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12 months ago
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User Reviews for Coloradoan

4.21 out of 5
872 Ratings
7 years ago, #AwesomeAnderson
So far so Good
Good local news. Would love to have a search bar on the app. Please post and be up to the moment with stories that are happening i.e. Car crashes that are impacting traffic flow and more positive happy local stories of people /kids doing awesome things and Weather. THX Coloradoan-
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7 months ago, BIgT1976
Annoying full screen ads & random sign outs - mostly fixed
Update - The app has been fixed so that it now recognizes me as a subscriber when I access a story from an email. The app has also quit randomly signing me out, so…Thanks! Now, if they would just do something about the frequent full page splash ads imploring me to subscribe, even though I have been a subscriber for decades. I updated the app recently at the urging of the Coloradoan, who said it would ‘improve security’. Instead, I now have an app that doesn’t recognize me as a subscriber. When I access a story by clicking on an email link, about 5 seconds after the story opens, I get a full page splash ad asking me to subscribe, even though I have been a subscriber for 30 years. The app will also randomly log me out, but I seem to get these ads whether I am logged in or out. When the splash ad requires that I re-enter user and password information, it also requires that I fill out multiple ‘I am not a robot’ click on the pictures, sometimes as many as 4 or 5. About all this update did was up the annoyance factor. With newspaper subscriptions falling, can the Coloradoan really afford to annoy long term subscribers? You really think they would FIX THE STUPID APP!!
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2 years ago, MarvP
Out of date news, untimely and poor coordination with printed paper
The iPad version of this app is useless unless you are interested in "news" that is days, weeks or in some cases months old. Updating does nothing to fix this. While there might be one or two up-to-date articles, it by no means mirrors the local news that appears in the paper copy. Useless! It is impossible to tell which articles are current since they carrry no date. My Sunday paper was delivered very late (didn’t come till after 9:00AM), so I read the online version instead. When I compared what was actually in the local printed paper with what was online I was shocked that all the major stories in the paper were not in this app version. But they had lots of articles from earlier in the week that I had already read. They charge us for the paper no matter whether it gets delivered or not or if we stop delivery because we will be out of town because they say “Just read it online.” This app’s content is a pathetic excuse as a replacement for an actual daily newspaper. A better example of a quality online paper can be found at “Summit Daily News”, especially their “e-edition” that is a duplication of the actual hard-copy paper. It is all the more remarkable because it is a FREE newspaper!
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2 years ago, Another Annoyed Subscriber
Amateur App That’s Needs Rewritting
This is a horrible app. At times it requires me to login a second time, after I have already logged in. Very annoying. Other times it tells me I cannot read a “For Subscribers” article even though I have a full subscription to printed and digital materials. Plus, I do not want to receive ANY emails from The Coloradoan but I have not been able to find the option in Settings to turn it off. I have all Notifications turned off but apparently there is another obscure setting that is not so easy to find. As per industry standards for web development, the “emails” Setting should either be part of the Notifications Settings or conspicuously located next to it. And, as is par for the course, the “Unsubscribe” link in the emails does not work. Unbelievable.
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3 years ago, jmvdigital
Got tired of irrelevant auto-play videos
The Coloradoan is inexcusably one of the only websites and apps that still auto-plays videos on EVERY page/story. And what’s even more annoying is they are so desperate that the video rarely relates to that specific news item. The last straw before I deleted the app was I accidentally clicked on a news headline that I thought was an article, but was actually a video. It immediately open a full-screen video advertisement that I could not stop or close or back out of without leaving the entire Coloradoan app. I am still a subscriber, in the hopes that one day, the Coloradoan will return to quality journalism.
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6 years ago, Ddd27**
Horrible Digital Access and Customer Service
As a paid subscriber to “full digital access” I can’t find anything. The articles you can get aren’t current, and they select what you see. Sports is spotty, obituaries show 1-2 lines with no pictures or information. The description said I would have the full e-view of the paper, which I don’t get. I’ve contacted the Coloradoan 3 times in a 12 day period with no response other than the automated “we’ve received your request” reply, saying they would follow up in the next business day. Ha! I believe in supporting newspapers, but I’m not going to pay for something I do t get. Digital needs a lot of work.
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5 months ago, BH4000
The app has gone backward
THe Coloradoan app has gone backward. The news coverage is good but the app itself is really clunky! The former Digital Print edition worked smoothly and allowed easy swiping between pages on my tablet. The current version is jerky and often jumps from one mode to the next. The navigation bars on the side now limit the screen screen size and provide little to no functional value. It is so bothersome I now switch to other news feeds quickly after reviewing the must read local news.
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4 years ago, beckycullinan
App not working after installing IOS 14
I liked the app when it was working. However, since installing IOS 14 on both my iPhone XS and my iPad Pro, the app crashes five seconds after I open it. I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to no avail. I’m unable to use App Support to notify the development team because that function attempts to open the app where I’m supposed to report the issue. I’m now on the paper’s website and am chatting with someone in customer support to let them know of the issue. Their “solution” is to “refresh your tools after few hours and log in again”. I’ll give it a shot later today.
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3 years ago, Greatpics
Ft collins Coloradoan
Sunday April 4th. Still reporting the same story over and over in the same edition. “Wingless flight”. Three times this morning, Dad Dude, at least twice. It’s like they are desperate for anything to fill space. An officer shooting in Greeley yesterday-not a word. Looks like the last dying breaths of a once important part of Ft Collins. I’m done with it. Sorry
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1 year ago, Cambonie
Worthless App & “Newspaper”
Have to agree with recent reviews that rate the app and the newspaper as terrible. Access 3 articles and then have to buy an overpriced subscription, subscriber only articles, all the ads even with a subscription, days and weeks old articles, constant pleas for money for their “under paid” staff, a hard copy subscription for over $50/month??? Not worth it in my opinion. Is there an option for zero stars?
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7 years ago, ChicagoBluesboy
Support your local newspaper!
Coloradoan delivers in print and digital with constant news updates, video, pictures and even some interesting personal interest stories and features. It may not be the best but it's the best we've got and I'm thankful for it!
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2 years ago, greenMGB
Need customer support
App was stuck in a loop. Had to call customer support to get that fixed. Then it wouldn’t open subscribed content. Fortunately support was still online and could fix that also. App does not reflect what is in the paper. It’s a very poor substitute for a real newspaper. Now that there is no Saturday paper it shows just how much worse it is.
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2 years ago, cfsw
Faulty app—does not work. There is no support.
I placed a subscription on December 29, 2021. The app worked for three months and then stopped working. I contacted the local newspaper, and they told me they could not help me because I had ordered the app through Apple. I contacted the developer twice. They did not respond. I contacted Apple and they suggested various ideas for troubleshooting that I had already tried. They would not issue a prorated refund.
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2 years ago, Caleeb27
Reliable local news
I love this news source. I like to keep up on local issues. I understand the paywall it’s a reasonable cost. I just wish the pop up didn’t make the app irritating to use.
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2 years ago, qurlyjoe
Don’t bother getting this
I’ve had it for 5 years. Used to work fine. Not so much anymore. Articles tagged as “for subscribers” are blocked. Gannet support says they can’t help because I bought it from Apple store. They haven’t responded to multiple requests for help. Since Gannet bought the paper quality of local coverage has gone way down, subscription prices have gone up.
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1 year ago, tinseytrouble
Subscriber can’t access
I’m spending valuable time trying to access thes newspaper. I’m receiving email notifications for top news, I’m able to access my account, but when I try to read subscriber articles I’m prompted to subscribe. I’m tired of checking off photos of various pictures of motorcycles crosswalks and bridges! They are terrible pictures that are hard to decipher!
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5 months ago, Jenfoco
Too many captchas for older eyes
Dear Coloradoan, you are alienating older readers by making the captchas difficult to identify on phone apps. We don’t have younger eyes and for that reason older folks may stop subscribing
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7 months ago, 100ThievesCraven
Love it
Keeps me up to date with everything going on in town, I’m just to busy to watch the news
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2 years ago, Dgrobby
Small town publication
Fort Collins does not have enough news to merit having a local news source. The daily use to be printed here and has been purchased by a larger company and now provides most of the news from outside the region.
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2 years ago, FtcAW
Can I give negative stars?
App does not work half of the time. I sign my devices into my account and I keep getting logged out or told I need to log in or purchase a subscription which I already have. There is no readily available phone number to call for assistance with subscriptions. About ready to cancel that subscription if I can’t log in.
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3 years ago, Suzann E.
Like to have everyday All articles Up to Date and New instead of Only few!!! Great Newspaper and ONLY want Digital on My Phone but Really Enjoy Reading ALL!!! Thank You!!!
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2 years ago, Chaya's dragon
Local news
Great to still have a source of local news!
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2 years ago, John NoCO
Keeping it local
Access to well-written news about where we live.
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5 months ago, 2020rwm
Great app
Love the newspaper on line and love being able to access other editions from other cities.
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2 years ago, fartcoop
Often only old news
Occasionally nothing changes from day to day and I have to look at a Denver news source to get breaking or even current news.
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1 year ago, Totally hooked!!!!
What happened
Have lived here for 95% of my life and for some reason the “paper” (print or online) has gone down hill. Should have ALL LOCAL news. Search is ridiculously stupid. Would love to support local, but when Reporter Harold (out of Loveland) has more news for Fort Collins…..that’s really sad.
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3 years ago, Rock 5280
The Fort Collins Resource
As someone who grew up in Fort Collins but now resides in Aurora, this is the app I use to keep up with events in my hometown. That’s especially true for all things CSU.
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6 months ago, Kay Lov
Informative and excellent writing without spin!!
I have particularly enjoyed the content of a new journalist Natasha Lovato. I appreciate that actual journalists are writing for the Coloradoan
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7 months ago, Bt5398
Prefer old print edition version
With the old version, one could go single page width and scroll in landscape, so my older eyes could read on iPad, like reading normal newspaper. I can do this on the Denver Post app, but can’t figure out how to get there on new Coloradoan app.
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4 years ago, Tiptoe9901
Worst subscribe function ever
Like the title says. I can’t even tell you how many different ways I have tried to subscribe. How many different accounts I have made. How many useless “chat helpers” I have chatted with. This has gone on for 2 years now. I love my local news. Hate my local newspaper digital app. I’ll “You have no more free stories!” “Please subscribe!” 🔫🤯💨
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3 months ago, sonhanson73
Could be better
Published news articles are not always current
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6 months ago, Bird Man of Molt
Part of my essential reading so I just have to be patient.
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5 years ago, Fab Guy
If you live in Fort Collins it’s worth subscribing to.
Good local coverage. I especially enjoyed a recent article on the Poudre River trail. The subscription is very reasonable, especially with the current specials.
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6 years ago, Jscharto
Awful, glitchy app
I’m so frustrated with this app. I can’t read my local news because it won’t load half the time and the rest of the time the content is weeks old and won’t refresh. I deleted and re-installed the app and now there’s new, fresh issues preventing me from reading the news. Complete garbage.
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4 years ago, plpallone
Great ‘local’ news and event coverage!
Truly enjoy reading about local news and events.
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4 years ago, Seal eyes
Great app
Enjoying this apps feature with breaking news etc.
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7 months ago, Tookles38
The app keeps freezing. I have to close the app, restart it, and flip back to the article that I was reading. I hope that this can be fixed soon!
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4 years ago, Rob100101102103104105106107108
Tired of wasting money
Love to read the local paper, but they don’t keep article up to date. Went to find info on state lock down for covid-19, nothing not a flipping word. I’ve put up with article being old, but this is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, vbnmjjhgfds
Coloradoan app
Online print version has been freezing up immediately upon tapping on an article. This has been going on for a couple of weeks at least. Getting ready to just cancel Coloradoan subscription as I do not like the digital version.
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5 years ago, Another Reader 1972
Poorly Designed
Why is “news” that is a week old on the front page. It’s “olds” not “news”. Tough to navigate and find “favorites “.
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5 years ago, NewtoFortCollins
Great local news
Great source for local news coverage.
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3 years ago, Dr. AGC
Too many ads not enough news
This app is basically a platform for advertising with an occasional news story thrown in-EVEN FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS! I have paid way too much for mostly junk content. I do NOT recommend this app.
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6 months ago, Cpt. Capitalist
It would be great if I could pay (more) money to get rid of the ads. Ads are ruining the internet
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3 years ago, #osier*
Sign in
I have to sign in everyday I want to read even though I have tried to save sign-in. Pain I usually just by-pass to avoid hassle. Kinda a waste of $ for me.
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5 months ago, MD17$/9
Where is the Print Edition
This app forced an update and I no longer am able to view an entire page on the screen. Please return to the print edition option.
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3 years ago, tftttrrttrtt
Money pit hole
I keep throwing my money into this pit hole, hoping it gets better, access to the print edition is nearly impossible, they keep raising the rates , another example of the times we live in, I’d give it a 0 rating if I could.
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10 months ago, YrHmblSrvnt
Seriously buggy app
The app’s section “top stories from USA Today” has been broken for quite some time. There’s no tech support to contact, and I still get charged every month. Should I vote with my feet?
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1 year ago, CO NOT
Probably the worst app out there -
Totally unreliable, difficult to use, no customer support. If there was an option for less than one star, I would have used it.
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3 years ago, Nickname 10101
Really awful at keeping me signed in
That's about it. If I am always signed out, there is no point to having the app. I am constantly a single click away from cancelling my subscription.
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6 years ago, Joey 5cents
Getting worse
This app is getting worse with each version. Now you have to pay to read any story, there are still too many too-large ads, and it’s still full of poorly written left-leaning liberal bias. Sad.
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