Comic Geeks

4.8 (610)
79.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jordan Blanco
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Comic Geeks

4.78 out of 5
610 Ratings
2 months ago, Cobvins_back
Best app for keeping track of comics
Love how easy this app makes collecting comics. It’s so nice to see what I have pulled and what I’m gonna be picking up every week as well as my spending habits. The community aspect to this app is also something I really love. Only thing I’ve noticed that needs some work is the search feature. When searching for a series with a character that has a ton of runs it becomes a hassle to sift through all the different series one shots and annuals to finally find the run your looking for. Also if you don’t spell the title or name perfectly down to the hyphen colon or symbols in the name it won’t appear in the search. Definitely need something like a “sort by release date” filter or something of the sort along with a “did you mean ___” feature to make searching for comics a bit easier. But this is a minor gripe and everything the app does it does it very well with a very nice interface. I became a premium member for the extra perks and have been loving it, I hope we see more quality of life changes that continue to make this app great.
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3 years ago, Jstp0701
Outstanding app and service
This is my first app review (and probably my last) but I just had to leave one after the experience I’ve been having with this app and the creator(s) behind it. Starting off with the fact the app has pretty much everything a person like me needed. From the huge database of comics to add to my collections to getting to tag specific keywords to collections. That said I don’t read comics to actually collect them. That leads me to the customer support. I also don’t tend to reach out for support with apps or websites but I loved the app so much I had to reach out and bring attention to bugs I’ve noticed. Support was amazing and was very quick to respond and I felt listened to and was sent an email when the problems I brought up were fixed. Highly highly recommend this app to anyone who collects comics
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4 months ago, Norad Givles
Excellent Site / Problematic “Past Books” App Syncing
I love this service and app. I use it to track all of my reading of past, present, and future books. These days, most of my reading is of back issues from various years. The only issue I have with the app is that it often doesn’t sync the back issues I pull, read and rate. However, if I use the website directly, the entries sync correctly there. Oddly enough, after I enter information for back issues on the app and don’t see the updates later as I cycle though each past month’s pull list on the app, if I then click on “New Comics” and scan back in time through all the new comics released, I can come back to my pull list of past months and the latest pulls will be there, but I have to scan through each affected year’s New Comics each time I make changes. I’m used to this now, and I still love the app overall to track all of my reading, and I also thoroughly enjoy the ability to read other users’ reviews, one of the League’s finest features. I realize most people probably use the app to track the pulling and rating of present and future books, and for that use, I would rate this app 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Syrus_
Update Makes App Unbeatable
This app is the goto he managed to make twitter but just for comic books and mixed it with the other comic book database apps that are great but are missing that social interaction. This app lets you like, share, post, have a profile, followers. It keeps tracks of every comic book release that comes out and has many charts and graphs to show you what is popular and what everyone is reading and has cool polls every week to vote on your favorite comics. This app is a must have in my opinion for comic book readers and fans. There is so much more too. I use too check 3 different websites and apps for all the new comic releases. This app can eliminate all of that and make it a one stop shop for all!!
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2 years ago, Quarterlb.calvin
Add A Comic or Missing Issue isn’t working
This app is hands down the best Comic Collection app out there. Super easy to add and find the books you need to add, I love how it also has the release dates and everything for the info for the book. I also like how you can even look up your favorite artist by name and you can view all the books they have worked on. I also like how you can subscribe to books you like and you will get alerts when a new issue is coming out. Out of my whole collection I couldn’t find 5 books on this app which isn’t a biggie, only thing is the add a missing comic or issue feature isn’t working. Otherwise I would give this app 5 stars and would still recommend this app to anyone trying to keep track of there collection and books they want next
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8 months ago, DannniDarko
Powerful Little App
As an avid GoodReads user, I was looking for something that would check my boxes in the graphic novel/comic space and this does more than meet my expectations. They’ve baked in so many useful ways to track information (idk why I never thought to independent track whether I owned something and whether I had read it yet — seems super intuitive duh) and for that I’m super grateful. The ‘pull/subscribe’ feature is exactly what I needed to stay on top of issue releases. And distinguishing between variant covers, nesting that within the same issue, is just so smartly detailed for this community. The UI is clean, and the UX is solid 🙌🏽
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7 months ago, hxcfrog
Best app available for comic book fans!
I can’t speak highly enough about how much this adds to the comic collecting/reading hobby. This app allows me to track my weekly pulls, and because you can add your tax rate into the settings I’m able to know down to the penny how much my pulls will cost me. It allows me to track my collection so I know which issues I have and which I’m missing. And that’s not to mention the community. Being able to discuss comics with other fans really makes the hobby that much more enjoyable. It’s fun being able to share a hobby with others!
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3 years ago, Cameron battaglia
This is the best app out there for organizing what comics you have or want, as well as putting together a pull list. 2 features I’d love to see: 1) I would love it if the MyComics section had a CUSTOM order filter (instead of the 4 options of alphabetical or issue count). If I’m collecting Batman comics, and say I want to put them in chronological order, then that’s where a custom-order filter would come in handy. 2) It would be great, in the MyComics section, to have a section on browse where it breaks up the comics by character. So instead of just looking at my DC comics or Marvel comics, I can look at only my Flash comics or Batman ones. Not a filter, where it resets every time, but a dedicated section for different comic characters Please do let me know if you already have these features and I’m just missing them. I’m super new to the app. I also see a thing that says I can add tags to any comic, but I can’t find where that is.
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3 years ago, Andd2005
Old user still happy
I like other users have been a fan of this app for many years. There was always so much potential. I’m glad I waited for this review. This is the best free comic, or even collection, app for that matter. The app is great looking and very user friendly. It took a minute to adjust to the new features but they have been superb. It’s always had a great pull feature and showcases many comics I would otherwise have no idea of because my local comic shop does not carry everything. Really covers the bases for every comic eficinado.
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1 year ago, Harry Potter and music lover
great app!
i love this app and think it’s extremely useful and has plenty of amazing features. being able to discuss and share comics on an app like this is great! for the most part it works extremely well and is well set up and i just have a few small issues with it. One being that in the stats tab there’s no way to show character stats with all identities combined. being able to see top characters with all mantles combined and also without the mantles combined would be super useful! i also think that you should be able to see the people you follow’s reading activity on the app(everything they've marked as read not just what they’ve rated, what they’re pulling and putting on their wish list) this could work well either on the profile tab like on the website and/or in the feed tab! overall i love this app and would recommend it!
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2 years ago, givetoandy
Comics is life!
This is a pretty amazing app. Visually pleasing and makes adding issues to your “My Comics” collection fun. You can add issues by scanning the comic barcode (most of the time)(many older or less popular issues have not been entered…yet). I love the detail to each issue including all who worked on the issue and ability to add variants and quantity. You can also add details on price paid as well as other details. The developer really loves comics and this app is a love letter to other geeks. Download and use this app!
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3 years ago, PowerOfHope
User since 2017, I never gave up hope!
I have been using a combination of the iOS app and the desktop version since 2017. I refer to this service at least 3-4 times per week. When the iOS app was abandoned and taken off the App Store, I couldn’t part with it. I held out hope for years that there would be an update. And today was the day! This is a great service and having an app for my phone makes it that much more convenient. Thank you for the massive update!
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1 year ago, Fogwa
So Many Bugs!
I’m trying to scroll through the whole list of issues of The Amazing Spider-Man in order to slowly and & mind numbingly boring(you can only add one issue at a time), which makes take forever to add all the issues of any series. But you’re lucky if the app’s scrolling doesn’t freeze that make it 10 times more frustrating to find & add a comic. I know that the app’s developers will just say that, “its not the app, its your phone.” Well the current app that I have my entire collection listed works just fine. I even closed all app I had turned on on my phone & then restarted my phone. But nothing. This app is just more garbage taking space for on my phone that doesn’t function as advertised.
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2 years ago, Frozen lover and watcher
So so cool
I love love this app. It’s like good reads but better. This app helped me fully get me into comics at first I only read completed runs but with this app it tells you the weekly releases and which character is in each run it’s so genius. My only complaint is that there aren’t any notifications it would be nice to get a notification of “blank character will be getting a new run in x years” or “blank character will appear in a new run” instead of having to check all the time. But other than that it’s pretty great I really recommend!
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3 years ago, okayjosh_
I’ve tried every app and technique imaginable to manage my weekly pull list and collection, and to browse what books are coming up. This app and their website are by far the best. The design of the latest update has really pushed the app to the next level. It looks fantastic and works perfectly for what I’m looking for in a comic app. I can’t recommend this enough and will rave about LOCG to anyone that will or won’t listen.
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2 years ago, HannahEV
Almost perfect but needs something
This app is not only great and really useful, but super fun with the forum inclusion. The pull list calendar and stats are my favorite. However, it really needs a way to mass tag books. I would like to add my whole collection and sort them into which box they’re in so I know where everything is, but it’s going to be an enormous chore to tag each single issue. If that can be added (or if it is available and I’m just blind) this would definitely be 5 stars.
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4 months ago, Dettade
Great app but no allowed communication
My account was suspended for spam because my I stupidly gave my friends the password to ny account, and then they started spamming people saying “Marvel is better”, “DC is better” and used my account to annoy other users on the app. Because of this, I have not been able to login into my account and access my read comics list. I have apologized and understand that I have broken violations of the developer, but this lack/refusal of communication doesn’t seem quite fair.
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3 years ago, Creestox2
Not sure how I feel
The service is priceless and I love contributing but not sure I love the new interface yet. Guess it takes me a bit longer to accept change. But I will say best comic book app out there been using it for quite sometime. Don’t let my change issue stop you get this app period I am sure I will get use to it they never been a let down ever. Great job
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2 years ago, griffgriffgrif
Great App with One Flaw
I think the app is overall really great and fills a void in the space. However, I think in the Stats section where you can see how many appearances a character has had, it splits the character up between their different personas instead of them being all in one. For example, Richard Grayson’s time as Robin and Nightwing are split up, when they should be combined together. Kind of a small issue, overall great app, but would love a fix.
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4 months ago, AestheticTrashyChild
Everything is good but needs some improvement
I enjoy using this app to keep track of all the comic books that I’ve bought, own, read, etc but my only complaint is that I wish I can submit contributions through the app instead of having to use my computer to submit new variant covers and corrections. I hope that I’m able to in the future. Other than that, I’ve been satisfied with this app!!
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2 years ago, zt.samuels
Absolutely love this app!
I’m looking to read more comics this year and this app is prefect! It’s very easy to track new releases (which I’ve always struggled with) and mark off which ones you’ve read. It’s also awesome for managing the comics you do own, as well as the ones you want (AND easily keep track of variants, which is all new to me.)
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2 years ago, Rurikhelm
Search doesn’t always work
Sometimes I cannot get the search function to work at all on my iPhone 12 mini. I’ll type something and press search and I get a blank screen or it says “Enter your search query to begin viewing relevant results.” I wait and wait to see if something will pop up, but nothing ever does. When it does work it’s pretty good, easy to find what I’m looking for most of the time. Occasionally the keyboard get stuck open when switching through the menu.
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3 years ago, Basil380
Barcode scanner (updated)
App is easy to use and laid out nice, but please bring back the barcode scanner. That feature was very useful for adding books to collections instead of having to search for them. Update- After reply from Devs, I have found the scanner and it works great. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, gregarius_the_third
This team cares
I LOVE this app and site. I have no problem paying the nominal fee to help out. Plus they work with my LCS as my pull list! The app is updated fairly often and they don’t just say “bug fixes and performance updates” they actually do tangible changes and improvements, thanks!!
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4 months ago, Dylan_9898
Must have if you collect comics/trades
Between having a schedule for future releases, to having info on what trade contains what, or even fun stuff like the the analytics of your collection. This app is the best thing to use for cataloging what you have, what you want and just keeping track of things in general regarding comics.
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2 months ago, Bobbymandias
Love this app
Girlfriend and I just spent all night scanning our books in and found some great ones to keep an eye out for thanks to the app. Super easy to use and fun to just browse other comics related to mine. One thing I wish is a sort by value option. Other than that, love this app!!
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1 year ago, Gameguy125
Perfect app, tiny issue
This is the app I’ve dreamed of having since I first started my collection as a kid, couldn’t be happier. However, I noticed that my profile tab just displays my account name and profile image while the rest is a blank gray screen. Everything else works, but it would be cool to see my profile and my friends profile.
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2 years ago, Tinashe95
I seriously can’t believe this app is free. They let you mark a series as “pull” which means that they will tell you every week that series has a new issue out. You can set books as “have, read, want, etc” this app is a necessity for any comic book collector.
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2 years ago, Steve Papa
Barcode Scanner Doesn’t Seem to Work Anymore
This app is an awesome way to catalogue a collection! But at some point in recent months, the barcode scanner just stopped working for any collected editions I tried. It still works for single issues. But that lost scan functionality for hardcovers and trades, and having to manually search and enter books, is a huge negative for me.
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4 weeks ago, JonnyG1915
Must have for Comic Fans
I couldn’t imagine managing my comic book collection without it. The app has 2 features that make it must have. 1 a complete catalog of your comics by just scanning the barcodes. 2 Digitally manage your comic subscriptions, see upcoming variants, it just amazing
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3 years ago, Xporpoisex
Best comic app and great update
I loved this app even before the update. It was sad to see such a wonderful app be abandoned. But with the new update this is even better than before. So glad to see it updated and working even better.
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2 years ago, swamp bender
Love the App but the Bug…
the app has been acting very buggy and i cannot added what i’m trying to to my collection. it will show as what i’m trying to add after being buggy and then later it shows a bunch of comics i’ve never even heard of. it’s been giving me a headache trying to update my collection on there for the past hour.
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5 months ago, Kjg05
Continues to Get Better and Better
1 Feature Request: Add Publisher to Mobile filters. Marvel, DC, ComiXology Unlimited operate at different timelines, and it makes it easier to check through your backlog when you can focus on the one publisher/app who’s releases line up with your read.
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2 weeks ago, Supersonic8888
Nice app but
Hi i collect new and vintage old comics I’ve come to notice your listing didn’t display all the comics in older series I’m using your app so i don’t accidentally buy a duplicate vintage comic please add all issues thank you other wise it’s a great app
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3 years ago, jklos123456
Great app, there’s only one problem
I love this app! It’s great and easy to use, the only way I think it could be improved is if they showed you the trending value of comics as well as the trending value of your collection. Other than that, I can’t recommend this app enough!
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3 years ago, Matthk7
Love the New Update!
I usually never leave reviews but I had to for this new update because it is AWESOME! I was happy with the app before but the new coat of paint and features bring a smile to my face every time I open the app. Thanks to the developers!
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2 years ago, Davidm6375
Jury is still out
This app is extremely frustrating. It keeps adding up to 100 subscriptions and pulls that I never selected. I finally get through removing them all and they reappear. Update: it looks like there were server issues that now appear to be fixed. The app is much better now.
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2 years ago, guialexsan
Great app, great development
This is THE comic app. With great development (and open, responsive developer) it’s the new app to beat for comics, whether it be browsing, logging, rating, reviewing, or whatever. Download it and spread the word, it just keeps getting better!
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7 months ago, Jkeaton1
Fantastic app!
The best, most accessible and convenient app on my phone. The latest update hits it out of the park. The UI is brilliant. The update made it even better with less scrolling needed. Too notch job!
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4 months ago, AlectheLad
The search by photo feature is always a mess
It has never been good. It has improved but it’s incredibly disappointing how poor it works. Why if I search a barcode and it find multiple issues (why does this happen at all!?!) and I try to clear one it destroys the list of any I have already scanned (waiting to press bulk add). It’s wild.
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3 years ago, The_GMC
Great for my collection
I have over 5,000 comics and this app is great for cataloging to keep track of what I have. Plus, I can keep track of my want list which helps when dollar bin diving. Fun and nice community too.
Show more
12 months ago, Steviej83
Best comic cataloging app
Hands down the best comic app in existence, and I’ve tried them all. The user interface on this is so much better looking and functional than all the others.
Show more
1 year ago, Comicgirl0531
Best game ever.
I love this game there are soooo many kind people.I hope y’all make more games like this but if you all ready did tell me because I love this game.(I’m trying to put a good review so other people will get it).😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Show more
4 weeks ago, freelancer616
Best app to track new releases
This app has been so helpful keeping track of what’s getting released when it’s getting release! I would be lot without it!
Show more
1 year ago, SomeRandomSmartA55
Must Have App for any Comic Fan
This app is a must have for any comic fan. You can put in your pulls, add to your collection, search more comics, add to the database, but the real kicker is the awesome community that’s a part of it.
Show more
3 years ago, Cat_Cerbone
Love to see the growth
It's amazing to see how this website and locg community has grown and that there is a new app out. Plus the barcode scanner is finally working! Great job.
Show more
2 years ago, kenpoe7
Get it
I love this app. It helps me stay on top of my books and easily helps me to know what I need to pick up or have forgotten to pick up. I’m so happy my LCBS told me about the app.
Show more
2 months ago, iShowtime504
Just what I needed
I’ve been looking for this type of app just to keep track of my collection.
Show more
2 years ago, Kool Bro H
Perfect app
Absolutely love this app! It’s so much fun that it keeps track of all the comics I’ve read and shows me the stats on it
Show more
2 years ago, jphandy
Great Potential but I’m unable to get out of the search field
Great Potential but I’m unable to get out of the search field and I’d love to learn how to get home. I’m sure it’s user error.
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