Concord Monitor eEdition

4.6 (78)
65 MB
Age rating
Current version
Newspapers of New England, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Concord Monitor eEdition

4.55 out of 5
78 Ratings
2 years ago, tafduehgt
app craches
In the last few weeks, the app has regularly crashed and gone to a white screen. Reboot or relaunch results in the app trying to load the same article and getting the same white screen. The only resolution is to delete and reinstall the app. Interestingly, it is ALWAYS an article on the opinion pages that causes this. My star rating is for the app only. The Concord Monitor is an excellent newspaper (5 star). Updated review to 5 stars. Bugs that I previously experienced have been resolved.
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3 years ago, MaineChina
Two suggestions
Overall I am enjoying the app but there are two things I miss from the e-edition of the last newspaper I subscribed to. 1) Double clicking to pull up the article view should be full screen instead of half screen 2) When using the Read view and moving about the page, zooming in and out with the mousepad, I would like the page to stay where I put it instead of “snapping to” some sort of invisible grid as happens frequently. See the Portland Press Herald e-edition for examples of these. Thank you and keep up the good work.
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4 months ago, Lifelong Monitor subscriber
Super Paper Viewing
I recently downloaded the new Monitor app and was very pleased. The whole “paper” is there for you to read. You have access to back papers - very helpful for past access. We recently were away for a week but had a taste of home being able to read the paper in the morning. We have our paper delivered as well which we enjoy. Thank you.
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2 years ago, whatawasteofan app
Can be frustrating.
I like and depend on the CM. However, the App can be very inconsistent and frustrating. It seems like every one to two weeks it more or less crashes. It won’t open to the current edition, cycles to a sign in page over and over, etc. I shut down and restart my tablet which occasionally helps, more often I have to delete and reinstall the App. On occasion even that doesn’t work and I have to just give up and wait 24 hours. I don’t have this issue with another news App I subscribe to such as the NYTIMES.
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2 years ago, awhytemare
Decent substitute for the real thing
I moved to a house with a long driveway, getting the real paper every morning was a chore and I basically had stopped my morning routine of checking up on local news. No more! Now I can curl up with a coffee and my iPad just like I did before. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Recorder player HHH
Great when it works BUT
I started using this app and had been very pleasantly surprised at how well it worked, but in the past few days it apparently is crashing on me. I am halfway through an article and get into a blank screen that appears to be in video format but nothing happens on it, and I can’t get back to the article. Have to reboot my phone to get the app working again, but then the same thing happens.
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2 years ago, Beansmoke
Concord Monitor Online rocks!
Provides the convenience of the news on my smartphone while maintaining the familiar layout and readability of the paper edition. I like perusing the top stories in bed in the morning, before I get up and go to the mailbox for the print edition. Now, if the e-edition could only make clippings to stick on the fridge….
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2 years ago, New Boston Fan
Home delivery..electronically
Because we are just outside the home delivery area for the newspaper, we’re grateful to have access to this publication on our devices. Thank you for making it possible to continue reading this excellent source of news!
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6 months ago, Drew-bert
Concord Monitor excellent local news
We stay tuned in to local, state, & national news through the Monitor. The app is easy to use and my go to for a quick read of the daily news. Thank you! Drew
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3 years ago, altoone
Touching an app and having the current front page of the Monitor pop up is so convenient but sadly it does not always occur. From time to time I am not recognized and have to go through user name and password again. Otherwise, I think it’s great. Especially David Brooks.
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3 years ago, 747881
easy access to a really good newspaper
The Monitor is full of well-written, carefully researched journalism. This is an easy way to read the paper with your coffee every morning. It is certainly well worth the cost!
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3 years ago, serottarider603
Since the introduction of iOS 14, the app crashed regularly and did not render pages properly during every use. This new version is stable and allows me to read the paper without getting frustrated. Could still use some cosmetic tweaks, but, overall, a gargantuan improvement!
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1 year ago, Rsblaise
Great way to read the paper!
I’ve been reading this way for a year or two now and wouldn’t go back to physical paper again!
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3 years ago, Crshonhed
Works well
This new version works so much better than the old one! It’s much more stable and is easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, Dbeipi
App fails
When it works, the app is pretty good. However, it is not uncommon that a particular article goes to a white screen and the app crashes. Then every time you go back in, it tries to load the same page that crashes. Needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, nanaalso
So very easy to navigate, convenient and you can count on it always being there.
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3 years ago, PriscillaWG
Concord Monitor
Disappointed that you changed to a sans serif type. While it does not concern me personally, people with vision problems have a hard time reading this kind of type.
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3 years ago, Mjmj963
Update is great!
This update is a huge improvement over the old version!
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8 months ago, 42Oliveoil
Concord Monitor
Glad to get news updates.
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3 years ago, TGF2
Works great.
Rarely have a problem.
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2 years ago, altroone1
App Crashes
Every day there is one article I click on, the page goes white, and the app crashes. Can’t go into that edition again. This needs to be fixed!
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1 year ago, good to go...!
Review of Monitor app
Well-designed and easy to use. Nice!!
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3 years ago, Hiker6323
Concord Monitor
I love reading the Monitor online! So convenient and saves paper.
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3 years ago, halfmoon1989
E monitor subscriber
Really enjoy the Concord Monitor this way, do get the Sunday edition in paper.
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1 year ago, KodoKande
The app is easy to use.
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2 years ago, MarciaCatherine
Love the Monitor
Long term subscriber, great home town paper
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2 years ago, Chuck7
I prefer this to home delivery and save $200.
Ver good quality.
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3 years ago, Scott Og
Concord monitor
Good reporting, Good current news, very good writers on the news and on the op Ed’s
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3 years ago, Kaloramakid
Certainly improved recently 😀
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3 years ago, narf2
Good coverage
Glad to have good coverage of the State House.
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3 years ago, Alex6546)75
Missing paper
The Sunday November 28, 2021 paper is not showing. Where is it? Why do I need a Nick name to send? My nickname taken
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13 years ago, CoachZem
Not an easy app to use
The app is incredible slow! Painful! Page flipping is like pulling teeth and the scroll/navigation is not easy to use at all. I appreciate the effort, but this app makes a reader more frustrated than informed. All in all, this app needs a lot of work and needs to be better integrated with the monitor website before it is up to par with other newspapers.
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6 years ago, jayy emmm
Frustrating app
I’ve loaded this on my iPad mini and Samsung S2, was hoping it would work well on one of them. I’ve just about given up, so will probably cancel my subscription soon unless it gets better. Super slow to pull up an edition, usually have to click on it several times to get it to show. Will likely move on soon.
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11 years ago, Remcd88
Can't read stories - type is blurry
The latest update makes the stories blurry. The pages look like the they were saved as a jpeg file because the do not re focus when you make the page larger to be able to read the stories. Please fix!!!!
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11 years ago, Jenk122
Blurred Vision
After updating the new app doesn't bring the paper up in focus. Can't read it. Also the double tap article view doesn't work. Ver disappointing I may have to cancel my subscription.
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