Click2Houston - KPRC 2

4.7 (41.6K)
29.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Graham Media Group, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Click2Houston - KPRC 2

4.73 out of 5
41.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Watmor71
Thank you for today!
I have watched Channel 2 News for more than 40 years and I have always enjoyed and respected the newscasters with the network. Your work has been impeccable and you make sure every major story is covered. I enjoy watching Dominique and Bill and when one is off it just doesn’t seem right. Thank you for your work and thank you to Frank and Randy too! There are two things that I would like to see you try: 1) a feel good story instead of just all the heavy hitters and 2) quit putting the “killers/bad guys” face on the air every time - one time is enough - then the focus is on the right person instead of the wrong one. Thank you KPRC2!
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4 years ago, transplant Looking for facts
Lazy news, more of a “gossip magazine” You see at check out
Wow a lot like most news organizations and Salon they provide just enough of a title so that you’ll click on it and their new stories are usually on point but liking entirely in information or in-depth coverage of most things. Then to make it worse it’s like they just have ad after ad after ad after ad On their other new stories you would click on from the one you’re reading which are almost always more of a gossip columns an actual news. I’ve never been impressed with his news channel and I am far less impressed with their app, but the app is just a symptom of poor management or marketing and just a clear indicator of the culture and goals of what they bring to the table as a story and makes it pretty much impossible to believe any of their articles are entirely biased because when you lie or lie by omission about small things who knows what else you are lying about. Personally I like KHOU better they have much more in-depth coverage of the news the only thing I like about KPRC is the weather alerts are helpful literally everything else is garbage.
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5 years ago, JameMcCowan
Great content with one complaint
I love the app but sometimes when I get a notification I don’t see the story that piped up even sometimes when I press on the notification I can’t find the story it would be nice if this was fixed other than that thank you developers and programmers and whoever on marketing suggested this also could you add a conversation option would love to inform or update stories if source is credible or even console fellow houstonian if possible
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2 years ago, Cyberpuddy
App reliably plays ads, but not the story I click on
Why is it that the app loads ads quickly every time, but the news stories take forever to load? Too often, it takes so long to see the news story that I end up going elsewhere to try to find it. Also, the app is incredibly cluttered with stories that are organized counterintuitively into sections that make it hard to find the story I’m looking for. (I wonder if anyone has counted the number of stories contained in the app at a particular time. There must be over 500. Why not organize them into an Archive section and keep current stories prioritized such that they’ll actually load and play?)
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2 weeks ago, Stinkerbell81
Embarrassing 😳
KPRC always talks about how they are a leader in breaking news. I find the reporting content is on point but when it comes to this app there are two things that I would be mortified to put my name on: typos and ads. 1. TYPOS…you need not look long to find a multitude of typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors. As a news organization, one would expect journalists to have mastered this basic grasp of the English language. Ex: your vs you’re, their vs they’re vs there. 2. The ads…the ads that accompany the news stories are a bit…ummmm…inappropriate. I see more skin and “toys” in the ads than I would on an adult site. Do better!
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7 years ago, Samson's Barber
First I want to say that out of the three original Houston news stations your app is the better. But then again, that is like your dog coming in second in the world's ugliest contest ---- still homely and not the winner. Just know that the three star rating is based more on an easier navigation through the sight than for news gathering. Too may articles remain embedded far too long. The site needs a scheduled cleaning plan ----- I suggest every 3 days. The investigation section is so sad. Few, if any, hard hitting pieces are done and the few "investigative" articles of any consequence remain for months. To change gears, for heaven's sake start using spell check and grammar check, maybe this will convince folks that someone there attended a college. You are reporting the news in the fourth largest city in the United States, act like it. This is no longer 1955 small town Houston. And please wait until all the facts are in to post an article. "Breaking news" is not impressive without the facts.
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6 years ago, marybpage
Coverage of Bush Funerals
I have always been a loyal channel 2 news fan because I love all of the reporters. They are so genuine and articulate and never was that more apparent than during this time. Several reporters were seen comforting the very people they were interviewing who were overcome with their own emotions about this president. They all conveyed their pride in being able to cover this story and made us all feel a part of it.
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6 years ago, The Maams
Best radar app EVER
No matter where I travel, and I’ve traveled all over the Americas, this is the best radar app ever. The notifications of impending ominous weather has saved me numerous times. Whether I’m planning to go somewhere or I’m traveling down interstate, I just check the app and see what’s in the area or on the road ahead. There are several people who have never been to Houston who use this app because they’ve traveled with me. Get the app! It’s the best!
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7 years ago, Alrobinson89
Great app!!
I grew up in the Houston area & this was the local news that we watched in my home. I live out of state now but I still have families & friends that live there. They did amazing job when hurricane Harvey hit & before it made landfall. They stayed on air 24 hour during Harvey & little after. I was able to keep informed about what was going on. The other information that is available like traffic, so you know what the roads.
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4 years ago, WJones00
Click 2 Houston News App
The Click 2 Houston app receives 5 stars because of it attractive layout and easy to access news stories. I enjoy the timely notifications that put me right at most stories as they are happening. Click 2 Houston news department has taken full advantage of the app to keep me on top of the happenings 24 hours a day.
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1 year ago, 105029572
Horrible update
I absolutely HATE the refreshed app on iPhone. Y’all used to be my #1 “go-to” to read the news. No longer! I don’t have time to “customize my experience” - I just want to read the news. Guess I’ll have to go back to KHOU and ABC13. Ever since the newsroom changes with new management- KPRC has gone downhill. AND when I was trying to watch a news story I had to wait 15-30 seconds to watch some stupid commercial. Fortunately the other guys in town don’t make you sit through ads before watching a news story. KPRC has reached the bottom! Fire the people that created this HORRIBLE MESS of w website on iPhone!
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3 years ago, f___ it
Ch 2
My favorite news station. Especially Frank’s weather. Living in southern Laporte, I get more information for my area than other stations. Most other weather reporters stand right in front of location as they point to more “important “ areas of interest. Keep up the good work. Thanks
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3 years ago, Papa Gorilla
More concerned with always being first than always being accurate
Many times it appears that no effort was made to spell check written reports online. Also sometimes a notification of a story or an event in progress to livestream is sent, but can’t be found when opening the app. I have alway liked channel 2, but I disappointed in some of their recent performances over the last couple of years.
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5 years ago, jhnorthside
Content providers
It seems as though a large majority of your news stories (national, international, political, etc) are provided from organizations (NY Times, CNN, etc) that undoubtedly represent the political views of the left. Just as so many conservatives no longer subscribe to the Houston Chronicle, your website also most likely has a far lower usage due to the political view unbalance of it regardless of the business reason(s) I basically use the site only for weather (which is an excellent component) and to stay current with the local Houston news.
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2 years ago, lotsohobbies
What’s with the videos??
I’ve watched channel 2 for decades. Love the app as my primary source of news. All of a sudden this week when I open the app, a video ad for the Kprc weather app starts auto play. I’ve downloaded that app but I don’t want video playing. Now I can’t open the app unless I’m somewhere where the noise won’t matter or I can turn volume down. PLEASE fix this!!
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2 years ago, asking57
Always current and dependable!
I use to watch another channel until it went down in Harvey. Then I tuned in to KPRC and I haven’t tuned out since! I love the anchors and reporters. They report interesting and current stories. I recommend watching this news station and getting their apps!
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3 years ago, lcbp38
Same news, not much new content throughout the day. Understand ads, but when your site opens, it jumps to a home development ad. When you click to exit, Ch 2 site comes up in different profile then set on iPad. So, click out, then click back on to start reading. This makes me go to other local news sites. Also, many times site will not load. Am on Wi-Fi etc so just a hang up with program. Not a fan at all.
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7 years ago, weldon40
Click2Houston app
We have been watching Harvey storm reports for the last three days on my iPad live streaming. Otherwise we would have no news due to our Comcast TV being out of service. The Click2Houston app is easy to use and has been great. We also viewed on our iPhones. Thanks a million for this terrific app. Weldon and Dawn Rigby
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4 years ago, Information Lover
Not just news but real community members
I like 2 because they broadcast/ say more more news than other stations in the same time frame. I feel they value my time watching them and also give substantial, important local information that is really usable.
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3 years ago, PandaPie749274
Confusing articles
Many times, the article will have the picture of one of the people in the article, it is confusing because one can not tell which person is that in the picture. Some other times I will get a notification and when I click on the article there is not anything posted. Some of the reporters write articles and post them before proof reading their content.
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2 years ago, Big Tex Rob
Needs more live weather reports
Needs more live weather reports, rather then just showing maps .I just relocated from Austin. So I am learning the area your sister station in Austin KXAN does a great job with this, while educating viewers about locations and the difference between tornado warning viruses a tornado watch/ flood warning compared to flood watches. I can look the same stuff up on google that you guys currently show on your current app. The Chanel 2 app looks like something that is not updated very much .
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3 years ago, Czmoment
Great App for Houston Strong
I couldn’t be happier about the KPRC app. This app notifies me of any news worthy announcements which were made. Yesterday I received a notice about the COVID-19 vaccine. Because of the notice I followed the link and I was able to get vaccines in an hour and a half with no line.I write this app five stars because it is a five-star app.
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1 week ago, Estradaboi
Needs better settings
When you open the app the top portion always shows you some live video or a video of something. There needs to be a setting that allows us to turn this off. It’s annoying when your listening to music or a podcast and you just wanna check the news but the video portion cuts it all off. Then the button to close it out isn’t always responsive. Y’all are trying to do too much keep the app simple!!!
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2 years ago, gilhousen
I appreciate this app
I have always enjoyed KPRC and really like the app. It’s easy to search through. I check it everyday for my next day weather and the week ahead. Thank you channel 2 for always being up to date.
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5 years ago, kidcatwow
Know before downloading for use
When this app was downloaded and opened, it immediately took the user to a ‘notification’ page. You cannot get past this page to the ‘news’ portion at all unless you select at least one topic to receive notifications/alerts. Once in, under settings, you can, select not to receive notifications. After this gyration of access, the page is fairly usable.
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6 years ago, impartial_01
News should not be biased
The app is good, the content is timely, however, one expects reporting to be unbiased. The language and perspective of many articles, especially political articles, are blatantly biased. This begs the question, can I trust the information? Is this news or is it a tabloid? Is this all the news or is it just articles that fit into the frame of the bias? I welcome all perspectives, however, I read the news for facts to enable me to form my own opinions. What happened to journalism ethics?
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5 years ago, gary.prater
2 review
I know one thing, I do not like the weather with Frank. In fact I Hate it! The click 2 also has changed but it is acceptable. I still read the headlines but now looking to find a home for weather. I would love the weather to go back to the way it was.
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4 years ago, jshry
The ads play but the content doesn’t. I get a notification about a live press conference but I have to watch a 30 second ad for a game I already downloaded. Then the feed freezes. I had to watch the same ad three times before I could see the press conference feed. By the time I could view it it was over. Putting a 30 second ad in front of a live news feed is plain stupid. I B love the channel and the news broadcasts but HATE this AP!!!
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6 years ago, fxltx
Great coverage; no video
Your coverage of local news is great, however the only video links that ever play are those inside of tweets included in the text of your news items. The primary video links lead to a dead, black screen that obscures the rest of the article and never plays! I’ve found NO setting to correct this problem, and it’s not merely on my iPhone.
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4 years ago, FindMeReally
Well Informed
Channel 2 news keeps us updated on all current & accurate information. It’s always presented fairly and unbiased. Thank you for giving it to us straight without spreading unnecessary added fear! May God keep watch over us all around the world.
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7 years ago, kkukura
All the way from Germany
I've been living in Germany for almost five years and I missed watching my favorite news station. During Hurricane Harvey I downloaded the app so I could stay connected to how things were going in Houston. I now check the news daily.
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2 years ago, original b nanny
My #1 News Station
I love channel 2 News especially the Weather . It’s the most accurate information you can get. If N. Frank says you can bet on. I like the reporters, down to earth and easy to understand.
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7 years ago, SheldoWillie
I had cable and was able to watch any news station for updates for the first 2 days. But when the cable went out, only this app provided the services I needed to make sure my family was safe. THANK YOU.
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2 years ago, Helps89
Ad pops up immediately upon opening
I loved the app prior to this new feature. Now, when I open the app on my iphone or ipad, I’m shown an ad for a home builder. I have to close the ad before I can read the news. The ad is counter productive. 1) I’ll never use that home builder even when I decide to build a home 2) I close the app and go to ABC13KTRK and read the news there. I’m getting to the point where I’m going to delete the app.
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5 years ago, Dragonorca
No complaints does what is expected. Tells the news
Need old style back easier to identify top stories don't need video from tv put video not from tv back stories Less sports more positive stories that affect our day in Houston
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6 years ago, Bluetexjrt
KPRC is always on point.
My husband and I only watch news, weather and sports on KPRC. We know you are providing the most accurate and current stories. When we travel, even out of the country, it’s your app we go to for news.
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7 years ago, duke_hudd
Love Click 2
I moved to Montgomery in June and instantly became a Click 2 fan. The news and weather updates are great. Keeps me posted on changes all day. I’ve also had s few Click 2 pins chosen for broadcast. Thanks Click 2
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7 years ago, Little Midget Momma
Good for a quick look at the news. Needs to be better balanced with the types of stories. "If it bleeds, it leads" seems to be the main focus. You’ve gone too liberal with all of the CNN coverage. No question which side you’re on. I’ve watched KPRC ever since it came on air but have seen it go too far afield. Too bad!!
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3 years ago, shane reaux
Great coverage
I just wish I wouldn’t have to watch a camercial to check the radar I’m not the only person that feels that way! Please change that about app!
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3 years ago, HClay5
Not Really News, More of Opinions
News network of social justice warriors everywhere. Main and Major news ignored and mostly opinionated social news given. Most articles are not true journalism but opinion pieces discussed as actual news. Pretty obvious the political affiliations of the writers and editors are. Pitiful excuse for news. I’ve live in Houston 40 years and watched them just go down hill. Would be great to have unbiased news that mattered.
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6 years ago, wwcobra1
I love this news!
I love this news app. I always check what’s going on every night. Unfortunately for the local news paper, because they don’t generate money, however that’s how tech days now work.
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6 years ago, DShedd
Great Harvey Coverage
My family watched the coverage of Hurricane Harvey on KPRC. The app is just as great. It's smooth, easy to use informative and shareable. However, instead of having users have to download another app, why not include the weather radar in the app?
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5 years ago, Cat Lady!!🌹🐈
Click 2Houston🖥🌇
I have been watching this wonderful TV Station for all my life ..Everything on here is so elegantly shown..I do enjoy watching every single day.. Thank You Click 2Houston for being our 1st. TV Channel in Houston.. Happy 70th. Anniversary,Cheers to all..🎊🍷🍾🎉🎈
Show more
5 years ago, SYL Manvel
The Best Station Ever
I watch the 5:00pm news (and the 5:30 news) every day. I can tell if my TV is on the wrong channel just by the voices, pacing and timing of the reports as they're read. Please continue the good work. I really wish Saturday news could be like the rest of the week.
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3 years ago, whatAwonderfulchannel
News updates!
Love all the updates of daily news and weather
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7 years ago, Sooo intertaining
Hurricane Harvey
I love this app and all the notifications I receive on hurricane updates. Being at work all day and not having access to a t.v. This app comes in handy because you can watch live videos. #HoustonStrong
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4 years ago, 2 retired seniors
KPRC is our favorite channel to watch and is the first to watch in the morning and the last to watch in the evening. All of your staff do an outstanding job. Keep up the fantastic work!
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2 years ago, txtranger
Plays ad when you open it
This used to be my local go to news source. Now a recent update plays an ad when you open it. You can close it after 5 seconds but that’s annoying plus it comes with sound on so now I can’t open the app when it might disturb someone.
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7 years ago, truth in politics
Biased reporting
Just wanted to say that being a resident of southeast Texas, I find it appalling how many of the articles on your site are dishonest without credible source concerning our President and his administration, going so far as to put articles from CNN on your site, that being the kicker knowing what we all are aware of, integrity in reporting is everything. Do yourselves a big favor don’t be like the rest of the pushers of FAKE NEWS, We are Texans set the example
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2 years ago, OriginalNaz
Full-screen Video Ad at Start-Up
Lately, when I open the app, I get a full-screen ad blaring. This is too much - I’ve permanently deleted the app from my devices. Ads interspersed among the news articles are barely tolerable. But, a video ad blaring in my face at app startup is unacceptable. There are plenty of other Houston news apps available that aren’t so “in your face” with ads at startup.
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