Connecticut DMV Mobile

3.1 (338)
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Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.1 or later
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User Reviews for Connecticut DMV Mobile

3.14 out of 5
338 Ratings
4 years ago, TheXYZMafia
It’s ok
The app answers about 60 percent of what is on the test but as you all know you need 80 percent to pass, my only advice it to not rely solely on this app and read the manual. Do yourself a favor and save 50$ read the manual.
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5 years ago, damani2000
Passsssssssed with flying colors
I downloaded this app because I had an upcoming dmv learners permit test June 5 . I didn’t want to fail so I read the manual and use the app for practice test. My test was at Willimantic ct it was not full but staff was slow. The staff I met was pleasant and nice. When I took the test 80% of the questions are on this app that you will get at the dmv. The remaining questions you’ll have to read from the book. By the time I was at question 22 the system cut me off and said I passed. So I assumed that once you got 20 right answers your done. I got 20 right and 2 incorrect. The best way to pass the learners test is to use this app and read the manual. Both of them really help. You can’t go wrong.
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4 years ago, Honest REVIEW APPS
Passed with no problem *make sure to read manual atleast once though tho*
So I downloaded this app for the CT learners permit test at the DMV and I studied for about two weeks before my appointment. This app definitely helped me a lot. About 80% of the questions in the 3 practice tests in this app were on the official permit test at the DMV. I suggest reading the whole CT drivers manual and then practicing using this app. Try to get 100% for each practice test and you’ll definitely be set. Good luck guys you’ll be fine. Don’t over think the questions! Some of them are common sense.
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3 years ago, be68zaragosa
Great app (read manual still)
I’ve been using the app for a few months now leading up to my permit test today. After scoring 100% on all 3 practice tests, I felt quite confident. I ended up passing today with 23/25. Most of the questions on the test are right in these practice tests. BUT, there were a few questions that you can only find in the manual. For example, I had a question on my test about street-racing which you can find right in the manual. Read through it once or twice, and study using this app. You’ll do great!
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3 years ago, Shaf_11
Just took permit test, best app to use for most information
This is legit the best app to use if you want to understand 50-70% of the test right away. I recommend reading the manual, some stuff in the manual not on the app, but if you’re not, this is the best app to use for the test. I read over the manual once, read half of it one day, and the other half over 2 days, and took about 3 or 4 practice tests over 2 days. Also took it before taking my permit test (highly recommended) and I passed with only one question wrong.
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3 years ago, margrit123
I LOVE this app so much!!!😁😁😁I just finished my permit test like an hour ago and the majority of the questions were on the test. I only got 2 wrong that we’re probably on the manual but every other question I got correct was on this app. And the way the questions and answers are worded on the app is the same exact way it’s worded on the test which made it easier to answer. If it wasn’t for this app I wouldn’t have passed.
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3 years ago, tiahnuh
Good App
I just took my permit knowledge test today and about 60% of the questions that were on the practice tests in this app, were on the actual test. I passed with a 23/25. I strongly recommend taking every test and getting 100s on all three, multiple times. Give yourself enough time to study. Also, don’t forget to read the manual a few times, familiarize yourself with information on fines and some acronyms. Overall, this app was very helpful, with the addition of reading the manual, you will do great. Good luck!
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7 years ago, Karlstaywavey
Passed with two wrong!
I live in CT and used this for my permit test the DAY BEFORE, there are 3 practice tests... Do ALL THREE until you get 100% ON ALL... THEN DO THEM THE DAY OF THE TEST BEFORE YOU TAKE IT. There were two questions that were not the practice tests that were on the actual test, one about high beams and how far they reach (it’s 400ft) and if you get hit from the front what do you do (turn the wheel). Those were the only two I got wrong. I’m telling you you’ll pass.
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5 years ago, UsernameTakenAhhh
The app functions as it should. The practice exam is for review, not an actual reflection of the questions that will be on the exam. Use the practice test to review what you've studied from the manual. That should be a given. That's how all practice tests work. Update: The practice questions haven’t been updated in 2 years, and one question in the third practice test was wrong by current child safety seat laws. REVIEW THE CURRENT CHILD SAFETY SEAT LAWS IN THE DRIVERS MANUAL!!! All other questions seemed to be OK, though.
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6 years ago, anonynousme
This needs to be fixed
I’m studying for my test and when I take practice test 2 I got 71% with six questions wrong so I reviewed the questions and when I went through I had clicked all the right answers but the test changed them and marked them wrong, I was confused and took the test again putting all the right answers and it did the same exact thing, this could confuse some people and possibly make them fail the real test. Please fix this!
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6 years ago, MysteriousOtaku
Good practice along with manual
I get the bad reviews are people who only took test to study or are angry and failed but it does help. Seriously a good amount of questions were on my test or could be inferenced or just common sense. But seriously read the manual along with doing the practice tests. Use the app the questions asked are similar to these then the online practice tests Passed with 2 wrong
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6 years ago, Goofygangster
This app will make you pass
I did the three practice tests on this app they are very short and quick until I got 100% on each (took maybe 4 or 5 tries) and read briefly over the manual and got 20/20 on my permit test. Almost all of the questions on the test came from the app.
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5 years ago, joelabrecque
Good but not all inclusive
I just took my first drivers permit test using only this app to study for it. Don’t do that because in the test there are 81 or 82 questions that are chose from randomly and given to you play it safe and go to the dmv site and read the drivers manual online everything they test you on is in there. Hope this helps!
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2 years ago, Jsinfjfkiffkfnff
Took the permit test and passed with a 23/25. The practice test questions and answers on this app are literally copied word for word. but for me there were only like 5 out of the 25 questions from the app that were actually on the test so I highly suggest you read the whole manual as well but the practice tests are helpful.
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2 years ago, bigger booty ben
This app is the best thing that has ever happened
I downloaded this app and it prepared me not only for the permit test but for my life. I have felt more successful every day since i downloaded this app and passed my permit test with flying colors. This app is good, five out five
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4 years ago, :)(:&@$"'!?.-:
Not Adequate- Read the manual
Less than 50% of the questions on here were on my actual test. They could not even put a link to the drivers manual in here. I got 100% on all of the tests in this app but they were nothing like what was on the actual test you are better off just studying the manual. The bottom line is that this is not a good indication of what may be on the test, the actual question bank is much larger, and what questions you get are based on luck.
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3 years ago, Ella Bunnknee
Helped me pass my permit test with flying colors
Only one of my questions weren’t on the practice permit tests but besides that I got them all right. This app is an amazing tool as long as you put in the hard work.
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3 years ago, Shingy peyton shingy
Made me fail
I would not recommend this app, I got a 100% on all three of the practice tests and when I went to the ct dmv they told me I failed and said that they strongly don’t recommend using this app. I think you people should understand that you can’t advertise that this will help you pass if I got 7 questions out of 25 wrong. Never using this app again or recommending it to anyone else.
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3 years ago, johanna rivera
I passed with 1 wrong !!!
Very good app i studied the 3 practice test and i passed with 1 wrong i also read the manual twice I recommend you study hard so you can pass and don't think about the questions to much !
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2 years ago, kiel
Some of the question that I did at the test DMV was on this app. You need to learn the manual and make sure you do 100s on all practice teste on this app. Familiar yourself with the answers from the manual and u will pass
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4 years ago, Puti. K
Passed it today saw many questions go through all 3
I am happy that I actually saw questions on the app that were on the t3st ! 10/10
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3 months ago, Shaynne-
Passing in flying colors!!
Used this app the study for my permit and passed with ease I do recommend reading through the Manuel not all questions that are in these test are on the permit exam.
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3 years ago, SES67
App Needs Work
Downloaded the app to renew a registration. Two out of three attempts resulted in the session timing out before all of the information was entered. One attempt seemed to work but there was no confirmation that the payment was accepted. I still don’t know if the renewal was accepted or not. I guess I will try again later or pay by mail.
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5 years ago, shiloh tova
The app glitches constantly and it’s impossible to study. The information is good but I have to restart the app over and over just to finish one practice test. In fact I can never get past question 14 on the third one and even then some information is wrong or just old.
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6 years ago, Harrypotterswagnut
A MUST before the permit test
There are practice tests on here that mimic the actual permit test, 95% of the questions on the actual test are on this app. I got this app and passed with only TWO wrong!!
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2 years ago, Mikey___-
Litterly saw the reviews and was scared this wasnt gonna help but trust it helps sm , almost all the questions were ones from the practice tests , got 100% first try
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1 year ago, Talk2ThePanda
Most of the question on the app were on my permit test!!! So if this help it’s pretty reliable in my opinion.
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5 years ago, Crimeofpassionx
Passed !
Most of the questions from this app they were on the test the rest was common sense thank you❤️
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1 year ago, gnarly shark
L App
Don’t use this app. Used this to study for my permit and failed. Found out at the dmv that even though it’s on their website they don’t recommend using it as a study guide. Absolutely stupid of them to keep this up since it’s apparently completely useless.
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5 months ago, AvCor
Appointment for vehicle/vessel registration
Recommendation for future development on this app? You should incorporate the ability to make a registration appointment for vehicles/vessels, etc. directly through this app, it's 2024 people we should be able to use all of the avenues to streamline efficiency and productivity!
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2 years ago, kingchristie
Took my test today and passed. There were about 50% of the questions on here that were on the test but it’s a good app.
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5 years ago, Cool dragon man
It’s a good app
It’s a good app and very helpful but whenever I try doing the third practice test the app freezes and I can’t do anything about it.
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4 months ago, The Al 999
Read the manual
Most of the poetic reviews say it’s good but just read the manual, no, only read the manual. Using this app actually makes your chances of passing worse because it tricks you into thinking it’s easier than it is.
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7 months ago, Dyannant1
Horrible teaching
I took my permit test after using this app to study for 2 months and failed. It has no questions about signs or suspension periods (trust me that is at least half of the test) 100% would not recommend.
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4 years ago, liilrouery
Questions on the sample test were verbatim towards my real test. Took it today and passed!
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4 years ago, DaddyyKyle
Passing permit
Very well passed my permit today... Id also recommend looking over the manual for fines and using the DMV genie app
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5 years ago, Fattyboii 18
Legit 100%
This app literally helps you pass the test . Just past mine today 😁.
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5 years ago, MR_nice17
Help me
Is the questions and answers on this tests going to be the same at the dmv would I pass with this app? Come me to below lmk ASAP
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11 months ago, drizzyjuli
It’s The Real Deal
Listen I’m A Real Review This Is Real Study This And You’ll Pass Everybody Need To Know This Is The One
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3 years ago, Ethanbutt
Not worth time
I practiced until I was able to get 100% on the all three tests. Once I took my permit test only 3-4 questions where the same from the app. Still passed, but not a good tool for studying
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4 years ago, Jdjskakamsb
Instructions unclear ended up in fast and furious movie
Some how I’m next to vin diesel right now SOS
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7 years ago, haley991
Questions on app aren't on the test
I used it to study for my test and it was a big mistake! There were only 2 questions on this app that were on the actual test. Just use the drivers manual instead.
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4 years ago, Brooke.w.
Learner’s Driver Test Prep
There are only 2 questions that come up for Tests 1, 2 and 3! Where are the other 60 or more questions, for prep??!! I am trying to help someone prepare for the test. I am a classroom teacher and find the test prep information, totally, lacking!!
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3 years ago, Gigi22197
This app is not specific at all the DMV words the testDifferent a lot of my friends have failed because of the way they explain the questions on this app
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7 years ago, Almightycappazzzz
Pass the test w/ ease only two wrong
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9 months ago, robwiick
u just gotta study, half of the questions on here is gonna be on the test ( go to the one in hamden)
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2 years ago, UTMGRY
You need the manual
I took the learners permit test and only 1 of my questions was similar to these tests. Questions are asked strictly based on the manual and rarely overlapped with the app
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5 years ago, hwiicijsja
easy pass if you know every question on here
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4 years ago, Sammi_Love_Hello_Peace
Permit Test
Used the practice tests for my permit, only 3 of the questions from the app were on my permit test, unfortunately I failed. Do not use the app, study the manual instead.
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5 years ago, Alt Account 101
Only shows you the easy questions on the exam! And not the hard ones! Study the manual instead!
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