iam 77 years old and I like to keep up on the world and local events. Thank you for most important issues!
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3 years ago, pamer1
I’m originally from NE Ohio and have moved with my husband 8 times across the country, 4 states. We now reside in St Augustine, FL and still watch WKYC 11pm news every night. We have been doing this since our first move.
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5 months ago, chefdearing
I like the fact i can get updates throughout the day about news i care about
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2 years ago, Shelley101467
I love using the app. I don’t watch the news. When I need to catch up on what’s going on in the world, I go to the app and everything I need is at my fingertips.
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5 years ago, klingfan
Without question, WKYC offers the most accurate forecast of all local stations. Furthermore, it is done in a scientific, calm manner. Other local stations go for high drama and fear and lose accuracy in the process.
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4 years ago, jrw854
Let me pay for no ads
The app is fine. I use it for local news alerts and weather. But the ads on here are large, poorly integrated into the experience, and long. A 30 second ad to watch a 30 second clip. Come one. Let me give you money to make this garage go away.
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6 years ago, Cuworker
Too hard to find news on the main website. I liked the old format much better.
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3 years ago, sea-xplant
Awful, flippy, fiddly interface
The app has so munch ad content it won’t sit still, constantly jerking up and down. Navigation is unclear with a mishmash of video and text and repeated elements. Every Tegna station has the same app, so it’s a kit, but the WKYC version looks terrible. KING in Seattle uses the same tool and it looks great. Time to delete this again.
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5 years ago, misspima
Not good
Hate the new app. I used the other app daily to track my long commute to work. I loved the real time maps and access to traffic cams so I knew what I was in for during my drive. Now it just links you to Waze! I already tried Waze and hated it! Why do I need in two places. Please put back the original traffic maps!!! Also, too many ads and not as easy as they say to navigate to what you want.
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7 months ago, F. Leghorn
Great alternative to cable
However they need to fix the huge volume difference between the program and the commercials. I can’t watch this without having to keep the remote handy and quickly mute the commercials since they are so much louder than the program.
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4 years ago, MJ7485
Too much
Too many ads that jump into what I’m trying to read. Too busy and confusing.
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7 years ago, JS244
Nice app to keep current
Although I now live in Florida, I’m always checking the weather, team standings, new restaurants, general news, etc. Cleveland will always be a part of me.
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5 years ago, kelly 54
The only thing that is annoying is when I pick a story to read and want to back where I left off it takes you to the top of the stories instead of where I left off. ANNOYING!
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7 years ago, Ez Hutch
App usually works good
The app usually works fine; occasionally it won't come up with pictures and it's just a script and I have to re-open it. Unfortunately WKY sea is leaning more and more left wing so I don't typically read their viewpoints anymore
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6 years ago, Bird Butt
Could be better
Slow update! You duplicate articles in the same display, that is so annoying.
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2 years ago, 1964again
Love WKYC 3
I check in every day from Smithfield Ohio. I am a proud Browns season ticket holder since 1978 that goes to every game every season. I love your sports, weather and your site in general.
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4 years ago, Briggsy610
Best News Chanel in Cleveland.
I watch you from The morning show to the evening show. I can depend on getting the truth always. Thank you Everyone
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6 years ago, joenavfmfhmc
Always on top of things!
Late breaking news disseminated quickly and kept up to date!
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3 years ago, elizteri
Lack of tennis coverage
Wondering why WKYC doesn’t cover tennis. A WTA tournament is being played in Cleveland and there is no mention of it. There really are more spots than football, baseball and basketball 🎾
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4 years ago, pear 20
Keeps you informed
Very reliable. Keeps me informed on issues I am interested in. Highly recommend this APP.
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3 years ago, mposings
My least favorite of the local news apps. Too many Ads and stories are not as visible to want to read. While some parts of the app look impressive, the content is not. I usually find myself going to another local news source.
Show more
4 years ago, Larry the Maven
WKYC losing long time fans!
You MUST get NBC back on Uverse! None of the other stations compare with channel 3. This deal is totally unfair to the consumer. They constantly raise fees but do NOTHING to better the service!! LETS GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES AND LIVE WITH WHAT YOU GET!!!
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