Countdown App

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Ryan Boyling
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1 year ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Countdown App

3.07 out of 5
34.3K Ratings
1 year ago, unknown (Don't)
Hi, guys whoever is believing this app is cool, they are not cool at all. This app tells you when you gonna last for or how long you still have to live. I downloaded this a app and it told me I be living for 5 days and in that last day of my 5 day at night exact 11:59pm I was watching my phone going through tiktok videos and I heard a noise cross from the kitchen area next to the bathroom where you can also go to basement. So, I followed the noise that was coming towards me and I went to check on bathroom room and the noise was coming from down vent where the AC comes and I knew down and heard the voice calling for me so I went out of the bathroom and called my sister if she can pick me up but she didn’t pick up so I called my cousin and she picked up and I told her then she response saying I be there in 30 min so I waited but the voice still was going on and it was hurting my hear and then I passed out and saw myself on the floor and when I open my eyes I saw something black and exact 12:05am I was out and I couldn’t able to see the person. 𝑷𝑳𝑬𝑨𝑺𝑬 𝒅𝒐𝒏'𝒕 𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏𝒍𝒐𝒂𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒂𝒑𝒑, 𝒑𝒆𝒐𝒑𝒍𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒍𝒚𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂𝒃𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒂𝒑𝒑.
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1 year ago, downt downloud this
Why you shouldn’t download it
So basically me and my friend where staying the night at the house(my house). So we were up for about till 3:56 am and we were like let’s go to the living room and chill in the dark bc I ain’t scared so I said ok and we sat there talking for about 30 min and then my hairs went up bc I felt someone watching me and my friend so I was like hey let’s go to my room now and she was like no ima stay here so i went to my room and later I heard a light scream bc my parents were asleep and I went to check on her and the crazy part was I saw a shadow and…….. WARNING IF U DONT LIKE SACRY STUFF DONT READ THIS PART. It was like a shallow voice saying she’s mine now and I ran to my room bc i was terrified so I went under the covers and heard footsteps walking towards my room it was a run sound and a very deep voice and then I passed out more than 3 times. So later on I woke up at 12:00 pm and I opened my eyes slightly and saw SCREAM looking down at me and like someone else I can’t explain . I could tell it wasn’t a dream bc I pinched myself and it hurt so it wasn’t a dream . After that night 2 was creepy I asked my friend did she remember what happened yesterday night she said NO with a smile on her face so I blocked her and removed her from my house and electronics so that is why you SHOULDN'T download this.
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4 years ago, Maxe taxe
Okay, so the app in general I don’t think it has any bugs or anything like that, so that’s good! I downloaded the app thinking nothing of it, thinking that it was just a silly little “test” or whatever. So then I ss it and added it onto my snap story for fun (because like why not?). After I added it onto my story, I wasn’t even on the app and the music started playing. I was like, “woahh, is that supposed to happen OUTSIDE of the app?” So then I went back to the app and the music was almost glitchy? I can’t really describe it. When I went on it the music was glitchy (as I said), but then my flash started going off like CRAZY. So i did what any NORMAL person would do and dropped my phone to the floor (Incase it was like taking pictures or something), then my flash was almost glitchy too. My brother looked over at me and he said, “What? What’s wrong (my name)?! What happened?” I just looked at him and told him about the app. Then he just started playing fortnite again lolz. Anyways, my flash stayed glitching and I IMMEDIATELY deleted the app. I don’t know if it was supposed to work like that or it was just a glitch, but t was still pretty scary. Overall IF it was just apart of the app then it was REALLY good!! Definitely recommend if you want to be spooked. I also don’t know if anything else happened after that, but you can try it out yourself. :)
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1 year ago, vvrsax93
It was a normal day at my home I download this app so far everything was going good until the flash started going off and the music was really creepy so I recommend do not download it but if you love creepy things then go right ahead but I’m warning you and it’s very scary so if you do it that’s OK if you don’t that’s OK too but I recommend do not download it it is very scary now here’s my story again it was a normal day at my home and I download this app it was going good into the flash started going off again. It kept flashing and the game was glitching. It was very scary. I told my mom that I did not have a long time to live and she said oh the games just fake and then I said no it’s not fake and then I turned off the app. I tried to delete it but it didn’t delete so I got really scared and then I’ll turn off my phone and then I was watching TV and then the phone started going off with a whole bunch of them things that pop up on your screen about the game and I was really really scared so I told my mom again and she said they just throw the phone away and I’m like no I’m not gonna throw the phone away that is not happening and then the next day I got hunted by it, so I recommend do not download it
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2 years ago, Emma Grace L.
Be careful but nothing happens <3
I used this when i was younger, nothing happened and i had abt 1 min and 20 secs. Am i supposed to be dead??? I don’t wanna scare ppl here so I’ll calm some ppl down and just say it’s based off of a movie so you don’t need to worry! The movie is called countdown it’s a horror movie. But very clever using this, it’s AWSOME and has a clever idea! ~⚠️~ Warning ~⚠️~ ⚠️ okay, so be careful though whilst using this app. The game may glitch your phone a bit so I wouldn’t recommend using this app as it can glitch in your phone, if it doesn’t glitch there’s probably a hacker in the app bc it’s been glitching out for some people it’s important to read this bc you might get hacked or your phone might break. Again, i don’t recommend unless this is a device that you don’t care about and that’s cheap!!! I’m sorry if it’s long but it’s important too. Please be careful while using the app this isn’t the same app as it was years ago. Some hackers found a liking to here so I’m not sure if anything will be alright with your phone but I’m sure your okay with your life. You won’t die but just don’t use the app. You might break your phone or etc. ⚠️
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1 year ago, all users I want are taken
Actually kinda fun?
Ok first nothing really happened to me on this app. But my cousin has a crazy experience, so 2 years ago she downloaded the app and she got 1 month. A few weeks ago. I was at her house and we watched the movie so I told her to download the app and she said she already downloaded it before and she said that she had one month but she re-downloaded it anyway and basically what happened, was her phone started glitching and she had a notification, and it said “you shouldn’t have broken the user agreement” and she kind of started screaming, and she said “I’m gonna die!!” And I asked her to show me her screen and I looked at her screen and it was glitching bad and what happened was she deleted the app. Today I downloaded the countdown app and it gave me something pretty decent and it was pretty normal for a minute and I started looking at other peoples countdowns, but guess what I saw? I went back to the main screen and my screen started glitching the same way as my cousins phone did and I thought that was pretty weird but yeah. Sorry for the long story. Keep in mind that this app is not actually giving you a time to die it’s just random and for fun.
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2 years ago, bridatgurlyouknow
Not that bad
So how this begin I watched the movie countdown with my cousin and I loved it,after like some time I was thinking(is this app real or like it’s a fake app just for a movie) so I got my phone out and I typed in countdown and I showed my cousin lol, and she said I was crazy but anyways after I just stop being so scary I downloaded it and my cousin wasn’t having it. I even also told her to download it with me but she said no ofc and after I got on and it said I have 12 years, 36 days, 15 hours , and 59 seconds… at first I was like this is fake so I showed my mom btw my mom is like a god girl she don’t mess with that kind of stuff LMAOO so she told me to delete it I didn’t want to so I didn’t after I go back on the app to see if like I had a lil more time or something and after and said user agreement broken and u was like what btw again I was getting my hair done for my prom that was very fun but back to the story my flash was like going crazy like BONKERS..I just got off the app not thinking much of it and til this day it still does the same thing but I don’t believe this if u wanna download this app make sure it’s actually not fake stay safe kids✌🏽❤️❤️
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4 years ago, couldnt find another one
Actually good
We all know this app is fake, and I don’t have any experience with it as I have 4 years left to live. (Which is actually quite concerning considering I’m a teenager) However, this app is really well made. It surprised me a lot actually for it only being a timer. I downloaded a few apps like this as a joke, and they would give you a new timer whenever you restarted or even closed out of the app. Nothing was working with this one though, so I decided to delete the whole app and download it again. It’s gave me the SAME timer. That’s pretty impressive. We all know it isn’t real, but if you want to give a younger sibling a scare or maybe even give yourself a scare if you actually believe this stuff then definitely get it. I also see people rating it one star because it scared them, DO NOT DO THAT. The point of the app is it’s supposed to give you a scare, and the app is not bad at all. It only has about 3 stars, but there’s no reason to give it less than a 4. If you actually got scared from this (Which you really shouldn’t), then give it a 5 star rating. Anyways, really nice app.
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4 years ago, Choo choo pickle pie
Scared the living heck out of me
I was bored and decided to download this app to see if it was really “ haunted”. I immediately regretted it when it showed that I had approximately 13 years left. I played an ad and it got reduced I think and then when the eerie song started to play my face went pale and right when the flash went on and off my heart literally sank to the floor. I screamed at my cousin whom I was calling at the time that my flash was going crazy and her eyes were as wide as saucers. I quickly deleted the app and for about five hours I couldn’t get my mind off the app and what just happened. But let me tell you that the creator, Ryan something, scared the living hell out of us. So the app has control over your phone’s flash and can make it vibrate including the eerie music. A wave of relief washed over me as I genuinely thought someone was gonna come to my house at 13 years and kill me. The reviews also scared me even more but let me reassure you that this app really doesn’t work but just likes to mess around with you 😂. Got a good laugh and scream out of that. Your welcome
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3 years ago, kimm0t
That’s Creepy
So I knew about this app because I saw a movie called countdown that I coppied from my friend, I was watching the movie and suddenly tried searching for the app on my phone and surprisingly I found it. At first I was really afraid opening the app thinking that there is a chance to have a bad result like the one in the movie so I started praying (no kidding) and so I proceeded, my nervousness faded when I got 37 years more and 310 days, I am turning 33 in a couple of days so that would make me 70 when I die according to the app. Then I tried to make an experiment, I tried deleting the app and downloading it again, I thought that if this app sent me a different result, this would take my mind away from the app as that would 100% prove that this is fake (we all know it’s fake, but still it’s scary and creepy) then it showed me exactly the same result. I said woah, at the same time I was relieved to have a hope that I would reach 70 years, that would be enough for me I guess, then I made another experiment, I deleted the app, and restarted my phone, then switched it on again and downloaded the app, same result. Creepy
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3 years ago, Liaisb0red
This is scary tbh….
So i was extremely bored and saw this app on TikTok. I didn’t believe it but i downloaded it as a joke. It was like that until it was near 6:45 pm. My phone started to glitch a lot. It was deleting all my messages and social media stuff. I started to freak out and i was at my school for my brothers football practice me and my friend were telling each other that it was ok. Until it was pitch black outside and we saw a neon lime green person running around non-stop. There was also something small running behind it attached to the person. It didn’t run to us but it got closer each time we moved. We ran off bc we were scared I’m not sure if it was running for us but i got angry bc she never told me her time had 10 minutes while mine had 10 years. We were terrified and I definitely don’t want anyone using this app. If you use it please stay safe and stay with anyone you can like neighbors, friends, family or anyone else you can get contact to. It’s mostly more safe when your with people. Again, please stay safe!
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11 months ago, Sydney732838
Okay so idk how to explain it that well but ill explain it the best i can. so i was watching a video of this app and how it was real and so i decided to download it myself and see. i got 5 years and so i kinda chuckled a bit because i thought it was fake and then i closed the app, went back to another app and out of nowhere my flash started going off like crazy. so i removed the screen from my face and shifted it into another direction in case it was taking pictures and stuff like that and so i deleted the app immediately because i was kinda creeped out and had a very bad feeling about this. it was kinda like a voice in my head warning me about this, telling me it was a bad idea and to not download it. obviously i downloaded it anyway. so i went back to my camera roll to delete some photos because my storage was full and so when i was in my camera roll, i saw some photos of me that i did not remember taking so i quickly deleted them. i was super creeped out 😅. i hope this makes sense and doesnt make you confused IF you’re reading my review.
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2 years ago, yAy LOBe It
I know this isn’t real but…
So I was at my friends staying over there for the night and my other friend was staying over too and we were talking about how this countdown app was all over Tiktok and me personally don’t mess with this crap. My 2 friends said one of us should download the app and they both couldn’t download it because 1 didn’t have their phone and the other ones phone died. I was the only one who could download it but I was really scared and my friend begged me and kept calling me and scaredy-cat because it’s not real, I download it and I read the conditions blah blah blah and accepted my faith. It said I have 1 year left and after that I immediately deleted the app before weird stuff would happen because a lot of Tiktokers experienced weird things after they downloaded it. A year later AKA present time I’ve been getting really bad nightmares . I just watched the countdown movie that’s how I remembered when I downloaded the app. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence I get these bad nightmares or is this game cursed? 🥲
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2 years ago, I can't get out
So I was in a call with my friend and I was just talking about the app so I don’t know what to do if I download it so then I I told my friend should I download it she said yes and it was glitching like something was taking pictures and there’s a song which me and my friend were scared and then I couldn’t get out of the app so then my friend was trying to text me freaking tap on it so I can get out of the app and delete it and I was about to cry because it was so scary that it almost made me freak out which it did so then I didn’t know what was happening so then I told my friend to help because I didn’t know what to do and I thought it was not real so then it look like it was real so I didn’t know what to do so then I deleted it because I was so terrified that what was going to happen but if you wanna try it out you can because my snake was moving like crazy like so weird spinning around in circles if you don’t wanna if you don’t wanna try it out you don’t have to but if you do wanna try it out you can
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It is real
Ok so yesterday me and my friends were looking for a horrormovie then we found the countdown movie we watched it and in the end it says go and download and see your luck so we did and mine was 58 years and my freind was 2 minutes so we think it was a joke so we go downstairs and go to her perents but there was no one but the outside door was open so my freind go outside and look for her perents but i didn’t go so i got home and i tried texting her to see if she find her perents but she didn’t answer so i was like she was still looking for her perents then some Unkown number texted me and it said (you want your freind back come to this addres) so i was like my freind was in danger i go to the address to see blood from the door when i go to the house i see MY FREINDS HEAD HANGING ON THE STAIRS I CRIED SO MUCH AND IN THE END SOME BLACK SHADOW WITH LONG NAILS COME TO ME AND SAID. It is your turn i will be back. Sorry if i scared any of you it is a just a prank it doesn’t work is not real love you guys for who anyone read this and bless you.
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2 weeks ago, Luzmaria12
Ok so basically I was bored right, and yk how people have watched the movie countdown. I decided to download the app but I read the reviews and stuff about it and idk if it’s actually real about that one person said that their friend had like 4 mins left that she went to the bathroom and that she had like the shower curtain around her neck and stuff but idk if it’s actually true or not. So back to the story I was saying. Anyways i downloaded the app right, so like I saw that I had like 3 more years to live and im like oh no like sad in all right, so then im like well its ok because people have to die at some place one another right so then when I was like oh well im going to delete this app it started glitching, other peoples might do that but im not sure. And people kept saying like it started playing music which I didn’t hear anything because I was playing music and stuff, and it also started like glitching with my flashlight. So yea only download this app if you wanna be spooked with a friend or by your self.
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2 years ago, bhs91
Prob fake but AWESOME 👏
This game did scared me but I think the creators or weirdos are just making up story’s ‘bout how they friends died or something and DONT press the add button it tricks ya it’s actually lowers your life do it anyway cuz I did even tho I knew it was gonna lower cuz are you forgetting that god kills ya? Not this app that is weirder then baldy with actual hair tbh ( to be honest) baldy with hair is actually scarier than this if ya wanna scare young weirdos download this perfect to scare and the logo is actually the jester so yea you actually don’t die cuz I downloaded on my older sis’s phone ( I got 18 sibs) it said she was gonna live longer. years : 24 me: years: 13 or 15 idk how but it’s prob fake I felt worried for like 2 seconds but don’t fear its fake google it if ya want it’s fake just like yo mama but this game hacks your phone and breaks it so be careful but I hacked for me and ruined my light but it ok ima hacker to be real with ya but other than that there’s nothing wrong with the app thanks for reading ( I meant thanks for NOTHING 😜🤪😝)
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2 years ago, truth be told 2.0
Not that bad
This app is really well made…if you really want to scare the living crap out of your self after watching the movie then go right ahead we all know that you are going to the reviews to see what everyone said about the app..this app can be a little scary yes but it’s not real I downloaded it about a month ago and then redownloaded it and it gave me a different timer the first time I got like 33 years to live and now it is saying I only have four the reason it does this is because of your SIM card it has the memory of when and how you downloaded the app and what time so to scare you it says the same thing now that I think of it I used the improve the time and it knocked me down to four years but anyway it has the memory so if you have an iPhone go on a different phone and then download it on there I bet it gives you a while different answer and new timer……it’s just for scares calm down you aren’t going to die 😂🤣🤣
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1 year ago, Itsksv
So,I downloaded it and it said 21 years so I was like “hm,okay” and when I opened the app again,it changed to 2days and then went to 11years?? It was glitching so bad. And my flash was going off like crazy I got kinda scared, but i thought it was taking pictures so I faced my phone camera down. But it kept on going off, then when i closed it and came back awhile after it started to play music and it was glitching really bad. But uh if you wanna download you can it’s pretty creepy tho. But once I was at a friends house, and what happened was that she downloaded it and hers said 2minutes so we waited for it and when it went to 0 the same thing that happened to me was happening again, but she couldn’t delete the app I don’t know why but it didn’t let her, we heard a tapping on the window so we ran to her parents room and slept there for the night.(it was really late like 2:38am) I still don’t know if she deleted it because she moved city’s awhile ago. Sorry about the big story jus wanted to share.
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3 months ago, Molly🤍⚡️
Do not recommend
Okay so I was on the phone with my boyfriend and we wanted to watch a scary movie so we watched a movie called “Count down” we were 15 minutes into it and we both were curious if the app was real or not so we both searched it up and it was so we downloaded it and 5 seconds after opening the app it showed me I had 16 yrs to live and than I was like it’s cap but than my phone and my boyfriends phone kept going off and our flashlights Wouldn’t stop blinking and than my phone kept shaking so I deleted it than 5 minutes I redownload it and it still told me I had 16 yrs and than I got off the app and 10 minutes later my phone started Buzzing with nonfictions and I look and I see it That it’s from the app and I do not recommend it if you get scared easily But if you love spooky stuff Go for it down load it But WARNING!!! It will make ur phone glitch and If your phone does glitch or start to DELETE IT ASAP Becauae that most likely mean a hacker is trying to get into ur phone!!!!!
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12 months ago, CxrsedCxrsed
Scared me so bad omgg
I downloaded the app and it said I had one year left. I didn’t think anything of it because if i’m being honest I don’t care when it says my fate is. I was just watching the seconds go by, my phone started vibrating 😭. I got startled but didn’t think anything of this either. It’s just subtle vibrates so who cares 🤷‍♀️. Then if started messing with my phone. My flashlight started going crazy, turning off and on. Now yk MOST apps you download can’t do that, but this one? I slid down on the thing, yk— so I could see all the button things like flashlight, lock, calculator etc. The flashlight button was going on and off. I pressed it and kept it on thinking it would somehow STOP the flashlight. I was so wrong 😭. It just turned off the flashlight and kept going on and off. Gave me a good scare. It was fun using this app because I never knew that mere apps could mess with my device but there it goes. I’m gonna watch my friends download this and get the scare I got 😂😁
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4 weeks ago, higibih du c
Ok so I was watching the movie with my friends right and then they told me to download it I didn’t want to say no so I did it said that I had 1 min so we were all laughing and counting down and then all of a sudden my niki came out of the wall and started banging the base like Niki bro what. And the my friends desponded and Justin come out of the sealing and starting mewing with Selena and she was saying skip idk Ohio rizz and when All of this was happening I got out and ran down the road and I wanted to start my bath and then I saw Jeffrey Starr and James Chanel’s and JOJO swiwa and her cult so I was waving and joked her skibdi hairless cat and we ran away together and we found this magical listen and we went to Kendrick Lamar’s house well he was with drake and the were like hard core BEEFING tall and then the hairless cat fans came out and mary piping was the too and then I ran back to Justin and Delia and they all followed me saying fart poopy head and we all had a dance party!!
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2 years ago, your mom and had fun
Well here’s my experience
Well I downloaded the app after a bit my flash went off like crazy I covered my phone flash because my family were in the car (yes I was in the car when I downloaded the app ) also tried to hide my phone because they didn’t like flash going on and off . After that I deleted it and later still in the car I wanted to download it again so I did . Same thing happened and I think I got there attention because the flash went all over the car and probably saw my nervous face but they didn’t ask anything about it so I deleted it and so this is just after that happened I wanted to write a review so here it is but my experience . I didn’t hear any music coming from my like other people wrote. If it wasn’t for the flash I bet I wouldn’t be still looking at the timer going down. Over all this is a good game just for entertainment and I love it
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4 years ago, Premed1tated
I was so scared when I saw it and years later I found out it’s just a joke
So this started when I was like four or five and my sister said look zoee theres this app called countdown I said ooh let’s look at it so then we both downloaded it it said my sister had 45 years left and I only had 19 so I added four and 19 together and it equals 27 so I was shocked and I didn’t wanna forget it but hen I went to a new daycare and made this friend her name was Isabella and she said she had an experience with the app too so she said she and her friend both watched the movie and then downloaded it she didn’t say the time that she or her friend had left but few years later she got a call that her friend was in the hospital her friend almost died but the doctors managed to save her after that story I was so scared my face turned white but today I found out that it was fake so I was so relieved and still to this day I still wonder what would’ve happened to me if this was real..?
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1 year ago, sosowgvskdowks
Basically me and my cousin hang out a lot at our grandmothers house. We do stupid things like playing with ouga boards and creepy apps. SO THIS LOOKED LIKE FUN! Both of us got plenty of time when we played it but then I had an idea. I said that we should try the app on my grandmother and if the app gave her too much time like 60 years, then we would know that the app is lying. I know it sounds stupid. Anyways we wind that and it gave 1 year. Of course we still didn’t believe the app, but then the app started causing our grandmothers phone to vibrate and turn the flash on at night. IT EVEN PLAYED CREEPY MUSIC DESPITE US BOT BEING ON THE APP! In the end we deleted the app off her phone, and then she died one year later… AND ALL THIS WAS A FAKE STORY! Basically when we tried it on my grandmother’s phone it gave 40 years which was too much time so we knew it was fake. Most of these comments are probably fake too. Moral of the story don’t trust everything you see online.
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2 years ago, HobbitGirl13
Please read🙏🏽
I downloaded this app is a fun game( I did see the movie) that at first I got 35yrs that I hit update countdown and BAM 11yrs gone!24 yrs left. I will die when I’m 27! One scary story, my bff downloaded this app than it said he will die in 3 hrs. He laughed and said “geez .” Than he said he forgot something at his house and he was going to get it, later he only has 10mins left, I got a call from his mom and she told me he was in the hospital. When I got there he had 2mins left, he told me that he has liked my for a wile, and kissed me. Then his timer ran out. And he died, in my arms! Than his mom downloaded it said she has 3 days left, and a few days later, she died! She was drunk and her boyfriend kicked her out of the car on a highway, and she was hit by a car! It was a hit and run but he later turned himself in. She died on impact. I thought that was weird, but I’m still sad he died. RIP Gavin, 💝🥺🙏🏽 welp DON’T DOWNLOAD IS REAL! love y’all!
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So me and my bestie downloaded this game cause we saw the movie and we were pretty scared. So when we downloaded it I got 5 years and I was scared. And my bestie got 1 HOUR and we thought it was just a game. Until we heard weird sound like HEHEE like that. And we ignored it until we heard another sound and it sounded like POSAY TIGHT and we started to freak out. And there was only 15 minutes left on my bestie countdown. And me and her were scared cause we heard the sounds. And then we heard footsteps upstairs and we were alone. And also it was night. When we heard that we grabbed a knife. For protection and we hid under a blanket. And then heard another footstep and we decided to see who it was. We went upstairs with a knife and went to each room nothing. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE MY BESTIE STARTED TO FLOAT AND I SAW HER TURNING GREEN. AND THEN SHE TURNED INTO SHREK. AND SOMEHOW MY COUNTDOWN RESETED AND I ONLY GOTTED 10 SECONDS. AND THEN THOUSANDS OF SHREK STARTED TO APPEAR AND THEN THEY DID A RITUAL. AND THEY SANG THE WORDS WAP WAP TURN INTO NICKI MINJA. AND THEN I STARTED TO TWITCH AND THEN THERE I WAS NICKI MINJA.
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2 years ago, wolf tamer1221
I downloaded this app and it said i had 69 seconds!!! After the 69 seconds my phone started levitating and ramming against my face until i died!!! Don’t download it’s so scary and will kill you!!! But seriously im just curious if any of the flash light things are real so im gonna keep it downloaded for a while and see. If you’re like 8 and afraid of this app then don’t be because it’s not real. If it was then so many more people would be talking about it and we would have so many more advanced technology. It’s impossible to know when you will die exactly and all the comments that say otherwise are either fake or extremely rare coincidences unrelated to the app. Plus even if it was real it just tells you when you would die. You would die at that time even if you didn’t download it if it was real. Update: flash light stuff is real. It flashes so slow though there’s no way you could mistake it for it taking pictures.
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1 year ago, Memi 24738
This app is real
So I like creepy pastas and me and my grandma where just playing a game when an add for this game up we thought this would be fun so we downloaded it my grandma went first hen it gave her the time it said she only had 2 minutes and 20 seconds I thought it was fake so I told her that we should go too bed I got her up too her room and when I woke up she was still sleeping so I made my self breakfast 2 hours passed she still wasn’t up so I went to see if she ok and when I walked in too her room and her body was gone and there was a note saying “ it was her time would you like too know your time “ then my dad came too pick me up I left the house and got in too the car my little brother asked if he could play on my phone I said yes and gave it too him 5 minutes later he passed out he wasn’t breathing so I checked my phone and it was this game with countdown at zero. Morel of the story don’t believe everything that people say
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4 years ago, lindon swan
Is this fake?
Is this app really fake? When I first downloaded this app it was in 2019 at first I was think it’s a joke so I decided to finally delete it. For so odd reason I decided to download it again and it still had the same time from the first time i downloaded it. So I was getting a little freaked out and uninstalled the app for good. One year later (2020) I downloaded it again but something didn’t feel right so I decided to check my time which was (21 years 329 days 0 hours and 1 minute) and when I remembered my time from last year was (22 years 456 days 15 hours and 0) minutes so now I’m really really freaking out and I’m thinking to my self. Am I really gonna DIE in 21 years, and I’m only 12 years old and this is so much pressure, but I’m not sure if it’s real or not. BUT I am positive that some mobile app isn’t gonna tell me when I die only god himself will choose when it’s time for me to come home.
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3 years ago, Harley Quinn🤯
Omg nooo
OK I’m gonna tell you guys my thing well I have a girlfriend and I am 13 well me and my girlfriend we’re planning to move to Australia by the way I’m from Iran and I am a girl please don’t spread hate back to the game or app I first watched the movie first of all good movie I love it and I decided to download the app I first filed it’s just for the movie but guess what it’s actually here now many comments say it’s fake but I just me and my girlfriend we go really want to live more than four years end in the movie it said you had to beat the demon I guess I personally don’t believe in them but it’s just no please no please don’t be true because I don’t wanna die by The scariest stuff I ever seen I mean I’ve even seen the most scariest movie on earth the top one scariest movie on in 2020 and I wasn’t that scared because I planned my future I even signed up four Australian schools and please if you think The thing is fake just reply to my comment(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
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4 years ago, Imma Nerd 2020
Story time
At first I had totally forgot about this app until I saw a video about it and it reminded me of the time me and my friend first downloaded it about a year ago. We downloaded it as joke, but we still took persuasions. Instead of both of us downloading it, my friend volunteered for him to download it. We loaded up the app and it said he had 2 days left. We laughed but decided that I should sleep over the next few days to see what happens. The second night I slept over, I started feeling sick, so they decided to drive me home. Just before I went inside my house, he pulled up the app and it said there was about 7 minutes left. He said he’d call me if nothing happens. It wasn’t even ten minutes later, I got a call from his mother saying he was in the hospital. Apparently on the way home he got in a wreck with a drunk driver. The next day he died form internal bleeding that the doctors didn’t see before.
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1 year ago, anabanana🥰
Guys I’m scared
So I just watched the movie with my bsf so we got the real app and i was pretty exited but then I got scared because my phone kept buzzing and vibrating when I opened the app i didn’t think anything of it at first but then it opened the in app camera and was taking pictures of us! I went out of the app but it re opened it when I wasn’t even on it! I freaked out I was crying and I tried to delete the app but I wouldn’t let me!!! I finally got the app to delete but my phone would still randomly vibrate and then I got a notification that the user agreement was broken! I freaked out even more because I remember not I didn’t allow notifications and I already deleted the app so I re-got it and deleted it again and restarted my phone. I’m still really scared. If I were you I wouldn’t get this app. For your own well being and safety.
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5 years ago, just a ramdom dude
A story
So me and my cousin were chilling and he turns to me and says “ I’m scared “ so I look at him and he’s holding up his phone and he’s on some app and it say 0 years 0 days 1 minute 10 seconds and so I say thinking it’s a picture “stop showing me pictures I’m trying to watch tv” but I look again and he’s freaking out he starts pacing so I look at his phone and it says 30 seconds now I’m freaking out because I look up the app on the App Store and apparently it tells you when you will die so I tell him it’s probably fake stop freaking out he calms down and by that time it’s been about 20 seconds when it reaches 0 he gets a notification saying times up and we start hearing creepy noises scraping sounds and footsteps so we go downstairs and apparently the creepy noises are just his moms music and it was just distorted from upstairs and the scraping was his mom scraping dishes because she washing them
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5 years ago, super rare talent
not a reasonable app.
i rate this one star because of my opinion. Me and my friend heard about this app and decided to download it during school. We opened the app and looked at our “time left” my friend had 14 years left while i had 11. We were suspicious about this so we deleted the app and re downloaded it. Why we did that? well we knew that if we had 14 and 11 years left surely when we re downloaded the app it would be the same right? wrong. when the app had been installed again we checked again and it was much different. i had 6 years while my friend had 4. We did this for a while and the numbers when up and down up down up down, you get the idea. now looking at these other reviews i honestly don’t know if they are a joke or if they are made to scare the children wanting to get it. My thoughts are (if the other “scary” reviews are not jokes) i feel the developers did that to make the app seem more legitimate. Also i would like to say this app is not real for any young kid reading this. it is just numbers generated for scares and downloads. thank you for reading this review about a scam app.
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5 years ago, HannahYRamos
Figured it out
I got on the bus this morning and me and my friend were talking about how freaky yet fake this app is. I had gotten the app last night and so did my friend and hers went from 30 years down to 2 years. Mine went from 39 the first time I downloaded it to 22 year the second time I downloaded it. Me and my friend both re-downloaded once we got on the bus to try and figure out the witchcraft behind it. We saw a review saying that they Believe it’s a hacker tracking our location and sending a hitman to us. So we tried it out. I re downloaded the app and it said 10 years and my phone started to glitch and flash. I deleted it. My friend is now trying to get the app to say only minutes and not hours nor days to see if her phone acts up. She turned off her location and nothing loaded. Once she turned it back on, it loaded super quickly. I’ll update you guys.
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2 years ago, ffqo
It’s ok
I was watching the movie I want to see if the app was real. So I downloaded the app and I thought it was completely fake. But then when I got my results I started to think it was real. But then I realize it’s actually just completely fake and I think nothing like this could be real. No hate the people who thinks this is real or had real experiences that makes them think the app is real. In my opinion I think this app is just kind of scaring people. But I really love the movie the app is OK. But for some people it’s kind of nerve-racking for the app. The movie is great and The owner himself said this is for entertainment purposes. So this app is not real. Also this app goes in your phone memory cards and looks out when you last download it and gives you the same timer. And the flashing and the screaming and everything outside the app is normal. Hope that answered all of your questions and my review. Love the movie the app is ok.
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5 years ago, Brooklyn Schmidke
Uhhhh don’t download this game my older sibling is in the army and he played it and texted me while he said he was playing it he did a screen record and the next day when he came over. He needed to stop playing this game because it didn’t get pretty because when he played it it was late at night like 3 in the morning he was supposed to be sleeping but no. It said he only had 10 minutes and he would be gone. after 5 minutes he tried avoiding any thing that would probably kill him. about 3 minutes later he was not happy he did not believe the game at all. He started to get scared because he said he kept hearing noises outside. he was down to 1 minute and when he ran out of time he was perfectly fine but he died the next day in a tragic accident collied with a semi truck killing him and his friend. DONT PLAY THIS GAME AND TRY TO AVOID YOUR DUE DATE!!!!. (jk this game is fun but is true)
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5 years ago, lucasqb7
Don’t get this app, please!!!! You will regret it. My best friend Amy and me got this app as a joke. Hers said she had 2 days to live. We laughed and showed it to our friends as a joke. 2 days later she came over and a notification popped up from the app on her phone saying it’s time. We laughed it off until a couple minutes later scrolling Instagram her phone completely shut off. It would not turn back on. This was weird since she just got the new iPhone 11. We showed it to my mom and as we were up there the flash light was going off but the phone still was not working. We got very scared and threw it in our dumpster that night we were cautious but just thought the iPhone 11 was bugged since it was new. That night during our sleepover she fell off the bed. I laughed at her but she was crying. She said she was pulled off the bed. I told her that was crazy but she refused to move because she was petrified. She looked behind me and said AHHHH WHOS THAT! I was confused and the lights flickered and she was gone. I looked under my bed and a grim smile was under there and I noticed it was no ordinary monster... it was the globe glob glob
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2 years ago, not ur mom ;)
WARNING THIS IS REAL ok so my friend came over to my house and we were bored so we wanted to do something I said ‘’ we should download a scary game or somthing. ‘’ she said ok and we downloaded this one… once I opened it my flash went on and off over and over again…. and the screen said ‘’BEWARE IF YOU DARE ‘’ of corse I screamed and turned off my phone my friend was laughing saying it’s not real it’s fine. Then my phone turned on the app it said my friends name… and it said one days left… my friend stared at it and said ‘’ I think it’s real… ‘’ I nodded and said let’s just go asleep. The next morning I woke up.. but my friend wasn’t. There I yelled her name but she never came I asked my mom where she went and she look at me like I was crazy and said Who’s that? I INSTANTLY WAS TERRIFIED MY FRIEND WAS GONE. AND SHE STILL IS DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP YOU WILL GET A CALL FROM UNKNOWN CALLER ID THEY WILL COME FOR YOU LIKE THEY TOOK MY FRIEND!!!!
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5 years ago, Help fix dis
This app is great! 🤠
So I downloaded it for fun one time with my sister and our 2 friends. Mine said I had 235 days my sisters said she had 4 years my friend Ruby had 15 year and then 𝙽𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎 had a couple years or so. We had got up to get a snack and then all of our phones flashes went on, I was like oh cool. Then right beside me Ruby is terrified to the point where if it had started playing the music then, she would pee herself. Keep in mind all of us in the kitchen still, the music starts playing and that’s where it got a little scary, we went back to the couch while everyone was sorta shook up I had to explain, “Oh it’s ok it’s just an app for an upcoming move” (btw the movie looks really good). Once ruby had heard that she was ok and so was everyone else. This app is really cool, So I downloaded it again and it said I had 50 years! 10/10 recommend if you wanna scare your friends easily.
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2 years ago, elliemadecvm
Uhm yeah..
So me and my friends were playing around and one of my friends dared us all to get this app as a joke thinking it’s harmless. So us being idiots we downloaded it and I got 29 years. Btw we were all on FaceTime and if you don’t know you can’t turn on your flash but soon after my flash was going on and off. I thought that I was clicking my phone somewhere but wasn’t, I was freaking out and deleted it. I told my friends about it and they said that didn’t happen to them, my friend at some point said that they didn’t read the agreements so I re-downloaded it so I could read them again but I couldn’t. I then found out I could maybe get more time so I watched a add and it gave me only 4 years so I was freaking out and so yeah. Basically I had to have my friend read the reviews to feel better!!
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2 years ago, rhysings23
Scared the living Jesus outa me😭😂
So countdown is scarier then the app and when i download it my flash started flickering so like and smart person would do i literally threw my phone down cause i tho it it was taking pics of me and then this music like” ring around the Rosie” stuff like a little girl was singing and i screamed like a siren so loud i broke a glass I’m so serious and then my mom HATES scary this so i said i download the app and the told me to delete it but i didn’t and then i got off the app and the music played while of the app so i was like cool hope it’s apart of the game so then it said”user agreement broken” like I’m the movie and then i tried to get off the app but couldn’t and then i did and i deleted it but it was fun but i just don’t want an app to tell me when i die so yeah but thanks for the app i really love ❤️ it and the affects
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5 years ago, BigDikGriff
i just downloaded this app and i got 420 years 69 minutes and 69 seconds and i can’t wait to show all my friends they all love it i can’t wait till i get my free candy from the countdown!!! So i was walking my turtle down my street and this old man who was like 87 came up to me and he was waking his rabbit and we made them race to the nearest k-mart and after that tampons fell into my mouth and nose and i began suffocating! I reacted quickly thank god and pulled them out but i swollowed one and now i need surgery. Please don’t take this app as a joke, this is real life! we need to stay away... stay safe. no joke my other friend was riding his dog and he fell off into a ditch and couldn’t get out for 3 hours idk how he did i was to lazy to help him but everone should be careful and stay safe i really hope this countdown goes faster can anyone help me with it thank you very much and have a good one!!
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5 years ago, Jaz_246
It is real don’t download
So I was at school and it was lunch time my friend was bored and she decided to look on the App Store she saw countdown and she remembered the trailer so she downloaded it she got 0 years 13 day 6 hours 36 minutes and 53 seconds we laughed I set a notification on the day she was going to “die” 13 days later I call he in the morning and we make plans to hang out on her last day and we’re laughing. We decide to go to the mall and she drive us there we spend all day at the mall and while we were looking at legos she checks the app and it is counting down from 10 and we count along 3 2 1 and nothing happens we carry along like nothing has happened and when we were on here ur way home we got into a wreck and the car flips I am able to get out she is pinned and she has a massive cut in her abdomen and she dies on seen I come out with a broken arm DONT BUY THE APP
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2 years ago, meow meow kitten gorl
Sold my soul!!!😾🤮😵‍💫🤧
It was 2018 and I was living a pretty great life then THE movie came out and everything took a BAD turn. I was thinking about the movie on a camping trip and realized it had an app!!! I downloaded it and boom a deer ran into my tent!!! I went flying and landed into the arms of a handsome stranger he was a lumberjack and said “be careful little lady” and then handed me my phone as soon as I looked down the app finished loading I was really exited but then I read the terms and agreements suddenly the lumberjack took my phone and started running away singing a little song! I put in all of the effort in my little legs to catch up and I finally reached him I stole my phone back and realized he accepted the terms for me without even asking!!! Anyways I have like 31 years and that lumberjack follows me everywhere 🤷‍♀️😼 Ï çæñ śėę ÿøü höłdīñg thē phøńê -lumberjack
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2 years ago, big mama boi
My brother
I’ve always loved horror movies, so when I watched the movie and figured out it was a real app I was exited. We were watching the movie right after by brother slipped and fell down the stairs. He hit his head but we didn’t think anything of it. I downloaded the app and I got 80 years left so I would live till 95. I told my brother to download it for fun because he had just hit his head. He agreed and downloaded it, and to our horror it said 5 hours and 30 minutes. Ge was kinda of scared but I didn’t think anything if it. 3 hours later he had a seizure, and we managed to get him to the hospital in time. They said he would be fine but exactly two hours and 24 minutes he had another seizure and died in the hospital. It was horrifying. Listen to me and DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This was a joke but take this time to remember that today is the day of salvation and it’s never to late to except god as your lord and savior I’m also 12 sooooo btw we were watching the countdown after my freind hit his head and it did say 5 hours but he was completely fine.
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5 years ago, im not a hacker im just a god
So I’m just laying on the couch then my friend said ‘look at this app’ and I said okay then it said this user agreement then we agreed to the app then after it loading for 12 minutes it said 19 hrs and 23 mins. And I as myself thought about many ways this is fake, but then I saw him sayin it’s almost over and I laughed my head off, and he also laughed his head off, literally then blood splattered every where and I called 911 but it said this number is out of business and I saw the app on my iPad and said 23 seconds and my doorbell rang it had a camera so I saw some black creature standing starring at me so I looked out the window then he was gone and then I got dragged to my room but it was my other friend who had fallen asleep and pulled me to my room and said ‘did you see that; I nodded my head yes. Then he disappeared after that day. I still see him in the shadows when I sleep.
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5 years ago, nattybear77771717474
Countdown ( don’t download )
Me and my friend Maia and Alexa downloaded it 2 days before Halloween . We did it on Maia’s phone and it said that she only had 1 minute mine said 35 years and alexas said 33 years. We went down to show Maia parents but the door was open and they were not where to be found . So we just went upstairs and hid in Maia’s room then a faint laughing sound came from downstairs so Maia set down her phone on the kitchen table and we all looked then we went back upstairs forgetting about the phone and I said how long do you have and she said I forgot so she went down stairs and we had our ears against the floor we heated the laughing again and then we heard her scream and we ran downstairs to see and Maia was not there we looked everywhere the only Thing that was left was her phone that said your time will be next ( jk jk jk ) ( it never happens it was a joke) .
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5 years ago, Sam hunt vevo
me and my friend were on vacation in Hawai and we downloaded the app as a joke. her time left said 40 minutes so we decided to go to the beach for fun and we ignored it. 20 minutes passed and we decided to get into the water we were chilling and all and then i decided to go back onto the shore where our stuff was and then 20 minutes passed and i look over to find my friend and she was gone so i ran into the beach and found her body floating with blood coming out of her ears and i knew it was too late. EDIT: this is her mom she died after the countdown app said 40 days. She left the house to go run some errands and it was the 40th day didn’t think anything of it. she was driving to the grocery store and on the way there she got into a car wreck and her car fell down a well and the 911 was on there way and she didn’t make it she died oct 6, 2019
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