CMM | Molar Mass Calculator

4.8 (175)
13.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexandre Perez
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for CMM | Molar Mass Calculator

4.78 out of 5
175 Ratings
5 years ago, Ilovemyboo
Great app
Works well would recommend. It would be a really cool feature if you could name the elements too. It would also be cool if you could type in “oxalate” and get the percentages of oxygen and hydrogen instead of having to search that oxalate is OH and then putting it in.
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4 years ago, KillerFugu
Super time saver!
I’ve been using this formula mass calculator for years. I am a chemistry prof and I find that it saves a lot of time when I’m writing new notes. I tell my second year students to go ahead and just use it to save time. I don’t tell my first year students. LOL.
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2 years ago, BrainierRain
Does exactly what I need it to do. Great time saver.
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1 year ago, emankcin 2022
I Love This App!
This helped my chemsitry class!
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12 years ago, JennyCay
Well done
I'm a chemistry prof, and this saves me a lot of time. At first, I didn't like that proper capitalization was required, but that does eliminate ambiguity, and I expect that degree of care from my students when they write chemical formulas. Many of my students are now using this, too.
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6 years ago, Sullybear24
The name doesn’t match up with the acronym.
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10 years ago, BrookebecauseofBen
Easy to use and helpful
This app is amazing! It makes calculations so much easier, and is very accurate. Especially helpful if missing a periodic table or if you want to do quick calculations from formulas. 10/10 for any high school or college student in chemistry.
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11 years ago, yung dad
Thank You, App Author
This brilliant little app quickly -near instantaneously- calculates the molar mass of just about anything you'd care to name. Much quicker than anything on the web and incomparable to doing it by hand. Thanks much, author, you've saved me tonnes of time.
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11 years ago, MarsKing246
Excellent app!
This app is great! I really like the update with the integrated calculator. However, when pressing the number 7, it registers a double press, so it puts in 77. A minor annoyance for an app that's so helpful!
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10 years ago, Cr0wdpleaser
Collegiate Gen Chem
This is app is accurate and easy to use. I haven't come across any bugs. No complaints here, thank you for this useful tool!
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12 years ago, Eb9905
Pretty good
Not bad, really annoying when you have to capitalize specific elements. But in all honesty an excellent aid in solving homework problems.
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12 years ago, LDHiker
Nice App
Why my chemistry students don't put this on their iPhones is beyond me. Works perfect and I verified a few results with a current periodic table.
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9 years ago, FieldTen
Easy to use and always correct. Extremely convienient for chemistry students!
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11 years ago, scott3mj
Great App
As a Chem teacher, once students learn the theory & practice calculating molar mass "by hand" this is the App I recommend they download. It just works.
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12 years ago, Crimitree
Only criticism is that you have to enter capital which take time
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13 years ago, Mr. Wigs
Does great
Takes the time consumingness out of chem. Molar masses are easy but meticulous. This solves that problem! Pas problème! 
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12 years ago, barkatmain
It really meets its claims! It gives virtually instantaneous results. One if the best apps I've used in a while.
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10 years ago, Trayen
This app makes doing Chem homework so much easier and quicker.
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11 years ago, Lildan7
Great App
All I know is it's faster to find what I need with this app love it!
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9 years ago, Charchar228
thank you for making my science homework 100x easier!
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10 years ago, RunMonkeyMama
Very nice little app. No unnecessary extras. Fast and simple design. Well done.
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12 years ago, Slbb2007
So helpful!
This app is great! It saves so much time! Thank you Dr. K for recommending this app.
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8 years ago, It was a nice thought
Could be useful
This app could be pretty useful; however, most of the masses for several key elements are incorrect, rendering this app almost completely useless. It's a nice idea, though.
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11 years ago, Tommy boy162847
Great job
Does exactly what I need it to do.
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10 years ago, Sheeroo123
It is so useful and such a great tool to use!
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10 years ago, Constante P
This app really helps with my AP Chem homework
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11 years ago, Ilovepie10
Excellent easy to use app
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9 years ago, Gwennyfurry
Good for gen chem only
Really wish this did mono isotopic mass Also, iOS 8 keyboard covers up the mass on my phone (4s)
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11 years ago, Sharts87
Easy to use
Simple app, works great.
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12 years ago, rsaru
Great app!!!!
Just needs to b in engrish engrish!!!
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12 years ago, brethOfDeth
Makes chemistry practically painless!
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11 years ago, Darkstorm5951
So awesome and helpful!!!
So awesome and helpful!!!
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12 years ago, Sciprofsrs
Molar mass calc
Works great
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12 years ago, Madden69dart
Very handy when doing calculations
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11 years ago, TwilightObsessorr
Omg awesome!!
Great!! Love it so easy
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12 years ago, Awesome00
Its funny
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5 years ago, BurmaYank
@SulleyBear24: In English, at least, you’re correct.
@SulleyBear24: In English, at least, you’re correct about the acronym. But you’re not correct about that in Spanish or French, in which the app might originally have been created. So, is that the only reason you panned this app with a 1/5 star rating?
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9 years ago, yomamahatesyou
Not Up to Date
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12 years ago, Njlouque
Oh my gosh
You guys are nerds.
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13 years ago, (3.14159265358970323846264...)
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9 years ago, Captin Pete
a Handy Tool
A handy tool to determine percent of the weight of fertilizer to give a needed mass of an element. You can copy and paste the block of results like this: H 5.376% Cl 31.517% O 42.669% Na 20.437% Neat. Pete
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11 years ago, Benexer
It seems really good but it doesn't recognize Florine and that makes me wonder if there may be any other code typos???
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