Coloring Book for Adults.

4.7 (52.6K)
85.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coloring Book for Adults.

4.71 out of 5
52.6K Ratings
2 weeks ago, just color on
Coloring books for adults
The pictures of various room designs has been so relaxing I wish I had found this app before now, however, I’m just enjoying this so much. Creative coloring has opened up a delightful way to release any stresses. I would like to see street scenes of cities and small towns. I highly recommend this app. The longer I have been using this adult creative program, the more I want to be involved with more challenging options to choose from. Any stressors of the day, melt away. The more time I spend on this site, the more I enjoy it. The designs are all so beautiful I just keep looking forward to coloring the next picture. Whenever I feel any stresses, this app helps me relax and get involved in something I enjoy. After a rather long break I’ve returned to my favorite activity! I just finished one project and I’m so happy to be back. My days are always enjoyable when I take some time to be creative. Hope you have found happiness completing a project like the one I just finished. Just get started and you’ll love what you accomplished.
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1 year ago, Judy4729
Good, easy to use,
I like this app. Not perfect, but really, really good. (Perhaps a 4.5?) There is a wide range of art to color, from abstract to goofy to complex. Some of the art should have been tested before release: when the lines dividing sections of the picture are flawed, you get adjacent sections the same color, so you may get weird results. (Hmm, blue face, or tan sky?) In other cases it just challenges my resourcefulness. The range of hues and tints is limited and uneven, especially in lighter shades. But hey, it’s a free app, and they do keep adding new art! I got a couple of coloring books from other sources, and they have LOADS more problems with incomplete borders between sections, and areas so small that you have to tap a dozen or so times before the program realizes you want to color that area. This book is WAY easier to use. Add-on comment, October 2021 Thanks for continuing to update your coloring book. I continue to enjoy it, and appreciate the new pages you keep adding. The new pages that I’ve done are usually problem-free. I like this feature: If you want to reuse a color, but you don’t know which pale green or whatever it was, you can place your finger on that color in any picture, and it shows you in the color family it was picked from.
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6 years ago, Makaveli Sixx
Awesome App; Truly Free & Massive
Free apps usually are full of ads every where and locked content to purchase... while an ad does appear once in awhile, it's not too frequent. But besides the massively cool selection of coloring BOOKS and the UI is so clean and smooth...& options are plentiful! With no in game purchases; you can do coloring and relax without the stupid ads taking you back to the app store for another app 😖hate that haha As for the coloring bookS.... There are SO many options, so I guess there's something for almost everyone? The only thing I'd change is the color system. While not bad at all, it'd be cool to have shading and different aspects of the color tones they present you with. The color selection is broad and the tones of each are great. However, if there had to be something I would change it'd be adding different ASPECTS of those tones. Meaning, different shading, light hitting different spots, fades, etc. That's just a personal desire though & in no way makes the awesomeness of this app. 5+ GET IT!
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2 years ago, cosmocat_
This is by far, no comparison the best coloring book there is. It’s the most simplified app to color. You just pick a color, and done. No mixing, no unnecessary options like shading, balance, or any of that, and lastly, it’s a classic click-to-color; there’s no “color by number” or having to drag your finger as if you’re really coloring. I would pay for an add-free version. Update: As I’m looking through the options, I see there’s a “girl” section, like the “My Shoes”, “My Style” and rather feminine coloring design options. I’m trying to avoid the word “manlier”, and I don’t want to use the term, but I have to; gender neutral. I’d love for there to be something of a masculine option, like coloring shoes based on sports (ex:cleats for baseball, shoes for basketball, etc), or adding more options to the cars section. Heck, I’d love to even color homes, restrooms, bathrooms. It’s so lubricous to say, but it’s simply because the simplicity of the app and it’s color options, it’s fantastic.
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2 years ago, geomertry dash lover
BEST GAME EVER (suggestions)
I absolutely love this game, it’s a little addicting but super fun. I love how you can choose different categories. And the ads? What ads?? The ads are at the top of the screen so the don’t interfere with your coloring. The only ad I see is the one after you exit out your masterpiece, which you can exit out of immediately. But for the backgrounds you can only color it, I think it would be cool if we could add photos or at least color it with multiple colors. Let’s take the Christmas one for instance, ( the one with the merry Christmas letters and gloves ) It would be cool if I could add a close up picture of a furnace with stockings. Also it kind of annoying when you use a color, then use a different color, Then you lost the first color you were using. So, I think it would be useful if there was a way you could click on the color you used, then it would take you to the color. That’s pretty much all..bye! SHREK
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2 years ago, AppleMartini5
Wish other “in-app” ads were as quick
This FREE app allows you to color, STRESS FREE, WITHOUT annoying ads popping up continually, and when one does decide to pop-up, after COMPLETION, you actually have the choice to close the ad immediately!!! There is a very tiny banner at the top of the page with an advertisement however, it’s NOT obtrusive and or distracting at all! Having ADHD this is very annoying with some other apps, which I’ve deleted even after paying for “no-ads” I still get them! I really miss the days, when you could just purchase the app up front and you were done…NO ridiculous monthly fees, and or wasting time being forced to watch ads, so you can continue the game, or coloring a picture! It only takes away the reason why I’m wanting to color, or play a game.. to relieve my stress and anxiety, instead it intensifies it… A NO STRESS, just a simple and nice temporary escape.. from this app, THANK YOU!
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5 months ago, Pookabug
I absolutely love this!!
I cannot tell you how much I love this app! It is completely awesome!!! (And by the way I almost never get around to reviewing, well pretty much anything!) I love how many different choices they give you of “things“ to color and it’s easy and fast and they come out beautifully!! I am just thrilled to pieces, whenever I have a few minutes to kill I’ll either start one, work on and complete one and sometimes just do the whole thing start to finish!! It’s so fun to just sit and look at them when you’re all done, I love color, I love coloring and I just don’t always have the gumption to get out my adult coloring books and all my gel pens and colored pencils and all of that! This is great, very relaxing and fulfilling!!!! A great artistic outlet! If anyone has even a thought about whether or not they should get it… YES… Yes, you absolutely should!👍🏼😊 Couple years later now and I still LOVE this app!!!👍🏼
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6 years ago, Kate Lynn 27
Fun to tap but.....
I have enjoyed this app on my iPad 2018 using my Apple pencil, but it only allows you to tap to apply the colors. I miss being able to use the Apple Pencil tip to actually color in between the lines as that gives you the feeling of actually coloring a coloring book. Of course, that, I’m sure, is a more complicated programming process and this is a free app. Considering that, this is a simple coloring app that does provide me with enjoyment and relaxation. I am sure that children of all ages will enjoy this app as it has many different types of coloring pages to choose from. There are very simple coloring pages on up to very complicated and intricate design pages. Something for everyone and every mood. There are 17 colors to choose from along the bottom of the screen, and when you tap on a color it gives you 17 shades of that color to choose from. So, essentially you have 289 colors to choose from in the app.
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10 months ago, **gram**
best coloring book
I have tried several coloring book apps. This is the only coloring book app that I have kept and continue to use over the years. I didn’t want color by number as I want to choose the colors myself. This coloring app allows me to do that. They added more birds to color on their latest update. This app works well. The ads are not bothersome. There isn’t really anything I can complain about. I highly recommend this app if you are looking for a coloring book that has a variety of categories to choose from. I especially enjoy the mandalas. You can erase the the entire page at any time and begin over on any of the pictures you are coloring. You can also “undo” any color in any one space if you want to change the color in that part of the picture. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP. Thank you developers for creating this app
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4 years ago, Breaklik
Great Coloring App!!!!
I love this coloring app. I have downloaded so many different coloring apps trying to find one that I could actually get a large variety of free pages to color. With most of these types of apps, I kept running into the same issue over and over. Each time I would try a new one, I could only get maybe 2 or 3 free pages per category. I feel like it’s false advertising to promote a certain kind of application yet it’s actual purpose is hidden behind a forest of pricey subscriptions. Thankfully, when I opened “Coloring Book”, there were so many categories of pages to color, not only that, they were all free! This is exactly what I was looking for in a coloring app. and it had the goods, exactly as advertised in the description. There were no hidden fees or agendas, no pay-per-page nonsense and with a diverse selection of pages to color at that! Highly recommend!! Thank you!!!
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9 months ago, BuddyBeagle101
Love It!!
I did almost all of the pictures in the first category, pretty much all in 1 day, on my first day of getting this app! It’s so relaxing & fun to be able to be creative! It’s so different then the other apps on my phone, I definitely recommend getting this if you are thinking of getting this!!! Update: I’ve been using this app for a few a few days now & while I’m not coloring in all the pictures in each of the categories that it has all in one day, like I did with my first day of getting the app & using it, because some pictures have more small details & sometimes I get busier then other days, that I may not color as much as some of the other days, but I think it’s still really fun & relaxing to do. It’s a great way to wane down & destress, when you are stressing about something & if your just bored & need something to do!
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4 years ago, Cookies,
Awesome Game
This is an awesome game! It is kid friendly and you have such a wide selection of coloring sheets. There are different themes and from there you choose a coloring sheet of the theme you chose. Ads barely pop up and when they do it says open or close. You don’t even need to watch a video which is nice. One thing I would change is the amount of colors. Although they have every color in the rainbow I would hope they could make it so you can mix colors. With the colors you can change the shade of each color to your preference. Another great thing is you can upload the picture you colored into your photos so you can redo the coloring sheet multiple times. I love this game and it keeps me busy when I’m bored or anxious. I am so glad I got this game and I don’t regret it. The best thing about it is that it is totally free of charge.
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4 years ago, Social Distancing, Student/Mom
Looking for Distraction in This Social Distancing Moment
I am pleased to have just created my first-ever, “coloring drawing.” I had heard this activity was calming, so I tried out one other free app which I disliked and deleted immediately . Then, I tried this free app. The app and activity are easy, fun and allowed me to relax enough to grab a bit more shut-eye. Now I’m up and writing this post before I drink my coffee and listen to the Sunday morning TV shows about this unprecedented week. I will need a strong cup of joe and all that calm w good sleep as my family heads into day 3 of our family’s formal social distancing. I sent the final “drawing” to my extended family who are also social distancing in their homes because the app makes sending easy, too. Right away after receiving my “coloring,” my sister thanked me —-which I assume means she will download it, too! I recommend this simple, amusing activity!
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5 years ago, closetdiva
Great Free Coloring Therapy!
I don’t usually jump on this quick to rate/review, but I’ve used several of the other coloring apps out there. The ones that have gone subscription base or require in-app purchases to unlock the full potential. I’m on a tight budget, and like using coloring apps to unwind or while I’m waiting for appointments, etc. This app is easy to use, has a decent variety of colors (for free!), and very minimal pop-up ads. (The majority are in a thin banner above your art, other than when you exit your artwork to choose something else. And so far, none of those seem to be the data hog “play this other addicting matching game with in-app purchases” that run for 30 seconds or more before letting you X out.) So kudos to the developers for providing a coloring app w/ a nice, simple interface and tons of free, interesting pictures/designs to color! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Jij27
App approved!
This app is such a stress reliever and it's really relaxing to just sit back and just color all day on this app. I love it how the app's color choices are ALL FREE than the other coloring book apps. And it gives you so many variations of coloring books like food, mandalas (personal favorite), animals and so much more. I just got the app and I'm almost done with my first mandala coloring book. The best part is that it's really simple and easy to fix mistakes. A pre schooler can do it! All of the coloring books that the app provides you with are all free! If you want to finish your masterpiece afterwards, it will automatically save your coloring so you won't worry about redoing the art work from the beginning ( if you don't like your color scheme before, there's also a reset button provided ). And to top all of the positives about this outstanding, terrific coloring app, it's free!
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9 months ago, ILRC for Bvi
Lov’n It
Relaxing and meditative. The ads aren’t distracting. Well done! A lot of pictures and variety of styles from which to choose. I like that you can change the colors until you get what you like. Update: so glad to see you’re adding new pictures to color. Lots of fun! Update: still loving it. I’m ready to start changing what I’ve already completed. It would be even better if there was a way to save the ones you’ve done so you can compare them. I deleted the app and took a one year break from coloring. I’m happy that I was able to find the app again and start coloring. Everything I did before is gone so I am starting with a blank slate. I’m happy to be back! Still loving this app. Still enjoying the app. No issues…It still rates at 5 stars. Still going strong. 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟
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6 years ago, Lady Shimakaze
All-Time Favorite
There are many other coloring books for adults out there, and this book has become my all-time favorite. I appreciate that some pictures are very detailed and complicated and when I’m in the mood for some deep focus time, I can work a beautifully intricate picture and burn off some real creative energy. There are also some relatively easy pictures, so if I just need a quick burn, I can chose one of the easier pics to color. This is also a very thick coloring book, with lots and lots of pictures and a large variety of themes to chose from. Mechanically, the colors and pictures are flawless to use, I have not experienced any issues or grumpiness. Very user friendly, thank you for this coloring book, it helps to calm me down when I need it!
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5 years ago, WandersY
Simple, but nice.
This is what it says it is. Good range of pictures with a variety of size sections to fill with color. A couple of issues: 1. Wish the color choices included some gradients as a single color choice. It would give more life to finished colored pages. 2 Some sections with in the page aren’t completely closed in with the black outline — this causes two or more sections to be colored by the same fill choice. For instance, one might be coloring a heart red, but because it’s outline isn’t completely solid, the red will bleed into next section which could be something entirely different than a red heart, thus rather ruining effect one is going for. 3. Wish there were more designs that aren’t mandalas. There is quite a high percentage of mandalas compared to other pictures. These issues are relatively minor. If you light coloring apps, this is a good choice.
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7 years ago, Meme1076
Addicting Fun... but..
For the most part, this coloring app is addictive. I don't care for the "real" adult color booksbecause honestly too stressful, lol!! But this app is fun. There are a lot of color choices too. However, I do wish they had a real red and shades thereof, in addition to the more burgundy in tone. Nevertheless, am happy with the range of colors. The only real complaint is the some of the color pages do not "work"... like one of the cupcake pages... no matter where i hit, i cannot color the sections... the entire page turns the color i pick. I have noticed little areas of other pages do the same thing... ie, u go to color one part of a lotus and a whole section turns that color (regardless of the lines/boundaries). All that said, I am not trying to be Manet or Rembrandt, so is a fun way to relax.
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4 years ago, 11111111123456789000866
Coloring pages
This is a great game over all but I think it could use a few more coloring pages. For example, the dragons category is very limited. It only has like 6 drawings. Another suggestion I have for this game is maybe you should put more options on the categories, what I mean by that is you should not have so many limited ones like the ones that have stats on them those I can never do because they are limited. The last thing this is not really a complaint but this is a suggestion. Ok think the players( people that play this game) should be able to do competitions and things like that like have a coloring competitions to try to show off their skills. I love this game over all and think it is great. This constructive criticism/ suggestions and do not take it personally. Keel up the amazing work. Once again I love this game!
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7 years ago, RockDivine
Tons of free color pages, unobtrusive ads
I've tried a ton of color apps because I have a 4yo who loves to color and draw, and this is the best app, free or paid, that I have found. There are no color page packs to buy for a zillion dollars, and the ads aren't strategically placed so that you accidentally tap on them when you don't want to. Besides that, the ads are for useful items, not flashy expensive games that would lure my daughter into a fit for not being able to have them. The pages are various, some very detailed for when you want that, and some more simplistic for when you just need something to focus on to kill time. I have it on my own phone as well as my daughter's tablet and spend my lunch coloring and listening to audiobooks. Very relaxing.
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7 years ago, Yoga girl37**
Best coloring app
My friend showed me this app and she showed me another game called colorfy and I would definitely choose this because it is totally free unlike colorfy which you have to buy the pictures I have this four stars because the one flaw is that it does not have a lot of colors but that is not really that bad which is great it is super relaxing I use it a lot because slot of times I don't have any coloring books cause I color a lot I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone it is easy and you cannot mess up because you just tap to color which is great for people that have tremors because you actually don't have to use your hand to color you just tap which is easy unlike in coloring books which you actually have to use actually pens and stuff and cannot tap GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🦄💩🌈❤️😊🐰🍌🐻
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1 year ago, flufyfirebal
Overall pretty good
I love this app. I think it’s amazing, there’s so many different shades, coloring options and pictures. And it’s WI-FI FREE so I can color anywhere with just the tap of my finger, plus you can zoom in as much as needed to color in those tiny spots. My only problem with this app (and it is very minor) is if you are in the car or on a bus, unless you have Wi-Fi, you can only color things in your gallery. Like I said, minor but what I like to do, is (when I’m on Wi-Fi) I will go through all of the pictures, and just tap on the ones that I want to color later and you don’t even have to start coloring it you just have to tap it and it will go to your gallery. I like this app and I think it’s great anywhere.
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4 years ago, ughhh awful games
OMG I LOVE THIS APP!!!! I just got it very recently and fell in love. There are so many pictures to color and it really is free! I expected there to be subscriptions to unlock stuff but nope! All free! The pages are so adorable and addictive. I would spend hours doing this if I had the time. There’s also so many colors to choose from. Some other coloring apps that I downloaded didn’t have many colors to choose from, that is without paying money for it. There’s so many pretty shades. The only thing that I would do better for the app is advertise it more. I was looking for some coloring apps and I happened to find this one. Or else I would have never gotten this app. This is a great app that you should totally download!
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1 year ago, kat_~
Nice game
I installed this game about a day ago, and I have been so drawn to it ever since. There are so many drawings to choose from, and they’re organized into categories too, so it’s easy to find what you want to paint. In addition, the variety of colors are also something that I love about this game, and once again, the colors are organized by shade and tone. The drawings are detailed, and the illustrators who drew them were really talented. And unlike other coloring games, instead of having to tap the undo button every time you make a mistake, all you have to do is tap the area you did wrong and it erases. It’s very efficient and handy! I don’t know how or why, but this game is very fun. I play it whenever I feel bored, and it never fails to relax me and entertain me at the same time.
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3 years ago, ParadoxJan
Color Choices! Mandalas!
Unlike so many coloring apps where the colors are predetermined, this one allows you to choose the colors you want to use. It has many different mandalas and other designs to color, which, along with the ability to choose the colors to use, makes it extremely relaxing and enjoyable for me. Another plus for this app is that there are VERY FEW ads, and they are NOT long, loud, or obnoxious ads. Thank you, developers! The only reason I gave this app 4 stars instead of 5 is that there need to be some additions or modifications to expand the number of different available colors. Some of the colors are almost identical, while other colors are missing - for example, there is no light pink color. If they revise the color palette to address these concerns, I will change my rating to a 5.
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1 year ago, gdhajkdnsnjdnxjs
This Is The Best
🎉This app totally calms my anxiety before bed and when I wake up, allowing me to be more awake and present during the day. I had no idea that could even happen! I love the fact there’s no full screen pop up ads (only in the top 24/7, which doesn’t bother me). It’s completely free as far as I can see and laid out very nicely. There’s lots of color options as well. ❌If you’re looking for unlimited colors and different kinds of brushes, this may not be for you. Do understand that this app automatically fills the sections with one tap of a finger/apple pen, and doesn’t allow you to manually move your finger to color it. 💯 Honestly, this app is fantastic and I don’t regret downloading at all.
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7 years ago, Ittybittyqueen
This. Is. Everything.
After searching for the perfect free coloring game forever, I found it!!!!!! And it's the best. I love that I get to color all the categories completely for free! But I do have some suggestions: Add a dog theme, add being able to use paintbrush, more colors, an instrument theme (because even though I've never played any I'll still have fun coloring them! 😋) So, ColorFree, I thank you for this awesome stress relieving game (I need that!) Ok so I still love this. I found a glitch, though. This one coloring page, a cupcake, won’t let me just color one part. I zoom in to color tiny parts, but it ends up being the entire page. This is the only one that did that to me. All the others are fine. What happened? I really want to actually get to color it! 😭
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2 years ago, tddstrf
AMAZING 👍🏻😃❤️😄😋🍬🍪
This game is the greatest because it doesn’t have any annoying, repetitive, or even weird music in the background. If you just wanna have a quiet coloring session or enjoy your own music it is very easy to do. There’s also a lot of choices for coloring and you can pick from so many different colors and styles to do. I can’t believe that this game was created. I have played so many coloring games and all of them include a free trial but you need a seven day or enter your email which I don’t have And you don’t need to waste any money on something you might not even like. This game is perfect for all the people who just wanna play the game and not need to worry about spending any money.
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7 years ago, Pink Jasmin
This is THE ONE!
😻 I have tried all the free coloring apps and most want you to pay, but not this one!! I like this one better anyways. There is lots to color and all the colors are free (there are tons of different hues to choose from)!!! My only suggestion would be to have the option, for those who love coloring in real life, to be able to actually color in the shapes with a finger or stylus, so that it feels a bit more like coloring. Instead of just tapping. And even being able to color on top of other colors to allow blending (sort of). I think that would be fun! I hope you can add that in the future! Great app guys!!! I don't mind looking at the ads at all because I know that's how you keep it free! And they aren't annoying anyways. 😻 love it!
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3 years ago, Cowgirl0000123
This game would be so fun if you could take a picture of something and color it. Or there could be an animal pack 🦒 🦔 🦓. But my only complaint is that when I press on the thing to color it doesn’t work and this isn’t like that through the whole puzzle 🧩 and there should be more packs of things to color, but I am not running out of things to color!!!!! But so ya this game is so fun it is a good time burner and it is so relaxing 😌 I love this game it is just the best and I really recommend that you get it👍👍👍👍( edit) another thing is that there should be a choice is to tap to color it or you could just simply tap! And my last thing is that there should be a color tablet so that you could have different colors in different shades
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6 years ago, Cat_Mint
Awesome Free Coloring Book
When I got this app, I thought that it would be a just Mandala Designs....BUT there are different coloring book groups. For example, there is the different types of Mandala Designs but also there are Flowers, Garden, Love, For You, Lotus, Exotic Garden, Sweet Home, Interior, Chairs plus more categories. It is very simple, just tape to color. There is a undo button, clear button, and a back button and save/share button. Even when you hit the back arrow to look for more interesting designs, it will save your work so you can go back to coloring. Most important of all is.. NO PAY!! In some coloring apps, you have to pay monthly, yearly, or weekly. Not for this app. Everything is FOR FREE. This app will take time away from you while enjoying it to.
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1 year ago, Roxy86
I LOVE to color. In fact , I color along with the students when I sub at work. I also have several books, markers, pens etc and I have them in a travel bag. So I thought when I can’t use my bag of fun stuff I’d have a coloring app on my phone. After looking at several that you have to PAY for , I found this one. It has such a wide variety of things to color and they’re separated into categories. This is the best coloring book app I’ve found so far. It’s great on my iPad because of the screen size. The phone not so much but that’s not the fault of the app. I have found that using a stylus helps on the phone app. If you’re looking for a great FREE coloring app, this is the one.
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6 years ago, stgskydbirhpib😠
Love, Love, Love, Love It!!!!!!
I LOVE this app. I’m absolutely addicted to it! This is the best coloring app EVER!!! I recommend this app to everyone! (although I would add a wider variety of colors). Other than that I LOVE this app!!!!😍😍😍😍😍. This app is the only coloring app that I have that restored all of my coloring pictures after I had to get my phone fixed and transferred!!!!! This app really defines the relaxation coloring is supposed to give you and make you feel like❣️❣️❣️ The ONLY (literally the ONLY thing. No joke 😄😃) is that I would supply a bigger variety of colors because I’ve had this coloring app for a while now and I just get/got tired of the same old colors they give. But other than that this is ONE OF THE BEST COLORING APPS I’VE HAD/DOWNLOADED EVER❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😂🤣😁😄😃😊😍🤩
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5 years ago, CoraShelie
AMAZING!! Recommended for all!
I sort of wish that you could just finger paint instead of filling in the boxes completely if you wanted to because I love to fade things and make them look very realistic, but I still give this five stars because it is absolutely free and there is also barely any ads! It is super fun and has so many pictures you can color and colors to choose from! I completely recommend this for any age and level you are on! There are both easy and complex pictures to draw and so relaxing! I am not even interrupted by ads except for maybe every once in a while! I’ve been trying to find a good coloring app for a while and this is just it! Best one yet!
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3 years ago, MrsHWard1
Mostly Great
LOVE it, mostly. Great distraction when waiting for appt, riding in car, passing time. It’s relaxing. Nice selection of colors, wish it had the ability to create your own. Only negative is several pictures have flaws you don’t find until your partly finished. Some lines don’t connect right, turns more than what your coloring the same color. Ruins the picture. Still, good selection, I like it. Fixed flaws would be amazing!! Advice for others leaving one star reviews, don’t be hateful. Think about this: All free apps have ads. It’s not a choice for app designers, it’s Apple. Get a free ad blocker. No more ads. Don’t rate the app badly for something out of their control. ALL Apple apps have pop ups to rate them. Don’t rate badly for something that’s not their fault. It’s Apples App rating system. Ignore it, it’s easy. Or rate it according to how much you like it or don’t like. It’s easy. But don’t rate unfairly for something that’s not their fault. 1 star because of something that has nothing to do with the App is the dumbest, most unfair thing I see on reviews. Just don’t be that person. Rise above stupidity please.
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6 years ago, bearoness
This is my favorite coloring app
There are lots of coloring apps, but this is my favorite, by far. The best thing about it is the way you choose colors. Accessing each color group is instantaneous, right from the main coloring screen. I have finished most of the pages, though, and I would be happy pay to be able to pay for more. I have tried many other coloring apps, but accessing the gamut of colors is much more complicated, and they don’t provide a way to “pick up” a color for easy re-use. With this update, there were supposed to be a lot of new pages, but I don’t notice anything new. There are some categories I don’t do, like steampunk, so maybe they are there...
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6 years ago, dmor51
Good coloring app
I really enjoy this app. The colors are more true and vivid on the phone app than the computer app by a LOT. It’s a bit annoying that some of the pieces aren’t fully closed and you color a dot that then fills the enclosing figure. It can spoil a picture. I like the large Mandelas best. I notice a lot of repetitive formats and figures. Meh. I still like coloring them. There are a lot more free ones in the phone app than the computer app. I’m not sure why you’re mean to computer users and favor the phone users. I’ve decided not to chance the computer app. It’s too much money for too few things. I like the new stuff you’re sending but I’d like more Mandelas. I’m tired of the buildings. I guess they are easy to do. The bleed over hasn’t stopped.
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Best Coloring App Ever!
I love this app so much because there are SO many awesome pictures to color, and they’re ALL for free! There aren’t any ads at all, which is great, because who wants an advertisement while peacefully trying to color a pretty picture? Not to mention, the colors are so vibrant and lively. You can color absolutely any picture with the colors of your choice. And the fact that the coloring pages look as beautiful as you would ever imagine is so satisfying and wonderful to me. All the coloring apps I’ve downloaded before cannot compete with this one! Perfection! I absolutely love this app and totally recommend it to any person who shares the same desire of coloring as I do.
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3 years ago, $eth707
Pretty nice coloring book.
For one thing it’s completely free, there aren’t any pictures that you have to pay for and I didn’t even have to write this review in order to do one. The only problem I really have with it (and this is just me being nit picky) is that a lot of the animal options are kind of boring. Some of them are nice and complex with a lot of areas to color in and they turn out looking really cool, but there’s a good amount that have very simple designs and in my opinion just aren’t worth filling in. But other than that small thing I highly recommend this app to anyone who just wants to relax and some coloring. It’s definitely up there as far as coloring apps go.
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7 months ago, suitsue
Want a real review? Well, read this one!
I thought that this game was going to cost money just like every other game I considered downloading, but to my surprise, it didn’t cost anything. The game gives you so many different drawings to pick and choose from so you can color what your heart desires. Pick your own colors and let your imagination lead the way. This is no color by number, this is a Coloring Book for “Adults” that you will spend hours enjoying. (The reason for the “” around Adults is because anyone can use it, it is just a matter of the drawings difficulty) I love this app and I think you will too!
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7 years ago, An annoyed but happy user
Do not glance over this app!
First things I'd like to say is that you should not just glance over this app as one of the millions of coloring apps out there! This is because of the obvious and overstated reason of no pay. Compared to other apps that will cost over $5.00 for premium or pro versions! Not to mention their wide variety of canvases. You have plain and simple for a quick doodle or to target the younger targets. You have the mandalas for random outbursts of art and color. Finally you have the more detailed artworks. Take the steampunk pack or interior housing packs. There's really just something for everyone. These details are what make this app shine past all of the others
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4 years ago, Muyfhfui
Great app, limited colors
I like this app a lot! I hate that most coloring apps have so many options barred by having to pay, but this one has no in-app purchases. Plus the ads aren’t intrusive at all, just a full screen one after each coloring sheet & a little tiny one at the top while coloring, both not bothersome at all. My one complaint, something I’d really like them to look into, is the lack of range in the color palette. I think to improve this, in addition to the colors they already have, they could add a slider to each one to control the lightness/darkness. And a separate space showing your recently used colors would be really helpful as well. Overall though, a great app! Definitely recommend!
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7 years ago, Kawaii Poptart :3
Loving it!!
This is the best coloring app ever at first when I looked at the description I was all like there's no BLOODY ### that this coloring app Can be free and have 500+ coloring pages whelp they proved me wrong XD. Oh and yes I blurred out the word so that I don't get Reported also thnx for having the I.O.S that low for such a great app oh and plz if y'all update it plz keep the I.O.S no higher than a 5.1.1. Also I recommend that you download this game ASAP if you love coloring! Also just one more thing.... It would be such a blessing and it would make my day if you Would not let us need internet for everyone?! Also keep up the great work the game creaters! :3 Oh and plz put a lot of anime to thnx keep it up. ;3
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5 years ago, Sleepy Sparrow
Best coloring app!
I love this coloring app a lot, particularly because you don't need a subscription to unlock a picture to color, or pay for more colors. Everything is completely free and I can just enjoy coloring without worrying about money. I also love all the options when it comes to color variety and pictures to color- just enough to be fun and exiting, but not overwhelming. The only thing I can think of to suggest is an option to pay once to remove ads (which show up at the top of your screen and pop up every once and awhile, but never in the middle of coloring- it's really not a big deal),but that's all! Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, ST_Eggo!
I wanted to give it 5
This is a really good game. It’s relaxing and everything but it can get boring by just coloring and I think all the colors should be free. What I get SO MAD at is the fact that they say this is for adults! I am almost a teen and this game can be for a 5 year old! I don’t like it how that say we have to stick to little kid ones. Even coloring books.I have a tattoo coloring book and I am really good at staying in the lines. But it is rude to say it is just for adults! There’s nothing inappropriate in them! So don’t say it’s for adults! Other than that. It’s a nice game. I think there should be different tactics to color too. Like shiny or metallic! But this game is fit for all ages.
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5 years ago, BubbyShvig
My very first iPad coloring book!
This is so relaxing… It’s a beautiful coloring book, the colors are vivid, the app is easy to use and function smoothly creating a relaxing and enjoyable coloring experience. Thank you, adult coloring book this is so relaxing… It’s a beautiful coloring book, the colors are vivid, the app is easy to use and function smoothly creating a relaxing and enjoyable coloring experience. There are many positive and creative ways to use your screen time, if you want to get away from wasting time and make something beautiful and feel good about Screen Time, then I highly recommend this coloring bookThank you, adult coloring book!😍🦋🌸✨⭐️
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6 years ago, Ruby Banno
It’s ok
It could use a swipe option like the coloring apps that cost money, and it would be fun if you were able to make your own pictures, but other than that it’s a really fun time consuming app that you could honestly play for hours upon end coloring your favorite picture. It’s a super fun game and I totally recommend getting this app. You don’t have to pay for anything in this app it’s completely free, and once again I totally recommend this app for if you have a lot of time on your hands or if you are going on a long trip or if you’re bored. It’s really fun and I give this app four and a half stars. To me it’s absolutely perfect.
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5 years ago, amy.bda
No Sneaky Payments, Great Art
Often, I find apps like this trying to get you to pay money, or overwhelm you with adds, or both. This app doesn’t do either. There are ads of course, being completely free, but I haven’t encountered any that are overly intrusive. The art is beautiful, from intricate to more simple designs. The wide range of colours is also great. There is something for everyone. I only wish the user interface whilst browsing for the next drawing you want to colour in is a little more sleek and “modern”, and the settings are easily accessible instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom. However, it isn’t too troublesome. All in all, a great app. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, AmyLynn 2374
Nice free coloring app
Has more free pages than most and great variety of color. Many of the pictures are way too simple for my liking as I prefer more detailed images. I've had a couple pages with color leakage from incomplete lines which can be frustrating especially when aiming for symmetry. Had multiple instances of having to tap the crap out of the same spot to get color to fill and a few freezing issues. If the lines were complete to minimize leakage/overflow in the few that aren't and screen freezing when zooming in out/moving pic was corrected I'd give it a fifth star. There are two totally awesome detailed dragon images, I'd love to see more like that where color gradients can be shown off.
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