Corpus Christi News from KIII

4.8 (7.3K)
86.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Corpus Christi News from KIII

4.83 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
3 years ago, MXejidoEbano
Sooo Glad KIII is back!!!
We watched the news on other channels, but the KIII news team Presents the information clearer!! I have hearing loss n I had difficulty understanding K6’s presentations!! Maybe the enunciation was difficult for me to make out the message. We even turned the words/message on screen to get the message!! That’s the reason we watch KIII, I can understand the words, clearer. Kathia’s message/voice I could hear/understand the words, message, on K6 !! We also missed KIII’s programs not available on other channels!! Glad Tegna made/settled the agreement! We didn’t want to start our TV arrangements from bottom!! Welcome back!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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1 year ago, baby girl, 361
Excellent news channel and excellent news casters
I really enjoy listening to channel 3 news. I grew up as a little girl listening to channel 3 news in the 80s and 90s and I still listen today. I really enjoy listening to all the newscasters that come out on channel 3. I am blind and enjoy watching the news. Just wish sometimes, the news casters would remember to make sure video sound is on and make sure captions are read aloud for the blind and visually impaired. Overall, I absolutely love the channel 3 news.
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3 years ago, chaka 64
Downgraded Score
The station broadcasters are fantastic. Great voices and professional appearances. They don’t look like they are reading the prompts from the ceiling or are keeping an eye on the lunch room. Lol. The station content (stories) are informative and to the point, as well as current. My only “gripe”, so to speak, is with the sports dept. It really plays second violin to what else is going on. H.S. Sports, got it covered. Major college sports and professional sports, not so much. Some of us are transports and have no fanatical loyalty to local high schools and that’s ok I know that you are not ESPN, but, please, how about coverage of the rest of the sports world to go along with the local?
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6 years ago, Blkberrysmk
Close captions
Sometimes your close captions say the wrong thing , like yesterday during the 6 pm news the weather said on captions the word sexy and during some parts it’s another station bleeding together and you don’t know where it’s coming from . When your live no close captions at all , I’m deaf and depend on the news with close captions. Thank you
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7 years ago, dwrek351
Good for Me
I like using this app keeping up with the weather, news and contest. When I was in Houston in October I spent a month in the hospital I think it was September 16 through October 21, 2017 and wanted to watch the local news here in Corpus Christi I clicked on the app went to news I was able to see the news live. So I kept up with what was going on in Corpus Christi want to spend my time in Houston.
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3 years ago, tigerdad1117
KIII Review
Always keeping CC and surrounding population up to date on the latest news! I am more impressed with Alan Holt because during Hurricane Season, his expertise on weather conditions makes viewers more aware and therefore more alert to make decisions to prepare. We are very fortunate to have Alan and the KIII crew keeping us up to date on storm conditions.
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5 years ago, PD From Carrollton Tx
Enjoying KIII
We moved from Corpus last August 2018. I love to keep up with what is going on down South. Because I’m from South Texas . My actual hometown is Victoria Tx . But my wife and I lived there in Corpus for 7 years before moving up here to the Dallas area. We love everything about Corpus. Especially the Beaches . Thanks for Being there for us with Awesome News Weather and Updates . Paul.
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4 years ago, keep watch & pray
I can rely and look forward to staying up to date and on top of things with Kiii3 news/app. Lately people have been telling me what they just heard or what they’ve found out and I say “yeah, and this and that is what’s happening or going on next” and they say how do I know and I say “stay informed with Kiii3 news app!” 👍🏼. Thanks Kiii3 news!!!
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2 years ago, sophias nanny
Enjoy the news.
I enjoy getting all the latest alerts when news happens. I check my news app often to check for any new updates on news in my area and nationally. Thank you for keeping us informed. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, 🏡 Home
Great stories
You guys are so professional, it shows in your work, and in your appearance and the love you have for your community and respect for one another. Thank you for your support in wearing maroon for Uvalde this morning guys, kudos to John, Barbi, Carly and anyone else who wore maroon 😃. Love KIII 3 NEWS TEAM 😃❤️🍂 .
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5 years ago, Fed up, stay away
New new app
Hard to use, very little local news on this new app, local stories that were on old app this morning are gone after I downloaded the new app, seems like the local news staff have been cut.
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4 years ago, gassydriver
Great news
It’s great to know we can depend on KIII to get all news and information about anything. Love to know we can rest assure to keep track of all the important weather that’s coming our way..
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6 years ago, Ana New Fan
Excellent and up to date; I have been following the app for months now and it has kept me up to date and in the know. It is user friendly and content t rich.
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4 years ago, egcampos41
The news app needs help. Some stories aren’t shown. Those that are shown, are old. The app seems outdated. It’s also hard to find what I’m looking for at times.
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4 years ago, Ctera567
I don’t have cable so I downloaded the app. It notifies me when something is going on in my city, state, and nation. It’s just an overall useful and informative app.
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5 months ago, GG630
Great news
Always dependable local news & weather
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1 year ago, sandy juarez
Best Chanel ever for updating report. This is my go to station for all, we also have the app on our phones and Facebook. Love the reporters and staff!😀👍
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3 years ago, Island Lady 38
Island Lady 38
Love getting news and updates on my cell. So often don’t have time to watch on TV. Great reporters!
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1 year ago, 70s rock
Love My Channel 3
I rely on channel 3 for nails weather sports I wouldn’t have it any other way where to go to channel 3 newscast
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4 years ago, Benchwarmers 33
Visiting South Texas during pandemic
KIII keeps us in touch with things at home when we can’t be there. Started using app during Hurricane and haven’t stopped. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Pedroid
This station always has the most up to date news. I really like it.
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5 years ago, magic valley
K111 news
Excellent is the word that I use to describe K111 news ! They keep us informed about news , weather & sports. Their Breaking News segment is spot on .
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1 year ago, doubleme me
Ok this is too much.
I had given you 5 stars but app locked me in until I said yes I’d write a review. Then it wanted me to choose a nickname and still trying to get out of this app.
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1 year ago, Prissy Flores Arredondo
Prescilla Arredondo (Woodsboro, Texas)
LOVE channel 3 news. I’ve been watching 3 news since I was about six years old. Happy watcher. Keep up the good job. Hi Joe Gazin... 😄3️⃣NEWS ROCKS!!!
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6 years ago, Never Stop Never Stopping
Better than Lame
Better than the last version. But that’s not saying much. The last version was wicked lame.
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2 years ago, sleepwalker1959
Awesome and up to the minute weather
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2 years ago, Coastguy11c7
Simple review
Channel 3 news is simple and to the point covers a lot of good local news and is not overwhelmed with political propaganda thank goodness
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4 years ago, Virgi Silva
My number one station! Can’t be without our Chanel 3 TV station!👍🏻 thank you for bringing it back to me! Feliz Navidad!🙏🏻🎄
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3 years ago, Hook Em 🤘🏻
Love Kiii ‼️ They are the best in my opinion all over Texas ‼️ Love Alan Holt ‼️ Hang on to him , don’t let him go anywhere. Ryan Shoptaugh , Leslie, JTK ‼️ Great News team all around ‼️
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3 years ago, Mariadoll19
Very convenient app I can check the news where ever I’m at with the app
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5 months ago, 55Mexico
Staying informed
I worked for FEMA during hurricane Harvey. I love hearing the news about Corpus Christi as I am shivering in Seattle.
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4 years ago, lolabear1998
Timely News
Love receiving banners on my phone with the latest!
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4 years ago, Sallygirlperry
Love my Kiii station and app.
Love my Kiii station and app. Keeps me up to date on all news.
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5 years ago, Janie Ramos
News personnel
I like the personnel, especially weatherman with the daily info.
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2 months ago, Momy L R C
My review
I love channel 3 news! Keep up the good work ❤️❗
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5 months ago, Lady Oz. Rufus
Professional attitude towards news.
1. The professionalism of both the anchors and reporters of in-depth reporting details, their dress and appearance. Thank goodness there I are no fuzzy or cute remarks expressed. 2. Nice attitude and approach. Great weather team and great weather expectations given in weather casts. Keep the standard high — you’ll do great in the ratings RgA.
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5 years ago, Rucker-Young
Larry R-Y
Love the app and the coverage. Everything shows perfectly!
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6 months ago, Echo14854757
Five star review
This is my news
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4 years ago, texasealmom
Best news in the coastal bend
Dependable delivery of news. Alan Holt is the absolute best weatherman around.
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4 years ago, Spanky1382
Poor news
They are so behind on updates & seems like they’re always a day behind schedule or late updating what’s going on. They need accurate information.
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5 years ago, Hot dog 19
Great news app
This is A great news appe because they are always Acree it
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1 year ago, Nueces Voter
Makes me feel good
Better than the Taco Bell app
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3 years ago, diannegreses
Best News
Love it. They are on top of every story.
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3 years ago, Trude003
On top of it
Stories and reporting that really matters - no fluff.
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6 years ago, norbert saenz
KII news review
News has been too political to the left just like its parent company ABC news. Shame for local station to b like that. Even coverage on Beto O’Rouke is favorably to the left
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4 years ago, Ejb5oh
Buggy and ad obsessed
App is buggy and full of lazy loading ads that keep knocking ones scrolling out of place. No thanks. I’ll get my news elsewhere.
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7 years ago, Gen BlazinJay
Using iPhone 5s with latest updates and this app constantly has the same repetitiousness for stories. I’ve all but stopped using it unless I’m bored...
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5 years ago, Aaabiteme
KIII always delivers...
Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Gafa-I
Awesome team work
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4 years ago, Masterchef:)
It’s a good app but I can’t watch a single video without getting a 30sec ad.
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