Corriere della Sera - Online

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User Reviews for Corriere della Sera - Online

4.74 out of 5
339 Ratings
1 year ago, 123caffe'
Unable to leave a comment
I have been a subscriber to Corriere for years . I love the variety of news and so many well written articles from experts . Excellent analysis of this complex world . I am sorry that I am never able to leave a comment , it doesn’t go through. I subscribe to NYT and WAPO and my comments are accepted.
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3 years ago, cucilanga
Trump news
Every article about Trump is negative. Your Washington reporter obviously dislikes Trump. He is definitely part of the Fake news. Reporting the news should be impartial. Lots of his news and opinions do not reflect the truth about Trump. You should investigate his reporting since it does not represent well your newspaper. Ciao Ermete
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2 years ago, ZazaPeel
Best source for world news, bar none.
Indispensable app that I use along with New York Times. Honestly, I learn more about what’s happening in my country, the US, from the Corriere than from American sources. Love the daily podcast especially.
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3 years ago, Albert.16
Quick, clear, and easy to navigate
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2 years ago, Djp360
App crashes after I login!
It used to work well, but a few days ago it crashed. When trying to launch the app, it would show a quick screen shot and the close. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Worked well until I logged in with my credentials. And then it would not open again. Deleted again and worked well, until I logged in again.
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4 years ago, jpintobks
An excellent way to practice and learn Italian. Well designed. Happy to pay a low subscription fee.
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2 months ago, RoLoMiami
Best news app to stay in touch with Italy. Most reliable.
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2 years ago, xd yolo.goated
I love it It keeps me informed in real time with good writing
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9 months ago, LauraGena1974
Super informative!
Corriere is the best source of balanced information
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5 months ago, Gortnalake
The best source for news in Italy
The New York Times, The Times of London, Corriere della Sera: Excellence in Journalism.
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2 years ago, Nico'sDad
Greatest Italian Newspaper
It’s real journalism. Great, accurate, balanced reporting. As good as NYT and WSJ. A tad to costly on app subscription.
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2 years ago, Daffyluc
I would improve the colors.
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4 years ago, fran.ciellekanayet
Good news
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3 years ago, reader of journalism
Positiv Trump reporting?
Is clearly a fruitless pursuit. Don’t blame the journalist.
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3 years ago, Guiduccio
in depth analyses
a generally speaking good source of journalism
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3 years ago, alessound
Great newspaper!
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9 months ago, vinodad78
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2 years ago, Pippariallu
The best
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3 years ago, den80524
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10 months ago, ck1st4nz4__>>>
i lile it
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9 years ago, Baerchen123
Great app
Its a great app and entirely free. Has not ever crashed for me. Those usually are not problems of the app anyhow, but of the system that crashes ( notice how the 'crash' complaints show up for about any app ). Anyhow, i like it. :)
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14 years ago, A.Aginin
So and SO
At first I'd like to say that i'm Corriere della sera reader and sipporter but recently i tried Repubblica application for iphone and i have to say it works much better then corriere's one. At first Repubblica one is free of charge, but money are not the main problem. Corriere application is very slow and confused. It's not so much different from the website version in terms of usability and speed. I hope they will improve this application in the future otherwise using any RSS reader it's still the best option to access Corriere news. Don't waste your money!!!!!
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12 years ago, Oakline
Last update buggy!
The app's splash screen takes forever to disappear and multi-tasking no longer works and I also experience periodic crashes. Aside from these unfortunate bugs I truly love this app and use it daily. However, until these bugs are fixed I will be forced to restore to a prior "unbuggy" version of this app.
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14 years ago, mikekiefer
Great app!
Not sure what's wrong with the previous poster's phone but I've used many, many news apps and this is the best so far.
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14 years ago, SalentoJeff
Why pay?
Why do they think that the app is so good that we are going to pay a monthly fee after a 2 week trial? I just open the site in safari on the iphone and then bookmark the mobile version. Not as good but better than paying a monthly fee. Le Repubblica is the same way. I love using it understand what's going in Italy and to work on my Italian.
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7 years ago, Ceci Ram
Excellent app !
Very easy to find information ! Probably the best on line newspaper I have ever read .
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8 years ago, CJGSacCA
Keeps cancelling my year subscription
Sorry to have to revise my former positive review. I have a one year subscription, and this is now the third time that the service has been canceled. I have to email their offices and wait for a day or so until they manually reset my subscription from their side. This is very unprofessional.
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9 years ago, Reader4523
Good app - crashes too often
Great way to stay in touch with news in Italy. Every other day though it says that my subscription is expired, and I need to log out and log in again. Annoying.
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9 years ago, Bacigaloo
Good when it works
There have been recurring issues with this app concerning times when it will not even open up and then immediately crashes. Today is 11 January 2015 and any hopes of reading the Italian perspective of the 4 million march in Paris about Charlie Hebdo was not possible.
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3 months ago, SteMa56
Il Corriere della Sera - il giornale per eccellenza
Sono lettore da decenni nonostante la mia attività mi abbia mantenuto costantemente in terre lontane dove tutt’ora risiedo. Non ho mai perso una uscita del giornale sia che fosse cartaceo o digitale. Il Corriere lo ritengo il giornale più autentico nella informazione tanto nazionale come internazionale. Può competere con i quotidiani più illustri a livello mondiale
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5 years ago, _OCI_
Clogged with full screen adds even if you pay. Slow to update as well as scrolling through articles. Overall a terrible experience.
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12 years ago, billyoh
Paid subscription--not free
Don't waste your time with this unless you are interested in a paid subscription.
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13 years ago, mila47
Gratis?! No.
Now we have to pay to read the articles?! This is ridiculous! Useless app.
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5 years ago, Gio_TN
Worst news app ever.
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14 years ago, bobastica01
Deve essere gratuito....
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1 month ago, lukcico
Il giornalismo Italiano e' tendenzialmente tutto servile spazzatura ed il Corriere ne e' l'esempio piu' lampante. Giornalismo superficiale, servile e sensazionalistico - la politica estera e' trattata con estrema superficialità e bias; le dinamiche Italiana in modo becero e provinciale. L'uso dei falsi "virgolettati" e' imbarazzante. Giornalismo spazzatura, un peccato che molti lettori ancora lo ritengano "autorevole".
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4 months ago, Dewugy
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4 months ago, Digifu
Poveretti, hanno bisogno di lemosina......
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11 months ago, Lawyerdoc
il New York Times d’Italia
Sono un Americano medico di famiglia laureato al Università di Bologna residente negli Stati Uniti affezionatissimo al Italia abbonato al Corriere della Sera online e lo leggo quotidianamente per rimanere aggiornato. Scritto bene e di posizione politica di centro, criticando la sinistra e la destra quando dovuto. Ringrazio la redazione per il ottimo lavoro svolto in condizioni economiche non facili per la stampa ma vedo che la graduale transizione online migliorare di continuo. Il New York Times ed il Wall Street Journal hanno scritto che probabilmente tra una decina di anni loro saranno solo online. Probabilmente anche il Corriere.
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1 year ago, PIBITO 111
Mi piace molto
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1 year ago, Wendy Keller
Giornale importante
Sono una Americana. Questo giornale aiutatemi comprire l’Italia.
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2 years ago, leo roderick
Argentino que lee el italiano agradece el poder tener noticias de la patria de sus ancestros.
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2 years ago, Alessandro_BG
Buona ma da migliorare
Alcuni articoli vengono aperti nel browser invece che nella app. A volte non mi riconosce come abbonato e mi chiede di abbonarmi. Non esiste versione per iPad.
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2 years ago, amorms
Corriere della Sera
Mi manca tantissimo l’Italia, a causa della pandemia, quindi leggere il Corriere e’ un grand’aiuto e piacere.
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3 years ago, orazioori
Meglio di sempre
Finalmente un app italiana che funziona bene. Grazie, un po’ troppo costoso pero
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2 years ago, Male le
Bene conciso e mirato
Un utile strumento per restare aggiornati
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4 years ago, Waspette
Ottimo app
Facile da usare, great tool!
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4 years ago, Pf3427
sito eccellente
Sono felice di aver trovato questo sito. Bravo al corriere della sera!
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4 years ago, Kevanlukk
Ottime notizie
Non abito più in Italia grazie a questa app posso tenermi aggiornato.
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4 years ago, Adegre
Facilita la visualizzazione e ricerca delle notizie
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