Colorado Lottery

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Colorado Lottery
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7 months ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Colorado Lottery

3.99 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
11 months ago, Me_no_DISH
Crashes when I scan
I have used this app for many years. Lately I’ve noticed that it will crash as soon as I select the scan feature. It will continue to crash 3 or 4 times in a row but eventually it will work. IPhone 11 iOS 16.6 but it has been crashing several iOS versions ago.
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7 months ago, pistonfankid
Needs improvement
Not bad, but serval issues. The scanner is quite buggy and doesn’t always work or sometimes scans too quickly. Please, please, please add a feature where when you scan a winning ticket it tells you how much you won!! It is so ridiculous that it is a mystery, many other state lottery apps tell you right in the app how much you won immediately. Also please add a rewards program, that is another thing found in other states and makes me feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth here in Colorado, when I scan other states tickets in their app I get bonus points (in addition to 2nd chance drawings) to use on other drawings, rewards, free tickets, etc. I used to get so many rewards points when I lived in Maryland, none of that here.
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10 months ago, Markbco
Lacking compared to other states
Many other state lottery apps not only let you see how much you’ve won but allow much more like the app for Ohio letting you purchase tickets through the app and letting you cash out through the app. Responses to others suggesting that the app at least show you how much you have won are met with the response “ For security reasons, only in-store terminals are authorized to verify and determine the amount of any winnings. We're sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.” So how are many other state apps allowed to show winnings and not Colorado, make it make sense. I feel like the Colorado app is lacking compared to other states.
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1 year ago, NineSevenZero
UI Scaling needs a rework
On an iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 16.2, some objects in the UI are too close to the outer edges and corners for the screen. The top is the worst area and some elements overlap with the time, signal strength, and battery indicator. Aside from that annoyance, it’s an ok app. The ticket scanner is great, but it would be better if it told you WHAT you won instead of just essentially saying, “You won… something… go figure it out for yourself.” If you just have a single draw ticket, that’s easy enough. If you have a 10 draw ticket, this is a pain.
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2 years ago, Jleftwing97
Improvements needed
While having the ability to scan your tickets to see if you have won or not, it would be even better if it tells you how much you won. But the main reason why I gave it three stars is because of the fact that the user interface for larger screen iPhones like the promax left a lot to be desired. The selections at the bottom are at the edge of the screen while the selections at top is right on top of the selections of the iPhone user interface.
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6 years ago, ThatoneGuyTy
Can’t make profile
Why is it that I see the same review over and over again about people not being able to create a profile and yet there is not one developer response to any of those reviews. That is super frustrating because I am having the same issue, which in turn doesn’t even allow me to scan my tickets and have access to the second drawings. Can someone please look into this and at least attempt to fix it otherwise there is very little to no use of this up for me. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Luna_May
I love the fact that you can use this app to scan scratch ticket’s barcode and find out if you won or not. If it’s not a winning ticket, the app will notify you that it automatically entered it for the second draw (if it’s eligible of course). No annoying ads!! One tap to open the app and scan away! I’ve had zero issues with the app.
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5 years ago, Dv8death
Used to work just great but not after new update!
I used to love this app. I was able to check and see which scratchers had the most winners, and I could check all of my scratch tickets and lotto tickets anywhere(even though I still check the numbers just in case) but after the new update it’s stuck on the blue screen like other reviews’s been this way for a few days so why hasn’t it been fixed? And there’s the fact that the developer doesn’t seem to respond to most issues. Seriously? Fix the app it could only improve your sales...
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9 months ago, ChristopherMusic
CAN NOT SCAN tickets!
TICKET SCAN STILL FAILS in new app (Latest Update Sept 2023) via iPhone14Pro! We waited over a year for this update and the app still can not focus the camera on the barcodes (or anything)! Do you guys even try testing this app on different devices? This problem has remained for over a year! The app does not apply the correct focal length for the default camera lens it uses. Sure the new app fixes many interface issues but the fact we still can't scan tickets makes this update such an utter fail!!!
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5 years ago, skluba
Not a user friendly app. I wonder if it’s accurate?
The app is not user friendly and not well thought out. One section they call it SCAN then another section is called Jackpot. The Jackpot section is for manually checking numbers. Jackpot should be renamed to some thing more intuitive. On the lower menu bar. The scan and jackpot sections should be next to each other. I wonder if the app is accurate and really reports winning tickets? One more thing. The scan feature does not always work
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2 years ago, TwerkyMckghee
Pretty worthless for a lottery app.
It will let you scan a ticket but, if you win something it doesn't say what you won. It just says go to a retailer to find out. And if you don't win anything it just says, sorry you didn't win. It doesn't show a comparison of your numbers to the numbers that we're drawn, I like to be able to see for myself. The app also doesn't show how each game is played, like if you match 3 numbers out of 6 you get $3. Being new to Colorado from Washington State, this app blows.
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3 years ago,
Useless, doesn’t work.
I’ve used this app for years with no problem. It has been easy to use and convenient. This latest version is highly problematic on both the latest iOS and iPadOS. I had to delete and reinstall the app when it wouldn’t let me delete saved Jackpot favorite numbers as new ones wouldn’t save. Now I can’t add any and get an error they are unable to be saved and the page goes blank. The latest version of this app claims to have fixed this, but it didn’t.
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2 years ago, Nay41431
Great app but could be better
One thing I really wish this had was when you scan it and it says it a winner it tells you the amount bc I usually buy 10-30 tickets and going through them all individually takes time I wish I could save.
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5 years ago, musicmuse25
Colorado Lottery app works well for me
I use it pretty regularly. It can sometime glitch but a quick reboot usually does the job. I’ll continue to use it to check numbers, see the jackpots draws, and see what prizes are left on the scratch tickets. No since shooting for a big scratch ticket jackpot if it’s already been purchased
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4 years ago, UID_0
Works great for me!!
I use this all the time, works great! I scan scratch tickets as well as Jackpot tickets, manually check numbers and it has been working great. The best part is scanning a scratch ticket and having it automatically entered in the 2nd chance drawing! I login and my entries are there plus I get emails that have the new entries.
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5 years ago, wkande
Sad app - doesn’t scan
I got this app a few weeks ago and it does fails to complete the scan. It says it was able to scan the ticket but got an error trying to verify it. I got excited a few days ago when an update came out saying the problem was fixed. Nope sorry same issue. Pretty bad coding when the app is deployed and its main feature does not work. Update: March 17th. Downloaded the app again thinking they must have fixed it by now. Nope. Not only do scans not work it will not load scratch game either.
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5 years ago, venuspost
Creating profiles
I see a lot of people are having problems. I recommend you going to the website first to create your profile. Verify your email, then log onto your account via your app. It just so happens that how I did it and it works great! Good luck and many happy games!!!
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2 years ago, Mapguy75
Great app in overall
To earn full 5 stars from me, please make the app to tell me the amount of prize I won on each winner tickets. It’s nice to be able scan the barcode to find out if it’s a loser or winner but knowing the actual value of prize is a plus from my experience in other states.
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6 years ago, Jdean710
Can't Register
I've had this app for a couple months and have tried REPEATEDLY to create an account. It's incredibly difficult to even put your info in, and then when I finally get to hit the "create my account" button it crashes the app. I've uninstalled and reinstalled repeatedly, and still run into the same issues with putting my info in and then it crashing. I'm over this app, and how poorly it has been developed, considering the large amount of user's that are using this...
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6 months ago, Cagefight
Would give 5 stars if the app told you how much you’ve won
Hello, I’m not here to complain or tell you how to design an app, but I would really like to know how much I’ve won on my lucky for life tickets and on scratch tickets. Otherwise this app is great and I use it daily, thank you
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4 years ago, KBLwins
Works go me !
I have been using for the last three or four months now I find that it’s a convenient tool for my scratch off and lottery tickets. It use to be a real pain to register for the second chance drawings. You just wish I could hit at least a four figure winnings
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1 year ago, Opp-photo
Works great, but needs more!
I like the app! Works great most of the time! Sometimes a little slow on updating numbers from lotto draws. Would be nice if when you scanned a winning ticket, it would tell you how much you won!
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4 years ago, DC Marq
2nd Chance
I mainly use the app for the 2nd chance lottery. Still waiting to see if any come back as a winner or if they are not really logged. It also works about 98% of the time when scanning my tickets or Lottos. Pretty decent odds to go with there.. Lol. Overall it does what I want it to do
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4 years ago, mmmlovescolottery
Better than no App at all
I use this app regularly and sometimes it won't scan a ticket or scratcher, sometimes it's blank, and then more often than not it works just fine. It is extremely frustrating when it doesn't work so I'm hoping the app will continue to be improved upon.
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5 years ago, Nina Sich
Great app
This app is great. I can scan my tickets and am able to see immediately if I’m a winner, and how much. It also gives everyone the opportunity to see what’s coming in the future, as far as new games.
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10 months ago, MileHighDoc
Could be better!
We used the one for Montana when we lived there and knew exactly how much we won. This one tells you you “might be a winner.” But gives no amount won. It’s also poorly responsive and laggy. It could be so much better!
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6 years ago, Big Tom Travel
Can’t scan instant ticket
Followed the direction no auto scan scratch ticket function... bang. Bug.. Tried manual scan function ... boom no function... Bug I like the concepts in this app but basic app functions should work especially with scratch tickets... they are an impulse buy!! My WiFi bandwidth 140 mps running on iPhone 8 with all Apple updates... come on guys I know together we can do better
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5 years ago, JROCtwister
App doesn’t display or save favorites
Just created an account and logged in (by the way: you ask for too much personal info - stop that please - you don’t need it). Second: App doesn’t display favorites - it shows blank balls but it does check them correctly - annoying. Third: logged in, stored favorites (still now showing), uninstalled app, reinstalled, logged back in - favorites gone. Please fix. Running version 4.2.2.
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5 years ago, Fixthekeyboard
Decent app
The 4 stars is because it does not scan non-scratch tix. I recently encountered the same issue others reported where it identified the ticket but asked to try again later. A quick uninstall/reinstall fixed the issue for me.
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5 years ago, CO Kat
Great but could be better
It scans my lotto, cash 5, & scratch tickets. I love that it can also auto enter you into second chance drawings. What I wish it'd do is to tell you the amount you won so you know where to go to cash it in.
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2 years ago, Won't Even Let Me Submit Name
Worst Lottery App
This is literally the worst lottery app I have ever seen. Allows you to input favorite numbers, but when you ask to check numbers, it never pulls up latest drawing. I have tried clearing cache and reinstalling app, but never checks number to latest drawing. It will eventually check numbers after the next drawing. Easier to check numbers by hand.
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4 years ago, Bobbybadass84
It works as advertised!!!!
You can scan all of your tickets, every single kind and it will tell you if you won or try again.
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5 years ago, ClerdR
Doesn’t always give correct info
I had reported that it doesn’t always advise winners on Cash 5 tickets. Was told that instant prizes weren’t advised !! What ?? So much for never missing a winning ticket. If it can’t tell me the numbers drawn for each and every game then I can’t trust this app. I use it to scan tickets and I’m hoping that is working for the 2nd chance draws !!
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5 years ago, mb1532
App Notifications
When trying to set up the notifications through the app it crashes and then when you get out of the app and go to settings and notifications the app isn’t even listed as capable. Ticket scanner even when camera is option is approved doesn’t work sometimes.
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4 years ago, yujvfdthklnb
Works fine
I just loaded the app and it didn’t scan. Works out I had to manually go to settings for the app and turn on the camera.
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4 years ago, Tumseneho
Great APP
I find this is a great time saver. I successfully scan every ticket and go cash in. Love having this available, instead of holding up the lines at the stores.
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5 years ago, InternalCombustion
Works as stated
Ok, in spite of all the negative reviews I downloaded the app, gave it access to my camera, and immediately scanned two tickets (MegaMillions and PowerBall). Then I set up my profile. Text entry appeared frozen at first so I just clicked on the “x” to the right of the field and it woke up. A bit clumsy maybe but no biggie. For me, everything worked as advertised. Regarding the other negative reviews, not sure what the problem is. I’m satisfied.
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6 months ago, wakeele
Functional but clunky design
I pretty much says it all; you can get the information you’re looking for, but the interface and design is a bit lacking. The best I’ve seen so far is California’s lottery app. Take note Colorado Lottery.
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3 years ago, Rolmsted
Broken - don’t waste your data and memory
This used to be a great app but seems there is no longer updates. This app hasn’t worked for a few months & my patience while waiting for a fix has come to an end. One would think the money made with sales and lack of winners the app would works flawless. Smh…
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6 years ago, Lottery Customer
Last update disappointing
The description for the last update, where they tell you what they fix, says they tested it and tested it and tested it. That is BS. It doesn’t save favorite #’s and so you can’t check favorites, and some pages do not load. Also, some pages do not adjust if you turn your phone sideways. March 2018 update.
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4 years ago, ako.51
Rate the App
It works great ! There are occasions when it does not update in a timely manner but it is usually updated w/ the new picked numbers within 24 hrs. This is convenient for me and I love it
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5 years ago, Sarahjo80
Highly functional
I have used this app for years with no issues. It provides a great deal of information efficiently. :)
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4 years ago, Jmarsolek
Works ok if you just want to check nimbers
I never scan tickets, just use to check jackpot numbers. App doesn't show all the results for the new state lottery. The multiplier isn't reported for the colorado state lotto ie x1, x2, x3 etc. I questioned this once and got at snotty answer so I just quit playing that game.
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5 years ago, Aa129
Works, barely
Tired of having to close and reopen to get latest numbers in jackpot. Even worse is the app constantly saying you can have another chance to win by scanning your tickets in for drawings then not being able to get signed in. The scanner to check winning numbers works well but the overall app needs work.
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5 years ago, Crunchy_White
Very Convenient
It has saved me a lot of time struggling at the machine in the store. I can both scan the ticket and lookup winning numbers to verify myself as well. Good App.
Show more
10 months ago, Dicey1402
Security requirements? No, Laziness.
The reply of “we can’t show how much a ticket won due to security requirements” is either a lie or laziness or both. If it’s a unique state law or restriction then say that instead. But so many other state lotteries will show the amount won when scanned , so why can’t yours?
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4 years ago, Jjrjdjdnejehdhehrhrhe
The app itself works great except every time I scan a ticket it says “sorry this ticket is not a winner”. That’s been highly disappointing.
Show more
5 years ago, Zacey
User Friendly Interface!
If it weren’t so easy to use this application I would never know if I had winning scratch or Lotto tickets!
Show more
4 years ago, johnny5160
Second chance
I love this app! But my only suggestion would be to show the second chance winners on the appOther than that I love this app
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5 years ago, mia0130
Easy to use
Easy to use and up to date, love checking winning numbers and scratch tickets
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