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User Reviews for Conservative News

4.74 out of 5
36.2K Ratings
4 years ago, appstorereviewhandle
Excellent Editorial Selection
I never review apps in the App Store but this one merited a change to my policy. In today’s day and age when most news outlets supply a constant stream of bias, clickbait, and irrelevant politicized content, or conservative outlets simply do not have enough writers to compete with the volume of articles generated by competitors... the choices readers are faced with are hard. It takes a lot of work to find good news sources, and is very time consuming. So - aggregating a variety of conservative outlets all together and putting them in one feed is a huge value proposition! This app is the best source I have ever found that provides access to the right kind of content at the right time. Lumping together a variety of publications in one place makes it easy to comb through a lot of content very quickly and efficiently. Plus, the ability to opt in and out of the publishers and outlets inside the app gives the user control over the outlets that appear in the feed. 11/10. Thank you dev team!
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4 years ago, Mgnugget
THE best out there
I’ve been using a lot of different apps lately to try and distance myself from apples services in some ways. I had Apple news + as it was a great way to get the WSJ and any other magazine (car and driver, architectural design magazines, etc.) all in one package. I realized it wasn’t for me, but the started looking through Apples news app after that subscription had ended. Everything seemed to be behind this paywall, not to mention the sources where I was getting news were all over the place. THIS APP IS AMAZING. Because it uses your built in web viewer, it brings along whatever settings you had enabled. THIS INCLUDES ADBLOCKER for articles! Plus, one of the best things is having every article automatically open in reader view. If I could donate to this app, I would. It does appear to get funding from very small banner iAds at the top of the headline page, but they’re easy to look past.
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2 years ago, Nosomathete
Great News Digest, one UI flaw
I really like this app and recommend it highly. I would even yell from the mountaintops if they'd change one frustrating UI issue: if the app updates your news feed while you're reading inside an article, when you come back to the feed, you'll have lost your place in the feed because the app takes you back to the same "spot," but the feed has pushed down the articles so you're now looking at a place in the feed you've already been. You have to scroll down and down until you find where you left off. Then, it can happen again while you're reading the very next article. Super frustrating, but not exactly a deal killer. I've contacted the developer once or twice about it, but no change.
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4 years ago, 1524satg
To seek more balanced reporting
I like reading ALL perspectives of events occurring in our country & around the world. If I only read stories presented by MSNBC & CNN, I don’t believe I’m getting an accurate account of going’s on. But by having this app that gathers conservative reporting, I feel I can assess situations more thoroughly. I believe many times the truth is somewhere in the middle. I also know mainstream media will block stories that don’t align with their “woke” narrative. That is so wrong. I feel the majority of people don’t get full picture because they only rely on either the far left or far right news outlets. I don’t always agree with stories I read here, but I appreciate getting a different perspective.
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3 years ago, Batt1eRatt1e
Near perfect one stop shop
I don’t review many apps but I had to on this. I wanted a one stop shop for REAL news. I saw this and was amazed at all the sources you can add to your feed. I like the settings options and how easy it is to read everything and share articles. My only suggestions and I don’t even know if this would be possible, is to add a sorting feature to show most popular articles, even if it’s just most clicked from this app, not actual website hits. Not sure how far that could go back either, within the last week or two? Just giving users more capability to see what they might have missed that was popular. I did pay the $10 to permanently remove ads which I felt was a fair price for what you’re getting. I hope this app continues to grow and improve. Thank you! *UPDATE* - Not a major issue but I do notice that some sources are wrong. It will say it’s coming from Dan Bongino for instance but it opens from Fox News. It doesn’t ruin my experience but it’s something to note.
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7 years ago, prissydapoo
Good but could be made better...
I really love this app, I really do. I’m able to get all the conservative news sites with one swipe. And even though I have most of the apps it makes it easier for me to see the titles of the day from the different conservative news sites. I see articles that I may not find unless I go looking in the web for it. I think the only thing I really dislike about the app is when I click to see a particular article I have all these different little pop up windows for me to click. It’s very annoying, not to mention when I try click out of the little box it sometimes sends me to that article. That is probably my least favorite thing about this app. And if it weren’t for that one thing I would have rated with five stars.
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6 years ago, FBinTN
Better for news than Facebook feed
I get more variety of conservative publications that I like all grouped together in a rolling feed similar to how Facebook works but better. Many news feed apps make you pick categories and then they pick the articles from publications that are much less conservative or outright liberal which is irksomely manipulative in my opinion. Some conservative news feeds only have 3 to 5 publications as feeds and some are exclusively their own but this one is more comprehensive. I’ve never had any stability problems. It would be nice if they had thumbnails to pick a category of articles in their news feeds instead of just having to scroll through to see what’s there.
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8 months ago, asdfhjk, vdeerul
Enjoy this app very much!
Great app for getting news without going to all of the different places. I have told many family members about this app. Something odd just happened…a screen popped up saying that I had visited an infected website and the only button that was available was ‘scan’ and supposedly you would be taken to mcafee antivirus service. This was about 1:30 am ET. I closed the app, shut my iPad off and rebooted it….went back in to the same article without any issues. Thank almighty God that I did not panic and fall for that scam. Thought you should know.
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5 months ago, NY Koop
Great app to read articles without the ads
I was getting a little tired of getting barraged by all the ads on Fox News website and my ad blocker wasn’t working there. So, I started looking for alternatives and stumbled across this app. You can easily toggle news sources, including Fox News. There is an ad banner at the very top, but all the ads are removed from the article itself. It’s not nearly as intrusive and you can read an article without it jumping around due to some ad being injected as you would get with many web sites. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Graced by Gold
A place of truth
We will not be silenced! Here we can follow the truth from sources who respect our First Amendment rights which protects our freedom of speech, religion, and the press. It’s important we know what is happening, what is being said, and what some are attempting to hide from us. We must not let our guard down or we will lose what we hold dear for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. There is too much at stake, especially with what has been allowed to happen in the past months. A big Thank You to those brave journalists who seek and report the Truth...We support you!
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3 years ago, getgas
Valuable and easy reading
Its story lines and narrative give you a start for researching additional information on an issue or subject. Sometimes they are described in depth and completely presented. I find that most of the reported material is very accurate and I will cross reference this app’s information with other sites and have found it to have early information on issues, sometimes before the other sites. The human interest stories have given me a greater but usually a tabloid insight on living in other countries, especially Australia. I do like the app and read from it daily.
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4 years ago, BroBryon
Great News App, but NOT Family Friendly...
The app itself is very well arranged and relevant to the latest news, from a refreshing Conservative view, which I love! But it’s ‘rating’ is WAY off, and NOT suitable for ‘9+’ years, as stated in the App Store. More suited for teen or older. Shockingly, some articles are NOT censored, or even ‘abbreviated’ with dashes or symbols, as most of the mainstream news Apps do, so young ones can still read theirs. I understand that it is simply repeating a quote, but kids and folks like me who don’t want to be ‘F- bomb’ shocked while reading the news. The meaning and context of the article will still be understood, even with abbreviating nasty words with symbols or dashes. I hope you take that into consideration, so that I can re-download it and enjoy ‘bomb-free’ Conservative news. Thank you kindly.
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2 years ago, Surfangel7
Another Point of View! Yay!
Our country has been misled by almost all of our news sources repeating half truths and lies. Recently a federal judge said that all of the main stream media are emphasizing the points of view of the Democrats. Literally half the country is not being represented and their point of you is not being presented to people on the left. This is not fair to either side and very dangerous to our country. This seems to be the only way to find a conservative point of you. And I am not a true conservative!
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4 years ago, ZXRTV
Does what it says—reports on conservative issues
A good addition to anyone interested in the conservative perspective or trying to find out both sides of the story. Combine it with their sister app, “Liberal News” and you can get a quick update and insight to both sides of the issues and events. Both have bias and spin of course, it’s still today’s media. Sadly there is no longer a place to just get unbiased factual news anymore. CNN and FOX news have become unwatchable echo-chambers unfortunately.
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3 years ago, Xibfwb Vam Tsheej
A problem navigating through the news articles
I enjoy Conservative News. However, on several occasions as I was reading an article, an advertisement would pop-up, covering the page. The advertisements would not let me go farther. At the prompting of one of the advertisements, I viewed its content, but...still was not able to navigate on the newsfeed. The only way I was able to ‘get out’ was to shut my iPad off...and back on. This is beginning to become a problem. If it continues, I will have to ‘in-install’ the app.
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3 years ago, hid1983
What is going on with all of the liberal news popping up?
When I first downloaded this app, I loved it because I could find stories here that I have bot seen anywhere else. However now it seems like all of the articles are more liberal ghat conservative. I have gone through my settings and turned on and off the liberal sites but every day I find more and more outrageous articles on here. It’s so bad I’m about to delete the app.. I never leave bad reviews but at this point I feel it has to be said.. Sorry guys! I really do love the app but something drastic has happened here.
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3 years ago, Shellykess
Simple and (near) perfect
This is the news app I’ve been waiting for for years. Clean, fuss-free interface, ability to choose your news sources, stories you tap open in reader view (where available) by default, and you can turn off ads forever by paying $10 one time. The current list of news sources is pretty good but I wouldn’t mind a few more. I’d also like to see a swipe action to mark a story as read without having to open it. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Too Shallow
I have used The Drudge Report and I am tired of the content of his report. I don’t know what has happened with Drudge but he has turned liberal with his content. I am looking for the truth and good meaningful information. Please continue with what you offer and don’t be pressured by liberal fake news to change. Continue to provide honest and accurate news. I don’t want fake news. All news you provide should have good sources listed
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4 years ago, The.Piano.Pro
So Much Better than Apple News!
Like Apple news, where it pulls articles from different sources, but only from truly conservative sources. And, it seems like it vets them too... Fox News has barely shown up since the election, LOL. Anyway, I really appreciate having several truly conservative sources to read from. The only thing I wish it had was a way to go back and re-read the articles you read yesterday... or a way to save articles to read later.
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2 years ago, statsFocus
Love the app.
I think it could be even better if there is a setting where there is a "Fully Loaded" mode. The user scroll up and down for the news and left and right is to delete or save. Each articles is full loaded and after a fews lines of reading if the like it the the user can continue read or they can swipe left to delete and right to save.
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3 years ago, BWKWJreader
The app news displays are jerky with continual loading, reloading before eventually freezing altogether. It’s not possible to read a whole article. I’ve removed the app and reloaded it several times...restarted my iPad (incase the problem lie with it) but the functionality of the app shows no improvement. This app is not worth the bother. Update Jan 2021 i tried reloading after my ipad had several updates -and apparently so did the app. Problem is not improved. As before, problem is the same on my iphone and with all conservative leaning news apps I’ve tried. Maybe it isn’t the app - could be Apple devices won’t allow any news app except it’s own?
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3 years ago, sk-dallad
A nice aggregator
The app allows one to select from a variety of news sites across the left-right spectrum to customize your news feed. Already read articles are dimmed out after reading to expedite scrolling through the feed. Although the same topic will appear multiple times, one can tell which news site it’s sourced from. I find it useful and easy to use.
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2 years ago, xxxshefo
Truth willPrevail
This is my go to site for journalist truth in reporting. There are still a lot of us out here who love this country and who know our country is being taken over by radicals who want to suppress our liberties and who choose to fan the flames of hate and division. We will stand and we will keep standing against the tyranny within our own borders. We are pro freedom, pro cop, pro troops, closed borders, pro America patriots! God bless America🇺🇸
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4 years ago, x_Killuminati_x
Must have
In a world where large media outlets skip over any stories that don’t fit with their ideology/constructed narrative..... it’s important for the individual thinker to seek out other perspectives to avoid being a total full. This app has brought me a feed of stories ranging from center to right that are 99% missing from bing google or Apple news. I can also de-select sources that I think are not a fair representation and it actually works in the app.
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4 years ago, Saddle Bag
Very good news source
I really enjoy the reports. Conservative news is an excellent source of news reports. I never listen to, read from any main stream news sources. I simply got tied of being angered at the lies these main stream news agencies report. I have not paid any attention to the MSM media in 2 years. The stress of not being able to whack a few of the reporters is no gone. Thanks to news sources like conservative news I am much happier.
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5 months ago, Jfrost1909
Enjoying the news
I like to read the news that is just the facts. Unlike the majority of the media today I have to sift through all their opinions. I don’t care about their biased opinions because I can think for myself. Just let me see the truth. That is why I try and get two or three sides of the story and delete the opinion parts too get the right or wrong of things.
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4 years ago, Jjohnson x
Good but too many ads unless you pay
Loved this app for a while now but I’m noticing more and more advertisements. This is at the same time they are offering a ridiculously expensive “premium” ($9.99) option. Breaking News! You’re gonna drive people elsewhere if your primary mission becomes making money instead of being a reliable conservative news aggregator. Stop it! Update: I paid to remove ads and the app is decent again. Unless you’re willing and/or able to pay, get ready for a bunch of ads. The app didn’t used to be this way. The love of money changes people though.
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3 years ago, creepshe
GREAT NEWS APP! Plenty of sources.
I’ve enjoyed this using app in order to have up-to-day articles in one feed AND it has a 1-time payment to gain Premium access (no ads!!). The price is well worth the premium benefits and I love the donate to app creator feature, it does make me want to donate the more I enjoy the ease and simplicity of this app. Easy to choose News Sources are organized within the settings section.
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2 years ago, mgoeglein
App is great BUT Purchase Option is VERY ANNOYING
The app and ability to see summaries of articles from multiple websites is awesome. However, if you purchase the no advertisement option the app requires you to restore the purchase every time you open the app. It takes about four extra clicks to restore your purchase. For that reason I cannot give it a five star it is completely annoying and frustrating. If the programmers could save the settings and know that you already purchased the app then I would give it a five star.
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2 years ago, fabulousNews
I can read the truth!!
This is the greatest news app available. You get the real story from sources you can trust, because you can select those sources. I did the upgrade to eliminate the advertising and now I get a full page of just the article I’m reading about, with no annoying distractions. This app is a must for people in the know about truthful news all in one app.
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3 years ago, SouthernLazy
Unable to use any browser but safari
I dislike safari so I installed a different browser on my iphone. You can not open any article on iphone unless it’s through safari- even when safari is disabled and you have a different browser selected as default. Something changed in the last few days as i was previously able to do this :( Unfortunately deleting since i cant use it. Also i have noticed a ton of click bait showing up and non conservative news sources being added.
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2 years ago, Foodmechanic
My problem use to be landscape on videos
As I said. Use to kind of bug me since I can’t always find glasses to see the tiny videos. Now since I tried the recent update 3.9.5 it crashes on startup. Goes nowhere and no possible way to downgrade to my old version. Please help, I get news from no other source. I have iPhone X on iOS 12. I like it and don’t want to update, which is why I am reluctant to update even apps like this. Darn it.
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1 year ago, Sir Corbinator
News app I have been waiting for
I was a Fox News fan for a long time. But with the changes they made their headline news was pathetic. This app has so much more content and it’s a mix of different topics which is something all news networks should have. This is because the app allows you to choose your sources and it appears in your feed. Love this app 👍
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4 years ago, PghConservative
Get this app and delete Apple News feed
The Apple News feed daily bombards users with predominantly left-wing propaganda. The main lefties- NYT, WaPo, CNN, etc.- get top billing. Today I deleted Apple News, and it felt great ! The Conservative News feed provides access to worthwhile sources like the Federalist and WaTimes. Do yourself a favor. Don’t let the big tech lefties control your news with their preferences. Get rid of Apple’s feed and install the Conservative News App.
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3 years ago, Kattens Mor
Love this app!
I’m a huge consumer of conservative media and this one consolidates many sources in one place, including news from Canada, which adds texture. I’m not sure what the optimized version is, so I always choose the Original version. The Twitchy articles look like spam do I never choose them. The app should better explain the optimized and show that Twitchy is legit. Else, it’s a 5 star.
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3 days ago, unadulteratedtruth
Was good
Now the ads have been made so sensitive that if you accidentally touch the ad while scrolling the ad opens without actually having been tapped. Extremely annoying and makes this app unusable. Used to love this app but the shady behavior around the ads have made it unusable. Deleted and would not recommend. The greed behind this decision to make the ads worse on this app is what ruins many apps and many companies. App makers make one little app that does something very simple and all of a sudden feel they are entitled to piles of cash and are willing to ruin their apps to get it.
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2 years ago, jlgllc
All the conservative news in one place!
These guys do a great job of compiling conservative news! The app allows me to quickly see all the shenanigans the left is up to. Keep up the great work. My only suggestion to improve the app would be link directly to the original content source. As it is now the articles are reformatted and the links break
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3 years ago, OUT4U2C
Good News source!
This app receives 4 stars, it’s almost perfect but there is always room for improvement. Just my personal opinion but the interface is not that great. Opening the app, I was a little confused at what I was looking at. The app could use a little more attractive interface or how you scroll through the articles......remember presentation is BIG for users who want practicality but also something that looks out the competition! Other then that good job!
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5 years ago, all nics are taken
Gold medal winner for worst editors in the business
I am a conservative and usually enjoy the content on this site. However, as a conservative I also believe strongly in the importance of good language skills. Sadly, the editors at this site are horrible. In a single article one may easily find three or more drafts of each paragraph, sequenced together. Hey Ed! Choose the best one, go with it and DELETE all the rest. I do not wish to follow the trail of your writes and rewrites. Get it right. Act like a conservative and not an illiterate socialist college student.
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3 years ago, MAGA_Man_Noobish
Why This is the Best App
This app gives you all the true information, and when you need it the most, it’s easy to access, and to find. Conservative News is great for those who want to learn more about real world situations, and not what Kim Kardashian was doing earlier in the week. I would highly recommend downloading it, as it’s an eye opener as to what is going on in the world!
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5 months ago, happyness10563
Escape hatch from fake news
One of the hardest things to do these days is to find a non corrupt news option. conservative news is by far my only connection to mainstream news. Me and my family appreciate your efforts and dedication to providing us with choice. Even Faux news is lost to pseudo conservative news propaganda, especially since Paul Ryan joined and they cancelled Tucker Carlson AND Dan Bongino.
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4 years ago, Danzigman
Great alternative to new sites like drudge
All the articles are in one place and you can choose what you want to read without someone else picking and choosing. As drudge turns into a Democrat cheerleading site it was time to find something different. This app is it. You can select which news sources you would like to keep up with and the app posts them for you to scroll through. Excellent app.
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2 years ago, Pacenti
Finally objective news reporting
I have always felt that it is the responsibility of a free press to report the news. Present the facts, and allow the the individual to form their opinions based upon fair & balanced reporting. If we are to survive as a free nation, we must have an honest and free press. Today, most news outlets are propaganda machines for the left. The Conservative News presents the facts as prescribed by our First Amendment.
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2 years ago, joebinis
Terrific, But Caution, It's Addictive
Since installing the Conservative News app I use it more than all my other iPhone and iPad apps combined. I'm addicted to this app to get a variety of news from the sources I choose. I have become more well-informed than everyone I know, other than the people who also installed this app. This app is terrific. Thank you for publishing this app.
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3 years ago, Valleyofthedivas
So happy I found you!
I’m so happy I’ve found this app. The new media is so liberally biased that I had to search for an alternative news source. Turns out, this app provides multiple alternative news sources and you can get them all in one place! This is my new “go to” app that I use multiple times a day for news updates. Keep up the great work!
Show more
4 years ago, Mindie08
I need to be informed with factual honest news
I appreciate very much having a news source where I can obtain honest forthcoming conservative news all in one site which is extremely difficult in times such as these we are living in! I find the information to be very well packed with the news I’m in need of knowing! Thank you for keeping me so very well informed and up to date on my party!!
Show more
4 years ago, Deeleigh92
Great App With One Caveat
This is a great app if you want all your conservative news sources in one place! However, you need to reclassify your types of news (right leaning, right of center, etc.) You have The Dispatch listed as right-leaning. After some investigation, I have found that is NOT TRUE. More like left of center! Now I feel like I must go through each source to clarify that the sources in my feed are indeed conservative and right-leaning, which is a time-consuming nuisance!!
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12 months ago, Str8 shootr
Horrible ads screw up otherwise good site
Very frustrating news compilation service. At most, you’ll get to open 2-3 articles before an ad will completely block you out. Some ads cannot be closed and force you to link to whatever site is forced on you. If you use the app, be ready to force a shut down and restart to get out of ads. Unfortunately, that will take you back to the top of the news story stack you just scrolled through. Frustrating. RedState app is WAY better.
Show more
4 years ago, User 319
Better than Flipboard
I started using flipboard to try and get out of the MSM-left wing echo chamber, but I noticed that they have left leaning stories a bigger foothold on my news feed. I’d mute them, but magically they’d show back up days later. This app has none of those problems. I am able to hear the news from a conservative perspective and hear about things that the MSM simply wont cover. 5/5 stars for me
Show more
2 years ago, Samson's Barber
A Different Smorgasbord of News
I have spent way too much time searching for a single source of an unbiased news app. I have finally found the ONE that gives me, as a literate, thinking adult, a plethora of news outlets in a single site. This site is a breath of fresh air. By having the large number of news sources to choose from I feel that I read an unbiased view of what is occurring in the USA and over seas. As an independent and apolitical person I find this app to meet my needs. It allows me to stay informed in a rational manner. Think of this sight as the “3 bears” story, neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. And being a free sight is the crowning touch. Enjoy, I know I am.
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