Columbia News from WLTX News19

4.8 (11.5K)
88.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Columbia News from WLTX News19

4.79 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
3 months ago, Wauay
Info up to date
Each subject gives very needed information that help my family to make decisions about shopping and social events. National and statewide information is always accurate. International information is also accurate. My family and I appreciate the time and energy used to gather the information.
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7 years ago, J Salts
Needs Work
The app seems to focus on certain types of news and doesn’t show a broad spectrum across the Columbia area. Also, I don’t like the fact that you can’t filter what notifications you would like. My phone is constantly notifying me of every little thing from puppies being born to major weather alerts. The weather alerts I want...the puppies, not so much. You don’t want to turn them off because you might miss something that’s actually important. I tried to reach out via feedback to the developers a week or so before leaving a review, but I found that they don’t respond or even acknowledge receipt of feedback. I just moved here so I hope I can find another news app. I do not recommend this one unless you constantly want notifications.
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6 years ago, LadyFireCaptain
Like but......
Editing is awful. Recently, there was one story that the headline was the exact opposite of the story. Misspelled words, incorrect grammar, sentences that don't make sense, and other errors. My Junior High School paper had better editing. Sometimes when news is slow a really trivial story pops up and I would just rather not be notified. Just for the record, when you are talking about you and somebody else, correct grammar is ------ and me or I. Not me and ------- a number of newscasters have this problem and how can children be expected to use good grammar when newscasters don't.
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4 years ago, Cola SC
To many ads
I like the WLTX app but when I need to see the weather or updates on COVID-19, I refuse to sit through an ad about some mobile game. I quickly go to the WIS app. Please shorten the ads if you are going to play them or play the ad after the important video is played. The news is not ‘BREAKING’, or ‘IMPORTANT’ if a 20 second ad for a mobile game is played before the information is given. If not, I can get my weather and news from another site with less useless ads. Thank you for your time and consideration of my comment.
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5 months ago, Stud Buster
No Fake News Here
Over the years WLTX has worked very hard to be the number one news reporting station in Columbia. I believe WLTX has achieved that status and is now setting the standard on news, sports and weather information reporting. I applaud WLTX management, staff and the support teams on the superior job they are doing now. Keep on “Doing the Right Thing”.
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4 months ago, dont give up.
Best network in Columbia
I’ve been watching channel 19 for up to date news and weather forecasts for 60 years! I would have been watching it longer but I didn’t care about the news before then! Thanks for being there for half of those years JR ! Hopefully you’ll hang around until I’m gone!
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1 month ago, [Jeri69]
Best News Station in Columbia, SC
I love following this station daily. I watch live from 5-7 a.m before work, I tape the midday report, the 7pm and 11p.m. Best team for local news! follow up through the news app on my phone. I am hooked! Please convey my thanks to an excellent team. Be blessed, Jeri and my grand doggie Rooney
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4 years ago, Progressin
Good, Informative news app
Notifications are a little frequent, but clear and concise. It tells you The Who, what when, and where of incidents both national & local. I would have to agree that new alerts seem to be on the negative side - violence, criminal activity, etc. if you put on a do not disturb, will the alerts not show up during those times? Sometimes we need a break.
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6 years ago, valkmancarl
Accurate news
Although the app has way too many ads and some useless notifications, I do appreciate the accurate reporting especially when it comes to typically biased stories about President Trump. The good things he has done for us are not turned upside down as they are in the NY Times which I do not read any more. Limit the ads and only send out breaking news notifications. Jim Gandy does the best weather.
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10 months ago, Smjms
I enjoy WLTX
I really enjoy WLTX app I read from the app every day. WLTX is one of my favorite app because it keep me informed About our local news and also national and international.i I keep up with all of the news in the low country are and nation wide. I enjoy reading WLTX news and I read it every day.
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3 years ago, 44kaz22
WLTX is the best news channel in our area.
I’m just a WLTX news junkie. I can depend on WLTX for breaking local and national news and I don’t trust any other channel for our weather in SC. You are the best! I’d be hard pressed to say who I like the best because I like all of you. Everybody does an outstanding job. Kudos to WLTX, the best overall news channel.
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12 months ago, String Ring
Better than the competition's app
I prefer the WLTX app over WIS. It is well organized, isn't littered with insignificant news from other parts of SC and Charlotte, and is easy to navigate. The alerts with breaking news, weather and traffic are timely.
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4 years ago, granqq
Stories and ads
When I start reading a story I am interrupted by ads and junk. I get so tired of having to scroll I usually just forget it and never finish. I know ads are revenue but I am fed up with the placement
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1 year ago, MsNik77
It's different
I liked the last version better...takes some getting used to. I don't like local and national news being together....
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7 years ago, Tbqcol
App is stable, good local and more news source
My only complaint is that links to show more seems to expire quickly, only the very latest seems to be active links. Other than that, solid app. News is news, and for the most part it seems reasonably fair.
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2 years ago, lildunksjr
I live in Atlanta. I follow WLTX because I grew up in Columbia and my folks still live there. Your site sends me very fast info. Sometimes I get national news from you guys before my Atlanta station sends it to me. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Snailly
What the hee haw?
This WAS my go to app for traffic in South Carolina. I tried to bring up the Traffic Tracker and I can’t even find it. The old format, with choices on the home page, not stories, was much better. Please fix the app so I can EASILY use Traffic Tracker. Don’t make me dump your app because it’s current format is confusing and useless to me when I’m trying to check traffic or other items in a hurry.
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3 years ago, drgdw08
I truly love your in-station programming such as the daily news with Darci, JR and and the early morning news program with Brandon, Whitney and Andrea. They are always so thorough, polite and friendly. No other network matches your demeanor!!
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2 years ago, M/S Teacher
Easier To Navigate/More Info
Dropped the News App, over a year ago, appears to be easier to use and has more information.
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5 years ago, Yolie Wat
News Now
I Love the fact of Not waiting at the Top of the Hour just to still miss out on the News. Still missed something? Just type it in and catch Up!!!
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3 years ago, Liftedstrandsbymorcia
Updates Accurate
I love the Instant updates of weather and pressing news! I’m kept abreast of the most important info even while I’m at work and not able to watch newscasts.
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5 years ago, Rdoug11
App Freezes when clicking to view notifications.
App Freezes when clicking to view notifications.
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6 years ago, Ponds and Pines
Yeah WLTX!
Thank you for providing “real” people that appeal to all South Carolinians! Your on air talent pool is spectacular! Gandy and Bonds are the most accurate weathermen in the area. I appreciate their steadiness and calmness in frightening situations. Thank you Darcy Strickland for just being YOU! Everyone is outstanding.
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2 years ago, Creperum
Worst adds
Love the breaking news and live videos, but when you’re throwing a 15-60 add I can’t skip through, it really makes it hard to jump in quickly and get the information you’re putting out.
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6 years ago, BLK73GIRL
Edit news before posting
Majority of the stories posted on the WLTX site have numerous spelling and wording errors! Just take an extra 5 mins or another set of eyes to proofread and edit text.
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1 week ago, CJinSC
Love coverage but not app
I love how the Channel 19 staff members cover a mix of local, national, and global news—about topics of interest to us South Carolinians. The personalities are so happy and positive! The app is a little hard to use if you’re looking for a specific story.
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5 years ago, powerofpause
Love to be able to have news when I want it and it isn't old information. And the alerts are great for weather.
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6 years ago, LessClicksPlease
No longer user friendly
When I open a story I expect to open the story, not just a sentence and a link to the rest of it. It used to do that and you’ve changed it. When I click the link and scroll to read then I get a full page ad. There’s no reason for so many clicks to get to news.
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6 years ago, Chels1190
Fix it please❗️
I used to love this app to stay in tuned because I have a busy life but now it doesn’t ever load any of the stories! Just a white screen then force close 🙄
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5 years ago, JohnnyUtahBoy
Commenting on stories
I’d like a chance to have a section of each story to make comments. I’m from Utah and our local station KSL has a great app that allows you to make comments. The app also has that best classified section I’ve seen anywhere in the US. Take a look at their app for examples of what people like. Thanks for letting us give feedback.
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3 years ago, Jeff "the weather geek"
Quality local news!
A friendy UI with just the right amount of "push notifications"
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6 years ago, Mediamema
I do pay attention
I get all my news way before my friends and they think 🤔 I have been sitting waiting TV all day. Should I share my secret?
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5 years ago, PHN in SC
Terrible Update
The most recent update to this app is poorly done. It reacts slowly, it’s hard to read, it’s poorly laid out, and when backing out of an article you are taken to the top of the home page instead of being returned to the point where you were last reading. This is truly one of the worst updates I’ve even seen made to a news app.
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5 years ago, AChynadoll00
Needs to be fixed
The notifications are great, on time, and consistent, but once you click on them it freezes. I can never get to the actual story once the notification is clicked. It stays frozen and I have to close the app completely. Major bugs and glitches
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3 years ago, Frazsump
Have always enjoyed WLTX
You all are the best news crew in the midland. Thank you for keeping us informed for all of these years.
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6 years ago, erynngb
Ads Pop Up
Too any ads pop up when I'm trying to read the news. It takes too much time to even read the news anymore. I don't use the app as much as I used to. It was better when I first started using the app this spring.
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8 months ago, LorettaColeman123
I love this station
Great and accurate information and excellent news personnel. Always in the community.
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5 years ago, MsNanciL71
Love News 19
I watch News 19 and will not have it any other way! I love News at 5, News at 6, News at 7 and News at 11! Miss Jim Gandy but Efran is doing good! Street Squad is fantastic! News 19 is the best!! 🥰🤞🏼
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10 months ago, Brownsugga95
Best News Station Ever
I love WLTX News and the app is awesome I can take it wherever I go never miss any news!!! I love the morning show Whitney Daniel and Christy brighten up my day!!!!
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1 year ago, MZCEBRITY
WLTX news 19
Absolutely love WLTX and all of its staff members and how they keep the public in the know. The BEST news channel in the state of South Carolina! Thank you guys for your diligence and all that you do! -Tonya
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7 years ago, Duck2cme
Top News
This is the first place I go to check local news and weather. WLTX has the best weatherman and news team.
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3 years ago, rozr15
19 app
I like the news headlines & the layout of the news stories. They are always up to date
Show more
4 months ago, princessbetty6
Speedy news
Informative quick details. Thanks
Show more
5 years ago, Sigkapoli
Update is awful
For starters, you can’t set font size permanently. I have to adjust for every story each time I open app & even switching stories. Swiping up to get to next story is ridiculous—bring back left to right. There’s no flow, have to go back to main page after 2 stories. All in all I’ve given up on this app.
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5 years ago, Ljack42
Too much freezing.
This app freezes as soon as I tap on a notification
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4 years ago, columbia anonymous
Usefulness not as great
Searching the app and finding content sometimes can be difficult. Overall I enjoy the ability to at least get top news stories.
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5 years ago, AlexisAmarion
Please fix!
I love this app and it’s convenient but it constantly freezes when trying to open the notification. Please correct immediately, I need my updates throughout the day. ☀️🌻✨
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3 years ago, popular Viewer
WLTX is our Favorite Channel. I would definitely miss WLTX News & CBS news & shows.
It is essential that the public not lose WLTX. As a consumer this is not acceptable!!
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1 year ago, JLSigman
Not bad, but…
I’m order to refresh the app’s pages, you often need to close it and restart it.
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11 months ago, Shapparel
Up to date on all current events
I appreciate WLTX for always being on point
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