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Clever Inc.
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10 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clever

2.51 out of 5
7.6K Ratings
2 years ago, videvkfsuv nxifn
I disagree
I don’t have a problem with it . I love it. It’s so much fun and the word alert is my favorite thing I always look up to it and the whole entire reason .one of my favorite reasons .I do it is because the word alert .but I hate the bug thing it’s just like disgusting I hate bugs I do not like bugs at all😐. But besides that I think it’s really fun and I love it so much I would definitely recommend it for other schools like a manual should do it that. And I would definitely recommend it it is like I love it and especially imagine math .you could decorate your character and it’s so much fun and you get to change the colors. also have your own little pet and it’s so cute🦮.
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2 years ago, callencelia
It’s a great app. It helps my child learn and experience more with math and more to learn. It a good app for children to have more time with fun learning games, although I do think that you should make reflex a bit easier. Such as making it only 1 puzzle to solve and making the fluent go up quicker. It goes up REALLY slow and makes kids get a bit more frustrating for the children. It’s a great app to use in school for grade up to I believe k-6. It’s also okay if they get the problem wrong, but they don’t have enough time to answer the fact. Definitely in reflex. That’s why upsets my child about the all. I have heard it from other kids,parents, and reviews. I also think that the I-ready tests should be a bit easier. She children struggle and get VERY frustrated with the questions that they need to answer. The reflex games should also have more fun games for children. That’s all I have, it’s not the best at all. It’s ok. But it’ll work. Has some improvements that NEED to change. Fast. Before I give this a ‘0-star’ and tell EVERYONE to, Bye… ughhh
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3 years ago, Acby2001
Useless software
One of the subject ST math under clever is absolutely dumbest math for the children, it is not helping children. It is making children more dumb. I don’t know who created this software to torture children’s mind. This ST math just making Children more frustrated and eventually want to give up. The math work can be done in 15 mins but the Gigi animation made it an hour long torture to complete. Why don’t you guys do a survey from the students, let the kids tell you guys how frustrated from doing the unnecessary steps. All the concepts my children already knew and do it quite well but Gigi animation is making it more difficult and complex to think. Especially the two digits to two digits modification. It supposed to be 5 to 10 seconds job, ST math made it like 2 mins on one single question. It is just making children confused in stead of clear. All the animations are wasting time. If I have negative stars can give, I definitely will offer that.
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3 years ago, itsPinkSunset
What’s with the bad reviews?
I downloaded clever on my phone just to check my enrolled classes for the fall, and I am speaking for high school - i can’t speak for other levels, but for me it works. I usually use my Mac or Dell computers so I’m not really sure yet what people mean by crashing. Maybe your device needs an update or restart process. Or maybe it’s just old and you need to upgrade. I’m not a fan of the clever app taking you to the website though… you can seriously just go to the website instead. The app is just.. basically an app, that takes you to the browser. ;-; But it’s still alright I guess. But for the people who is saying they can’t log in, and you need a badge — it depends on your school if you need a badge or not. For my district, I know one of my siblings had to use a badge at one point, but the next year he just logs in with google. So it really depends what grade the student is in. And the crashing isn’t clevers fault.. it’s the apps WITHIN clever. So again it depends, idk what’s with these screwed reviews. I’ve been using clever platform for some years and everything is great for me. Thank you for taking your time to read this, Stream Magic by TXT ^^
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5 months ago, :breeze:
The mechanics are so frustrating
I have a child with ADHD and the mechanics in this game are beyond horrible. They don’t even register and a kid has to spend 5 minutes dragging letters that don’t even register to the touch screen to where they’re supposed to go. This is an ADHD nightmare and my child loses focus after the third attempt. I get told by my child all the time that this is “so boring.” I really wish the education system would get away from this app because it’s an every day frustration to meet the class requirements. Imagine having to start a whole segment of learning over because the app doesn’t register a touch and then acts like a different word or letter was touched instead. No wonder my child can’t stay focused. No reward and having to repeat work because of the failings of the mechanics. Terrible teaching practices. I would give negative stars if I could that’s how frustrated I am.
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2 years ago, DeeJay23dj
Worst app, pointless app
APP is POINTLESS! First, there is absolutely no way to login to the app to sign in without a badge. When you click the link to sign in (which is terribly designed), it redirects you to their website where it asks you your school information, followed by your clever login information. However, after signing in, it takes you right to the main page, where you can see your classes and resources. It NEVER logs you into the app. And this does not happen just one time, no. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is literally no point in downloading this app, it is just a huge waste of your time, and instead, go spend your time trying to make a web app shortcut if you really want this garbage on your home screen. Seems like many others have had same problems and app developers don’t seem to care and don’t seem to want to fix.
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4 years ago, Biker judge
Clever not ready for Covid...servers inadequate
We have been using clever a couple months now. The first couple weeks went along smoothly until the rest of the country started school and increased the virtual load. The Clever servers are totally inadequate and do not handle the volume. They disconnect the kids devices constantly including all apps tied to clever. The only resolution is to totally close out of all apps and restart the device. I have three kids using clever and this is happening to all three kids. It is a nightmare and makes our school day twice as long with the constant rebooting. If I was an administrator, I would definitely choose a different platform for virtual learning. As a frustrated parent, I promise you that when this is happening to almost all the kids in our school, then it is not my problem or my kids problem. It is Clever whether they want to admit it or not.
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9 months ago, Wenimetyainthesummer
This is a terrible idea
Ever since I was in school I had to do this every single day I did I ready and that’s all I do is just a waste of space if your parent reading this tortures your kids mental health this app is not good for them ever since I did this I was tortured since I was five we should not be exposing this to young children is a torturing device disguised as education this is a terrible app do NOT consider using this. This is the worst “education” app out there so please do not use this. They’re exposing this to five and six-year-olds and younger This torture disguised as an education app is terrible idea. It’s a good concept, but not executed correctly a kid in my school committed suicide because of this, but not just this but it made it worse Do not use this the schools that use this terrible at there job. their job is to educate not torture a five year old mental health
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1 year ago, ZZOZZZYYLAA
Why the bad reviews?
I like clever a lot and I don’t understand the bad reviews, the app allows you to sign in without a badge and it almost never crashes for me. And instead of having to log into all my school sites separately I can just log into clever and it will let me automatically log in. I like how sometimes it asks questions too like “what are you thankful for?” Honestly the problem all other people may be having is their school, or just that the fact that they don’t have usernames and passwords you can log in with, WITHOUT a badge.
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1 year ago, DJ-ChanOOF
not a bad app, just a waste of space
I've been using Clever throughout the entirety of my high school years, and it's actually quite helpful. It keeps things nice and organized, and it makes it easier to access any websites or apps that teachers use. However, the app itself is a complete waste of space if your school doesn't use Clever badges. You'd be better off just using Clever in Google or Safari through your phone. Thanks for taking the time to read this :)
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8 months ago, Idc I just like it
People are overreacting
I use this app basically every for school and it’s amazing, not torture. I’ve been on clever since I was 5 and it’s helped me through many hard subjects. You can communicate privately with teachers and apps like dreambox, imagine learning, I Ready and more were made to help your child’s teacher know what they need work on. The people who are saying this app is “torturing” their 5-7 year olds probably need to talk with the teacher about what they’re doing to help.
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3 years ago, ❤️💕Nikki💕❤️
Waste of time and space.
At first I had thought this would be a great addition to my device. Especially for school, and multiple other things. But, how wrong I was. First of all, when you download it, it takes you too a badge scanning page... which is amazing and all until after you scan it, it just takes you too a website that asks you to do the exact same thing! Not only do u have to do it once, but twice! Furthermore, the app doesn’t even save your password nor does it do anything but scan your badge! If you wanna have clever on your phone for school I suggest just going to the website. This situation is truly disappointing and I’m tired of it. DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD. THIS. APP.
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3 years ago, nfhvhvv
It’s hard to find things and so many people have issues and I have to search long in hard for all apps and when a teacher hasn’t assigned a app it’s really frustrating because that process alone takes forever you should of worked more with it before throwing in to covid times it could be so much better without issue this program as only worked 5 times throughout the whole year this and the favorites feature could’ve fix this but are to close so you end up having to search any way this and the way it never allows you to move around the apps to fit your needs this would be help full so change your app
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4 years ago, AnimeFreak4lyfe
Amazing! 🤩
My 8 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter use this app for their school! It is amazing! The reviews I’ve read are fairly wrong, it never crashes and you CAN log in without a badge so these reviews are very bad for a new user and they might think it’s a horrible app when it is amazing!! 💕 I recommend this app so much! It is so easy to use and it never crashes! I love it! Any parent that is new to clever and is these reviews are wrong this app is amazing and almost never crashes!! I love it. 💕
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3 months ago, this is the best gamevever
Clever is fine But some issues
I get why people are upset with the way you have to login and it just takes you to a website but THEY ARE OVERREACTING IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER and has anyone wondered what will happen if I just click the button on top of the keyboard on my iPad what it will say well this is it. I don’t know what to do with it but I just want to be safe so that it can go to sleep I guess I’m just gonna be safe for me and my family so I’m gonna be safe I guess. That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen typed before. TOODLES
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4 years ago, stan enhypen😜
Literally who made this app?? (stan ATZ & T1419)
It’s literally so USELESS. You need a badge, and I hate to make one through my computer, so it was a waste of time. Secondly, the app itself is horrible. There is no point in getting it. I got it because I had difficulties using it on my computer, so I tried with my phone. The app takes you to a screen that says “scan clever badge”. THATS LITERALLY IT. When you scan the badge, it takes you to A WEB BROWSER. A WEB BROWSER!!! There’s literally no point in this app, and right now I’m mad that I spent a good 7-10 minutes trying to figure it out, all for it to be waste. I HATE IT HERE👺👺👺👺👺🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️. Anyways, please stan T1419 and Ateez ofc❤️ xoxo, jackie from I wanna KMS😋🙏😽
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4 years ago, dhudhehdhd
Great app
From my perspective clever is a great app for learning, but it’s got some programs on it that don’t help much. Like I Ready, it’ll teach you but the tutorials are way to long and don’t even support phones. It also won’t even let you run it from the browser and the fact that some students don’t have a computer to use I ready nor and I Pad will just waste a parents time either trying to get an iPad or the student won’t be able to do their online homework at home. This review comes from a student too.
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4 years ago, Kkkknnwwww
Useless without a badge
Wish they would change the log in so you can enter your info instead of having to use a badge. If the school didn’t give them out and the student doesn’t have it then you have to use the browser. Would make it Useful if you could just used your login info on the app to access Clever... that’s why the app was downloaded so we didn’t have to use the browser and our student could access everything from the tablet instead of having to schedule our time when the desktop/laptop is available. Great idea, not thought all the way though... change the login options PLEASE!!!
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4 years ago, Peepawcookiebear
It’s just zearn, and it’s just plain CRAP
I am REALLY hoping that some people who work at Zearn look at this review, because I want them to know that Zearn is just crap! First of all it will NOT let me log in on my iPad (EVEN THOUGH IT WORKS ON A COMPUTER!!!!) and I need to go to the SRVUSD portal to go in. Second of all, it teaches the most STUPIDEST things ever! Like, for example, when I was a fourth grader, it literally taught us HOW TO FREAKING COUNT! Literally, what kind of fourth grader is THAT stupid?! THIRD of all, once you get ONE problem wrong, well, GUESS WHAT! If you are on the tower of power, then EVERYTHING just starts over! THIS APP IS JUST PLAIN BAD! PLUS! I would ALSO rate this a zero star because it is just so stupid and I wish someone sues Zearn >:(
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4 years ago, Rosasalvaje
This is by far the worst app that I ever installed
Clever needs some serious help with UI. The app just a portal to the a website. It can’t perform some basic functions such as go back to the last page. The school teacher puts online classes through google drive. It can’t connect to google drive app to upload and download or save files through clever. With its existing issue of go back to the previous page, just stupid way to waste time. Will talk to school board and see how much they paid for such a malfunctioning app and stop using it. Absolutely no recommended for anyone to use it!!!!!!
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5 years ago, JaedanV14
Cool when you are on the go
This app is very cool for when you are on the go or NEED something done (an assignment) ASAP. For example, I had a social studies TDA due on a Tuesday, and we had a day off for in-service day. So, I didn’t have the TDA done, and I hopped on my phone and got it done. For whatever reason, I stated 3 reasons, and the teacher said that I stated one. At least I got the assignment done. That wouldn’t of affected my grade much since I have a 105 in social studies.
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2 years ago, a random school kid
Don’t download
Reasons an app on it called iready explains for hours how to do work but half the time it isn’t even explaining the work they are just talking to them about useless stuff. Plus the questions aren’t even life like because you would never use the questions in real life. Also have I learned anything from clever? No. It’s that useless. Also this might sound stupid but I was looking for iready to write a bad review for them but I found my second least favorite app instead. Honestly I just downloaded this on my phone to give it a bad review because I have it on my computer.. :l
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4 years ago, • May •
It’s good but..
I wish it didn’t make you do the same lesson if you failed, I want to do the same problems with a different story. Or different problems same subject. I’ve seen people write down the answers while doing their last lesson, so they can fill it in for the repeated lesson as it gets boring. I also wish the explaining for a problem you miss is a little bit shorter, it’s harder to take in a lot of information then it is to a short explaination. Thank you!
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2 years ago, ❤️➡️🐶🐶
At my school, we are supposed to do about 3-4 hours of I-ready math/reading clever has good math games. Suddenly, I have read other peoples reviews about ST math so since I have read about that I have decided not to do it anymore some apps clever has maybe not teach kids around my age but I think it’s only some of them I mostly recommend I-ready math/reading. It helps the brain continue working and not weaking.
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5 years ago, thedragonelover
This is stupid
When I do this on my phone it just goes to a lesson and starts it when I didn’t even tap the screen, also doing it on a mobile is awful there’s not even room to read the words. And I have a HUGE problem with TTM because it’s mostly word problems that I can’t even figure out, it’s not teaching me anything. When you do the first part of the lesson on TTM and you don’t past, you them have to spend a WHOLE hour to finish and past the whole lesson! Like where do you think we have time to do that in life! These pet need to know we have things to do in life instead of just sitting there for HOURS!
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2 months ago, mandm246
The WORST app I have EVER, EVER, in my LIFE used
My school recently made the horrible mistake of switching to using cLeVer for everything. The first second I used it, I knew I would hate it. I had to log in, but my FLIPPING password wouldn’t work. I had to get it reset TWICE. I tried logging in so many times, the office got a notification because it thought a HACKER was trying to log in! So I got called to the office, all because of a poorly designed, waste of time, horrible app called “Clever” Very ironic name by the way, because a literal newborn infant has a higher IQ than the makers of this total JOKE of an app.
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1 year ago, hello mats 123
Worst learning app
I hate to do I ready they take way to long and don’t even help with anything. They don’t give a calculator, writing space, or even help. It take at least 30 minutes to do a lesson and not counting the quiz. If your on the quiz and know the answer but because of the number pad being so small you press a different number and get it wrong. But if you have very few questions on the quiz one wrong answer can make you fail. Than you have to do another 30 minutes doing the EXACT same lesson you just did. So I ready fix your app.
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1 year ago, KaylieDEzA
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. First I’m a 4th grader and yes I’m writing this don’t be surprised and plus when you do an I ready lesson it takes about 45-60 minutes just for 1 lesson yes 1 lesson and hear me out you don’t even learn anything you don’t explain it, it’s just all multiple choice and the dionastic it doesn’t help they make us answer just 3 questions for ready 5 or 6 pages and a voice message like how does the reader tell that he’s mad when he says the word violent like how are we suppose to know that like seriously pls do not download it it is just a waste of time.
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2 years ago, momin'
Not really an app
How can this be an app? All this does is open the clever website which doesn’t support mobile functionality? Each activity we try to use says not supported in mobile then allows us to download an app of that activity wich then requires you to go to clever to login and then does not return to app so you are stuck back on the clever page with no mobile functionality. This is an endless pit of frustration.
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4 years ago, Altermis
Good app
I use this at school like, all the time. It is a good app and I don’t understand why people are having trouble with the login. Seriously. Don’t have your badge? You could just put your email and password or get help from a teacher!!! This app works perfectly fine, and the school I go to loves your app. And honestly, I’m sad people are being a bit too impatient with this app.
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3 years ago, hanahthegamer
Worst app ever
I downloaded this app which was a mistake and I long in and everything is working smoothly until I go to iready and it won’t work and I am doing online school work and it won’t let me get into it. It says I have to change something in the setting and I do after I do it still won’t work tells me to change something else and I do after that the clever app won’t let me into it so something happens that is why this is the worst app ever don’t download this app it is a waste of time and it not just Iready I have had problems with.
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3 years ago, Jew Brew
Great connection improvement
The app works amazingly and we have no issues starting in April. My kids tabs also stay connected even when they close the laptop if navigate away and such. Not sure what changed in April, but the connection is so much better, it’s like magic!
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4 years ago, njj555
This isn’t a single sign on app. You scan your student badge to log in and it takes you to a tiny browser with a bunch of other links. Clicking any of them requires an additional login to the specific app/site so it’s not doing SSO. If you happen to switch to another app it forces you to scan the student badge again to access the still-useless tiny browser with the still-need-to-login set of links. This doesn’t appear to do anything that a regular webpage with a list of links doesn’t do. I really hope no schools are wasting their money on this garbage.
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4 years ago, 2023 i graduate
I’m doing online school and I haven’t learned one thing from this stupid app. So to anyone doing online and is in my district why should we bother doing online I would rather be at school than doing online school from home. It’s the worst thing I have ever done in my life. It’s ruining my sophomore year of high school. I don’t get to see my friends or get to meet any of my teachers. I don’t get why they just made it all in school instead of choosing weather or not u get to go to school or not. I would want to be in school right now seeing my friends and talking to them but NO I can’t.
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11 months ago, dont make fun of
Not bad at ALL
My daughter use this and since it came out She has been learning so much and now she’s in 7th grade and so I just love it and the most thing about it is that you go to programs I ready is so much smart and reading is the best two on there she loves the stories and she I just am so proud of her because she’s learned so much
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4 years ago, VERY MAD PERSON 😠😠😠
Read his please!
Please don’t read the other comments people have made, it’s only to get out of school work, make sure they don’t put it to 1 star! And I would just like to say clever is amazing! I’ve used it my entire time at school and I just hope it keeps on going for however long it can! -thank you, sincerely, A student
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2 years ago, sanchezcaridad
No just no
First, I won’t let me log in without a badge( which I don’t even know where to find). So I press log in with user and password. It takes me to safari and the I put my school information but it ask if it is my district, and I press the button with the square. And it doesn’t do anything. So I’d rather not be lazy and get me PC than download this. And if ur having trouble maybe u could find the badge in the student portal on another device.
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5 months ago, Beastie1225
Bro I downloaded this for school and I had no idea what it would be like because at my school we use clever on chromebooks but as soon as it imidietly sends you to safari I didn’t like the app because safari for me never works so technically I have to use my moms MacBook whenever using clever not saying the app is bad just saying that the safari thing is really annoying (I am not used to writing on my iPad so I don’t use punctuations)
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3 years ago, Kitkatpand0
Great for School
Ok, so I have never EVER had any trouble with this. It easily gets you to multiple learning platforms so you don’t have to login over and over again. It works on computer and a mobile device and I will use it until I’m unable to! Use this app! It’s amazing!
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2 years ago, Sofa Spud 58
Excellent job of providing access
Clever does an excellent job of providing easy access to many resources in a single location. Every negative review I see complains about the particular resources their school chose to make available which has nothing to do with Clever at all.
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4 years ago, Stephen007007
I couldn’t get this to work on our Samsung tablet, so thinking Apple works with schools more I went out and bought an IPad for my daughter. It worked!! For a few months. Now I’m back to the same problem I had with the Samsung. It won’t let me log in. Takes me to a “check system requirements” page. My daughter can’t work on her schoolwork from home because the developers can’t make an app that thousands if not millions of school kids use. Way to kill my daughters excitement to learn. She was so excited to get on this at home and work on it.
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1 month ago, lovey world
✋🛑Stop with these bad reviews!🛑✋
This app is extraordinary and it doesn’t need any fixing. It allows children to be put into an amazing experience and can access many apps all in one, saving storage. This app is underestimated when it should be very popular for children.
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1 year ago, review🦊🦊🦁🐻‍❄️🐮🐻‍❄️
Worst an educational game ever
The voice that it has is so aggravating and annoying and says somethings wrong with it actually right it’s like the worst thing possible to have I wish we still at ST math turn off the school the app that we used to use now I really wish we had to have it still but we don’t so that’s awful I’d rather use a math notebook and journal rather than the thing I like rather than DreamBox so like yeah it’s the worst app ever if you could please bring back ST math. this is what I think of DreamBox 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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3 years ago, Maple2662
It pretty good, just some problems overall 10/10 a-lot of these are students who don’t like school work, I am a student myself and it’s good, people just want this app deleted. Do you know how hard schools try and find a fun app/thing for you guys?Y’all are just disappointing. Love this app 100%
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10 months ago, EMERDUDEMAN
I had high hopes for the Clever app, but I'm beyond disappointed with my experience. The app is riddled with bugs and glitches that make it almost impossible to use. The interface is confusing and counterintuitive, making basic tasks feel like a chore. Customer support was no help either – they seemed unaware of the issues and were unable to provide any solutions. Save yourself the frustration and avoid this app at all costs. One star is honestly too generous for the headache this app has caused me.
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4 years ago, bugs😜
Just read
Clever was made for schools to access and to help teach make learning easier. It only has the learning tools for the school to access as well. Clever has the login to make sure that the kids are safe and that some random person dose not get on. The login is a firewall to keep the kids safe.
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4 years ago, biteing luna ice68
What’s the point?
I would give ZERO stars if I could. You would think with thousands of school systems all over the country using Clever for distance learning, that the makers of this app would figure out a way to let students log in with their passwords instead of a badge that none of them have. Maybe they make more money making you sign in thru a browser? I could have envisioned schools using Clever after kids eventually get back to in-person learning, but hopefully by then there’ll be something better.
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4 years ago, bri_bricookie
Absolutely Terrible
This app is terrible. I am trying to do online work and the only option it gives is scanning a badge or logging in, which I clicked login and it took me to the website. This really frustrated me because the whole point of downloading the app was to not have to go the the website every time. Also what if you don’t have badges to scan? This is terrible and please fix this to where it won’t take me to the website. Make this work in the app.
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2 years ago, Ambrosia for the Mind
This App is Absolutely Useless
Just like every other reviewer I installed this app I my child’s iPad so that he could logging and complete his assignments regardless if he has his school computer. I get the app installed only to find out that you cannot login directly from the app. All the app does is send you to a web browser. Obviously Clever doesn’t care about these reviews because other users reported this issue over 1 year ago. That’s plenty on development time to correct this issue.
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3 years ago, nadsniav zj ff w
It just scans your badge and brings you to safari... when you can just sign up in safari with your account. I thought all of the stuff on the website would be on this app, and I also thought you would get notifications when someone, like a teacher, posts something. That would be way better in my opinion. Don’t bother downloading this useless app. ALSO its basically just a bookmark place, why not just save it as a bookmark instead??
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