CNY Central

3.2 (6)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CNY Central

3.17 out of 5
6 Ratings
11 years ago, Reznor's Revenge
Great app for Syracuse!
I love how easy to use this app is compared with other Syracuse news apps. You can quickly swipe through top stories and watch the live weather radar. Also, notifications let you know when there's big news around town or when a storm is about to hit.
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8 years ago, mdtaffet
App is practically unusable now due to ads
I'm currently using version 6.11.6, build number 145 on an iPhone 6s running iOS 10.0.2. This most recent version of the app has become practically unusable to me due to the fact that it continually takes me to the App Store for who knows what, and most recently even opened some gaming page that brought up a notification that it wanted me to click "OK" to while I was trying to read one of the articles. Instead I quit the app and closed the browser window. You MUST do something to address this behavior. I can't read a single article or even scroll through the list of articles without being transferred to the App Store against my wishes. This is a MAJOR usability issue which needs to be fixed pronto. I will not be able to use the app again until this gets addressed.
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4 years ago, sjtryon
No news, just noise
I’ve had this app for a while attempting to stay current with local news. But the app consistently fails at accomplishing that. Periodically, the app will generate an alert about something happening in the region. But if you click the alert to open the app and read more, there isn’t more to read. The article will claim it is a “developing story” (or similar) and provide no more info than was contained in the alert. I think they are just trying to get their advertisements in front of more eyes. When I have used the app to read local news, articles are very shallow in content and “reporters” rarely ask questions that should be answered. Rather, they talk a little bit about what is happening, but never seek or provide substance. Apparently this “news” group is all about selling ads and fitting coverage into their on-air schedule with far less attention being spent on actually getting information to the region they cover. I’ll keep the app on my device so that I get alerts about what is happening locally, but for details about those alerts, you’ll need a different source (and app).
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3 years ago, Rosie720
App not working properly after update
I updated the app a few days ago, and now, when I click on a headline in my notifications, the story doesn’t open in the app. It just goes to the main newsfeed page. Then, when I try to open a story on the newsfeed page, it doesn’t always open, just kind of buffers, and I have to close and open again. This is very inconvenient and frustrating. This is my go-to news app and I never had this problem before. Please fix ASAP!
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8 years ago, Eric S 1982
Many Annoying Errors and Bad Features
Many stories will contain video and then the video will not be available. Every time you launch the app you have to swipe through 5 panels of directions explaining how to operate the app. Ridiculous. The best is when they "push" breaking news with notifications and when you go to read the story, the breaking news article or story isn't even into the app yet!!! Even if you refresh and close out and reopen it. And this is true wether I'm on my 4g lte or my 60mbps wireless internet. And I have a 6S Plus.
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12 years ago, Southernfriedmom
Love this app!!!
Not only are the staff @ WSTM are great. So is the app!! Yes the browser opens so you can get the entire story. But that is a great way to keep the content simple & decrease the chance for the app to crash. Thanks WSTM. I am so glad to see this app. Tried WSYR. Too much content & way too many ads. Can't wait to see what comes next. :))))))
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8 years ago, Kndrsjx
Overcompensating on features
Every headline, whether important or not, get pushed through as a breaking news alert, ruining my battery life. The only other option is to turn off alerts completely. Also, the Weather section is usually not helpful. I'd rather see a small section verbalizing what to expect in the forecast, rather than decipher the meaning of a snowflake symbol at 4am. Light snow? Heavy snow? Lake effect snow? Etc. A few minor changes would improve this app drastically.
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12 years ago, pezdispensing
CNY Central > News Channel 9
Superior app, programming, and staff. They don't have to troll local car dealerships for their anchors. More content and less ads compared to the crappy channel 9 app. Channel 9 fails at yet another technological advance.
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5 years ago, SGT106
Can’t mobile app
This is the worst news app on my phone! You run the same stories for days at a time. I check in with other news apps such as News Channel 9 and they are far more superior to your site. They update their stories on a daily if not hourly schedule leaving your news in their dust. I am deleting your app for lack of interest!!!!!! Too bad you don’t take more interest in your mobile news app programming!
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8 years ago, Truckin mama
Full of spam advertising
This app used to be great, but since the new update you can't even use the app. Every time you click into an article it automatically opens into the App Store, trying to get you to download some game, then when you click the button on top to go back to CNY Central, it goes right back to the app store. Very disappointing & frustrating, I expect better from a news channels app. Please fix ASAP!
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8 years ago, Tealie66
Used to be better
Used to be a great app, now it's kinda pathetic. the fact checking leaves something to be desired (ex: Berlin is in Germany, NOT Greece). Also, the links hardly ever work, no more comment section and the cover pics need to be centered better. Ugh. Seriously thinking of dropping this app. Also turned on WEATHER ONLY notifications and am getting notifications for everything. Come on guys, get it together!
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12 years ago, Mylpric
Great local news app!
Put together nicely. News opening in Safari is not a huge deal. Just one more click.
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2 years ago, SnowyShu
Can’t see it
Ever since the last part of August 2022 I can’t see it Because of a message that is down the middle and I cannot even see the end of that there is no way of viewing this any longer and it used to be my favorite. I was able to get to the end of the message on the Weather app but not this one.
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1 year ago, Cat630-
My favorite app no longer works
This channel 3 news app is fantastic if it works. But after the update it just crashes. It won’t turn on at all. I’m on iOS version 12.1, which is older I know. But there was no way to get around updating. It wouldn’t let me turn the app on unless I updated. Very disappointing. I’m heartbroken.
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11 years ago, Me reea
Love it!
Love u guys for the live Doppler as my man has to drive to Watertown everyday! We look to you for the most accurate info and major breaking news! Keep it up! Maria Garuccio
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11 years ago, CuseAlum98
A must download!
Great app! CNY Central got it right. Whole app is easy to navigate and looks great! Can get the latest weather (ideal for every Central New Yorker), shop for local deals and get the latest news on what's happening in CNY. A must download!
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11 years ago, Lfulton33
Awesome app
Love this app. Can check weather easily and it's accurate. Breaking news notification are genius.
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7 years ago, U708kk
Live broadcast
The latest update of this app must have a glitch because at least the live broadcast at noon doesn't work. I've tried it on LTE and wifi. I loved the previous version and I love the looks of the new version
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11 years ago, B. Barry
Informative app
Love the push notifications and morning forecast updates.
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10 years ago, Undrlocnkey
Love it!!
Love the breaking push notifications!! Especially the weather 1's!! I'm new to the area! "Former Buffalonian" Keep up the Good Work!!
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11 years ago, Mama4747
For the past couple if weeks this app dies on start up. I never get to see any news which is disappointing considering this is how I catch up on stuff. I have even posted my frustration in twitter but no one has said maybe we are trying to figure it out. Or thanks for the heads up. Ugh?!!!!?!!!?
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12 years ago, Nick Stamoulacatos
Awesome App!!!
Thank you CNY Central At last we do not have to deal with the snobs of channel 9. Great app and user friendly!
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4 years ago, eman5oh
Love the local new but the app needs work.
I enjoy reading the local news articles that app displays, but the poor scrolling makes my want to close the app instantly.
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6 years ago, larrie68
They recently changed the app. When I press a news story from my notifications, it doesn’t go to that news story. It just takes me to all the headlines. I scrolled and scrolled and never found the stories I received notifications on.
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11 years ago, Gassy Smurf
Fix you App
It closes as soon as you open it and apparently I'm not the only person who has this problem...want to send people the news as it happens? That's great! I get the alerts, but I cannot open up your app - disappointing and frustrating.
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6 years ago, DGMSYR
Viewing locked
Would get a better review if the app rotated to wide screen instead of vertical only. Doesn’t work with the iPad Pro 12 with a keyboard and screen protector stand. Annoying that it locks in tall mode only.
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7 years ago, Eddied315
Doesn't do anything
I've installed and opened it twice now. It does not do anything. It is stuck on first info page saying tap icon listing. Can not move it from there or 'go back' to app store via iOS link on iPad 2 on the top of the screen
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11 years ago, Joany b
Don't Bother
The app worked normally for a short time, then the it shut off seconds after it opened. I erased it and reloaded it. Once again it worked normally for a short time, then the same thing happened. I am done trying!
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11 years ago, Aok370
Love it
Love getting the news alerts! I find the app easy to navigate.
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5 years ago, Kristofer Bessette
No sound
I try to play the weather forecast and there isn’t any sound.
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6 months ago, Atticrat62
Bad update
The last update was not good. every time I open the live stream.I have to turn off the close caption. Pretty stupid.
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11 years ago, Pally028
Glorified web app
Looking at most stories and the like send you off into Safari. If I wanted that kind of experience would of just opened safari at the start and would of saved a step.
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6 years ago, Irishscotmedic
Cny central app
The app freezes up all the time I open a news article. I can’t scroll up or down. I have to close out the entire app and wait a few min and try again. This usually works.
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10 months ago, Mizzgail
Orientation is annoying
This app only works in one orientation. So annoying.
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11 years ago, BenJF3
Doesn't work on iPhone 5
Never Installed. Stuck on "Waiting" and I have no way to delete it. Tried everything from Recovery to Re-Syncing. Now I just have the dead icon sitting on my screen. Don't waste your time with it.
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8 years ago, OnkelPete
Video play stinks on ice.
Every time I go to play a video I have to wait for a half a minute to a minute ad after which I get a message box stating that "Your video cannot be played at this time." EVERY TIME?! Come on. Get this fixed!
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1 year ago, Noël Foster
New update, no more dark mode
The newest update changed the interface to all white. No dark mode option. Painful to look at.
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7 years ago, Gonzo 155
Newest update makes screen freeze every time you click on anything?
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5 years ago, Valley Girl 22
Not an improvement
The app Updated yesterday, but now the “live” weather is yesterday’s too. Please get your act together soon.
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6 years ago, 17tcp
Sinclair Group front
Just deleted the app- if they’re going to read canned political remarks dictated by a conservative conglomerate, I’ll get original news from other sources.
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9 years ago, ChelsCheal
The worst
The 2 times I downloaded this app, It would not even open. The 2nd time after I tried using it, it froze my phone! Worst app ever!!!
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7 years ago, J--man
Useless after update.
Somebody call Wayne Mahar, this app is freezing! (get it?) But honestly, you click on any story and the app freezes.
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12 years ago, Ajpbch
Can't read anything in app kicks you to website. not worth time to install
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11 years ago, laurelanne
Get 9 WSYR App instead
It loads on 4s, but with useless info! No weather, no school closing info, constant redirecting to site and consists mostly of ads. Don't bother!
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11 years ago, jedona
App closes down right after you open it. Not usable.
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11 years ago, JNSMT
I loved the app at first but now it shuts down seconds after you open it; please fix!
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2 weeks ago, gmail12
CNY central app not working can’t open the app
CNY central app not working can’t open the app up.. have iPhone 12..
Show more
11 years ago, C_williamson
Doesn't work
Funny how CNY central has no idea that their app doesn't work at all. Don't bother.
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9 years ago, Sport469
Very bad updated. I deleted the app. Back to channel 9. M
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9 years ago, Cry0man
Used to love this app
Now its erased. Go back to old set up .
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